Chemtrails / Global Warming / Climate Change, Dangers of Cell Phones / 5G / WiFi, Vaccinations

This is very serious; chemtrail spraying (geoengineering) has destroyed much of the ozone layer which is responsible for our protection (plants and animals), and we quite well may be beyond the point of no return. The UN at a CFR meeting years ago asked the US to not to proceed with spraying us with toxic metals until the safety of it could be tested. They warned that once started, it may be irreversible with disastrous consequences both if continued and if stopped, but the US and other NATO nations ignored them. (I have some links to the CFR meeting transcript and video on this webpage: www.distance-healer.com/Chemtrails.html)

As if that is not enough, globalists are planning global wifi to help destroy the rest of the ozone layer.

Please share this information with friends, family, and your legislators before it is too late!

Please see below for more information about this.

Also, please see the following about the dangers of 5G WiFi and cellphone microwaves, and help stop them from being implemented in your country by sharing this information with as many people that you can, as well as your legislators and the White House, and warn people that they will cause a huge increase in cancers. I am a naturopathic cancer doctor who has a very healthy diet and lifestyle, but I still got malignant melanoma from using a cell phone every day for 2 hours to talk with my wife during my commute to work and home, and from the wifi routers close to me at work. I am doing well with high dosage vitamin C and herbs (along with healthy diet, lifestyle, faith/imagery/visualization/healing touch), but I would like to warn people who use a cell phone to not use them in a car or elevator because the phone goes on maxiumum power trying to escape the metal box and to reach a cell tower, and the microwaves bounce around the metal sides (just as they are reflected inside a microwave oven) until most of them are absorbed by you, causing hormone disruptions, DNA damage and cancer. People should minimize cell phone and wifi use (better to use wired router connections to computers, like they are changing back to in Europe for school children: see www.electricsense.com and to use the phone on speaker phone and hold it at arm's length from the body in order to reduce microwave absorption by the body (the inverse square law of power says that holding the phone 5 times farther than against your ear will reduce the power absorbed by you to 1/25th of what it would otherwise be [1 /(5 X 5)]. See the www.electricsense.com website about wired earphones and BlueTooth also being dangerous. www.mercola.com and www.amazon.com sell air tubes (plastic tubes for which the electronic parts are located next to the cell phone, and the only thing going to you ear is a plastic tube, which does not conduct microwaves into your ear and brain (unlike wired earphones and BlueTooth do).

Thank you for your efforts to help warn and protect people.

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site:activistpost.com Pink Floyd Frontman Stops Concert To Explain False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria


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BOMBSHELL investigation: Google an "information dominance" front for the CIA
Tags: CIA, DARPA, Google, information dominance, investigation, Larry Page, Pentagon

Don't believe in conspiracy theories? Read this about Facebook

Amazon patent admits it will listen in real-time for "trigger words" that could get you arrested and imprisoned (via Echo, Alexa, microphones and cameras on cell phones and computers)



Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are an elaborate CIA spying scheme

Why we're calling for the regulation of Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to halt malicious censorship and create a fair platform for public debate

"Communist China" now bribing U.S. universities to censor certain types of speech, promote communist ideals

Privacy alert - The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV

Facebook blocks Jon Rappoport's articles

YouTube deletes entire Health Ranger video channel; deletes over 1700 videos in latest politically motivated censorship purge (UPDATED)

Vault 7 bombshell just vindicated every conspiracy theorist: The CIA can spy on anyone through TVs, iPhones, smart phones and Windows PCs

Yes, your smart TV really is spying on you: Leaked docs reveal CIA secretly turned Samsung TVs into microphones that spy on your conversations

Health Ranger announces Real.Video as "the answer to YouTube censorship" ... bypass tyranny and censorship with p2p file sharing


DNA DATABASE: US government wants DNA information gathered


New alternatives to Twitter, Google, Facebook rapidly emerging: These sites won't censor you
Are you hooked on social media or use it to promote your business or cause, but are sick and tired of the Left-wing tyrannical censorship of either your posts or those of real news organizations that Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and others have arbitrarily deemed "fake?"
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Launched last year by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and founder/editor of NaturalNews, this alternative media-friendly search engine has been growing in popularity ever since. GoodGopher.com is Adams' attempt to build the Internet's largest search engine for those looking to find information and news about liberty, natural healing, central banks, food freedom, advanced legitimate science and several other topics that are not allowed in search sites controlled by zealous, censoring Leftists working with the NSA.
GoodGopher is the world's first search site that is privacy-protected and which filters out corporate media propaganda and government misinformation. The site:
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-- Is not corporate-owned
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"If I had to pick a single event that pushed me over the edge to take action, I would have to say it was the suppression of conservative sources and stories by the incredibly biased Facebook Trending Topics team," Torba said in an interview with Charlie Nash of Breitbart News.
Right now the site is very much in its beta form and there is a waiting list of at least 186,955 after this writer signed up to join. So clearly, as the site gains more attention and the focus on free, unlimited speech grows, so, too, will GAB.ai.

Another social media site that continues to grow because of its dedication to free speech and privacy is Seen.life. Its creators vow to never gather and/or sell users' personal information, and "we don't let search engines data mine your posts if you want to make that choice," the site notes. Creators also want users to know that once they delete a post on Seen.life, it's gone, because they don't retain it.
The site also features "Unity," a "reward token" redeemable on Seen.life that is built for sharing elsewhere as well. You can also chat live and get free Internet calling.
Adams says that's not all.
"We will be launching a YouTube alternative before the end of this year," he noted, giving users an alternative to the censorship that takes place on Twitter (which banned Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay, vocal supporter of President-elect Trump and a strident conservative).
"The Internet is rapidly fracturing, polarizing into two separate universes. On the left side, rooted in delusion and censorship, you have Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube," said Adams, noting that NaturalNews.com is one of the sites targeted in recent assaults on free speech. "On the right, you have respect for free speech, intelligent discourse and practical problem solving to contribute to a better society."




Breitbart.com Meet the CEO of Gab, The Free Speech Alternative to Twitter


Dangers of Cell Phones / 5G / WiFi:

Hey! Yo! Ohio, Your Elected Officials Passed A Bill So Telecom Companies May Now Install More Small Cell Towers in Residential Yards and Everywhere Else

On September 13, 2017, 180 scientists and doctors demanded a moratorium on the installation of 5G small cell tower infrastructure because of health concerns:

We, the undersigned, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 nations, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry.

Scientists and Doctors Demand Moratorium on 5G Warning of Health Effects
Increased radiation from cell towers poses potential risks, say scientists from around the world.

Double Trouble That Will Do In Mother Nature: Electromagnetic Frequencies And Glyphosate, If Weather Geoengineering Doesn't Get Us First
[syn: Roundup; 5G; cellphones; WiFi; EMF; Chemtrails; Global Warming; Climate Change; ]

News ALERT: WiFi street lamps emit radiation that causes insomnia, nosebleeds and stillbirths, officials deny reality

Wireless dangers: The health hazards of microwave radiation

5G technology gets overwhelmingly opposed in more than 200 cities

Brain cancer strongly linked to cell phone radiation in brand-new, large-scale study

Why wireless radiation is dangerous and why the safety guidelines urgently need updating

NIH funds wireless technology to control human behavior
brain-electricity(NaturalHealth365) It sounds like something out of a bad science fiction movie. Unfortunately, the spending of federal funds on wireless technology to control the brain is all too real...

EMF WARNING: Michigan state senator reveals the danger of wireless devices on the Senate floor
Far from being a technophobe, Senator Colbeck, a former aerospace engineer, describes himself as an “early adopter” of technological innovations. Yet, he feels the health risks of current wireless technology have become too blatant to ignore.
Noting that wireless radiation has been linked with cancer, neurological problems and reproductive damage, Senator Colbeck testified as to his “serious concerns” about the price to health of high-frequency wireless transmitters, cell phones, WIFI routers and smart meters.
Emphasizing that children are particularly vulnerable to harm, the senator called the WiFi network a “health risk” for schoolchildren and pregnant teachers. He pointed out that other countries – including France and Israel – have already moved to restrict wireless technology in schools...

Colbeck cites health as reason to slow 5G rush
Researchers agree: Microwave radiation from WiFi is associated with serious health risks
Scientists have linked microwave radiation from wireless networks to DNA damage, cognitive problems, impaired fertility and cancers of the prostate, breast, liver, lungs and skin. A 2015 study found that exposure to 3G radiation – at levels well below limits for cell phone users – promoted the formation of brain tumors.
A growing body of evidence demonstrates that EMF radiation damages body systems at the cellular level by affecting the health of mitochondria, the “powerhouses of the cell,” and damaging fragile DNA.
In addition, some experts say that frequencies from smart meters can have an effect on myocardial function – as demonstrated by an experiment in which the spiking of an Elster smart meter caused a corresponding and dramatic spike in the EKG of a nearby volunteer...

EKG proof – Smart meters damage your heart
The results are visible – and undeniable...

Remember: You can protect yourself by using wired technology and landlines whenever possible. You can also unite with your neighbors to protest the placement of 5G antennas on light poles in your neighborhood, and demand that your child’s school use wired internet access.




News ALERT: WiFi street lamps emit radiation that causes insomnia, nosebleeds and stillbirths, officials deny reality

Suspicion mounts regarding premature 5G rollout and ‘secret trials’...

NH365 113: WiFi and 5G technology – The dangerous truth exposed

This is very serious; chemtrail spraying (geoengineering) has destroyed much of the ozone layer which is responsible for our protection (plants and animals), and we quite well may be beyond the point of no return. The UN at a CFR meeting years ago asked the US to not to proceed with spraying us with toxic metals until the safety of it could be tested. They warned that once started, it may be irreversible with disastrous consequences both if continued and if stopped, but the US and other NATO nations ignored them. (I have some links to the CFR meeting transcript and video on this webpage: http://www.distance-healer.com/Chemtrails.html) As if that is not enough, globalists are planning global wifi to help destroy the rest of the ozone layer. Please share this information with friends, family, and your legislators before it is too late!

For more information about this and about the dangers of 5G, WiFi and cellphone microwaves, and to help stop them from being implemented in your country, please see the information elsewhere on this page, as well as the articles at the following links, and also share this information with as many people as you can, as well as your legislators and the White House, and warn people that 5G will cause a huge increase in cancers.

I would like to warn people who use a cell phone to not use them in a car or elevator because the phone goes on maxiumum power trying to escape the metal box in order to reach a cell tower, and the microwaves bounce around the metal sides (just as they are reflected inside a microwave oven) until most of them are absorbed by you, causing hormone disruptions, DNA damage, brain tumors and cancer. It's especially dangerous to keep a cell phone on and near you when you are sleeping (like some kids do -- even if the phone is some distance away with wired earphones because they conduct the microwaves right into the brain), or to keep it in your pocket (or bra) when it is turned on. People should minimize cell phone and wifi use (better to use wired router connections to computers, like they are changing back to in Europe for school children for info about this, as well as many scientific papers that you can use to try to convince your children's schools to go back to wired connections to protect the kids: see https://www.electricsense.com/, minimize use of the cell phone (get a landline and wired routers for your computer), and you should use the phone on speaker phone and hold it at arm's length from the body in order to reduce microwave absorption by the body (the inverse square law of power says that holding the phone 5 times farther than against your ear will reduce the power absorbed by you to 1/25th of what it would otherwise be [1 /(5 X 5)]. See the https://www.electricsense.com/ website about wired earphones and BlueTooth also being dangerous:

Schools Replacing WiFi with Wired Internet Due to Confirmed Illnesses and Increased Health Risks from Exposure. Website Provides Locations and More.

Schools Programs - Environmental Health Trust

5G and the Internet of Things - Environmental Health Trust

5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned

Take Action - Environmental Health Trust

Educate Yourself - Environmental Health Trust

Helpful Guide to Stop 5G Small Cell Towers from Being Installed in Residential Yards Throughout Your Community

5G Woefully Lacking In Safety Issues -- Are FCC And ICNIRP To Blame?

Say What? FCC Chair, Ajit Pai to Congress: No Wireless Exposure Risk Even Though FDA's $25M Study Found Exposure Causes Cancer. 5G Cell Tower Installation Continues.

Take Action to oppose 5G and federal wireless expansion -- EMF Safety Network

How to oppose "small cell" 5G towers -- EMF Safety Network

Outdated FCC "Safety" Standards
no "safe" level
FCC guidelinesWhen these guidelines were developed, a cell phone was the size of a brick and there was no Wi-Fi at the coffee shop. Times have changed. The laws have not.
Fact: There Are No Safety Standards
Currently there are no national or international "standards" for safe levels of the radiation emitted by wireless or microwave devices. Instead, the US government adopted "guidelines" developed by industry based on decades old research. Guidelines have a much lower certainty than a "standard" as proper long term safety testing was not done to ensure the public was protected from all possible harm.
In fact, no "safe" level has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women. Therefore, the claim that a device "meets government standards" or that radiation levels are "FCC compliant" gives a false impression of safety.
The FCC guidelines rest on five fallacies (false assumptions) and therefore renders FCC guidelines obsolete. Compliance with "federal safety standards" does not assure your nor your family's safety. In fact, our federal safety limits are in essence meaningless when it comes to our health.
The Five Fallacies of the Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure Limits... (excerpt: see full article at link)

Safe Blue Tube air tube headset:
https://products.mercola.com/blue-tube-headset/ and Amazon air tube headset cell phone, also Smart&Safe® Hollow Air Tube Hands-free Headset - Reduces 98% of Harmful Radiation Emissions Generated By Cellphones - Compatible with iPhone & Blackberry and all Cellphones with 3.5mm Jack , sell air tubes (plastic tubes for which the electronic parts are located next to the cell phone, and the only thing going to you ear is a plastic tube, which does not conduct microwaves into your ear and brain (unlike wired earphones and BlueTooth do).
If you use a protective case (while holding the phone away from you on speaker phone), you can further reduce how much harmful microwave radiation that your body absorbs: Anti-Radiation Phone Cases & Protective Laptop Covers - SafeSleeve
I have a non-metallic cell phone stand that I put the cell phone on when making calls, because using a cell phone on Speaker Phone still irradiates your hand and arm (on speaker phone); you can get out of the car and use this stand on top of the car to make emergency phone calls (to a tow truck, etc.): Cell Phone Stand for Desk, TORRAS ABS Adjustable Desktop Cradle Stand Holder for iPhone X / 8 / 7 / 6 Plus, Kindle, iPad, Mobile Phone and Tablets (Up to 8 inch) - Black

My 9 Tips To Cut Down On Exposure To Computer Radiation

Dirty Electricity – What Are The Dangers? How To Use Stetzerizer Filters To Render Your Home Safe

Dirty Electricity Filter Stetzerizer Filters Genuine Original

How To Reduce Dirty Electricity Levels In Your Home

Dirty Electricity Protection

Smart Meter Shielding Tips

Smart Meter Fires and Explosions -- EMF Safety Network

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Tells Gov't They "Have To" Use Propaganda on Americans

Forget Agenda 21: UN's 2030 Agenda Will "Transform the World"

The Even Older Plan For World Government You've Never Heard Of


Brilliant Jon Rappoport Report On 5G Roll-out, Internet Of Things & Implications For Humanity.

Health ALERT: Samsung 5G home router wins FCC approval

France Passes Bill to Ban Student Cell Phone Use in Schools

Rwanda Joins France and Outlaws the Use of Cell Phones in Schools So Students Can Concentrate on Education

The Death of the Golden State
The Fullerton Informer
Published on Jun 15, 2018
Forced vaccinations, no rain, [DEW and chemtrail manipulated fires] drained lakes, water rationing, wireless in schools and everywhere else, cell towers going up all over, no one outside, xbox controllers [and laptop computers transmitting wifi] between your kids legs, 10 foot tv's in every house with food made out of ingredients from an organic chemistry lab, booze. Pills, frosting everwhere and no one sees the problem. Of course you cannot see because you are all in a trance from the blue glow idiot box and the 500 channels with scientifically crafted flicker rate manipulation [and subliminal messaging].Welcome to agenda 21 where the cull is well underway. No food, 30 days you are dead, no water-3 days maybe less depending on how much alcohol dehydrogenase is floating around inside of you. time to put down the remote and open your eyes. This morning was a total joke as the tic tac toe game in the sky had tire tracks in it. Who won the ball game? There is an agenda to destroy dams, block desalination, drain reservoirs, empty lakes to dilute sewage and increase the amount of water that makes it to the ocean up to 90% now.

Will We Ever Start Using "The Precautionary Principle" With WiFi Technology --Even With Our Kids?

9 Year Old Sent to Rehab After Wetting Herself While Refusing to Quit Playing "Fortnite"  --  Research Says Video Games and WiFi Exposure Affects Kids' Brains Same Way as Drugs and Alcohol.
By B.N. Frank

There are more reports coming out from a variety of sources that overusing technology can cause addiction and other mental health issues in kids and adults.

This is not a new issue.

The latest heartbreaking story involves a 9-year-old UK girl:

  "She was so hooked to the game she wouldn't even go to the toilet," the girl's mother told the Sunday People. "My husband saw her light on in the night and found her sitting on a urine-soaked cushion playing the game."

If that's not horrifying enough:

  The parents said their daughter started showing aggressive behavior after becoming hooked on the game. She would fall asleep in school and becoming aggressive with her peers. The parents also said they discovered charges amounting to $67 a month to Microsoft on the family's credit card statement. After the girl's father tried to take away the Xbox, she reportedly slapped him across the face for attempting to withdraw the console.

Fortnite has also been linked to contributing to Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price's carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis in May 2018:

  "We play together at the field, at the hotel on the road or at home whenever we get home from the field," Price said. "It's something that's kind of taken over."

U.S. research determined that children at a higher risk for addiction because their brains are flexible.

In the UK, ministers may take steps to prevent young pupils flouting age restrictions on the controversial game.

Advertising often makes light of kids being "glued to screens" and "bingewatching"even though Digital Addiction has led to tragic consequences. Sesame Street has a character named "Smarty the Smart Phone."

Cincy Bell, Cincy Bell Holiday Spot 2017

Binge Watching Commercial

In January, the World Health Organization officially classified 'gaming disorder' as a mental health condition.

In 2011, The WHO officially classified all sources of cell phone and WiFi radiation as a possible carcinogen. These games and other sources of Digital Addiction are often accessed by using WiFi.

According to experts, WiFi exposure doesn't just increase cancer risk and children's brains also suffer more damage from exposure:

  "What microwave radiation does in most simplistic terms is similar to what happens to food in microwaves, essentially cooking the brain," Black said. "So in addition to leading to a development of cancer and tumors, there could be a whole host of other effects like cognitive memory function, since the memory temporal lobes are where we hold our cell phones."

  "Children's skulls and scalps are thinner. So the radiation can penetrate deeper into the brain of children and young adults. Their cells are at a dividing faster rate, so the impact of radiation can be much larger." said Black of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Decades of research have proven harm from exposure to WiFi radiation. It can also worsen pre-existing conditions even if it didn't cause them.

No "safe" level of WiFi radiation has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.

In 2012, experts confirmed that exposure to all sources of WiFi radiation can disrupt the blood-brain barrier which can cause it to leak. Research has determined that exposure can lead to impulsive, aggressive and violent behavior as well.

Many media sources are covering radiation exposure issues now -- including U.S. broadcast stations.

Since last year, some tech designers and inventors have expressed remorse for their role in making addictive software and devices.

However, current U.S. laws do not protect the public regarding proven harm from exposure to new technology. This includes children. Our pets are being harmed by exposure, too. The environment is being harmed by it as well.

Unsafe tech use is regularly portrayed in TV, film, and marketing campaigns -- even for prescription medications.

Research has also proven harm from technology like Fitbits and Virtual Reality but these products are still being designed and marketed for children to use.

While experts insist there is enough research to classify WiFi radiation as a Carcinogen, cell phone companies warn shareholders -- not customers -- that eventually they may be held accountable for causing harm.

For all of these reasons, many have been comparing The Telecom Industry (aka Big Wireless) to "Big Tobacco."

However, as long as adults are willingly providing these products to children, there is no legal reason for tech companies to stop making and marketing them to all of us.

For more information, visit the following websites:

  Center For Safer Wireless
  Center For Electrosmog Prevention
  Citizens for Safe Technology
  Clear Light Ventures
  Dr. Sam Milham
  Environmental Health Trust
  Generation Zapped
  In Power Movement
  National Association for Children and Safe Technology
  Parents for Safe Technology
  Scientists for Wired Tech
  We Are The Evidence

NH365 113: WiFi and 5G technology -- The dangerous truth exposed

(NaturalHealth365) What happens to the human body when we get exposed to wireless technology? I'm talking about sitting in a WiFi 'hot spot' at a coffee shop; living near a cell tower and the simple use of a cordless or cell phone at home.

It turns out that more and more people are experiencing "microwave sickness" -- due to all this electromagnetic pollution in our environment.
WiFi Warning: What are the health dangers?

The most common symptoms include headaches, nausea, dizziness, brain fog and heart palpitations -- to name just a few.

No doubt, with the growing popularity of wireless devices, this problem is only projected to get worse unless we make some significant changes in our society. Yet, the majority of the population -- including healthcare professionals -- remain unaware that a problem even exists. Why is that?

Today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, we'll talk about the issues surrounding electromagnetic sensitivity and, most importantly, what we can do to protect our health.
Links related to this podcast:

For more information about Dafna Tachover -- visit: WeAreTheEvidence.org

Subscribe to the NaturalHealth365 newsletter to receive our FREE shows, lots of great health gifts + the latest news and information on natural health solutions.
Podcast highlights include:

  The immediate health threats of wireless technology
  Dafna reveals a very personal story about how wireless (microwave) radiation destroyed her health.
  An honest look at the real threat of microwave sickness for each and every one of us.
  Action steps: What to do to protect your health.
  The suppressed truth about 5G technology and what it will do to all of us -- if we don't stop it.
  Action step: To get more involved -- find out what to do next.

About Dafna Tachover, Esq.

Dafna Tachover, Esq. is an attorney in New York and Israel. She is the founder of "We Are the Evidence," an advocacy organization for people who have been injured by wireless technology radiation.

She has a technical background in wireless networks and infrastructures from her service in the Israeli Defense Forces as a Telecommunication and Computers Officer and commander of the computer center of the IDF's Operations Center and Headquarters.

In 2009, Dafna developed Microwave Sickness (aka Electromagnetic-Sensitivity), a condition that is caused by exposure to wireless technology radiation. Since then, she has dedicated herself to educating the public and public officials at both State and Federal levels regarding the adverse health effects of wireless technology.

Dafna initiated and led a Supreme Court case in Israel to ban the use of Wi-Fi in schools and install wired internet networks instead -- a case that led to the strictest limitations in the world on Wi-Fi in schools.

She represented 94 international organizations in an amicus brief in a US case. Dafna is one of the leading experts and advocates on this topic globally, featured and interviewed by TIME, CNN, New York Magazine and other media worldwide and in documentaries including in the newly released award-winning movie "Generation Zapped."

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NEW wireless electric vehicle technology will threaten driver and passenger health

Note: when the Russians were beaming microwaves at the US ambassadors and staff in American embassies in Russia, the US government said that the microwaves gave their people cancer and other diseases, but now the same US government says that wifi and cellphone microwaves are safe and we shouldn't worry about them. The US Navy did studies of radar operators and of Navy and Ham radio operators and found that they got much more cancer from the EMF/radio waves. Now, it's even being proposed and planned to blanket the insides of vehicles to tell them what position each passenger is at, and beam over 1000 watts of microwaves from metal plates every few feet in the road to electric vehicles, right below the passengers (us): guess what parts of us will be first to be fried and sterilized or cause us to have mutated kids, if we can have any at all -- and that's in addition to all of the cancer we will get (in addition to what we already get now) from these new sources of microwaves and from the new 5G (much higher frequency, with many more antennas, and a waveform that will give us hundreds of times more cancer)!

Amazon and home builder to create 'smart' homes that spy on you and fill your home with wireless radiation

Is your high blood sugar caused by electromagnetic hypersensitivity?

EMF WARNING: Michigan state senator reveals the danger of wireless devices on the Senate floor

News ALERT: WiFi street lamps emit radiation that causes insomnia, nosebleeds and stillbirths, officials deny reality

Weed killer UPDATE: Glyphosate found in 93% of pregnant women that were tested [Roundup, GMOs, organic]

New Law Could Exempt Thousands of Genetically Engineered Foods From Labeling

Amazon and home builder to create 'smart' homes that spy on you and fill your home with wireless radiation
Posted by: Lori Alton, staff writer in EMF Pollution, Radiation News June 9, 2018 0


(Naturalhealth365) Proponents of Amazon's Alexa voice-enabled technology want you to know you can "bring your home to life" with lights that dim or brighten on cue, appliances that operate themselves and music and movies that play on command. But a growing number of security, legal and natural health experts warn that we could end up paying a very steep price.

Smart homes -- and the wireless technology they utilize -- will not only jeopardize our privacy, but threaten our health by bombarding us with unprecedented amounts of radiofrequency radiation.

But this isn't stopping Amazon from ramping up its efforts to showcase -- and sell -- their Amazon Home Services. The behemoth corporation recently announced it is partnering with the home builder Lennar in order to feature "Amazon Experience Centers" in selected model homes across the country.

Meanwhile, disturbing new research has pinpointed vulnerabilities in the voice-enabled technology that allow it to be exploited for criminal gain.
Amazon pushes toward a future filled with 'smart' homes

The Amazon showrooms in the Lennar homes are intended to offer buyers the opportunity to upgrade their new homes with add-on voice-enabled services. They will also allow people to order Amazon Home Services -- including Amazon Prime and automated home deliveries -- for their existing homes.

If Amazon has its way, Lennar won't be the only company helping to push Home Services. Amazon hopes to get other home builders on board as well.

The growing enthusiasm for voice-enabled technology was apparent at the Consumer Electronics "Gadget Show" (CES) in Las Vegas last January, where Whirlpool, Samsung and other companies showcased new ways of using the system to control a host of appliances.

Services include Alexa voice control for smart washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, lamps and even trash cans. According to a CES spokesman, over 1,500 Alexa-integrated products are currently on the market.

Of course, Alexa is not the only game in town. Other available voice systems include those produced by Google, Apple and Samsung.
The end of personal privacy: Speakers are always "listening" to your conversations

In order for an Alexa-enabled device to function, it must first "hear" a command spoken into its Echo speaker. And, Echo is always "listening."

When it detects someone speaking a keyword (such as "Alexa") it connects with Amazon servers in order to process a response. Although it is not supposed to capture human voices until a keyword is spoken, it could theoretically capture parts -- or the entirety -- of any conversation uttered within its range.

It almost goes without saying: This presents disturbing possibilities.

In fact, authorities investigating the slaying of an Arkansas man are trying to obtain voice recordings -- collected by an Alexa digital assistant and an Amazon Echo speaker -- as evidence.

Although a judge approved the request, Amazon has so far resisted, claiming the company refuses "overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course."

Security and legal experts say that allowing the search would set a dangerous precedent that could irrevocably erode privacy.

And, as recent headlines attest, a Portland couple recently had a private conversation recorded by their voice-controlled smart TV -- then sent out as a voice message to an individual on the husband's contact list. (Amazon claimed an "unlikely string of events" caused Alexa to misinterpret background conversation as a command. But, as reported, the scenario doesn't seem particularly unlikely. In fact, it seems surprising it doesn't happen more often.)

You can read the story here.

When devices go 'rogue' -- secret commands can be embedded in songs

But the above breach of privacy is small potatoes compared to voice-enabled technology's frightening potential for abuse.

Researchers at UC Berkeley have demonstrated conclusively that they can embed Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant commands secretly in songs -- without human users being aware of anything amiss.

Researchers at Princeton University and Zhejiang University in China teamed up last year to demonstrate that voice-recognition systems can be activated -- with the use of frequencies outside of the range of human hearing.

The process, DolphinAttack, is capable of some thoroughly nasty tricks. For example: visiting malicious websites, initiating phone calls, taking pictures and sending text messages -- all without the approval or the knowledge of the device's user.

Not to be outdone, a team of researchers at the University of Illinois demonstrated last month that they could control smart devices through open windows from outside a building.

In addition to invading privacy, smart home technology presents grave threats to human health.

Warning: Wireless radiation is a carcinogen

The "Internet of Things," all connected in a Smart Home, will involve 5G (5th-generation) technology, which utilizes frequencies of 24 GHz to 90 GHz -- higher than those ever used before.

Natural health experts say that adopting 5G will be like putting the existing wireless technology "on steroids," and will cause us to be exposed to ever-increasing amounts of microwave radiation.

Wireless technology has been associated with a range of ills, including brain cancer, impaired fertility, cognitive difficulties and increasing antibiotic resistance. And, let's not forget, the World Health Organization categorizes radiation from cell phones as a "Class B carcinogen," in the same category as DDT and lead.

While smart homes are being billed as havens of convenience, luxury and safety, the truth is: they could potentially expose us to government snooping, increase our vulnerability to criminals and scammers and bathe us in radiation.

Maybe they aren't so "smart" after all.

Sources for this article include:


Will We Ever Start Using "The Precautionary Principle" With WiFi Technology --Even With Our Kids?
By B.N. Frank


Ian Phillips was a business executive whose job required he spend many hours on a mobile phone. After learning he had a lemon-sized tumor on his brain, he started campaigning to raise awareness about the risks of using cell phones, especially by children.

Some noteworthy statements made by Ian before his passing:

  My ear would be red when I left work at the end of the day. I didn't think what it was doing to my brain.

  I tell people that I am convinced my cancer was caused by using my mobile up to six hours a day.

  Even my doctors won't argue with me when I tell them how much time I was spending on it at work.

Decades of research has already proven that cell phone and WiFi radiation as well as other sources of electrical pollution (Electrosmog) is harmful to health. We have been warned about this off and on over the years.

Many of us don't think about getting sick until it happens to us or the ones we love.

There is still no "safe" level of exposure that has been determined for children or pregnant women because wireless technology was originally designed to be used only by military personnel for short periods of time.

Unsafe tech use is common because these products are being marketed to all of us -- including children -- in TV, film, and advertising campaigns (even for prescription drugs).

The Telecom Industry (Big Wireless) continues encouraging all of us to ignore "The Precautionary Principle" with their products and infrastructure despite the fact that they are warning shareholders that they may eventually be held accountable for causing harm.

The Federal Communication Commission has been kowtowing to "Big Wireless" for 20+ years as have many of our elected officials.

This is why "Big Wireless" keeps being compared to "Big Tobacco."

Ian developed brain cancer where he held his phone. Exposure affects us all differently so not everyone will get brain cancer. When we use cell phones and other digital and wireless devices, we are also exposing everyone around us -- including our pets -- to harmful radiation.

Like many others, Ian was particularly concerned about how exposure was affecting children. We can't expect kids to understand that these products can be harmful when adults continue providing them to them -- and many schools are forcing them to use them for their school work.

More devices continue being designed and marketed to kids and their parents including Fitbits and Virtual Reality despite reported side effects and disturbing research.

Doesn't it seem like there are more sick people -- especially children -- than there were 20 years ago before cell phones and other WiFi technology was used so much and by so many all the time?

The Telecom Industry will continue to make and market unsafe products and infrastructure as long as we allow this. They will also continue to control our lawmakers and elected officials until more people demand that they stop.

That's why they keep being compared to "Big Tobacco." It's déjà vu all over again.

For more information, visit the following websites:

  Center For Safer Wireless
  Center For Electrosmog Prevention
  Citizens for Safe Technology
  Clear Light Ventures
  Dr. Sam Milham
  Environmental Health Trust
  Generation Zapped
  In Power Movement
  National Association for Children and Safe Technology
  Parents for Safe Technology
  Scientists for Wired Tech
  We Are The Evidence

Take Action Now!!!
The 5G Spectrum Frontiers is a Boon for Industry and a Devastation to Our Health and Privacy
Act Now To Stop This Crazy Plan
We need Citizens WORLDWIDE to call on US Agencies To DO THEIR JOB!
We have prepared this action list so you can TAKE ACTION NOW and call on health and safety agencies to protect the public. We must inform them and hold them accountable. Our health is non-negotoable.

Nine ways 5G and the Internet of Things will harm humans, wildlife & Earth

Schools Replacing WiFi with Wired Internet Due to Confirmed Illnesses and Increased Health Risks from Exposure. Website Provides Locations and More
Also see the following for handouts that you can give school boards, teachers, etc. to help teach them about how dangerous this is to children:
  National Association for Children and Safe Technology
  Parents for Safe Technology
  EHTrust.org (Environmental Health Trust)

Fine Print Warnings On Radiation Exposure In Cell Phone And Wireless Device Manuals

The Bilderberg Plan to Force Us on the Digital Grid





25% of Americans Suffer When Exposed to Common Chemicals. Adding WiFi Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) = Bigger Toxic Nightmare


Depression -- Could Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Disrupting the Blood-Brain Barrier Be Playing a Role?

Say What? FCC Chair, Ajit Pai to Congress: No Wireless Exposure Risk Even Though FDA's $25M Study Found Exposure Causes Cancer. 5G Cell Tower Installation Continues


According to Dr. Oz, The Reason 5G Cell Towers are Being Installed Everywhere Sounds Freakishly Similar to 2008 Pixar Movie, "WALL-E"

"Big Wireless" Uses Big Tobacco Tactics To Divide And Confuse Us On Cell Phone Safety. 2005 Film, "Thank You For Smoking" Demonstrates The Process.







If Wireless Radiation Exposure Is No Big Deal, Why Do Manuals for Cell Phones, iPads, Wi-Fi Routers, Etc. Include Guidelines and Warnings?

Outdated FCC "Safety" Standards
FCC guidelinesWhen these guidelines were developed, a cell phone was the size of a brick and there was no Wi-Fi at the coffee shop. Times have changed. The laws have not.

Phonegate: French Government Data Indicates Cell Phones Expose Consumers To Radiation Levels Higher Than Manufacturers Claim
Cell Phone Radiation Scandal: More Exposure Than Manufacturers Claim
"PhoneGate" In France, government data release reveals 9 out of 10 phones tested exceed regulatory limits


SARs for various phones

SARs for various phones

Nighttime EMF Protection
Little is known about the long-term implications of Wi-Fi, cell phones, and other electronic and electrical devices. With our world revolving around these gadgets, how do we use these devices wisely? One way is to reduce EMF exposure at night, allowing time for the body to rest from the constant assault of wireless technology during the day. Andrea demonstrates the use of a gauss meter and shows how simple it is to protect yourself from unnecessary EMF exposure.
For more tips on nighttime EMF protection, see this article at the momsAWARE website: https://momsaware.org/emf-precautions/184-nighttime-emf-protection.html

Reducing Wireless Radiation and EMF
Peter Sullivan

How to Reduce Your EMF Exposure at Night
Andrea Fabry
Many of us sleep with devices or cordless DECT phones next to our heads. Learn more about the impact on our sleep and see why returning to a landline or keeping your device in airplane mode can help restore a good night's sleep. Learn more in the article on my blog: Sleep, Melatonin and Electronic Devices.http://it-takes-time.com/2015/07/melatonin-and-electronic-devices/

How Smartphones Hurt Sleep
Blue light makes the brain think it's time to wake up, just as you're getting ready for bed.

The negative effect of electronic devices on sleep

Scary Ways Technology Affects Your Sleep

Cell Phones And Breast Cancer
Is there a link between cell phone placement and breast cancer? What you Need to Know:
Cellphones are two-way microwave radios that should not be kept directly on the body.
The soft fatty tissue of the breast readily absorbs this radiation.
Case Reports are accumulating of young women with no family history getting a diagnosis of breast cancer. The tumors were unusually located directly underneath the skin where they placed their cell phones in their bra.
Doctors voice this precautionary advice: Women should not store their cell phones in their bra...

Landmark Cell Tower Study
by Andrea Fabry 9 Comments
A landmark study suggests that cell tower radiation negatively impacts health. Researchers in Japan found that the health of condominium residents improved after a mobile base station was removed from the rooftop of the complex. Okinawa, Japan Cell Tower Study Researchers in Japan considered the health of residents exposed to a cell mast system from...

Cell Phones and Dental Health
by Andrea Fabry 5 Comments
Is your mobile phone harming your dental health and perhaps your overall health? Is there a connection between cell phones, tooth decay, and salivary tumors? Cell Phones and Dental Health Cell phones may not be as innocent as initially hoped. Emerging scientific evidence suggests cell phones may trigger salivary tumors, brain cancer, attention deficit disorder...

Wi-Fi in Schools
by Andrea Fabry Leave a Comment
Does Wi-Fi belong in school? What are the health risks of Wi-Fi in schools? What can concerned parents do? Wireless technology permeates society. It's in our coffee shops, offices, homes, and schools. But does Wi-Fi come with a cost? Experts around the world say it does. More than 20 countries have taken a precautionary approach...

Why I Got Rid of My Smartphone
by Andrea Fabry 63 Comments
I recently downsized from an iPhone 5s to a simple flip TracFone. I made this decision for a variety of reasons, including decreased cancer risk, increased brain function, and overall sense of well-being. It's a decision I'll never regret. I bought my smartphone in the spring of 2014 with fear and trepidation. Not because I...

Pets and the Environment: Toxic Mold, Chemicals and Wireless Radiation
What can pet owners do to reduce exposure?
  The easiest way to reduce a pet's exposure is to choose wired devices instead of wireless. Cordless DECT phones are one of the worst sources because they continuously emit, even when not in use (as do wireless baby monitors). Ethernet cords and cables provide superb quality Internet and TV without the RF/MWR. If removing wireless devices from the home is not an option, the wireless can be turned off when not in use, especially at night and when no one but the pet is home. This can be as simple as unplugging the router (or entire device) or disabling the wireless in the settings. Cell phones emit constantly and should be put into Airplane Mode whenever possible.
Whether we're protecting our pets or ourselves, it behooves all of us to reduce our exposure. For more, see Sleep, Melatonin and Electronic Devices...

How Smartphones Hurt Sleep
Blue light makes the brain think it's time to wake up, just as you're getting ready for bed.

Note: working 2nd or 3rd shift prevents your body from making the melatonin that it normally does, which helps you sleep and which is a strong antioxidant that protects against cancer, so I would take 3mg of melatonin from www.swansonvitamins.com each night before sleeping to help prevent cancer. If you still have trouble sleeping, other natural remedies that may help are Valerian and Chamomile (tea or capsule).

EMF Bed Faraday Canopy Shields - Do They Work?

CBSNews.com: Sleeping with Your Cell Phone is #1 Dumb Thing to Boost Your Possible Cancer Risk

CBSNews.com: #2 Dumb Thing to Boost Possible Cancer Risk is Carrying Cell Phone Too Close to Body






Dear Cell Phone Radiation Warning Naysayers, MeThinks Thou Protests Too Much

April Fools: Science Centers and Smart Meters and 5G "Small Cells" and Smokescreens Oh My!

Why Smart Meters Might Be a Dumb Idea

CA Local Governments On Board  Stop Smart Meters!

Sample Ltr to LocalGovt  Stop Smart Meters!

France Allows EMF Testing For Utility "Smart" Meters. Court Testimony, News Stories, Research Prove "Smart" Meters Emit Dangerous EMF/RF Levels.
A 2016 article from Natural News revealed that doctors are warning that EMF/RF radiation emitted from utility "smart" meters 100 times greater than cell phones and exposure is constant because "smart" meters can't be turned off.
Last week, the North Carolina utilities commission removed utility "Smart" meter opt-out fees for customers who provided medical statements stating that the EMF/RF from these meters was causing them harm.
Digital, electronic, and wireless devices -- such as utility "smart" meters -- don't operate via magic so manuals and "safety guidelines" are provided with the sale of personal devices.
Cell phone manufacturers are warning shareholders that they may eventually found liable for harm caused by their products. Insurance companies aren't interested in covering health issues caused by wireless products.
Utility companies aren't required to provide "safety" guidelines for "smart meters.
Exposure to WiFi and other sources of electrical pollution aka Electrosmog is cumulative. Even if you don't feel that you are being affected, your loved ones might be -- including pets.
Misdiagnosis is common for exposure related illnesses because there are so many symptoms in addition to cancer. Lab testing is available. Exposure can worsen pre-existing conditions even if it didn't cause them.
Many utility companies are now offering opt-outs because of all the complaints about utility "Smart" Meters.
If you're not still not concerned about health issues from EMF/RF exposure, these meters still can cause fires, explosions, increased bills, and appliances to malfunction and break. In 2013, an Ohio reporter produced a story about how utility "smart" meters were affecting touch lamps.
These "smart" meters are a boondoggle to the nth degree. Unfortunately they are still being promoted as "beneficial to customers" and "eco-friendly."
Argh. [See main article for supporting links and videos]
For more information, visit the following websites:
  Center For Safer Wireless
  Center For Electrosmog Prevention
  Citizens for Safe Technology
  Clear Light Ventures
  Dr. Sam Milham
  Environmental Health Trust
  Generation Zapped
  In Power Movement
  National Association for Children and Safe Technology
  Parents for Safe Technology
  Scientists for Wired Tech
  We Are The Evidence
  EMF Safety Network
(Excerpt: see full article at link)

Do We Need More Research? Or Do We Need to Stop Using Plastic Mannequin Heads and Bodies for "Safety Testing" on Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices?

Cell Phone Industry Wins Right to Continue Not Warning Public About Radiation Danger Other Than in Fine Print of Manuals Most Don't Read or Can't Find [Note: they went to court to fight for the right not to tell you about the dangers of wifi/cellphone radiation!]

Note: when the Russians were beaming microwaves at the US ambassadors and staff in American embassies in Russia, the US government said that the microwaves gave their people cancer and other diseases, but now the same US government says that wifi and cellphone microwaves are safe and we shouldn't worry about them. The US Navy did studies of radar operators and of Navy and Ham radio operators and found that they got much more cancer from the EMF/radio waves. Now, it's even being proposed and planned to blanket the insides of vehicles to tell them what position each passenger is at, and beam over 1000 watts of microwaves from metal plates every few feet in the road to electric vehicles, right below the passengers (us): guess what parts of us will be first to be fried and sterilized or cause us to have mutated kids, if we can have any at all -- and that's in addition to all of the cancer we will get (in addition to what we already get now) from these new sources of microwaves and from the new 5G (much higher frequency, with many more antennas, and a waveform that will give us hundreds of times more cancer)!
NEW wireless electric vehicle technology will threaten driver and passenger health

If Firefighters Are Concerned About Exposure to Cell Towers and Antennas, Maybe Everybody Should Be. 5G Complaints by San Francisco Firefighters Are Unsettling.

Note: The Cell phone industry went to court to fight for the right not to tell you about the dangers of wifi/cellphone radiation!

If you are waiting for the cell phone industry and government to finally admit that cell phones, WiFi and EMF are harmful, you're going to have a long wait because just like what happened with the cigarette industry, if they admit anything, it opens the door to lawsuits. Instead, the cigarette industry lied to smokers as long as possible, and kept paying off politicians and suppressing studies showing harm long. Instead of admitting harm from cell phones, WiFi and EMF, the cell phone industry is warning their shareholders to prepare for lawsuits but continue lying to users in order to delay the lawsuits. It's the same with the industries responsible for GMOs, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, chemtrails, chemicals, etc. even though Russia and other countries have banned many of these things: they pay off the right people and hide things here in the US until they no longer can be suppressed and until the people can no longer be deceived and harmed by them. In the 1960s and 1970s, the U.S. confirmed that the USSR had been beaming microwaves at the embassy for the past 15 years. One concern was that the Soviets were trying to inflict physical harm on the Americans working there. Several ambassadors got serious health effects from the microwaves, including cancer, and most of those died. The US government admitted that the microwaves cause cancer then and was very concerned about the health problems, but now we're supposed to believe them that microwaves are safe and we have nothing to worry about.
Microwaves in the cold war: the Moscow embassy study and its interpretation. Review of a retrospective cohort study
[See my Chemtrails page about the video and transcript of the CFR meeting where the globalists say that they are spending tens of millions of dollars to keep people in the dark about what they are doing to them, and thanking the NY Times and other media for remaining "discreet" for the past 40 years and not telling people what the globalists are doing to them because they never would have been able to "accomplish" what they have done to us if we had been aware of it. Even George H. W. Bush said that the people would chase him and other globalists down the street and lynch them if they knew what the globalists had done to them.]

Kyrylenko S.1, Chekhun V.2, Sidorik E.3, Yakymenko I.4
  1Masaryk University, Kamenice 5, A6, Brno 625 00, Czech Republic
  3National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
  4Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University, Soborna square 8/1, Bila Tserkva 09117, Ukraine
Summary. In this review we discuss alarming epidemiological and experimental data on possible carcinogenic effects of long term exposure to low intensity microwave (MW) radiation. Recently, a number of reports revealed that under certain conditions the irradiation by low intensity MW can substantially induce cancer progression in humans and in animal models. The carcinogenic effect of MW irradiation is typically manifested after long term (up to 10 years and more) exposure. Nevertheless, even a year of operation of a powerful base transmitting station for mobile communication reportedly resulted in a dramatic increase of cancer incidence among population living nearby. In addition, model studies in rodents unveiled a significant increase in carcinogenesis after 17-24 months of MW exposure both in tumor-prone and intact animals. To that, such metabolic changes, as overproduction of reactive oxygen species, 8-hydroxi-2-deoxyguanosine formation, or ornithine decarboxylase activation under exposure to low intensity MW confirm a stress impact of this factor on living cells. We also address the issue of standards for assessment of biological effects of irradiation. It is now becoming increasingly evident that assessment of biological effects of non-ionizing radiation based on physical (thermal) approach used in recommendations of current regulatory bodies, including the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) Guidelines, requires urgent reevaluation. We conclude that recent data strongly point to the need for re-elaboration of the current safety limits for non-ionizing radiation using recently obtained knowledge. We also emphasize that the everyday exposure of both occupational and general public to MW radiation should be regulated based on a precautionary principles which imply maximum restriction of excessive exposure.

American Journal of Epidemiology, Volume 127, Issue 1, 1 January 1988, Pages 50--54, https://doi.org/10.1093/oxfordjournals.aje.a114790
01 January 1988
To search for potentially carcinogenic effects of electromagnetic field exposures, the author conducted a population-based study of mortality in US amateur radio operators. Ascertainment of Washington State and California amateur radio operators (67,829 persons) was done through the 1984 US Federal Communications Commission Amateur Radio Station and/or Operator License file. A total of 2,485 deaths were located for the period from January 1,1979 through December 31, 1984, in a population of amateur radio operators which accumulated 232,499 person-years at risk. The all-cause standardized mortality ratio (SMR) was 71, but a statistically significant increased mortality was seen for cancers of the other lymphatic tissues (SMR = 162), a rubric which includes multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas. The all-leukemia standardized mortality ratio was slightly, but nonsignificantly, elevated (SMR = 124). However, mortality due to acute myeloid leukemia was significantly elevated (SMR = 176)...

Is Amateur Radio Hazardous to Your Health?

Subject: Ham Radiation and Cancer
The medical effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation have been shown to
be frequency dependent. This is logical since as the wavelength of radiation
approaches the dimensions of the human body, absorption of the radiation is
enhanced due to more efficient coupling into the body. At higher frequencies
(shorter wavelengths), typically in the microwave region, the electromagnetic
radiation is absorbed near the surface of the body.

WiFi Radiation Exposure is Nothing but a Heartache. Decades of Research Confirms WiFi Can Be Troublesome to Tickers.
Unfortunately WiFi isn't magic. "The Fine Print" in product manuals explains how you and everyone else is exposed to harmful radiation from common devices like Alexa, cell phones, cordless phones, Fitbits, Virtual Reality (VR), WiFi routers, and other "smart" products.
Exposure isn't just about "boosting possible cancer risk" and firefighters have expressed concern about WiFi exposure since 2004.
This 6-minute 2012 video explains how exposure can be hard on hearts:...

If Firefighters Are Concerned About Exposure to Cell Towers and Antennas, Maybe Everybody Should Be. 5G Complaints by San Francisco Firefighters Are Unsettling.
In 2017, 180 scientists requested a moratorium on 5G small cell towers because of biological and environmental health risks. Environmental organizations like Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) are also asking for assistance in opposing it.
Concerns about other sources of WiFi exposure have been reported for kids and everyone else and by a variety of media outlets and experts...

In fact, cell phone manufacturers are warning their shareholders that they may eventually be held liable for the harm they have caused. If firefighters don't want cell towers near their stations, why should anyone else want more of them near our homes and everywhere else?...

Should you be worried? Only if it bothers you that cell phone companies have been warning shareholders -- not consumers -- that they may eventually be held liable for harm caused by their products and infrastructure.



Current safety standards are 20+ years old so they are outdated and don't apply to how we use these devices today. There is still no "safe" level of cell phone or WiFi radiation that has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women...
The Increasing Wireless Exposure to Children: National Toxicology Program Cell Phone Radiation Study
... (excerpt. See Full article: https://www.activistpost.com/2018/06/if-you-havent-read-the-fine-print-on-your-cell-phone-and-other-wireless-devices-how-do-you-know-that-you-and-your-kids-are-using-them-safely.html)

Cell phone manufacturers have also been warning shareholders -- not customers. that they may eventually be held liable for the harm their products may have caused.
In the meantime, the rest of us are still being told to embrace and submit to this in our homes and our neighborhoods.

How Your Future Will Look Esthetically, Thanks To 5G Cell Towers

In 2014, One In 10 U.S. Cell/Grid Towers Violated RF Radiation Rules; Telecom Companies, Elected Officials Determined To Add Millions More -- This Is 5G

Research Results Don't Change Fact That Silicon Valley Parents Have Already Limited Their Own Children's Exposure to Wireless Radiation Tech


"The Flu" and "Microwave Sickness" Share Many of the Same Symptoms



Do We Need More Research? Or Do We Need to Stop Using Plastic Mannequin Heads and Bodies for "Safety Testing" on Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices?

How Dangerous and Expensive Became "Smart" An Exposé of the "Smart Grid"

Helpful Guide to Stop 5G Small Cell Towers from Being Installed in Residential Yards Throughout Your Community

WiFi In Schools


Cell Phone Radiation FAQ's

Experts on Cell Phone Risks - A Preview
Dr. Devra Davis at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club of California in which Dr. Devra Davis and her medical colleagues show why cell phones and other wireless devices pose serious health risks to you, your ovaries, your sperm, your breasts, your brain and your babies.

The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation - Dr. Devra Davis

Neurosurgeon: "Cell Phone Causes Brain Tumor"

Cell Phone Radiation -- Watch This And Doubt No More
Lloyd Burrell

8 Household Electronics That Are Hurting You, Part 1 - Dr. Debra Greene

WiFi Radiation - Dangers of WiFi - See It Measured - How To Remediate WiFi Radiation
EMF Safety Zone

CNET Top 5 - Phones with highest radiation

Minimize the Danger of Your Cell Phone - Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola Explains The Benefits of a Blue Tube Headset [air tube; Blue Tooth is Dangerous, and wired headphones / headsets carry the microwaves right up the wire into your brain, so Blue Tube is safer; ]

Dangers of Cellular Phones Cell Phone Radiation Time to Wake Up!
EMF Safety Zone

WiFi Router Guard - Blocks WiFi RF Emmissions

What Materials Can Block WiFi Signal?

Which Materials Block The Most Wifi Signals?

Low Cost DIY EMF Protection - Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding
Lloyd Burrell

Hey! Yo! Ohio, Your Elected Officials Passed A Bill So Telecom Companies May Now Install More Small Cell Towers in Residential Yards and Everywhere Else.

Research Proves that Exposure to Cell Phone and Wireless (WiFi) Radiation Can Worsen Pre-existing Conditions - Even if It Didn't Cause Them


Fitbit Recalls Due to Rashes and Other Health Complaints. Video Shows How Much WiFi Radiation Is Emitted by One.

If You Haven't Read "The Fine Print" on Your Cell Phone and Other Wireless Devices, How Do You Know That You and Your Kids Are Using Them Safely?
Because digital, electronic, and WiFi operating devices don't operate via magic, manufacturers are required to provide safety guidelines and warnings to consumers.
EHTrust.org put together this great reference link that highlights some of them.

Should you be worried? Only if it bothers you that cell phone companies have been warning shareholders -- not consumers -- that they may eventually be held liable for harm caused by their products and infrastructure.



Current safety standards are 20+ years old so they are outdated and don't apply to how we use these devices today. There is still no "safe" level of cell phone or WiFi radiation that has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women...
The Increasing Wireless Exposure to Children: National Toxicology Program Cell Phone Radiation Study
... (excerpt. See Full article: https://www.activistpost.com/2018/06/if-you-havent-read-the-fine-print-on-your-cell-phone-and-other-wireless-devices-how-do-you-know-that-you-and-your-kids-are-using-them-safely.html)

The Fine Print Manufacturer Radio Frequency Radiation Warnings

France Cell Phone Radiation Tests: Make, Model And SAR Radiation Measurements Of 379 Phones
View the cell phone test measurement data released from ANFR that found MOST phones tested at body contact exceed regulatory limits. In this PDF we include the make, model and SAR level for each phone, along with test measurements for 5 mm and 0 mm separation distance. We also included the equivalent FCC numbers. The phones are listed in order from those with the highest SAR levels to the lowest at 0mm...




Do You Have Respiratory Issues? Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation, "Dirty Electricity", WiFi and Other Sources of Electrosmog Can Make It Worse




EMF Awareness Day on Anniversary of ElectroHypersensitive Teen's Suicide. Lab Testing Confirms Illness Caused or Worsened by WiFi Radiation and Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog)


Brilliant Jon Rappoport Report On 5G Roll-out, Internet Of Things & Implications For Humanity.

Activism Against 5G In Europe Sets Examples For Others To Follow
Jul 05, 2018 02:05 pm
By Catherine J. Frompovich Technology, especially microwave-produced radiofrequencies that will operate in the millimeter wave ranges -- possibly above 6 GHz (Gigahertz: one GHz is one BILLION...

Publié le 29 juin 2018 par phonegatealert.org
Appeal for the withdrawal of more than 250 mobile phone models in France, Europe and internationally

Property Values Declining Near Cell Towers

A New Paradigm in EMF Science
This article was published earlier this year in The Bent, which is the magazine for the National Engineering Honor Society. The organization has a membership of 87,000 engineers across the country and the overall response was quite positive. The article succinctly summarizes how EMF science now shows that wireless technology can harm our health and I point toward solutions for our society...

Here is my TEDx Talk: "Wireless Wake-up Call"

If Firefighters Are Concerned About Exposure to Cell Towers and Antennas, Maybe Everybody Should Be. 5G Complaints by San Francisco Firefighters Are Unsettling.
In 2017, 180 scientists requested a moratorium on 5G small cell towers because of biological and environmental health risks. Environmental organizations like Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) are also asking for assistance in opposing it.
Concerns about other sources of WiFi exposure have been reported for kids and everyone else and by a variety of media outlets and experts. In fact, cell phone manufacturers are warning their shareholders that they may eventually be held liable for the harm they have caused.
If firefighters don't want cell towers near their stations, why should anyone else want more of them near our homes and everywhere else?...

Opposition to 5G at Michigan Statehouse Testimony

WiFi Radiation Exposure is Nothing but a Heartache. Decades of Research Confirms WiFi Can Be Troublesome to Tickers.
Unfortunately WiFi isn't magic. "The Fine Print" in product manuals explains how you and everyone else is exposed to harmful radiation from common devices like Alexa, cell phones, cordless phones, Fitbits, Virtual Reality (VR), WiFi routers, and other "smart" products.

Exposure isn't just about "boosting possible cancer risk" and firefighters have expressed concern about WiFi exposure since 2004.

This 6-minute 2012 video explains how exposure can be hard on hearts:
Microwave radiation affects the heart: Are the results real or are they due to interference?

Utility companies aren't required to provide safety guidelines with digital and wireless utility "Smart" Meters even though they also produce harmful radiation which can also cause cardiac issues and more.
EKG Proof That "Smart" Meters Affect the Human Heart

Decades of research has confirmed that exposure to all sources of WiFi radiation is harmful to people, pets, nature, and wildlife. U.S. federal testing and "safety" guidelines are 20+ years old which makes them inaccurate and inadequate. They protect technology not the public.

Antennas, cell towers, and WiFi "Hotspots" also emit WiFi radiation. In the U.S., the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to regulate all digital and WiFi technology and some employees have been doing a piss-poor job of it -- to say the least.

WiFi is wireless aka microwave radiation -- like what cooks food in microwave ovens. It's also sometimes referred to as RadioFrequency (RF). It was originally used only by the military for communication, surveillance (spying), and weapons because exposure can cause harm.

Broadcast stations, other media outlets, and medical professionals have been warning us about exposure for many years already. Here are some examples:

  2010 GQ Magazine
  2010 NBCNews.com
  2011 CNN
  2012 "Cell Phone Right to Know" Act
  2012 American Academy of Pediatrics
  2014 Berkeley Cell Phone "Right to Know" Ordinance
  2015 NBC "The Today Show"
  2017 National Institutes of Health
  2018 CBSNews.com
  2018 Daily Mail UK
  2018 Democracy Now
  2018 The Nation
  2018 NPR
  2018 Newsweek
  2018 The Telegraph UK

Celebrities have also cited research when expressing concerns about exposure.

Unfortunately all of this is deliberately and easily lost in a sea of marketing and spin produced "Big Wireless" and its supporters. Of course, TV, film, and advertising regularly portray unsafe tech use and exposure as well -- the same way they did with cigarettes for decades..

Even though no safe level of WiFi radiation exposure has been scientifically determined for kids, many promote tech use by kids -- including Sesame Street.

Other countries have been more proactive about raising awareness and protecting citizens from exposure. Recently in France, scientists demanded the immediate recall of millions of cell phones after government data revealed that 9 out of 10 phones tested exceed regulatory limits.

In the U.S, it's been just the opposite. "The Precautionary Principle" has been completely ignored in regard to technology by everyone but maybe tech inventors. They have actually been limiting their own kids' exposure and sending them to "low tech schools" while marketing digital and wireless technology to public school systems and everyone else.--

Many who have been elected and/or hired to protect us have completely sold out to "Big Wireless." They are currently forcing more of it on us, too.

Small cell towers including 5G technology is being installed everywhere now. Dr. Naomi Wolf has been reporting about what this is doing to New Yorkers and their pets.

WiFi Exposure is cumulative. This means you and your loved ones may have no symptoms for a while and then unfortunately you may. Severity varies. Medicine and medical procedures may mask symptoms but it won't cure illnesses caused or worsened by exposure.

Just like other harmful toxins not everyone will be affected by WiFi exposure the same way. Not everyone gets cancer from smoking cigarettes either. Some develop asthma, cardiac issues, COPD, emphysema, etc. while others may just get yellow teeth.

Cell phone manufacturers have also been warning shareholders -- not customers. that they may eventually be held liable for the harm their products may have caused.

In the meantime, the rest of us are still being told to embrace and submit to this in our homes and our neighborhoods.

Heartbreaking indeed.

For more information, visit the following websites:

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Note -- See links to videos and supporting articles and websites at full article: https://www.activistpost.com/2018/07/wifi-radiation-exposure-is-nothing-but-a-heartache-decades-of-research-confirms-wifi-can-be-troublesome-to-tickers.html

EKG Proof That "Smart" Meters Affect the Human Heart
Everyone's health is being affected by "smart" meters.
The evidence in this video is a world first, and shifts the debate from whether anyone should have to pay a fee to refuse a "smart" meter to: When does the safety recall start?
We now know that even if people are not showing outward symptoms, their bodies are being unnecessarily and involuntarily stressed by "smart" meters.
There must be a complete safety recall of all "smart" meters at once.

Microwave radiation dangers in your home -

Cell Towers on School Grounds Are Not Safe: George Washington University Scientific Lecture Excerpt
Environmental Health Trust

Phonegate: Cell Phone Radiation Levels Higher Than Manufacturers Claim [and even those levels would be harmful]

Magda Havas talks at NIEHS May 9, 2016 on Electrosmog and Electrohypersensitivity,
This is the presentation I gave to scientists at NIEHS in Triangle Park, North Carolina, May 9, 2016. Title of the talk is, "Electrosmog, the missing link as it relates to cancer, reproductive problems and electrohypersensitivity."

Face to Face with Dr. Magda Havas: The Dangers of Wireless
For more information about the EMF and pulsed magnetic field therapy please visit http://www.magdahavas.com

Nourish Vermont 2016 // Magda Havas: Electromagentic Field (EMF) Dangers in a Modern World
Nourish Vermont Traditional Foods

"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis
The University of Melbourne

Which Natural Mattress is Right For You?

Curing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity - Faraday Cages & Shielding
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The Difference Between Grounded and Ungrounded Faraday Cages Regarding AM, FM & 2.4 GHz WiFi
Environmental Radiation LLC
We test a grounded and ungrounded chicken wire Faraday cage for its effects on AM, FM and 2.4 GHz WiFi reception. I have been growing plants inside Faraday cages and I have found that they show growth deformities. This experiment was aimed at understanding why that occurs. My latest research regarding radio wave sickness and electromagnetic hypersensitivity in the human is in the second edition "Toxic Health" book.

The Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) [see the harm it causes to plants]
Environmental Radiation LLC

Does a Faraday Cage Need a Conductive Base When on the Ground?
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Faraday cages: Metal base or no base when on the ground? We answer the question and test both configurations, grounded and ungrounded.

8 Household Electronics That Are Hurting You, Part 1 - Dr. Debra Greene
8 Household Electronics That Are Hurting You, Part 2 - Dr. Debra Greene

Advice of The Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children's Health
Environmental Health Trust
"Reduce children's exposure to wireless" states the The Cyprus Government's Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children's Health. This video is EHT's translation of the Agency's official video which can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=996vz... in Greek.
For more information please go to ehtrust.org

Government Awareness Campaign To Reduce Electromagnetic Exposure of French Polynesia 2017
Environmental Health Trust
Published on Aug 11, 2017
Worldwide countries are taking actions to protect citizens with polices to reduce wireless and electromagnetic radiation. Click here to read about worldwide policy https://ehtrust.org/policy/international-policy-actions-on-wireless/
The videos presented by DGEN can be found at

Database of Worldwide Policies on Cell Phones, Wireless and Health
Radiofrequency radiation and public health policy. Worldwide Policies on Cell Phones, Wireless and Health by governments, health authorities and schools worldwide

RF Color Charts Summarizing Several Studies - BioInitiative Report 2012
You are here: Home / RF Color Charts
RF Color Charts
The RF Color Charts summarize many studies that report biological effects and adverse health effects relevant for cell towers, WI-FI, 'smart' wireless utility meters, wireless laptops, baby monitors, cell phones and cordless phones... (excerpt: see full article at above link)
Microwave radiation affects the heart: Are the results real or are they due to interference?
In a previous video we reported that microwave radiation from a cordless phone affects the heart. This was based on peer-reviewed research. Some claimed that our results were due to electromagnetic interference (EMI) so we did a study to test for interference. This is what we found.

Hypocrisy Not Democracy: The Telecom Industry ("Big Wireless"), The FCC, and Elected Officials Force Small Cell Towers in Front of Homes and Everywhere Else.
Jul 05, 2018 01:49 pm
By B.N. Frank
No matter what "Big Wireless" and their supporters say -- we don't need 5G technology, The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and Automated Everything installed all over the country.
According to countless security experts, IoT has already has a 75% failure rate and puts us all at risk for more cybersecurity issues which could lead to catastrophic results.
According to doctors, scientists, and environmentalists, ALL wireless infrastructure -- including 5G -- produces harmful radiation which puts the whole planet and everyone and everything on it at risk. Dr. Naomi Wolf is already posting online about new health issues being reported by residents in New York City due to 5G. Pets are suffering, too.
A.I. and various sources of automated technology are already taking jobs, causing accidents, fires and explosions, health problems, and more. Tech moguls and others who can afford it are already planning for "Doomsday."
All things considered, none of this is good for anyone but "Big Wireless."
None of that matters to "Big Wireless." They continue to pressure the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to remove all municipal government ability to stop 4G and 5G wireless infrastructure and its associated applications from being installed in communities across the U.S:...
[See full article for numerous links to supporting documents]

Alex Jones Breaks Down The Elite's War Against Humanity

Thank you for your efforts to share this information in order to help warn and protect people!

Chemtrails / Global Warming / Climate Change:

This is very serious; chemtrail spraying (geoengineering) has destroyed much of the ozone layer which is responsible for our protection (plants and animals), and we quite well may be beyond the point of no return. The UN at a CFR meeting years ago asked the US to not to proceed with spraying us with toxic metals until the safety of it could be tested. They warned that once started, it may be irreversible with disastrous consequences both if continued and if stopped, but the US and other NATO nations ignored them. (I have some links to the CFR meeting transcript and video on this webpage: www.distance-healer.com/Chemtrails.html)

The Moment of Truth Has Come! What Now? Threat to Life on Planet Earth: Ozone Dying and the Deadly Ultraviolet Cosmic Radiation
RiseEarth 2:09 PM World Truth
by Prof. Claudia von Werlhof; Global Research

There is no possibility of mistakes since 04.04.2018. Beyond all official claims and speculation about increasing CO2 emissions as a threat to earth's life there is now proof to the contrary. The real threat to life is the deadly ultraviolet cosmic radiation that in the meantime reaches the Earth's surface because the ozone layer can no longer stop it.


That means, that a part of the atmosphere, the famous and unique Blue of the planet Earth, that all the astronauts worship, is in is in the process of dissolution. The atmosphere thus no longer offers the protection for which it was created in the course of earthly life. Specifically, the ozone layer is disappearing, which is responsible for this protection. Already at the end of the Perm 250 million years ago nearly all life on earth became extinct, because nothing grew any more. The so-called "Great Dying" had then probably the same reason (Gabbattis 2018).

Today, the problem consists not only in the existence of the infamous ozone holes over the Antarctic and over the Arctic, too, but also in that they, contrary to expectations, make no attempt to close themselves (Titze 2018), and that the ozone layer as such has in the meantime generally become very weak (Dönges 2017). This means that it lets the cosmic radiation pass also far from the ozone holes themselves. That this is possible, has always been denied.

The bearer of the horrendous message is Dr. Marvin Herndon together with Raymond Hoisington and Mark Whiteside, who have their respective Research results just published in the "Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International", Vol. 14, Issue 2, -- titled:

"Deadly Ultraviolet UV-C and UV-B Penetration to Earth's Surface: Human and Environmental Health Implications" (1)

In their article, the authors explain that UV-B radiation is a "stress factor", that has a negative influence on the survival and growth of organisms in marine and freshwater, for instance Plankton, both as vegetable as well as animal. Thus, the food base of the marine and generally water inhabitants is endangered. In addition, UV-B can affect the photosynthesis, growth and metabolism of the underwater world, it can disturb the coral reef communities and destroy them by coral bleaching as well as by leading to a genome instability of plants. However, UV radiation is also harmful on land, for example generally for trees because it alters their biological and chemical environment. Conifers can produce deficient pollen under UV-B radiation and be disturbed in their reproduction or even become sterile. The toxicity of UV-B is known. It also applies to all other living beings.

UV-C, again, has for example lethal effects on insects and microorganisms. It even leads to a programmed cell death in plants. In rats, it causes cell damage, in humans, depending on the duration of irradiation, at least skin damages. In the announcement of the publication, there is a summary:

It is widely believed that atmospheric ozone blocks the deadly portion of solar radiation, UV-C and most UV-B, from reaching Earth's surface. A just published scientific paper challenges this assumption. Published this week in the Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, the paper by J. Marvin Herndon, PhD, of Trans dyne Corporation, Raymond D Hoisington of I Ray Spectra Metrics, and Mark Whiteside, MD, MPH, a Florida Department of Health physician, confirms evidence NASA published and then failed to follow-up on in 2007."

NASA was informed since years

Eleven years ago, NASA scientists published the first evidence that UV-C and UV-B was penetrating the ozone layer and reaching Earth's surface, evidence now confirmed by Herndon et al. After D'Antoni et al.'s 2007 paper showed UV-C and UV-B reaching Earth's surface -- contrary to ethical protocols, NASA conducted no follow-up investigation, despite the grave implications of their own measurements. The article states:

'In science when a discovery is made that contradicts current understanding, scientists have the responsibility to attempt to refute the discovery beyond reasonable doubt. If unable to do so, the implications of the new discovery should be discussed in the scientific literature. The 2007 D'Antoni et al. discovery of UV-C radiation reaching Earth's surface should have been the subject of intense investigation by NASA for two reasons, one scientific and one ethical.

Despite the implication of NASA's 2007 findings for atmospheric science and despite their profound implications for human and environmental health, NASA failed to conduct a follow-up investigation.... This inaction begs the question: Is NASA complicit in a covert global activity, such as military 'national-defense' aerial jet-spraying of toxic coal fly ash that poses serious risks to life on Earth?

For at least 20 years, with ever increasing quantity and duration, the military has engaged in spraying particulate matter into the region where clouds form to manipulate and weaponize the atmosphere and weather. Analytical data on rain and snow samples are consistent with toxic coal fly ash as the main aerosolized substance being used. Since about 2010 this aerial spraying has become a near-daily, near-global operation. As the article reveals, the aerial spraying 'places vast amounts of chlorine, bromine, fluorine and iodine into the atmosphere all of which can deplete ozone... Potentially other substances in coal fly ash aerosols, including Nano-particulates, might adversely affect atmospheric ozone'.

Ozone depletion is now global and is allowing deadly ultraviolet to reach ground level. The article further notes, 'Ultraviolet radiation is the most harmful and genotoxic component of the solar radiation spectrum. The mutagenicity and lethal action of sunlight exhibit two maxima, both in the UV region of the spectrum. The authors 'provide introductory information on the devastating effects of UV-B and UV-C on humans, phytoplankton, coral, insects and plants'. The military might consider all this as 'collateral damage', but it is far more serious, threatening virtually all life on Earth.

Other reasons for the ozone dying: the entire military geoengineering

As much to Herndon et al. If we also think of Rosalie Bertell's study "Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War" (in German "Kriegswaffe Planet Erde"), then it becomes clear what besides the ongoing spraying of the atmosphere with nanoparticles, the so-called "Solar Radiation Management", SRM, which is now also officially aimed at by civilian geo engineers, has contributed to the destruction of the ozone layer and continues to contribute, indeed increasingly:

1. Radioactivity: There were 2,200 nuclear tests, including those with hydrogen bombs, in particular in the atmosphere between 1958 and 1998, 2/3 of which were carried out by the USA, 1/3 by the Soviet Union; to this adds the damage caused by accidents of nuclear power plants from Harrisburg to Chernobyl to Fukushima, which since 2011 has to be considered a permanent LAA (Largest Assumed Accident) that remains unstoppable and is responsible for the first appearance of an ozone hole over the Arctic; in addition there is the Nano dust of innumerable tons of uranium ammunition (DU ammunition from "depleted uranium", mostly waste from the nuclear industry) used in all wars since the first Gulf War in the Balkans, the Middle East and Afghanistan (recently Hänsel 2017); and there are certainly radioactive loads of which we know nothing (military secrecy), or which are not counted like the normal operation of nuclear power plants. Already in the 1950s Wilhelm Reich found out that radioactivity is destroying the vital energy he called "orgone", especially of the air (see Senf 2003).

2. Supersonic flights contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer in the atmosphere (which is why the civil Concorde project on the introduction of the supersonic flight in civilian traffic has been dropped).

3. Missile flights contribute to the destruction of the atmosphere because of their propellants, which partly work with plutonium (such as the 1997 Saturn Cassini rocket that arrived at Saturn in 2017).

4. The irradiation of the ionosphere with billions of watt-strong artificial electromagnetic waves through the worldwide installations of "ionospheric heaters", such as HAARP in Alaska, heat the ionosphere and charge it extremely, cutting it up and producing holes in it (s. Begich/Manning 2001). Each time the waves pass the underlying ozone layer.

5. The "Star Wars" activities of the military from space, the work on satellites and the formation of electronic grids to monitor, control and energetically influence the entire earth's space (recently Freeland 2018) in the form of a planetary "lockdown", as well as their earthly counterpart:

6. The microwaves, wireless energy transmission, mobile phone masts and in general the earthly production of cosmic radiation such as X-rays in medicine, food industry and everyday life.

7. Even "normal" air traffic has become one of the evildoers of ozone depletion (Herndon, 2017, already Loppow 1993), not to mention the spraying in the troposphere and the stratosphere with heavy metals and other toxic substances, which Herndon particularly mentions.

The whole program is implemented with the ongoing military "geoengineering" of the MIC, the Military-Industrial Complex (see Werlhof 2018).

What is to be done?

What we experience is an ongoing destruction process. It has now apparently reached a point where it suddenly changes, that is, it has begun to become irreversible. It took no more than 50 years to do so, assuming the unrecognized discovery of UV-B and -C radiation on Earth by NASA 2007. That's not much, considering that this process has triggered even planetary effects which, in fact, threaten nothing less than our survival on earth and even will end it if we -- meaning us as humanity per se -- don't do the right thing now.

Yet, the catastrophe has already begun: The "silent spring", predicted by Rachel Carson in the 1960s (Carson 1962), is already occurring. The decline in bird- and insect-populations between 40 and 70% has long since been noticed everywhere, as well as coral bleaching in the oceans, the emptiness of the Pacific Ocean after Fukushima and, in general, the daily extinction of animal and plant species (WWF 2008).

It is obvious that the process of destroying the atmosphere through military geoengineering should be stopped almost immediately, so that the earth has a chance to heal the wounds that were inflicted on it -- in particular ozone depletion. How long would that take? And: Would there be enough time to save earth's life and renew it? Or has this chance already passed? That would be the case if the effects felt today were only the first part of those which need 40-60 years to make themselves noticed, so that the whole rest would yet follow, and we would only be experiencing the beginning of what is already on the way...

In general, the recovery of the ozone layer has been calculated to last 50 years (see Ozone). But it did not happen because the conditions for it were not present at all. There have even been attempts to directly attack the ozone layer and experiment with it for a kind of "climate engineering", for example to produce an ozone hole over enemy territory. However, the person responsible, Harry Wexler, later before his death warned explicitly against it (Wexler 1962, see Fleming 2018). Now, however, one is amazed that the ozone layer has never been as thin as it is today, and that just above our heads (Läubli 2018), far away from the ozone holes!

But no matter how things are understood, we are to do something about the causes of ozone-dying, which until now have generally not been known to us and/or have been kept from us. There is no alternative -- anymore. Doing nothing is not an option and would mean in fact to agree with the suicide of humanity and its murder of all earthly life.

The previous thesis, which was advocated by science, however, still pretends that it is the CFCs in refrigerators that caused the ozone holes. Since CFCs is banned, there was hope the the ozone holes to be reduced. But this did not happen (Titze 2018, generally Ozone). Radioactivity and other substances and processes were never part of the debate anyway because the military is taboo and allowed to do what it wants to. This is what in the end we learned through the European Commission, when we, a European activist group, organized through "Sky guards", petitioned the European Parliament for a renewed review of geoengineering and its consequences (Fraile 2018). Military activities are of no concern of the Parliament, we were instructed from above.

If these activities, however, even without war, threaten all life on earth, and are about to destroy it, then what?

So far, such a view was not present in the public discussion at all and, when in doubt, has been considered a petty doom or a conspiracy theory. Now, nevertheless, there is proof that it is true and in which way that is the case. Even those who "already knew" have now the proof in their hands. That changes everything-

This proof is "the" message of the 21st century

For the first time and for all people on earth, there is no message that would be more important. Now everyone can know, and nobody can appeal not to have known. It would not help him anyway. Because it is no longer about any justification, but about the question of whether we as alleged "homo sapiens" manage to preserve life on earth in fact and as such -- or not, as we eventually allowed some of us to risk it in front of or behind our backs.

Yet: Who really understands this news after all the terrible ones that constantly are flooding us? Who "hears "them and their "Call"? Who lets them penetrate his or her armour? Who gets scared? Whom does it tear away from his chair? Who recognizes the brutal, even inexpressible truth that it communicates?

However, regardless of our reactions or their refusal: With this message, the world has already changed. There is a before and an after, no matter what we think of it. Objectively, from now on, everything has a different meaning, whatever we do or don't do, and whether we think about it or not, what is now known, namely that for the first time in history there is proof that we humans have already endangered the planet itself, whether we manage to save it, respectively the life on, in and above it, our own included, or not.

One thing is clear: The taboo that surrounds the military must fall. The social "movements" and politicians, however, who rely on "climate justice" and the end of civil CO2 emissions, immediately have to deal with the fact that they are absorbed in a myth, and the problem at stake is quite different from what they assumed -- knowingly or not. A radical rethinking will be needed ...

The necessary worldwide uprising

In other words: now that the evidence about the real problem is inevitably on the table, there must be a world-wide uprising followed by an equally global movement that can no longer be disconcert and confused. Because the military will not by itself stop doing what it does -- it has known for at least 11 years what it is doing! And this will not be the only thing it knows without us knowing it. At the moment, the military is even trying to get its entire program into civilian life through so-called civil geoengineering at universities around the world, a tactic that it has always used, because then it is all the more difficult to get rid of the military "achievements" again.

Greenpeace activists protest outside the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) shareholder's meeting held at The Prince Park Tower in Tokyo. They hold a banner which reads: "TEPCO: The worst Ever Polluting Company." TEPCO is the operator of the crisis-stricken Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant which has been emitting radiation since it was struck by an earthquake and tsunami on March 2011. The activists also raised a banner reading "No more nuclear" in Japanese, asking TEPCO to disengage from the nuclear industry.

Now we are to make sure to change this. In fact, we have no choice and most of all no time. This is true for all of us, namely "humanity" itself. It sounds unbelievable, but "we" must, objectively, achieve that:

no new radioactivity arises
the military stops supersonic flights
no more missiles fired into space
all ionospheric heater systems closed
the satellites shut down, no new ones installed
wireless power transmissions and
air traffic to be largely stopped
chemtrail spraying to be stopped

It does not seem that there is even the slightest chance of getting through with at least one of these points anywhere. And yet, that's what is on the agenda, whether it's going to work or not, and whether we want it or not.

Or do we humans want to perish together with the animals and plants of this earth and our own living conditions, without even having resisted, yes, without even having understood what was going on, because we, for example, did not recognize our own technology and therefore could not confront it, not to mention the machinations behind it ...? (See BUMERANG 3/2017).

That's how it is, suddenly. Everything turns out to be completely different than we always thought it to be. There is no mistake, no doubt anymore. It's a new time. The moment of truth has come. Now it's our turn, whether we like it or not, whether prepared or not, whether capable or not. It is up to us whether earthly life comes to an end or not -- and very quickly so, because all causes persist and are constantly being further developed.

Already in 2000 Rosalie Bertell warned us that if the ozone hole doubles, there will be no more agriculture on earth. Now it's about to get even worse. We certainly cannot wait until nothing grows anymore before we start to do something. That's obvious, isn't it? What an awakening it will be!

Text above was taken from 13th Information-Letter (April 2018) of PLANETARY MOVEMENT FOR MOTHER EARTH (PBME) -- see the link for further source information.

For the German version of this article, see here (Deutsche Fassung siehe hier).

Claudia von Werlhof is Professor of Political Science and Women's Studies at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.


1 Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, Vol. 14, Issue 2
J. Marvin Herndon, Raymond D. Hoisington and Mark Whiteside:
Deadly Ultraviolet UV-C and UV-B Penetration to Earth's Surface: Human and Environmental Health Implications

Putin: Western Governments Are Destroying The Planet With Chemtrails
1 Chemtrails, Putin 10:43 AM

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Western governments of geo-manipulation of the Earth's environment through chemical spraying operations designed to alter the world's climate and poison the population. Russia's Premier was made the statements whilst speaking at a fundraising event and claimed that the spraying of chemicals into the Earth's atmosphere via chemtrails is funded by corporations and sanctioned by governments.

putin accused the west of geoengineering warfare

Putin said that he was "deeply concerned" about the "uneducated risks" of altering our planet's climate and that it posed a "monumental threat" that was "against nature" and all in the pursuit of "population control and profit". YNW reports: At a charity fundraiser in his hometown St. Petersburg, President Putin was asked if Western governments' atmospheric spraying operations and weather manipulation programs represent the "greatest assault on the earth's life and health...in human history.

"Putin said it does not matter if it is "the greatest threat, or the second greatest threat, or the third. What matters is that it is an assault. It is a serious assault." "It is remarkable that the American government is still refusing to acknowledge their operations.

The scientific data is there for all to see. How can people demand regulations and controls on operations if the government won't admit these operations exist? It is insulting to people's intelligence."

"It is not only offensive, it is against nature." The feeling in Russia is that Western governments and corporations are flying too close to the sun. But the problem is that they won't be the only ones to get burnt -- the earth as a whole will suffer the consequences of their actions.

As evidence emerges that geoengineering and climate manipulation is damaging the ozone layer, the fear is that the earth will reach a crisis point and will not be able to recover. The poisoned earth, like an incurably diseased body, will be left to die.

The alternative, according to Putin, is the same as it always has been. Simple, respectful treatment of the earth, water systems, and air. Asked if he would advise against his citizens spending time in heavily sprayed areas of the world, Putin said he would not tell people where to enjoy their holidays.


The Ozone Layer Recovery Lie And Climate Engineering Denial, Both Are Breaking Down
February 7, 2018 107 Comments
Related articles: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/?s=ozone+layer+
Dane Wigington
Until recently official sources have pushed the patently false narrative that Earth's ozone layer was recovering, that blatant lie is now becoming impossible to maintain. Our planet's ozone layer is disintegrating, climate engineering is the single greatest causal factor (though no "official" source is yet willing to admit to the ongoing covert climate engineering atrocities).
The Ozone layer is NOT recovering over some of Earth's most highly populated areas putting billions at risk of exposure to cancer-causing UV rays...


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Mailing Address:
Dane Wigington
P.O. Box 9
Bella Vista CA 96008

Email Contact:

We review all incoming messages and do our best to respond, though we may not be able to in all cases due to our very demanding schedule in this ongoing battle, thank you for your understanding.

For those who wish to send photos / videos of geoengineered skies, use this email: photogallery@geoengineeringwatch.org Please include location, date, and who to give credit to for the photo / video, if it is posted.

THIS IS HOW IT ENDS: Thousands Of Scientists Sign 'Warning To Humanity' Letter Predicting An Imminent Apocalypse
November 13, 2017 30 Comments
The just issued warning from the science community in the article below may seem dire, but in fact, the warning falls far short of reality. Issues like the ozone layer collapse are completely glossed over in this new warning which simply pushes the official lie that the ozone layer is recovering (which, again, is patently false). The worsening ozone layer collapse alone has the potential to cause planetary omnicide in the next decade (or less) and that factor is not even considered in the warning from the scientists. Our collective reality will not be the same for much longer, collapse on many fronts is imminent and now very close. We are already well into the curve of the 6th mass extinction on our planet, is there any chance of salvaging what is yet left of Earth's life support systems? Perhaps that depends on that actions we collectively take, or don't. Time is not on our side, as the biosphere collapse becomes impossible to hide, the power structure will become more desperate and dangerous than ever. We must all do our part to sound the alarm, life on Earth is in the balance...
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Proof Of Geoengineering Discovered In New York Via New Images - Your News Wire

Dane Wigington exposes globalist geoengineering weather control agenda

Elana Freeland talking about 5G and the GeoEngineering connection - YouTube


Former United Nations Climate Expert Calls For Global Rules on Geoengineering
The U.N. report states that the effectiveness of geoengineering is "uncertain" and "in reducing the scale of one problem, other new problems would be created. Thus, there would also be risk of the geoengineering action also contributing to other drivers affecting biodiversity loss and ecosystem integrity." The U.N. concluded that although SRM may possibly slow the loss of Arctic sea ice, but not without "unacceptable climatic impacts elsewhere." The study found that the use of sulphur aerosols for SRM would be associated with a risk of stratospheric ozone loss... (Excerpt: see full article)

High Ranking CIA Agent Blows Whistle On The Deep State And Shadow Government

11 Common Symptoms of the Global Depopulation Slow Kill (syn: eugenics)

Weather Warfare Explained
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Corbett Report Radio #237
Tonight we delve into the archives to highlight conversations with Michel Chossudovsky, Rosalind Peterson, Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin on the subject of chemtrails, geoengineering, environmental modification and weather warfare. Join us tonight as we delve into the weaponry of the future that's already here in the present.

Corbett Report Radio 237 -- Weather Warfare Explained

Geoengineering: Destroying the Atmosphere - Rosalind Peterson
Published on Nov 7, 2011
Radio Liberty Seminar, October 23, 2011, Aptos, California. Rosalind Peterson and Allan Buckmann present their findings relating to geoengineering.
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Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up
Published on Dec 21, 2010
Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch was a certified U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjustor working in more than ten counties throughout California. She now spearheads a watchdog group that monitors uncontrolled experimental weather modification programs, atmospheric heating and testing programs, and ocean and atmospheric experimental geoengineering programs Peterson is at the forefront of the chemtrail research field and how the unexplained patterns that scar our skies are "causing detrimental human health effects and environmental degradation."
In this 1-hour plus video exclusive for Prison Planet.tv members, Peterson reveals how she was first spurred to investigate chemtrails after being alerted to them by someone at the Mendocino County Probation Department. Peterson then began to intensely study the phenomenon and note that aircraft producing the trails would circle the county in a clock-like loop, covering the entire area with a cloudy haze in as little as three hours. Peterson cites NASA studies showing that the chemtrails turn into man-made clouds, exacerbating artificial climate change. However, Peterson states her contention that NASA is attempting to cover-up the true nature of chemtrails and convince people that they are a natural phenomenon, a ruse dutifully parroted by top weather and satellite observatories, who as Peterson explains acknowledge the fact that man-made chemtrails are changing the weather yet still label them as natural weather fronts in their public broadcasts.
Peterson shows a map provided by the FAA which reveals how "intra-flights" - mainly of military origin - are causing the chemtrails by flying in loops around counties in flight paths that differ substantially from normal airline trajectories. The flights have no other obvious purpose than to disperse chemtrails because they have no fixed destination, they merely fly around and around in circles.
As proponents of geoengineering like Obama's science czar John P. Holdren have proposed, blocking sunlight is a primary effect of chemtrailing, and sulphur could be one of the chemicals being dispersed by these trails. As Peterson explains, sulphur has been linked with a host of health problems, which is why California removed it from diesel fuel in the first place.
After studying water quality samples for the state of California stretching back some 30 years, Peterson found that starting from 1990, water sources were all registering unusual spikes in certain chemicals at precisely the same time, namely arsenic, barium, aluminum, calcium, manganese, magnesium, lead and iron. By measuring the spikes in these chemicals in the water supply with similar spikes in these chemicals in air quality samples, Peterson was able to conclude that the cause was airborne and that it had to be coming from the atmosphere. Peterson notes that mixing aluminum and barium creates clouds and that NASA experiments based around this concept were coinciding with the spikes in such chemicals measured in water and air quality samples.
This is an enlightening, detailed and documented explanation of how chemtrailing is being conducted, who is responsible for it and what the consequences are for our health and the environment.

Published on Jan 17, 2015
SHOCKING NEW INTERVIEW CHEMTRAILS SHOCKING NEW INTERVIEW! CHEMTRAILS Kristen Meghan US Air Force Whistle Blower! US Air Force Whistle Blower! Kristen Meghan Edwards.
*_GOV PAID DISINFORMATION TROLLS Are Out of their Minds Crazy about this Video! Attacking THIS CHEMTRAILS Video with FULL FORCE! They must be running scared again! READ the comments under this video, they are CRAZY!!!!!_*
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XjLz... #KristenMeghan

Pilots, Doctors & Scientists Tell Truth about Chemtrails [Excerpts]
John Kuhles
Published on Oct 2, 2014
DO NOT COPY! if you have no permission from Dane Wigington -- sub: http://youtube.com/ChemTruthers -- credits video: http://geoengineeringwatch.org Dane Wigington Oct 26th, 7:40am [quote] Hello John, I am grateful that you are trying to expose the dire issue of climate engineering. I am sorry you got hit by the copyright complaint I had to file. I am writing you this letter as a courtesy so that you do not get hit with another strike regarding this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPnWa... . I have never filed any such copyright complaint and people all over the world repost my work all the time. The paragraph below is what I sent to the original party that posted the edited version. If you make the corrections I outlined below, and re-upload the video making clear that geoengineeringwatch and my youtube channel is the source (instead of the appearance in the beginning of the edited video that it was produced by "galactic service"), then I would be absolutely fine with you re-posting this video. I have never filed any copyright complaint before, I don't want to do it again if it can possibly be avoided. Original video http://youtube.com/watch?v=O4WhYKP83zo
(The letter I sent to person that posted the edited version in a deceptive manner)
Hello Johannes, I actually had people contacting me and asking if I knew of or had any connection to the video in question that you posted. It seemed that considerable effort was made to mask the source of the video and create the appearance that the video was done by your group (Galactic Service). You did not in any way give credit to geoengineeringwatch.org as the source of the video, showing a youtube link far below your verbiage is not sufficient in this kind of situation. Others then downloaded from your copy and did not even properly show the links so there was no original youtube link whatsoever. I have always allowed any and all use of GeoengineeringWatch information and data so long as those that reposted this data properly and respectfully credited the source. Our goal is to get credible and verifiable data out to the public, nothing more. I have never sold a single thing on my site. Not only have I never made a cent, I have spent the whole of my retirement account on this battle. In regard to the video you uploaded, I paid for the organization of the event, I paid for the filming, I paid for the editing, and the downloading. As I mentioned, countless other sites repost geoengineeringwatch.org data all the time, some have over 730,000 views on my presentations, but they properly credited the source so I have no issue with their reposting. Some sites that just reposted your version push conclusions that are completely unsupported by factual data. This means that what I worked so hard to produce is now bringing attention to sites that are not putting out credible information. This completely defeats everything I have worked toward for over 10 solid years. My life's energy is focus on one cause, exposing and stopping global climate engineering.
Dane Wigington

CHEMTRAILS DOCUMENTARY-- Facts and Proof ---What Are ChemTrails? Do YOU care?

Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real "MUST WATCH"
Alex Alexander
Published on Mar 23, 2014
Rosalind Peterson Confirms Chemtrails/Geoengineering/SRM
Are Very real.
If you are still in doubt that them lines in the sky are contrails or that the milky haze which lingers all day is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, then you are very mistaken
This is PROOF 100% Real.
Please watch and share.

SURVIVAL: Chem-trails & FirstAid

WHAT in the World Are They Spraying? (part.1)
What in the world are they spraying. Full video.

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Documentary HD (multiple language subtitles)
Why in the World are They Spraying? (Full Length w/ Foreign Language Subtitles)
Published on Aug 18, 2012
People around the world are noticing that our planet's weather is dramatically changing. They are also beginning to notice the long lingering trails left behind airplanes that have lead millions to accept the reality of chemtrail/geoengineering programs. Could there be a connection between the trails and our severe weather? While there are many agendas associated with these damaging programs, evidence is now abundant which proves that geoengineering can be used to control weather. In this documentary you will learn how the aerosols being sprayed into our sky are used in conjunction with other technologies to control our weather. While geoengineers maintain that their models are only for the mitigation of global warming, it is now clear that they can be used as a way to consolidate an enormous amount of both monetary and political power into the hands of a few by the leverage that weather control gives certain corporations over the Earth's natural systems. This of course, is being done at the expense of every living thing on the planet. Directed/Produced by Michael J. Murphy and Produced/Edited by Barry Kolsky.. Written by Michael J. Murphy and Barry Kolsky.

Chemtrails: WHY in the World are They Spraying? (NEW 2012 Full Documentary - HD) [CC]
Chemtrail Crimes
Published on Aug 19, 2012
People around the world are noticing that our planet's weather is dramatically changing. They are also beginning to notice the long lingering trails left behind airplanes that have lead millions to accept the reality of chemtrail/geoengineering programs. Could there be a connection between the trails and our severe weather? While there are many agendas associated with these damaging programs, evidence is now abundant which proves that geoengineering can be used to control weather. In this documentary you will learn how the aerosols being sprayed into our sky are used in conjunction with other technologies to control our weather. While geoengineers maintain that their models are only for the mitigation of global warming, it is now clear that they can be used as a way to consolidate an enormous amount of both monetary and political power into the hands of a few by the leverage that weather control gives certain corporations over the Earth's natural systems. This of course, is being done at the expense of every living thing on the planet.
Interviews with:
Dane Wigington - Solar Expert/Climate Researcher
Francis Mangels - USDA Bioliogist
Barb Petersen - Farmer/Rancher/Researcher/Radio Host/ http://farmwars.info
Rosalind Petersen - Retired USDA Farm Service / President of the Agriculture Defense Coalition - http://www.agriculturedefensecoalition.org/content/california-skywatch
Mark McCandlish - Defense & Aerospace Industry
Scott Stevens - Former TV Weatherman 20+yrs http://weatherwars.info/
* subtitles [CC] available
Dr. Nick Begich - H.A.A.R.P. Expert & Author of "Angels Don't Play This H.A.A.R.P." - http://www.earthpulse.com/
Dr. James Fleming - Professor of Science Technology & Society College
Michael Agne - Commodities trader
Larry Oxley - Investor
Sherrie Klappert- Organic Farmer (Hawaii)
Joel Gilcoca Organic Farmer
Karoline Muniz - GMO Free Lecturer Holistic Health Care Provider
Foster Gamble - "thrive"
Daisy Agne
Horace Ross
End Song by Skull "Cry Die" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YiHxQcc1tM
WHAT in the World Are They Spraying? (part.1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C5TFTkblKQ
*Feel free to download and re-upload this documentary to your channel as there is NO COPYRIGHT and is actually encouraged by the producers to copy the DVD versions and redistribute because raising awareness most important.
(I use http://keepvid.com/ - just copy/paste URL) ************

What the Hell Are They Spraying? Lionel Interviews Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch
Lionel Nation
Published on Jan 10, 2018
Just look up. In the sky. Look. What do you see? From jets. High above. Those hazy, gauzy streaks of something. Crosshatched and thatched, hashtagged crisscrossed streams and plumes and streaks. Of something. Contrails? Water vapor? Ice crystals? Not a chance. These plumes and trails spread over huge swaths of land. But what are they? Dane Wigington of Geongineeringwatch.org joins me in what may very well be the most critical issue and problem that faces all of us. And all you have to do is look up. And don't call them chemtrails.

Willem Felderhof - An Airline Pilot Discusses Aerotoxic Syndrome, Chemtrails, & Geoengineering
Veritas Radio

English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUbP7dMVoww
German: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUuUwe85ZlU
Published on Dec 13, 2017
You can support further projects with a donation on: http://overcastthemovie.com
OVERCAST is a groundbreaking documentary about a phenomenon that most of us would consider normal: Jet contrails that spread into clouds, covering the sky and blocking the sun. For some people however, these trails are the biggest environmental crime in the history of mankind. Recent studies show that manmade cirrus clouds through flight traffic have a far bigger impact on climate change than previously assumed and are already described as unintentional Geoengineering.
OVERCAST brings light into a phenomenon that should be part of the public and climate debate, but instead has been mostly ignored so far.

"Chemtrails" -- How They Affect You and What You Can Do
THRIVE Movement
Published on Aug 1, 2013
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Have you noticed more planes flying overhead in your community that leave trails behind them in the sky? These patterns are the result of "weather modification" programs -- also referred to as "solar radiation management" or "chemtrails". The international program involves spraying aluminum, barium, strontium and other toxic chemicals from airplanes at high altitudes that then fall to the ground, ending up in our bodies, our water, our soil and the air we breathe.
Thank you to GeoEngineering Watch, Chemtrails 911, Space Weather, SkyderAlert, Rob Leslie, Ray Gale, truthseeker1922 and Skull for chemtrail footage that helped make this video possible.

Matt Landman
Published on Jun 20, 2017
FrankenSkies is an 80 minute social change documentary regarding the Solar Geoengineering/Chemtrail agenda that affects every living being on earth. The struggle of bringing awareness to this subject, despite the obstacles of a socially engineered populace and the military industrial complex with its endless resources, is palpable in this awakening truth feature.
An impeccably timed eye opening expose, the film reveals the campaign to normalize chemical cloud formations via atmospheric aerosol dispersals. Up against a normalization timetable encompassing a controlled media and an indoctrinated educational and political system, activists ask the question: Is your silence your consent?
A shocking informative film on climate engineering, frequency control and CIA manipulation, the film's narrative unfolds through a historical timeline of experimentation on humanity, bringing us to a modern day laboratory that encompasses the air we breathe and dictates when and where the sun shall shine, or not...

Insider Reveals Their Plans with Chemtrails & How To Survive

Environmentalists 'SCARED STIFF' As Pruitt Plans To Reveal 'Secret Science' Tyranny
Despite the "science" used to declare climate change such a human problem that taxes and job debilitating regulations be enforced already much-known as "junk," Pruitt intends to let everyone know that they've been duped in order to be treated like cash cows and government slaves...

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 21, 2018, #141 ( Dane Wigington )
Dane Wigington
Published on Apr 21, 2018
Our hope and goal is for this video to be shared far and wide, DO NOT re-upload this copyrighted video without prior written permission and conditions from GeoengineeringWatch.org
How much longer can the majority of industrialized / militarized societies hide from reality? Not long. Foundations of power structures are fracturing from every direction, many critical issues are finally beginning to come to light. Though this is, in many ways, a leap in the right direction, it also leads to unbridled desperation on the part of those who wield power. Are radio programs on the political left or right mentioning anything about the most critical threats we face? No. A week after America's latest illegal and unjust bombing of a sovereign nation (Syria), how many Americans even remember? How many care? Regions of South America are sliding toward chaos, has US mainstream media said a word? The US Air Force is desperately trying to put nearly 200 additional jet aircraft tankers into service. Is this for the purpose of increasing the ongoing toxic atmospheric spraying to even more extreme levels? How much longer can the biosphere and the web of life sustain the assault? Where do we go from here?
With every passing day the more and more are finally waking up to the rapidly darkening horizon, it is up to all that are already awake to continue sounding the alarm. In doing so, it is imperative to share data that is factually on completely solid ground, anything less inevitably leads to the marginalization of the critical climate engineering cause. Make your voice heard, while it can still make a difference.
Dane Wigington
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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 28, 2018, #142 ( Dane Wigington )
Dane Wigington

CIA Whistleblower Speaks Out About Climate Engineering, Vaccination Dangers, and 911
Dane Wigington

Geoengineering Whistleblower -- Ex-Military -- Kristen Meghan, Hauppauge, NY, January 18th, 2014
Published on Jan 27, 2014
NOTE: Please be patient as Kristen has received an overwhelming number of emails for lab requests and will answer them all as soon as possible.
Kristen Meghan, Ex-Military, former Air Force Sr. Industrial Hygienist/Environmental Specialist. Her job was Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) was 4BOX1, Bio-environmental Engineer.
I AM WHO I SAY I AM -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x-u7H6kEGM
Kristen gave a ground breaking presentation of what she had discovered about Geoengineering / Chemtrails while serving her Country.
This BRAVE young lady has put her livelihood / life on the line for us.
This presentation was produced, filmed and edited by John F. King
David Keith Discussing *Weather Modification* on Colbert Report -- Dec. 2013
David W Keith and Andy Parker, Scientific American, Jan2013, Vol. 308, p34-36.
Impacts of Geoengineering Using Stratospheric Aerosols
Geoengineering Watch
Ex-Military Bio-Environmental Engineer - Kristen Meghan - Blows Whistle On Air Force - Chemtrails
GeoEngineering and the Global Assault -- A Round Table Discussion with Dane Wigington, George Barnes and Dr. Doug Levine
Kristen Meghan YouTube Channel
Kristen Meghan Facebook Account
Kristen Meghan Twitter Account
Sulfuric Acid on a paper towel:

3 Mineral Waters That Can Remove Aluminum from the Brain

Horsetail Herb removes toxic ALUMINUM from your body with SILICA!
Published on May 14, 2017
The Health Ranger reveals why Horsetail herb, which grows as a weed, allows your body to eliminate toxic ALUMINUM, a heavy metal linked to Alzheimer's and dementia. (It's also found in popular deodorant products.)

The Metals Capturing Capacity discovery that protects you from toxic heavy metals
Published on Jan 8, 2014
This mini-documentary features Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, announcing his discovery and documentation of the Metals Capturing Capacity of foods, botanicals, superfoods and dietary substances.
See parts 1 and 2 that precede this video at Labs.NaturalNews.com

Owning the weather by 2025
Published on Apr 30, 2018
This is a plan that the government and the military have had since the 60s as far as I know they have wanted to on the weather and to do so baby to condition and program all of humanity it appears 2025 they are well ahead of schedule

Doctor Confirms Worldwide Chem-Lung Disease; Daily Chemtrail Spraying is Relentless Now

John Knox and Julie Molesky at Geoengineering March 4/21/18
John Graf
Published on Apr 21, 2018
I am so proud and inspired by friends like this who know how dangerous and devastating these crimes are in our skies are. Thank you John and Julie for making this event a success. We did run into many people today who KNEW...and were relieved to share their concerns with others ...who will not ridicule them. So many have friends and family members who laugh and roll their eyes around them. All will be very devastated when they learn the truth. Watch these jets...watch what they are doing. This is crop dusting on a Global Level people. Please know we are telling you the truth.

John Knox: I DO NOT CONSENT. April 21, 2018
John Graf
Published on Apr 21, 2018
A quick clip from today's Global March Against Geoengineering showing the criminals spraying the sky as we march. Thanks John Knox.

Nick Rogers: Photographer/ Chemtrail Researcher 4/21/18
John Graf
Published on Apr 21, 2018
I met a new awake person at out Global March Against Geoengineering today. He was awake and I am always so happy to meet another person who knows, and sees the obvious crimes against all of us. Thank you Nick Rogers. Shot in Santa Monica Calif.

Snowden Warns Us Of Major Event! Secret Weather Control Program Exposed 2017
Published on Apr 29, 2017
Snowden Warns Us Of Major Event! Secret Weather Control Program Exposed 2017! #1 Most Viewed UFO Youtube Channel Thirdphaseofmoon Shares Your Incredible UFO Videos To the World! Upload your UFO Video To Youtube, Then Copy Paste The Link To My Email! cousinsbrothersproductions@gmail.com Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! We are not Alone!

Top Scientist Tells CBS: HAARP Responsible For Recent Hurricanes - What is Cloud Seeding?
Published on Sep 9, 2017
World renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku made a shocking confession on live TV when he admitted that HAARP is responsible for the recent spate of hurricanes.

In an interview aired by CBS, Dr. Kaku admitted that recent 'made-made' hurricanes have been the result of a government weather modification program in which the skies were sprayed with nano particles and storms then "activated" through the use of "lasers".

In the interview (below), Michio Kaku discusses the history of weather modification, before the CBS crew stop him in his tracks.

The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was created in the early 1990's as part of an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

According to government officials, HAARP allows the military to modify and weaponize the weather, by triggering earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.

Anongroup.org reports: One detail in a plethora of academic papers and patents about altering the weather with electromagnetic energy and conductive particles in the stratosphere, research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences said the "laser beams" can create plasma channels in air, causing ice to form. According to Professor Wolf Kasparian:

"Under the conditions of a typical storm cloud, in which ice and supercooled water coexist, no direct influence of the plasma channels on ice formation or precipitation processes could be detected.

Under conditions typical for thin cirrus ice clouds, however, the plasma channels induced a surprisingly strong effect of ice multiplication.

Within a few minutes, the laser action led to a strong enhancement of the total ice particle number density in the chamber by up to a factor of 100, even though only a 10-9 fraction of the chamber volume was exposed to the plasma channels.

The newly formed ice particles quickly reduced the water vapor pressure to ice saturation, thereby increasing the cloud optical thickness by up to three orders of magnitude."

To really understand geoengineering, researchers have identified defense contractors Raytheon, BAE Systems, and corporations such as General Electric as being heavily involved with geoengineering. According to Peter A. Kirby, Massachusetts has historically been a center of geoengineering research.

With the anomalous hurricanes currently ravaging the Americas, floods destroying India, and wildfires destroying the Pacific Northwest, weather warfare is a topic on the public consciousness right now. Please share this with as many people as possible.

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Oregon Weather man former Military officer exposes the Gov's weather modification secrets on live tv
Siriusknowledge DCCLXXVII
Published on Apr 11, 2016
One factor that's commonly overlooked when it comes to talking about human health and environmental degradation is geo-engineering and Solar Radiation Management (SRM), also known as "chemtrails."
The name seems to come from the fact that various geo-engineering and SRM programs use stratospheric aresols like barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, polymer fibers and more.

Chemtrails help to alter the weather HAARP is what controls the weather at times so not every Snow storm and hurricane is done by HAARP but you can tell which ones are.

Geoengineering could cause more harm than climate change
US research finds policy and politics could turn a technological fix into a climate disaster. Stephen Fleischfresser reports...

Geoengineering and Weather Modification Exposed
By Jim Lee * Subscribe on YouTube
Last Updated · Saturday, Nov 18, 2017
Published · Thursday, Jan 3, 2013
Geoengineering and Weather Modification Exposed
The most extensive research on Geoengineering and Weather Modification experiments worldwide, with articles, maps, and timelines to fully expose the hidden world of Weather Control.

"Accidental Geoengineering" with Ship Tracks and Contrails
Jim Lee
Published on Mar 23, 2018
References: https://climatex.mit.edu/accidental-geoengineering-ship-tracks-and-contrails
ClimateViewer News (blog)
ClimateViewer 3D (map)
Weather Modification History (timeline)

Ionospheric Heaters - How HAARP really works
Jim Lee
Published on Dec 17, 2014
Ionospheric Heaters: How HAARP really works

HAARP and the Sky Heaters

HAARP Timeline:


How Jets Make Metal Clouds - JUST THE FACTS
Jim Lee
Published on Apr 19, 2018
References: https://climateviewer.com/2018/04/19/how-jets-make-metal-clouds-just-the-facts/

FAQ https://climateviewer.com/cirruscloudsmatter/
Articles https://climateviewer.com/tags/artificial-clouds/

Geoengineering and Weather Modification Exposed
FAQ https://climateviewer.com/geoengineering/
Articles https://climateviewer.com/categories/geoengineering/

HAARP and the Sky Heaters
FAQ https://climateviewer.com/haarp/
Articles https://climateviewer.com/tags/ionospheric-heaters/

The Environmental Modification Accountability Act #ENMODAA

ClimateViewer News (blog)

ClimateViewer 3D (map)

Weather Modification History (timeline)

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Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and Weaponizing Nature
Jim Lee
Published on May 23, 2017

A Presentation by Jim Lee of ClimateViewer News given at the Freedom Force International's 3rd Congress in Phoenix, Arizona. December 3, 2016. G. Edward Griffin's "Global Warming: an Inconvenient Lie"
BUY DVD: https://freedomforceinternational.org...

(2:08) Rainmaker Charles Hatfield and the Lake Morena dam failure
(2:45) birth of cloud seeding 1946
(3:07) Project Cirrus: first cloud seeding on tropical storm
(3:39) Irving P. Krick invents ground-based cloud seeding generator
(4:02) map of cloud seeding projects 1952-1965
(4:12) chemtrails 1958
(4:33) US Navy makes clouds with carbon black 1958
(4:55) map of cloud seeding projects 1961-1988 (Project Skywater)
(5:43) Space Weather Modification begins
(6:11) strontium and barium ion cloud in space (sounding rockets and satellites)
(6:51) chemtrail lawsuit 1970 - New Jersey and Illinois sue airline industry over "smoke pollution of the skies"
(7:26) WEATHER WARFARE: Operation Popeye
(8:57) weather modification reporting laws and forms (1972, 1976)
(10:36) why ENMOD has no teeth
(10:48) modern cloud seeding and the Blue Gold Rush (Water Wars)
(12:15) dept. of homeland security hurricane control
(12:59) USAF and USN carbon black weather warfare FOIAs, Owning the Weather, Weather Modification Test Technology Symposium 97
(14:26) cloud ionizers - electric rainmaking
(15:10) steering atmospheric rivers
(16:27) GEOPHYSICAL WARFARE - Ionospheric Heaters and electromagnetic emissions
(17:51) HAARP
(20:23) HAARP on a Boat: why the military sold HAARP to the Univ. of Alaska
(24:00) Bill Gates FICER and funding geoengineering lobbyists
(28:48) Artificial Clouds: Ship tracks
(29:54) Artificial Clouds: Contrail Cirrus
(32:02) Chemtrail terminology and "Accidental Geoengineering"
(34:27) EPA hearing (Aug. 2015) on Chemtrails
(36:45) Rogue Geoengineering, Clandestine Operations, and ENMOD

Jim Lee To Present Geoengineering Research At Ed Griffin's Global Warming; An Inconvenient Lie (Nov 2016)

ClimateViewer News (blog)

ClimateViewer 3D (map)

Weather Modification History (timeline)

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Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. -- Dr. Seuss

Climate Intervention Is Not a Replacement for Reducing Carbon Emissions; Proposed Intervention Techniques Not Ready for Wide-Scale Deployment

IPCC special report on 1.5C - draft summary for policymakers
Uploaded by Megan Darby on Feb 13, 2018
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is compiling evidence on the impacts of and pathways to 1.5C global warming, the aspirational limit in the Paris Agreement. This is the draft of the summary for policymakers due to be finalised in September 2018.

Liberal Climate Scientists Hate Our America & We Must Stop It! An Unbiased Patriotic Rejection of Climate Change
by Dalton Pepper

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change
by Marc Morano

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Documentary HD

What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length HD Version)

Who in the World is Spraying? promo



Dane Wigington-Chemtrail Lawsuit to Stop Damaging Spraying Filed in Canada

Billionaire Bilderberger Busted Building Bioweapons - #NewWorldNextWeek

Must Watch: Climatologist Breaks the Silence on Global Warming Groupthink
Published on Dec 13, 2015
Must Watch: Climatologist Breaks the Silence on Global Warming Groupthink
TRANSCRIPT: https://www.corbettreport.com/climato...
Dr. Judith Curry is Professor and former Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Following is her verbal remarks as delivered to last week's US Senate Commerce Committee Hearing on "Data or Dogma? Promoting Open Inquiry in the Debate Over the Magnitude of the Human Impact on Earth's Climate."

CIA Funding Geoengineering to Weaponize Weather - #NewWorldNextWeek
Published on Feb 19, 2015
Welcome to New World Next Week -- the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:
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The Carnegie Council Calls for Global Governance to Regulate Geoengineering
By Derrick Broze

As the Carnegie Council calls for global governance to regulate climate engineering, advocates and opponents of the controversial technology prepare for a looming policy debate.

On December 8, the Carnegie Council released an essay calling for policymakers to invest resources into creating new forms of governance as a response to increasing calls for climate engineering, or geoengineering. The essay is part of a growing push for funding for research into the controversial science of modifying or engineering the climate, and a recent push towards global government which could regulate the technology. Geoengineering is the deliberate and large-scale manipulation of the weather and climate using a variety of technologies. One popular form of geoengineering promoted by scientists is known as Solar Radiation Management (SRM), which involves spraying aerosols from planes equipped with particulates designed to reflect sunlight in an effort to combat "anthropogenic global warming."

We are potentially at the dawn of an age of geoengineering. It is time for policymakers to start discussing whether geoengineering is to go forward and, if so, how. -- The Need For Governance of Climate Engineering, Carnegie Council

The essay, published in the Council's peer-reviewed journal Ethics & International Affairs, starts out by stating that lawmakers around the world need to accept the "uncomfortable reality" that man-made climate change is causing environmental destruction. "Despite the best efforts of national governments and thousands of mayors and other civic leaders, we can no longer contain global average temperatures to below 1.5--2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels through mitigation of carbon emissions alone," the author writes.

According to the report, the answer to this apparently unstoppable apocalypse will likely include some form of geoengineering and policymakers need to have these important discussions and debates. The author describes the resurgent interest in geoengineering and stresses the increasing likelihood that "a group of countries or cities or even one or more wealthy individuals might decide to deploy geoengineering technologies during the coming decades."

The author does a great job of illustrating the need to find answers to difficult and complex questions. For example, the Council asks, "How would we govern such actors? Who assesses the balance of risks and rewards when deploying geoengineering technologies? What safeguards and what compensation mechanisms need to be built in? If we start deliberately altering global temperatures, who controls the global thermostat?"

The Carnegie Council previously created the Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative to "bring the profoundly complex issues of geoengineering governance and ethics to a much wider audience." The new essay is part of the effort to bring these issues to the minds of policymakers and the general population. The author does not hesitate to emphasize the goal of international or supranational governance for climate engineering. Emphasis added:

In other words, the real question facing humanity might not be whether or not to go ahead with geoengineering technologies, but how to govern them when they inevitably arrive. This will require a high degree of knowledge about geoengineering technologies, and will entail a considerable amount of work to understand the risks. This is something no one group can do alone. The world as a whole needs to deal with this, involving all levels of society.

The Carnegie Council acknowledges that the effort to build a "wider geoengineering governance community" has already begun. "Many of our staff come from a United Nations and intergovernmental background, and we have already engaged with many governments, international organizations, and nongovernmental actors," the report states. The council is also working with "numerous nonstate actors active in the climate and sustainable development space" and religious leaders. "Ultimately, we hope a large and diverse network of individuals will emerge across a range of institutions to drive the debate nationally and internationally."

The science of geoengineering is controversial for many reasons. For one, there is the possibility of creating even more environmental damage and disaster once geoengineering programs are started, including the loss of blue skies and an increase in temperature for some parts of the world. In addition, there are those who believe in the Chemtrails Conspiracy, which states that weather modification programs are actively taking place in our skies. According to this theory, the "normal" contrails created by planes are actually covert geoengineering programs being carried out right above our heads. The "chemtrails" label comes from the portion of the crowd that believes these programs are delivering dangerous chemical additives to the food, water, soil, and humans below for nefarious purposes.

Interestingly, researchers with Carnegie Science at the University of California Irvine and the nonprofit Near Zero recently published a study which claimed to conclusively debunk the possibility of this alleged secret government geoengineering program. The study, "Quantifying expert consensus against the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program", was published in the journal Environmental Research Letters. The authors of the study conducted a survey of the leading contrail and atmosphere scientists to find out if there was sufficient evidence to support claims of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program (SLAP). The contrail and atmospheric experts overwhelmingly rejected evidence cited by believers of what is sometimes known as the "Chemtrails Conspiracy."

Despite the conflicting views and opinions, earlier this month California Congressman Jerry McNerney introduced legislation calling for a hearing in the House Committee on Science, Space & Technology (SST) to collect information from experts in the field of geoengineering. McNerney also introduced H.R. 4586, the Geoengineering Research Evaluation Act, which would "provide for a federal commitment to the creation of a geoengineering research agenda and an assessment of the potential risks of geoengineering practices."

"We've reached a moment of clarity in the fight against climate change where we are experiencing the repercussions of the atmospheric buildup of greenhouse gasses," said Congressman McNerney. "Even if human beings were to cease all greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow, significant atmospheric change has already been set in motion and will continue to occur for generations to come."

The legislation would commission the National Academies of Science (NAS) to produce two reports recommending a geoengineering research strategy and oversight principles for such research. According to the press release, "the bill also provides for the creation of an implementation plan to ensure a path forward for additional geoengineering research and development."

Opponents of geoengineering are not sitting by in silence while the Carnegie Council and politicians advance their goals. A recent report from the ETC Group, Biofuelwatch, and Heinrich Böll Foundation warn that geoengineering is gaining acceptance "as a would-be technological fix for climate change." The report, "The Big Bad Fix -- The Case Against Climate Geoengineering," analyzes the risks of geoengineering, and shows the different individuals and organizations working to advance the technology.

"Geoengineering is a dangerous defence of the failed status quo, not a technical or scientific necessity," says Rachel Smolker, Co-director of Biofuelwatch. "In fact, the technologies put forward for geoengineering will most likely worsen rather than solve the multifaceted problems created by climate change. Claiming that we 'must' deploy geoengineering is saying that we would sooner do irreparable harm to our planet than alter our economic system that benefits only the very few at the top."

Geoengineering: The real climate threat
Published on Feb 13, 2013
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=6851
The environmental movement has developed a single-minded obsession with the supposed effects of carbon dioxide on the global climate. Rather than CO2 gas, however, the technologies that are now being proposed to mitigate this supposed problem might be the real cause of our coming environmental calamity. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.

Geoengineering: The real climate change threat
Corbett * 02/14/2013 * 26 Comments
Podcast: Play in new window - Download - Embed
by James Corbett
February 13, 2013

For decades now, we have been told to be afraid of the long-term effects of manmade carbon dioxide on our climate. Seemingly every day some new storm, drought, warm spell or cold snap is featured on the news, with government-funded scientists warning us that this is a sign of things to come unless the world reduces its CO2 production.

The problem, of course, is that this is a third-rate scientific hoax propagated on the strength of the public's ignorance of the underlying science, or lack thereof. The models and predictions used to scare the public into believing that CO2 is driving climate and will continue to do so in an increasingly dangerous fashion share the distinction of being universally wrong in their predictions of trends over the past 15 years, yet we are still asked to believe in the long-term validity of these same falsified models.

As Robinson et. al. noted in their 2007 study, "Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide," published by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, "Predictions of harmful climatic effects due to future increases in hydrocarbon use and minor greenhouse gases like CO2 do not conform to current experimental knowledge."

Also in 2007, J. Scott Armstrong, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of "Long-Range Forecasting," a standard textbook on the principles of forecasting, co-authored an audit of the procedures that the IPCC used for its global warming projections, finding that those procedures violated 72 of the 89 relevant principles of scientific forecasting.

Last year the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres published a study showing that climate prediction models examining periods of less than 30 years on the geographical scale of continents are riddled with inaccuracies.

Earlier this year, the UK's Met office was forced to revise downward their projections for temperature increase over the next four years after a 15 year standstill in global annual temperatures. Ironically, this divergence from the continuous temperature increases that had been predicted by the CO2 alarmists is now being blamed on "natural variability" including "the cycles of changes in solar activity," which leaked drafts of the IPCC AR5 report due out next year indicate has been vastly underestimated.

Sadly, the fearmongering, hype and misleading predictions on this issue have become so internalized that there is a subsection of the population that is now willing to question whether every conceivable event in the galaxy is the result of carbon dioxide, even near-earth asteroids.

That so many are concentrating so much time and attention on the question of carbon dioxide, a trace gas in the atmosphere which itself is only partially manmade, is only to be expected. Scientists, pundits, writers and businessmen are only responding to the market incentives that are at play. Governments and universities around the world are now sinking billions of dollars a year into grants to fund research related to the supposed CO2 threat, and entire industries such as carbon trading and carbon sequestration, are developing in response to this interest. Quite simply, too much money and potential political power is at stake for the threat of global warming to be revealed as a false alarm.

One of the most worrying possibilities to arise from this trend, however, is the political legitimization of a concept that, ironically, has the potential to become a real threat to our environment: geoengineering.

The practice of geoengineering is now well over half a century old. As early as the late 1940s, American mathematician John von Neumann was researching weather modification and its potential uses in climatic warfare for the US Department of Defense. In the 1950s early cloudbursting experiments were performed by Wilhelm Reich and in 1956 Dr. Walter Russell was writing of the potential for complete weather control.

In the 1960s, Dr. Bernard Vonnegut, brother of the famous writer, vastly improved the techniques then in use by employing silver iodide crystals in the cloud seeding mixture. Silver iodide's hygroscopic qualities insure water particles quickly bond with its crystalline structure. As the recent documentary Skywatcher points out, the process of cloud seeding is now so widely and routinely employed that it is having profound effects on our climate.

Given that CO2 is not the problem it is made out to be, coupled with the admitted advent of modern weather modification technologies in DoD research programs, it is impossible not to inquire into the possible links between the current push toward geoengineering and the military-industrial complex. Last year I had the chance to talk to Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the Centre for Research on Globalization about the past, present, and future of weather warfare technology.

The potential military benefits to the wartime deployment of weather modification technologies are self-evident. In fact, they are so self-evident that, as Professor Chossudovsky notes, the UN was compelled to introduce a convention in 1977 prohibiting the use of environmental modification technology in warfare. The US ratified that convention in 1980.

Other potential benefits to the deployment of this technology suggest themselves in the monetary sphere. So many events in the course of human activity are predicated on short-term weather and long-term climate phenomena that the ability to determine (or even influence) either could be extremely valuable. Insurance companies, for example, stand to lose billions (and reconstruction-related industries stand to make those same billions) every time a strong storm makes landfall in populated areas.

So it should not be surprising that a market has evolved for "weather derivatives," effectively allowing large financial institutions to make money gambling on the weather. And it should also come as no surprise that this market was largely pioneered by that infamous globalist-connected insider corporation, Enron.

Last year I had the chance to talk to researcher Peter Kirby about Enron's involvement in weather derivatives and the vast sums that stand to be made as geoengineering projects continue to be deployed under the threshold of public awareness.

Even if we were to assume that weather modification technologies are not currently being used for the purposes of weather warfare or market manipulation, the potential for such abuses alone should be more than enough to dissuade us from pursuing these technologies. Even more worrying, perhaps, are the true unknown environmental ramifications of the long-term effects of these technologies on our environment.

Ironically enough, those who are warning us of the potentially disastrous consequences of manmade climate change may be exactly right in their assessment after all. But in the end, it may not be the manmade CO2 they are worried about that is the real culprit of this coming catastrophe, but the geoengineering technologies that are being proposed as the "solution" to this problem.

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keelhaul says:
03/10/2015 at 7:15 am
eugenics today would most certainly need to be disguised as something so why not climate change. what im wondering is the chemtrail operations as propaganda for global warming. to what extent these people will go is a question i probably dont want to know the answer to but is all this spraying really just to acclimate us to something they may admit and openly do someday, as some kind of evidence in an attempt to provide a solution to a problem that doesnt even exist? in any case, i suppose it would satisfy nicely in the development of an effective dispersal program for the eugenicists come 'culling' day.

'Solar radiation management': Scientists hope to fight climate change with geoengineering
RT America

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Dane Wigington

We are in Global Cooling!! not warming !!

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Ground-breaking New Report Launched Today The Big Bad Fix -- The Case Against Climate Geoengineering
For Immediate Release
Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Organization Profile:
Contact: Rachel Smolker: rsmolker@riseup.net, 1-802-482-2848

Nairobi/Berlin - "The Big Bad Fix -- The Case Against Climate Geoengineering," a report released today by ETC Group, Biofuelwatch and Heinrich Böll Foundation, warns that geoengineering (the large-scale manipulation of the climate) is gaining acceptance as a would-be technological fix for climate change in key emitting countries, as these countries refuse to break away from their fossil-fuelled economies. Geoengineering research programs and projects planned by industry and state-funded and private research institutions are proliferating, primarily in high-emitting countries such as the US, the UK and China. "The Big Bad Fix" analyses the context and risks of geoengineering, and reveals the actors, vested interests and political developments underway to advance the large-scale technological schemes to manipulate the Earth's natural systems.
Although considered reckless and unacceptable by many scientific and political experts, geoengineering is now increasingly being pushed into the mainstream of climate policy debates, where it creates the illusion of a technological shortcut to manage the symptoms of climate change without addressing its root causes.

However, as the report details, geoengineering poses many risks for people, ecosystems and security. It relies on excessive land, water and resource consumption, threatens food security, and undermines democratic control over the world's commons because its untested technologies are also developed by patent-holders for profit. Therefore, the report states, irreversible harm to biodiversity and ecosystem integrity is highly probable. There are also serious concerns about geoengineering governance, including the potential for unilateral deployment, the risk of conflict in the event of adverse regional impacts and side effects, and the risk of weaponization of geoengineering technologies.

"Geoengineering is a dangerous defence of the failed status quo, not a technical or scientific necessity. In fact, the technologies put forward for geoengineering will most likely worsen rather than solve the multifaceted problems created by climate change. Claiming that we 'must' deploy geoengineering is saying that we would sooner do irreparable harm to our planet than alter our economic system that benefits only the very few at the top," says Rachel Smolker, Co-director of Biofuelwatch.

The "Big Bad Fix" is being launched today in Nairobi during the 3rd United Nations Environmental Assembly and in the run-up to a meeting of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Montreal. Geoengineering is subject to a de facto moratorium under the CBD, and marine geoengineering is prohibited by the London Protocol of the London Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution. The authors of the report argue that these decisions must be upheld and must be the starting point of any legitimate, international and democratic discussion of geoengineering governance.

"Geoengineering would exacerbate the global power imbalance, creating winners and losers. It would be foolish to allow a group of countries to take control of the global thermostat," states Silvia Ribeiro, Latin America Director of ETC Group. "Governance must not be mistaken to mean establishing regulations to legalize and permit the development of such technologies. Banning exceedingly risky and dangerous technologies is a legitimate and prudent approach to governance, as put in practice with the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and the UN's adoption of a Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in July 2017," adds Ribeiro.

Instead of resorting to unproven, risky technofixes, the report calls for the rapid implementation of a climate-just vision for limiting global warming to under 1.5°C.

"Proponents of geoengineering are feeding the illusion that we can escape our climate crises without having to adjust our emission-heavy lifestyles. But reality is not that simple. Not only do geoengineering technologies come with new risks and side effects, they also distract from the only proven solution for climate change: a radical reduction of climate changing emissions. Before geoengineering is put into action, we need clear and binding regulations for these technologies. An international framework of regulation must be grounded in the precautionary principle, and technologies with associated risks that are not predictable, justifiable or manageable must be prohibited outright," says Barbara Unmüßig, Director of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

The report concludes that the numerous high-impact risks of geoengineering, and the political, social, cultural, economic, ethical, moral, intergenerational and rights-based problems it implies, render geoengineering unacceptable. Further, the authors argue that it is a dangerous distraction from the urgent need to support viable alternatives: making deep emission cuts in the near-term and rapidly transforming our economies to allow for a socially and ecologically sustainable and just future, rather than locking the world into a long-term dependence on non-existent, high-risk technologies.

The Big Bad Fix: The Case Against Climate Geoengineering
Click here to read the report: http://www.biofuelwatch.org.uk/2017/big-bad-fix

biofuelwatch - The Big Bad Fix: The Case Against Climate Geoengineering

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Chemtrails: Experimenting on the Public - YouTube
Chemtrails Exposed - The Past, Present and Future of the New Manhattan Project
Published on Jul 5, 2016
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DARPA Exposed

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"Chemtrails" -- How They Affect You and What You Can Do
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Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell the Truth About Chemtrails

Peter Kirby is the author of the new book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project. Today we tackle the two questions most frequently asked by chemtrail skeptics: would the government do something like this and could they do something like this. We also talk about John Brennan's recent call for stratospheric aerosol injection and a 2016 study on the health effects of stratospheric aerosols.

Our Coming Environmental Catastrophe: Geoengineering and Weather Warfare

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Subliminal Advertising for Martial Law - #NewWorldNextWeek

The IPCC Exposed
Published on Sep 27, 2013
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The IPCC has released its latest assessment of the state of climate science, and this time it's even more dire than their 2007 assessment. Global warming is "unequivocal" and humans are the "dominant cause" to a certainty of 95%. But how are these uncertainties calculated? And how does the IPCC process work anyway? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we dissect the latest IPCC hype and examine the organizations processes and conclusions.

How the Global Warming Scare Began

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"Climate Change" Hoax Starting to Crumble as Scientists Admit Doom Projections Were Totally Wrong
RiseEarth 1:13 PM depopulation , World Truth
by Vicki Batts; Natural News

Climate change has been presented as an irrefutable fact; a happening that cannot be ignored, with even the slightest change in weather being named a harbinger of imminent disaster. But the truth is that the notion of global warming has always been up for debate -- and new science continues to show that the world may not be ending, after all.

Despite what the climate change alarmists want you to believe, recent research has shown that climate change predictions have been wildly overstated. In fact, climatologists now say that the impact of human activity on climate is 45 percent less severe than expected.

The research was carried out by U.S.-based climatologist Judith Curry and mathematician Nick Lewis, who hails from the United Kingdom. The duo analyzed climate data from the mid-19th century, all the way up through the year 2016, measuring the effects of greenhouse gasses and other purported drivers of climate change along the way.

Climate models found to be wildly inaccurate

What they found was shocking: Simulations carried out by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were way off. According to Curry and Lewis, these predictions overestimate the future impact of "climate change" by between 30 and 45 percent.

"Our results imply that, for any future emissions scenario, future warming is likely to be substantially lower than the central computer model-simulated level projected by the IPCC, and highly unlikely to exceed that level," Lewis commented.

Lewis and Curry's predictions estimate a temperature rise of no more than 1.66C; the U.N.'s estimate is nearly double that at 3.1C. More, reports indicate that these predictions laid out by the U.N. aren't even consistent with the weather in real life.

For many Natural News readers, the idea that climate change propagandists are wrong is nothing new; the founder and director of CWC Labs, (http://www.cwclabs.com/) Mike Adams, revealed in 2017 that so-called climate scientists had actually been faking their data. As Adams reported, a review of global warming data (https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-07-25-global-warming-bombshell-systematic-science-fraud-revealed-in-alteration-of-temperature-data.html) showed that "scientists" had been altering the recorded surface temperatures to show warming when there was, in fact, none to report.

And it's not just temperature data that's been tampered with: Other reports have shown that tidal gauge data has also been wrongfully "adjusted" to fit the climate change narrative.

The Health Ranger has reported on scientific fraud (https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-12-27-remember-when-all-the-climate-change-experts-warned-that-winters-would-be-warmer-and-snowfall-would-decrease.html) regarding climate change many times, noting that carbon dioxide is not only essential for life on this planet -- but that CO2 levels on Earth have been many, many times higher than they are now in the past, and life has still managed to thrive.


As Adams contends:

The problem with the global warming narrative, of course, is that it contradicted the scientific evidence which clearly showed the Earth wasn't warming as had been frighteningly predicted by apocalyptic global warming alarmists. So they changed the narrative to "climate change," which is now recognized as one of the most stupid-headed science fails of all time, given that Earth's climate has always demonstrated rapid change, long before modern humans arrived on the scene. Perhaps that's why over 31,000 scientists now say global warming is a complete hoax.

All real evidence points towards one thing: Global warming, as we've come to know it, seems to be a complete and total sham. Not only have proponents of so-called climate change been caught red-handed manipulating (or flat-out changing) data to fit their agenda -- the true data show that the apocalyptic-sized predictions propagated by climate alarmists (http://climatealarmism.news/) aren't even based on reality.



Global Warming Temperature Data Exposed as Systematic Science FRAUD

Sources: Express.co.uk; Hannity.com


GMO Food -- It's Worse Than We Thought - Dr. Russell Blaylock
Russell Blaylock M.D
Published on Dec 23, 2013
GMO Food -- It's Worse Than We Thought

Over the last decade, as genetically modified, or GMO, foods have increasingly taken over our food supply, we've been learning more about their dangers to our health.

Now, one courageous doctor is pointing to mounting evidence that leaves no doubt -- GMO foods are even worse than we were told.

As this respected doctor points out in a riveting new presentation, no long-term human studies have ever supported GMO safety. Shockingly, the World Health Organization only requires a mere 90 days of testing to claim that GMOs are safe. Well, no one dies from smoking cigarettes within 90 days of starting to smoke, either!

Yet while lifetime studies still have not been done on humans, scientists have done these studies on animals -- and what they found is stunning. Lab mice fed just a 33 percent GMO diet begin developing aggressive cancers (particularly breast cancer), liver failure, and kidney failure.

Shockingly, 50 percent of the males and 70 percent of the female animals on the GMO diet succumbed to early death at an age equivalent to 40 to 50 human years.

While more people have begun to fight back against GMOs, the big GMO companies spend millions of dollars to defeat laws that would require GMO labeling. Quite simply, these big companies know that GMO crops are cheaper to grow, and therefore more profitable.

In the meantime, many health experts now warn us to take the only positive action available to protect our health -- avoiding GMOs as much as humanly possible. But considering the fact that GMOs are hidden in over 30,000 food products, that is not an easy task.

Fortunately, one courageous doctor has stepped up to the plate. Dr. Russell Blaylock, one of America's leading medical researchers and nutritionists, has created a special free video presentation that explains the hidden health hazards of GMOs. Dr. Blaylock will show you how to protect your family from GMOs and their dangers -- aisle by aisle at the grocery store.

Dr. Blaylock's new video presentation exposes how GMO ingredients and other harmful additives are hidden on labels under safe-sounding names. In fact, you'll see some of the actual labels and find out what to watch for.

And those stickers pasted onto fruits and vegetables? Using real examples, you'll learn a simple way to tell the difference between GMO produce that may also be packed with harmful pesticides and herbicides, and produce that is safe and natural.

Cracking the GMO Code

Travis Davis, health publisher at Newsmax, previewed Dr. Blaylock's presentation for our readers and reports: "GMOs enter your body through thousands of packaged and canned food products, through fresh produce, and through the meat, chicken, and fish you eat. The expert help Dr. Blaylock offers in this video reveals everything you need to know to avoid GMOs at the grocery store as well as restaurants."

Since the introduction of GMO foods, many cancers and other diseases have skyrocketed in humans. Can this really be a coincidence? Please use the information available in this online educational presentation, Cracking the GMO Code to help protect your own health -- and the health of your family.

Renowned former neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., left conventional medicine after decades of practice to concentrate on nutrition and disease prevention. He is the author of several health books and medical editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report.

Editor's Note: This video blows the lid off the GMO controversy and exposes little-known dangers. Plus, you'll see exactly how to avoid GMOs in their many hidden forms, in grocery stores and in restaurants.
© 2013 NewsmaxHealth. All rights reserved.

Please click this link if you would like to claim the 'cracking the GMO code' package:

Cell Phones, WiFi, 5G, Surveillance

City of Berkeley Passes Ordinance Taking on Surveillance State

Hey! Yo! Ohio, Your Elected Officials Passed A Bill So Telecom Companies May Now Install More Small Cell Towers in Residential Yards and Everywhere Else. (syn: 5G; cellphones; wifi; )
TOPICS:5G BN Frank Ohio
April 18, 2018
By B.N. Frank

Dear Ohioans, last week, comedian, Bill Maher made a crack about cell phones.

You are tolerating things right now that will make you cringe in 25 years.

We can't believe people in old movies smoked. They won't believe we put the cellphone in our pocket next to our nuts.

Have you ever asked yourself "If cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation exposure is no big deal, why do manuals for cell Phones, iPads, wi-Fi routers, etc. include guidelines and warnings?"

And are you aware that no "safe" level of cell phone or wireless (WiFi) radiation has yet to be scientifically determined for children or pregnant women?

There is research that confirms that exposure to cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation along with Electromagnetic Fields has a cumulative toxic effect when combined with other toxins. It's no secret that Ohio has identified many environmental toxins within the state already.

Regardless, on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, The Ohio Senate Committee of Public Utilities passed HB 478, The Small Cells Expansion Bill.

HB 478 was introduced on January 23, 2018 because 90+ Ohio municipal governments filed lawsuits against the small cell tower clause added at the last minute to Ohio SB 331, "The Petland Bill." The "wireless" clause eliminated the ability for municipal governments to stop telecom companies from installing small cell towers and infrastructure pretty much wherever they wanted including in front of homes, public rights-of-ways, historical districts, etc.

On February 9, 2018 Dr. Oz featured a segment on his show called "The Rise of 5G Cell Towers" about small cell tower concerns. Consumer organizations, doctors, elected officials, environmentalists, scientists, and residents in other states are fighting and have stopped similar bills. There are similar federal bills also being fought.

Firefighters have fought cell towers being installed on station property for many years already due to health concerns. In California, firefighters fought for an ordinance that exempts them from being installed on station property.

Even before the Ohio bill was passed last week, many small cell towers had already been installed throughout Ohio and in front of homes. Many residents aren't aware that they are cell towers. Some may be 4G while some are 5G. Regardless, all cell towers emit harmful cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation. In 2014, The Wall Street Journal published an article about how 1 in 10 cell towers already violated current RF safety standards.

On September 13, 2017, 180 scientists and doctors demanded a moratorium on the installation of 5G small cell tower infrastructure because of health concerns:

We, the undersigned, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 nations, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry.

Scientists and Doctors Demand Moratorium on 5G Warning of Health Effects
Increased radiation from cell towers poses potential risks, say scientists from around the world.

There is solid research confirming that there is more potential harm from 5G millimeter microwaves than 4G wireless. It ain't pretty:

The human body has between two million to four million sweat ducts. Dr. Ben-Ishai of Hebrew University, Israel explains that our sweat ducts act like "an array of helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths," meaning that we become more conductive.

Sweat ducts acting like helical antennas = MORE SWEATING. 5G may also increase your metabolism which may sound ideal for some people. Regardless, research has already proven that all sources of wireless WiFi radiation and electrical pollution (Electrosmog) can harm pets, nature, and wildlife too.

The Nation recently published an article about cell phone safety and 5G technology. They refer to the Telecom Industry now as "Big Wireless" and are comparing them to "Big Tobacco" and "Big Oil."

Research also shows that cell phone and WiFi radiation disrupt the blood-brain barrier which can cause it to leak. This may cause behavioral, emotional, mental, and physical health including acne, impotence, "Rapid Aging Syndrome," flu-like symptoms, and reduced impulse control.

Research has also proven that exposure to cell phone and wireless (WiFi) radiation can worsen pre-existing conditions -- even if it didn't cause them.

Oh yeah -- let's not forget about cancer. That's not a problem in Ohio, is it?

In 2011 Ohio's then-congressman, Dennis Kucinich, expressed his concerns regarding health issues caused by exposure to cell phones, cell towers, and wireless and digital utility "Smart" meters. Many Ohio residents also have utility "smart" meters installed on their homes and throughout their communities. These types of meters have been a source of health issues as well as fires, explosions, measurement errors, privacy violations, and more. They also aren't eco-friendly as promised by utility companies.

Also timely -- any Ohio communities that are considering becoming "Smart Cities" are basically agreeing to allow small cell tower infrastructure to be installed everywhere. Some of these towers may be hidden inside other objects like pretty light posts and church steeples.

"Smart Cities" may sound trendy and cool. They are also being marketed as great for the economy. But it may now be more obvious to you that there will be biological and environmental health consequences as well from having wireless infrastructure installed everywhere. Even driverless cars are actually scary in ways other than just causing accidents.

Cell tower infrastructure has proven to reduce property value-- even when hidden in pretty light posts. People don't want to live near cell towers -- even if they aren't 100% convinced they can't be harmed by them.

There have also been many privacy concerns and issues identified with "Smart Cities."

Countless Ohio residents contacted their elected officials before HB 478 was passed and voiced their concerns. Some of them had already become sick from sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation as well as Electrosmog.

All of this information and much more was provided to the Ohio Senate Committee of Public Utilities before they voted on HB478.


Senator Beagle submitted the following report:

The standing committee on Public Utilities, to which was referred Sub. H.B. No. 478-Representatives Smith, R., LaTourette, et al., having had the same under consideration, reports back a substitute bill and recommends its passage.

Co-Sponsor: Beagle.

YES -- 11:

NO -- 2:

Any Ohioans who are upset with the passing of this bill are encouraged to contact their elected officials -- especially the Senate Committee for Public Utilities. Need their phone numbers? Click this link and you'll find them at the end of the article.

Doctor Warns World About "Chemtrail Lung," a New Health Epidemic Causing Brain and Lung Problems Across Society
RiseEarth 12:33 PM chemtrails , World Truth
by Isabelle Z.; Natural News

The existence of chemtrails used to be a topic of debate, but they are now being more widely acknowledged by experts like meteorologists to scientists. It's becoming increasingly difficult to deny that they exist as more and more people are coming down with illnesses related to chemtrails.

When TV host Rachel Reenstra had trouble overcoming a persistent cough, accompanied by aches, pains, and fever, she visited a doctor. After chest x-rays revealed a type of bronchitis, she was given antibiotics, which only seemed to make her feel worse.

Her doctor told her that lots of bacterial infections are going around, and when she asked him where they are coming from, he told her the truth that many doctors wouldn't dare reveal to their patients: Chemtrails are at the heart of widespread lung problems right now. Surprised by his candor, she asked if she could videotape him talking about the phenomenon. You can see the video below; the unnamed doctor appears just before the 8-minute mark.

The doctor says he has witnessed hundreds of Californians suffering from this problem, which he calls "chemtrail lung." He says it is an "emerging problem" that is being faced all around the world, with the toxic gases, chemicals, virus particles, heavy metals and other gases that are being sprayed into the atmosphere leading to problematic levels of respiratory infections.

He added that it's particularly bad where Reenstra lives in California thanks to the area's proximity to Palmdale Airport. He said that the area's topography and the Santa Ana Winds make this problem worse, and the fact that many of the nation's most polluted cities are found in California doesn't help. In addition, he cited gases from fracking as contributing to the problem, along with antibiotic overuse and inhaling mold and mildew.

Interestingly, Reenstra's symptoms initially pointed to the flu. When she told her doctor she hadn't gotten a flu shot, he was relieved. In the video, you can also see the courageous doctor admitting that he does not recommend the flu shot except for a select few and even then, he advises against getting it every year. He points out that scientists basically guess what to include in each year's vaccine, and some years it's less than 20 percent effective. He feels it doesn't benefit patients, and they are better off being proactive about health and prevention than relying on shots.

Both the doctor and Reenstra are risking their careers by talking publicly about this controversial issue, and one can only hope that their courage will inspire others to speak out.

Nearly everyone on Earth breathes in unsafe air

It's not just chemtrails you need to worry about, by the way; there's also the matter of particulate matter. The type of fine particulate matter that comes from car exhausts, for example, can cause inflammation in the lungs and beyond, contributing to heart disease and insulin resistance.

A recent report from the Health Effects Institute found that 95 percent of our planet's population breathes in unsafe air, which comes from everything from burning solid fuels like coal or biomass to transportation emissions. Last year, more than six million people's deaths were related to air pollution, with causes like chronic lung disease, lung cancer, stroke or heart attack.

With so many toxins already floating around in the air we breathe, the last thing we need is chemtrails putting even more toxic substances into our air. Discover more news about geoengineering and chemtrails at Geoengineering.news

Sources: AllNewsPipeline.com; NaturalNews.com; NaturalNews.com

City life is KILLING humanity: 95% of humans living today are breathing polluted air, mostly from cities

Why governments are pursuing DEPOPULATION to save themselves from financial collapse




Majory Stoneman Douglas officials are LYING to parents of dead children as they fight release of shooting video













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April 24, 2018
As China Builds Single Biggest Weather Modification Project In The World, Incredibly Courageous Doctor Warns Of 'Emerging Medical Condition Across Society'
- This Is One Of The MOST Important Videos On YouTube!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the mainstream media apparatus will continue to call 'weather modification' a 'tinfoil hat conspiracy theory' until they're blue in the face, this new story over at Interesting Engineering reports that China is building a 'rain-making system' that is three times as big as the entire nation of Spain. Called the single biggest weather modification project in the world, the system is being created from "a network of solid fuel burning chambers that produce silver iodide, a compound with a structure much like ice that can be used in cloud seeding."
Reporting that once the system is in place and up and running, it has "the potential to increase rainfall in the region by up to 10 billion cubic meters a year", we're not the least bit surprised to learn that the project is causing alarm in surrounding countries which may see rain clouds 'hijacked' from delivering much needed rain to their regions OR trigger even more catastrophic flooding for areas downstream of the project.
As Qrius reports, China's new rain making technology will cost a whopping $168 million dollars and has been sanctioned by China's top economic leaders and their story takes a brief look at the history of 'man playing God with nature' in that part of the world.:
The new system is believed to bring about extensive cloud formation, a rise in precipitation and a high return on investment to the world's second-largest economy. However, this is not the first time the Chinese have tried to manipulate weather conditions.
In the past, China has deployed cloud seeding technology at a massive scale in efforts to relieve drought or to clear the skies for public events, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and even to counter rising temperatures and urban smog. Some news reports even claim that countries like China, Russi, and the US have developed weather modification projects to designed to be used against their enemies in times of air warfare or to induce floods.
Also reporting that they'll be using tens of thousands of small 'burning chambers' which will be installed all across the Tibetan Plateau, why is it that, despite the fact that in this story we have absolute proof of 'weather modification', the mainstream media continues to label geoengineering or 'weather modification' as a 'conspiracy theory'?
Well we may get some very important answers to that question in the first video below which videographer 'Richie From Boston' calls 'the most important video on YouTube'. As we hear from a medical doctor who may have put his career on the line by appearing in this video, a growing concern of medical doctors who ARE paying attention to what is really going on in the world is what he calls 'chemtrail lung', with heavy metals that are contained within 'strategic aerosol injections' causing all kinds of health and breathing problems for Americans and people all around the world.
We also remind you here that back in 1967, the CIA created the term 'conspiracy theorists' to attack and discredit anyone who questioned 'the official narrative' about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
As the website Quartz reported back on March 30th, only 5 years ago, China was the most trigger-happy cloud seeder in the world. It was creating 55 billion tons of artificial rain a year, with plans to quintuple that amount. In 2013, launching cloud-seeding chemicals by rocket into the sky or spraying them from planes were the preferred methods. Still think that 'weather modification' is a 'conspiracy theory'? If so, there is hope for you. From the Quartz story.:
Now, reportedly equipped with new military weather-altering technology, China is embarking on its biggest rain-making project yet, the South China Morning Post says. Using a system developed by the state-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the Hong Kong news outlet reports, the country plans to build tens of thousands of combustion chambers on steep Tibetan mountainsides. The chambers would burn a solid fuel, which would result in a spray of silver iodide billowing towards the sky.
The particles, much like those already sprayed from planes, would provide something for passing water vapor to condense around, forming clouds. And the clouds would bring the rain.
A single cloud-seeding chamber could create a strip of clouds covering a five-kilometer area, the Morning Post states.
As we hear from the doctor that videographer Rachel Reenstra interviews in this video, quoting him directly: "There is an emerging problem that we're having in society all over the world. It's called 'chemtrail lung'. More and more respiratory conditions that are showing up because of the toxic chemicals, heavy metals, gasses, virus particles and other things that are being sprayed across the atmosphere. Especially in this area because Palmdale Airport is the home of a lot of top secret activity that takes place."
Also warning of the dangers of vaccines, the overuse of antibiotics and much more, we thank this incredibly courageous doctor for having the courage to speak out while the mainstream media apparatus will surely label him crazy.
Yet his warning should be shared across the planet due to the total destruction that weather modification projects are causing to our ecosystem. In this April 22nd story over at Wake Up World written by Dane Wigington as a guest contributor, Dane warns that global weather modification programs are causing climate chaos and environmental catastrophe.
And as we're reminded of in the 2nd video below as was reported in this 2014 Paul Joseph Watson story over at Infowars, while Barack Obama was president, he signed an amendment to executive order #13295 that would allow him to mandate the apprehension and detention of Americans who merely show signs of "respiratory illness."


As we reported on ANP back on April 17th in our story titled "They Weren't Kidding When They Said They'd 'Own The Weather By 2025'! Is Full-Scale Weather Warfare Inducing Global Famine?", with America's seemingly never-ending winter causing great problems for farmers in our 'bread basket states' to even get crops into the ground while they are being urged to report snowstorm losses to damaged crops and livestock, they're trying to geoengineer us out of existence.
As we have previously reported on ANP, even former CIA Director John Brennan warned in a June 2016 speech to the Council on Foreign Relations that 'strategic aerosol injections' could help some nations at the expense of others. From that speech directly from the CIA's website:

Another example is the array of technologies -- often referred to collectively as geoengineering -- that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change. One that has gained my personal attention is stratospheric aerosol injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat, in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.
An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels. The process is also relatively inexpensive -- the National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed SAI program would cost about $10 billion yearly.
As promising as it may be, moving forward on SAI would raise a number of challenges for our government and for the international community. On the technical side, greenhouse gas emission reductions would still have to accompany SAI to address other climate change effects, such as ocean acidification, because SAI alone would not remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
On the geopolitical side, the technology's potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions at the expense of others could trigger sharp opposition by some nations. Others might seize on SAI's benefits and back away from their commitment to carbon dioxide reductions. And, as with other breakthrough technologies, global norms and standards are lacking to guide the deployment and implementation of SAI.
After reading that, do you still think that 'weather modification programs' are just a 'conspiracy theory'?
As Steve Quayle warned in his must-read book "Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters", "Technology will make available, to the leaders of the major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of security forces need be appraised... Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm."
While Quayle's warnings from years ago gave those paying attention a huge 'heads up', should we be the least bit surprised that surrounding nations are now warning that China's ambitious weather modification programs could lead to disaster for their own?
With government's long using food as a weapon against their people and weather modification projects creating havoc to food supplies in America and around the world, the potential for these projects to be used for far-less-than-benevolent reasons is staggering. And knowing that the Chinese will be using a 'military system' to control the weather, much like HAARP here in America being under control of the US Navy, US Air Force and DARPA, should tell us everything we need to know.
This courageous doctor joins in at approximately the 7 minute 55 second mark.

NOTE TO READERS: With digital media revenue spiraling downward, especially hitting those in Independent Media, where attacks from every direction continue to come unabated, it has become apparent that traditional advertising simply isn't going to fully cover the costs and expenses for many smaller independent websites.
Any extra readers may be able to spare for donations is greatly appreciated.

Global Weather Modification Programs Causing Climate Chaos and Environmental Catastrophe
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April 22nd, 2018
By Dane Wigington

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Global climate engineering encompasses many different aspects and processes. The consequences of the climate engineering insanity are already unquantifiable and growing by the day. Though each aspect of this subject is more than enough for an in depth article, there is often a need for more of an overall summary to pass on to those who are not aware of the broader picture.
What Major Factor Causing "Climate Change" are They Not Telling Us About?

More alarming articles and studies are surfacing each day which confirm the rapidly changing state of Earth's life support systems and climate. Humanity has decimated the planet in countless ways and the repercussions are becoming catastrophic. Though there are certainly many parts to this unfolding story, the largest piece of the puzzle by far still goes completely unacknowledged by the entire scientific community and all of the main stream media / corporate / military / industrial complex. The massive elephant in the room has been, and still is, "stratospheric aerosol geoengineering" (SAG), AKA "solar radiation management" (SRM).

What is Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and Why it it So Dangerous?

Stratospheric aerosol injection (AKA, geoengineering) is a primary term for the ongoing global climate modification programs being conducted by major powers around the world. "Aerosols" is simply a term for a microscopic particle that is suspended in the air. A primary stated goal of the geoengineering programs is to provide a "solar shield" to slow "runaway climate change" by spraying tens of millions of tons of highly toxic metal nano particulates (a nanometer is 1/1,000,000,000 of a meter) into the atmosphere (tens of millions of tons a year) from jet aircraft. Is the spraying only for solar radiation management? Based on available data, there are a number of known objectives including but not limited to solar radiation management (SRM), weather warfare, over the horizon radar enhancement, controlling food production, and probable biological testing. There are likely many more aspects and agendas related to the atmospheric spraying which we can not yet know.
Many Geoengineering Patents Have a Stated Goal of Slowing Global Warming

Aluminum/alumina, among other toxic metals, is showing up in countless rain tests around the world. The amount of aluminum, barium, and other metals in these rain/snow tests is always high and often completely off the charts (even showing up in bees and whales). Snow tests from Mt Shasta in Northern California were toxic beyond belief. This area of the Pacific Northwest was thought to be a pristine water source. Dozens of rain samples taken in this region from numerous individuals were tested at the State certified lab in Northern California and showed shocking results without exception. Former US Forest Service Biologist Francis Mangles has confirmed the alarming heavy metal contamination with his own testing. Snow tests taken from the side of Mt. Shasta showed aluminum content as high as 61,000 PPB. (parts per billion). This level of aluminum in the snow is tens of thousands of times anything that might be considered "normal background" contamination. Levels this high can only be considered extremely toxic. Since these toxic metals are in the snow, they can only come from the air. Aluminum/alumina in "free form" does not naturally exist in the environment but is always bonded to other elements. So where is it coming from? Aluminum is the primary element named in numerous geoengineering patents -- the same patents that describe dispersing this aluminum from jets for the expressed purpose of blocking the sun, which is exactly what we see aircraft "trails" doing in our skies day in and day out, creating artificial cloud cover and haze which blocks direct sunlight. It is important to remember this contamination is not local, but global in scope. Movements have formed in countries all over the world which are desperately trying to address this dire issue.
Shrinking Atmosphere, Disturbed Hydrological Cycle, Fungal Proliferation and Species Extinction

Dead cattle litter the ground in drought ridden Ethiopia.

Ozone layer damage is yet another known consequence of geoengineering the atmosphere (causing extremely dangerous UV radiation exposure). Other recent studies now note a "shrinking atmosphere" which is very possibly also linked to the ongoing geoengineering programs. The "hydrological cycle" of the planet is being completely disrupted by the geoengineering aerosol saturation of the atmosphere. How might such precipitation control benefit the power structure? Fungal proliferation is yet another inevitable crisis when the atmosphere is filled with particulates, soils are contaminated with the geoengineering fallout, and waters are polluted with the same. Already, countless species are feeling the effects. The current "species extinction rate" should be absolutely shocking to all. At the present time the "extinction rate is 10,000 times "natural variability". This is 1,000,000% of "normal background rates". Though main stream media would never discuss this, we are currently in the sixth mass extinction on planet Earth. Is geoengineering responsible for all of this? Of course not all, but if the available science and data is considered, geoengineering is mathematically by far the single most significant cause of environmental and climate devastation on the planet today. If all available information is considered, geoengineering is the greatest and most immediate threat to all life on Earth short of nuclear catastrophe. Drought, deluge, and hazy toxic skies, welcome to geoengineering.
Aerosol Saturated Skies -- The New Norm

Aerosol saturated skies.

Though rain and snow is falling in areas of North America, at times in a deluge or "blizzard" depending on the season, the droughts in the continental US ( and many other regions around the globe), are getting worse overall. There are now often massive areas of drifting cloud cover spanning thousands of miles over land masses and oceans with little or no precipitation. Why is this? Why are the skies so often completely featureless as these expansive cloud banks and upper level "haze" drift across the globe? If individual clouds can be recognized in these "drifting masses", they often appear "melted into" the upper story of geoengineering "haze". Horizon to horizon geoengineering trails are not the only sign of spraying. Clouds should be "white" and the sky "blue". Wispy, dingy, cob web like upper level "clouds" are are not natural and are another hallmark of spraying, as are "silvery white" skies.
The Geoengineering Connection

Atmospheric aerosol saturation greatly effects wind patterns and diminishes precipitation overall which in turn further fuels droughts of unprecedented scope and scale. The disruption in the hydrological cycle can also cause record rainfall as rain which was kept from falling in one location migrates elsewhere to come down in a deluge. The conditions described above are known consequences of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) and solar radiation management (SRM) . All available science data confirms the effect of geoengineering particulates on rainfall. Though main stream science sources are still not willing to openly admit to the fact that geoengineering programs have been fully deployed for decades, a growing mountain of evidence makes this fact indisputable. Again, the ongoing stratospheric geoengineering programs are greatly reducing overall rainfall ( as mentioned) and all but eliminating deep blue skies. This effect is known as "global dimming". Blocking the sun with reflective geoengineering aerosols reduces evaporation. Wind is reduced significantly in many cases from atmospheric aerosol saturation as the particles scatter solar energy and thus reduce convection from the ground that would otherwise occur from daytime heating. The slowing of the wind reduces evaporation even more. Further, precipitation cells that do form are often dispersed and diminished from the excessive amount of geoengineering particulates. This causes too many "condensation nuclei" and the droplets do not combine and fall as rain but migrate on. When the planets natural weather is suppressed or altered by climate engineering, energy builds up in the biosphere. This contributes to fuel catastrophic storms which will continue to increase along with catastrophic drought.
Global Dimming: the Loss of Blue Skies

There is a mountain of scientific data to confirm the reality of "global dimming'. Most have never even heard the term much less noticed the effect over recent decades. Though articles from mainstream publications admit to the "global dimming" issue, most understate the percentage of dimming and all point the finger at "pollution particulates" as the sole cause. Countless jet aircraft which crisscross our skies daily, dispersing millions of tons of toxic metal and chemical particulates, are completely ignored by all main stream media journalists and sources. To date main stream media has done its best to avoid even mentioning the subject of geoengineering much less admitting to these ongoing programs of total planetary devastation. The overall ramifications from global dimming and geoengineering cannot be accurately quantified. Loss of photo synthesis, destruction of the ozone layer, reduction in global rainfall, loss of blue sky, toxification of soils and waters, these are only a few of the known consequences of the global atmospheric spraying.
Greatly Diminished Atmospheric Protection from the Sun

What does this imply? As already documented above, saturating the atmosphere with particulates shreds the protective layers of the atmosphere, namely the ozone layer. Particulate saturation in the upper atmosphere causes a chemical reaction which does the damage. There is now a massive Northern hemisphere ozone hole in addition to the Southern Hemisphere hole we have all heard about for decades. Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering is in all likelihood the primary cause of the global ozone depletion, not just "CFC's" as we have been told. Again, this has already been cited above and can be easily researched. Search "geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer". All available science makes this point clear. Without the ozone layer, life in any form would likely not exist on our planet. There is yet one more issue related to the destruction of our natural protection from the sun's usual radiation output: protection from solar flares. Coronal mass ejections or "CME's" can and will do horrific damage to our planet and most especially human infrastructure. If electricity grids are shut down due to a strong CME, the potential dangers are sobering indeed. With no grid power to cool nuclear power facilities for an extended time, we could face Fukushima x 100, or 200, or? Without cooling, meltdowns would eventually occur. Just one major nuclear catastrophe could exterminate life on the planet, let alone dozens or hundreds of them. Geoengineering is destroying our natural protection from such an event caused by a strong coronal mass ejection.
Wind Pattern Changes and Catastrophic Methane Release

Rapidly thawing methane deposits are exploding out of the tundra permafrost zones with unimaginable force. Photo: The Siberian Times

A researcher descends into the depths of a methane blowout crater. "It is believed that permafrost sites could have as much as one million times more methane hydrates locked inside them than ordinary gas". Photo: Vladimir Puschkarev / Russian Centre of Arctic Exploration

Thermokarst lakes (from rapidly thawing methane deposits) near Hudson Bay, Canada.

Climate engineering is radically altering upper and lower level wind currents which in turn trigger ocean current changes. Most are completely unaware of the wind and ocean current disruptions occurring around the globe. Even fewer are aware of the ramifications which are already unfolding from these changes.Ocean current changes are already delivering warmer waters to regions with vast undersea methane deposits. These deposits are known as "methane hydrate" deposits and literally hold life on earth in the balance. Many regions around the globe are beginning to expel methane from hydrate and clathrate deposits. The East Siberian Shelf of the Arctic is already releasing en masse. All available data indicates that this event alone is changing our biosphere by the day. Though groups of scientists like the "Arctic Methane Emergency Group" (AMEG) are calling for "emergency wartime scale geoengineering to avert planetary catastrophe", available data indicates that the very geoengineering programs (that AMEG is selling as a cure for the unfolding climate collapse), are more likely a major causal factor in triggering the methane catastrophe in the first place. The fully deployed planetary geoengineering programs have been altering wind and rain patterns at an ever increasing level for decades. Again, it is these alterations that have likely been a major factor in the triggering of mass methane release. Saturation of the atmosphere with methane is equivalent to covering the planet with a sheet of glass. The sun's thermal energy gets in, but does not get out. Though most articles on methane release state methane to be 20 times more potent a greenhouse gas than Co2, this is over a 100 year time horizon. Over a ten year time horizon, methane is at least 100 times more potent. In addition to the atmospheric damage caused by the methane release, there is also ocean acidification. As the methane migrates from the sea floor to the surface, much is dissolved into the water (methane is also thawing in Arctic tundra and exploding into the atmosphere). Oceans are currently acidifying (and dying) at an extremely alarming rate. Again, the consequences of methane release alone threatens all life on Earth in the very near term.
No "Natural" Weather

The global geoengineering/weather modification/chemtrail programs have likely been going on for over seven decades. Recently found documents from the NASA archives indicate that these programs already had budgets into the hundreds of millions of dollars even by the mid 1960's (extensive senate documents have also been found and posted). These already massive climate altering programs were radically ramped up in the last 15 years. Though most of us alive today have perhaps known little truly "natural" weather, what we are experiencing today is anything but natural. The climate now "swings" radically from one extreme to another. It is now common to have spring like temperatures one day and snow (likely artificially nucleated) the next. These "swings" or "fluctuations" are getting ever more severe. Geoengineered "weather whiplash" scenarios are now the norm.
Manipulation of The Jet Stream and the Shredding of the Atmosphere

Is this really possible? Available science as well as observed weather events and jet stream "anomalies" say absolutely yes. HAARP is the acronym for a massively powerful "ionosphere heater" facility located in Alaska. This is a huge and extremely powerful antenna array which is capable of transmitting as much as three million watts of power into the ionosphere. This triggers an electrical chain reaction which then causes a 'bulge" in the atmosphere, which in turn can alter the course of the jet stream. Such alterations can in turn "steer" weather systems. By such manipulation, storm fronts can be combined and worsened into "frankenstorms", or broken apart and dispersed. There are thought to be nearly 100 large ground based "ionosphere heaters" around the globe, some held by China and Russia. It has also become evident in recent years that "weather warfare" is already a lethal global reality. The potential of these frequency transmitter facilities is enhanced by the spraying of our skies. The saturation of the atmosphere with metal particulates makes the atmosphere more "conductive". This in turn increases the capabilities of the ionosphere heaters.
Dry Lightning and Out-of-Control Forest Fires

Completely decimated and burned forests under geoengineered toxic skies. Such otherworldly images are increasingly becoming the norm. Photo credit: Zenonas Mockus

An atmosphere that is more conductive from metal particulate saturation can produce more frequent lightning. These same particulates also have the net effect of "diminishing and dispersing" rain. Forests around the globe are now filled with dead and dying trees (referenced later in this article). In addition, the foliage of trees are now covered with what amounts to an "incendiary" dust from the geoengineering particulates. Add the shredded ozone layer which creates more heat, and the "weather modified" conditions are even worse. The obvious result is more frequent and catastrophic forest fires. This phenomenon is being played out around the globe. Summer of 2012 saw the Northern Hemisphere burning down and now it is Australia and Tasmania in meltdown (global forest fire incineration is accelerating).
Artificially Nucleated Snow Storms

Yet another seemingly impossible aspect of global weather modification is geoengineered snow storms. Many will write this one off as impossible without any investigation. That is a mistake as the science of chemical ice nucleation for weather modification is very established and has long since been commonly practiced in many countries, though it is hard to comprehend this process being done on such a massive scale. There are several patents on "artificial ice nucleation for weather modification", including one from NASA. Artificially nucleated storms appear to be carried out under a myriad of conditions. In many cases, storms that should have yielded only rain, can be artificially nucleated to "change over" to snow. The term "change over" has recently been coined by The Weather Channel and other corporate/military/industrial complex weather agencies. A geoengineered snow event is generally called "heavy wet snow" (another recent term). This "snow" can begin to fall at temperatures far above freezing though the ongoing chemical process eventually cools the surrounding air mass. The resulting "snow" and "ice" can sometimes remain a surprisingly long time in spite of warmer temperatures, a result of artificial chemical nucleation. This aspect of weather modification is covered in the following article: "Geoengineered Snow Storms Wreaking Havoc Around the Globe".
Temporary Cooling at the Cost of a Worsened Overall Warming

This is the net result of geoengineering. Nature does not give something for nothing. This should seem all too obvious, but unfortunately the "scientists" in so many cases are completely blind to the consequences of their experiments. In the case of cloud seeding to produce rain, if they succeed, then that moisture will not end up where it would have otherwise gone. In the case of saturation spraying that is known to diminish rain by scattering it into massive artificial cloud cover and haze, where will all that moisture end up? Coming down somewhere else in a deluge? Is this perhaps why the US west is locked in record drought and US east is having record rains? The cooling effects of geoengineering come at the cost of a much worsened overall warming of the planet. Even NASA admits the "condensation trails" (geoengineering particulate trails) are warming the planet.

Massive fish die-offs are taking place all over the world. Photo: Imagine China

"Dead fish float in the King Harbour area of Redondo Beach, south of Los Angeles. An estimated 1 million fish turned up dead in the marina, "puzzling" authorities and triggering a massive cleanup effort".

The Systemic Poisoning of All Life on Earth

Does this sound like an "alarmist" statement or conspiracy theory? All available data points to this conclusion as a hard and undeniable fact for any that do objective research. Countless lab tests of precipitation from around the globe (cited above) have been done by concerned individuals and groups in recent years, and the results are shocking to say the least. Our rain and snow is quite literally packed with the very same highly toxic heavy metals named in numerous geoengineering patents as primary elements. The air we breath is also laden with the same toxins aluminum/alumina, barium, strontium, manganese, thorium, and now even fluoride is being reported in recent tests from Norway. So much metal has fallen on the boreal forests of the Pacific Northwest that soil PH changes of up to 15 times more alkaline have been noted. A recent documentary film by filmmaker George Barnes titled "Look Up" covers some of these changes and the forest die off that is occurring in boreal forests. Though there are countless articles documenting the die off of forests around the globe, putting the blame only on increasing temperatures, drought, and beetles, none mention geoengineering. To omit geoengineering in this equation is to omit what appears to be the greatest single factor of all. The lethal effects of "bioavailable" aluminum/alumina in rainwater and thus in the soils is well documented. Its effect on trees is also noted in science studies. Of course there are corporations who exist to profit from calamity. Monsanto always seems to be at the top of this list. As geoengineered drought and aluminum sterilized soils force independent farmers to sell, international agriculture corporations are there to buy up the land and put to use their "aluminum resistant seeds."
What is Geoengineering Doing to Us?

Inhalation of microscopic particulates is highly damaging no matter what the particulate material, the metallic particles in question are especially lethal. Respiratory ailments and mortalities are now literally epidemic. Degenerative human diseases that are linked to heavy metal exposure are now going virtually off the charts. ADD, Alzheimer's, Autism, ALL, immune disfunction, and many other diseases associated with heavy metals, have all skyrocketed in recent years. According to scientists like internationally know neuroscientist Russell Blaylock, the heavy metal nano particles are so small that they pass right through the lung lining into the blood stream. There they can adhere to cell receptors like a plaque, slowly but surely shutting down bodily functions and the immune system. These metals are all but impossible to remove once they have become lodged in the body. In addition, virtually every bite we eat is now contaminated with these toxic nano particles as they are absorbed by plant life, which is highly damaging to crops. Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (AKA solar radiation management) has now tainted all. Every breath we take, every bite we eat, all is contaminated. A mountain of data, studies, and testing confirms this conclusion beyond reasonable doubt. We are all quite literally under assault. The threat to all life on earth from the global weather modification programs cannot be overstated. It is up to all of us to help in the task of bringing these programs to light, and to a halt so the planet can begin to recover. Arm yourself with copies of credible articles, data, and DVD copies to help spread the word on this most dire issue. It is likely the vast majority of military and private sector people involved with geoengineering do not understand the consequences of what they are involved in. Time is not on our side. Every day global geoengineering continues, our odds are diminished. We must all pull together in the effort to shine the light on this greatest of all human crimes. Once the geoengineering issue is truly out in the open, and those who physically carry out the spraying realize what they are a part of, we have a chance to stop these lethal programs. Reaching a critical mass of public awareness is the only way forward.

Dane Wigington

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About the author:

Dane Wigington has an extensive background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. He currently owns a 1,600-acre 'wildlife preserve' next to Lake Shasta in Northern California, and his personal off-grid residence was featured in a cover article on the renewable energy magazine, Home Power.

Dane initially focused his efforts and energy on the geoengineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to ever-increasing "solar obscuration" caused from the aircraft spraying in his area. He also noted significant decline in forest health and began testing and researching into geoengineering about a decade ago.

Today Dane is the lead researcher for geoengineeringwatch.org, investigating all levels of geoengineering from stratospheric aerosol spraying (SAG) to HAARP. He assisted Michael Murphy with his acclaimed production of "What In The World Are They Spraying?" and has spoken extensively in a wide range of forums to explain the environmental dangers we face on a global level.

For more information, visit GeoengineeringWatch on Facebook and GeoengineeringWatch.org, where this article first appeared.

"The Best Mix Of Hard-Hitting REAL News & Cutting-Edge Alternative News On The Web"

April 17, 2018
They Weren't Kidding When They Said They'd 'Own The Weather By 2025'! Is Full-Scale Weather Warfare Inducing Global Famine?
- Lucifer's Annihilation Plan Against Christians Is In Full Effect

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at the Omaha World-Herald they report that despite our arrival in mid-April, with Spring already nearly a month old, at least two more snowstorms are brewing over the next few weeks following a blizzard that dumped between 3 and 14" of snow upon large parts of the region, the 'bread basket' of America.
As this new story over at the Daily Mail reports, winter blasts from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes have left disastrous conditions across large parts of America, striking our 'bread basket' particularly hard with the region that yearly puts out the majority of our corn and many other food products getting hit extremely hard with a heavy snow cover already and more snow to come as seen in the two graphics below.
As ANP was recently notified, many areas in the midwest have had NO days of spring according to a very interesting note which we received within which we were told "we cannot plant crops" and "I have never seen anything like this in my whole life".
Also asking "What are the weather manipulators up to? Dont they have children? Dont they want a better future for them?", Steve Quayle replied "my answer is simple - yes they know what they are up to and they want you and your children dead". Steve goes even further with what is now happening: "Prepare or perish".
As we see in more detail below, those who 'own the weather' have dealt increasingly nasty blows to America ever since President Trump got into office, with manufactured hurricanes carving deadly paths through large parts of the US in 2017 and a seemingly never-ending winter which have led some to ask, is America under full-scale weather warfare attack?
corn_in_america.png snow_cover.gif

With the recent blizzard also striking Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota, along with the snow came record cold temperatures their story reports, with Omaha's temperature on Sunday its 2nd coldest ever for that date, dating back to 1871.

While Evan Duffey of AccuWeather told the World-Herald that "there's a lot of strange things going on because the jet stream has been so active", as we hear in the first video below from 'Ice Age Farmer', with winter storms in both hemispheres at the time of his report, economic data for Q1 confirms that food prices are rising all across the planet.
Might we be witnessing 'weather induced famine' with America the victim of globalists attacks? Before you discount 'weather warfare' and 'weather modification', please read the following information then try to tell us this is just a 'conspiracy theory'.

As we see in the symbolism from the cover page of the US Air Force document "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025" which we've embedded in full at the bottom of this story, the year 2025 stands out as one of many different 'projects' for the globalists to complete that decade with 2025 also prominently seen in Deagel depopulation numbers for America and much of the western world as we reported on April 16th on ANP.
Why would the US Air Force want to 'own the weather' by 2025?
As we see directly within the title of their document, weather can be used as a 'force multiplier' and while the msm will surely call it 'fake news', as we see detailed and proven below, 'weather' was used as a weapon of war during the Vietnam war.
Since we have absolute proof that weather was used as a weapon back in the 1960's, what more are they capable of? As we also see in the 2nd video below from videographer MrMBB333, other bizarre Earth changes seemingly come along with this seismically induced, manufactured weather, with an earthquake, hail and rain recently rattling the San Francisco Bay area while two FEET of rain fall in Hawaii, within just 24 hours, triggering landslides and flooding there.
As Steve Quayle warned us of years ago in his book "Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters", "Technology will make available, to the leaders of the major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of security forces need be appraised... Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm."
While the mainstream media as a whole will continue to call 'weather modification' a 'conspiracy theory', even former CIA Director John Brennan in a 2016 speech to the Council on Foreign Relations while talking about 'weather altering strategic aerosol injections said: "On the geopolitical side, the technology's potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions at the expense of others could trigger sharp opposition by some nations."https://www.cia.gov/news-information/speeches-testimony/2016-speeches-testimony/director-brennan-speaks-at-the-council-on-foreign-relations.htmlWhile the msm will tell you to put on a tinfoil hat if you talk about weather modification, as we reported on ANP back on June 26th of 2017 and can be found documented in this Wikipedia entry, "Operation Popeye" was "a highly classified weather modification program in Southeast Asia during 1967--1972. The cloud seeding operation during the Vietnam War ran from March 20, 1967 until July 5, 1972 in an attempt to extend the monsoon season, specifically over areas of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The operation was used to induce rain and extend the East Asian Monsoon season in support of U.S. government efforts related to the War in Southeast Asia."
The former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Robert S. McNamara, was aware that there might be objections raised by the international scientific community but said in a memo to the president that such objections had not in the past been a basis for prevention of military activities considered to be in the interests of U.S. national security.
The chemical weather modification program was conducted from Thailand over Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam and allegedly sponsored by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and CIA without the authorization of then Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird who had categorically denied to Congress that a program for modification of the weather for use as a tactical weapon even existed.
In fact they even tell us how they did it and if the US military had these capabilities all the way back in the 1960's as Wikipedia tells us below, what further capabilities have they manufactured today with the all of the new technologies we have emerging?
A report titled Rainmaking in SEASIA outlines use of lead iodide and silver iodide deployed by aircraft in a program that was developed in California at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake and tested in Okinawa, Guam, Philippines, Texas, and Florida in a hurricane study program called Project Stormfury.
Project Popeye was the experiment in increased rainfall through cloud seeding leading up to Operation Popeye. The technical aspects of the experiment were verified by Dr. Donald F. Hornig, Special Assistant to the President of the United States for Science and Technology. During October 1966, Project Popeye was tested in a strip of the Laos panhandle east of the Bolovens Plateau in the Se Kong River valley. The government of Laos was not informed of the project, its methods or its goals. The test was conducted by personnel from the Naval Ordnance Test Station located at China Lake California. Fifty cloud seeding experiments were conducted with the result that 82% of the clouds produced rain within a brief period after having been seeded. It was claimed that one of the clouds drifted across the Vietnam border and dropped nine inches of rain on a US special forces camp over a four-hour period. After the successful completion of the test phase, Project Popeye transitioned from an experiment to an operational program of the U.S. Defense department.
Objectives Operation Popeye's goal was to increase rainfall in carefully selected areas to deny the Vietnamese enemy, namely military supply trucks, the use of roads by:
Softening road surfaces Causing landslides along roadways Washing out river crossings Maintaining saturated soil conditions beyond the normal time span.
For those who still are buying into the mainstream media 'no such thing as weather modificiation' lies, what about this story over at the Bismark Tribune which reports upon the weather modification program that had been going on for several decades in North Dakota? As we reported on ANP back on July 31st of 2017 about this Fox News story, still think that weather modification is just a 'conspiracy theory' after reading what came straight from their story as we've republished below?
The Ward County Commissioners have voted to halt the Weather Modification program that modifies storm clouds, following blowback from county farmers who criticized the program for wasting money and worsening this year's drought.
"We want this thing to be ceased immediately so we have a shot at getting some rainfall in this part of Ward County," said Daniel Nezgoda, a crop duster for Agro-Tech, who said the program cost him business this year.
Cloud seeding has been used in Ward County for nearly 40 years now.
How it works is a plane flies through the clouds and injects chemicals in the clouds that are supposed to break up hail and prevent crop damage. But now some farmers are saying this process is actually diverting rain away from pastures that badly need it.
With absolute proof that weather modification and weather warfare are very real as we've detailed above we must ask again, are we now witnessing a covert, full-scale weather warfare attack upon America designed to cause great famine? As we've also reported on ANP, food has long been used as weapon of war against the people.
We also remind you here of 1816, what was known as 'the year without a summer' after the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia, an eruption which eventually led to dead crops across America and Europe and Americans fighting Americans in the streets for food. Might 2018's brutal winter lead to a similar such experience with farmers unable to plant crops and more winter still on the way as we approach the month of May?
With the (GWOC) global war upon Christians still ongoing with the luciferian mandate to openly declare war upon God, as Steve Quayle warns us, (LARAC) or 'lucifer's annihilation plan against Christians' is in full effect as we've seen in news story after news story from around the world recently of Christians being attacked and slaughtered.
With all of this now ongoing, it's well worth repeating Steve Quayle's strong words of warning to us all: "Prepare or perish". We hope that everybody has done the former to help prevent the latter.
As always, ANP and our readers love to read prepping tips so please share freely anything you have in the comment section below. ---

See elsewhere on this page and my main (http://distance-healer.com/Chemtrails.html) Chemtrail (http://distance-healer.com/Chemtrails.html) page about how the elites use vaccinations, msg, chemtrails, fluoridated water, "adhd" drugs, continuous propaganda and indoctrination to ensure that we don't think "outside of the box" by schools, media and government, and many other ways in order to control us and keep us from questioning what they are doing to us. Lung cancer has increased from the #8 killer to the #3 killer in the last 5 years in non-smokers from Chemtrails. Also look up Morgellon's Disease on my main Chemtrails page.]

What the Hell Are They Spraying? Lionel Interviews Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch
Lionel Nation
Published on Jan 10, 2018
Just look up. In the sky. Look. What do you see? From jets. High above. Those hazy, gauzy streaks of something. Crosshatched and thatched, hashtagged crisscrossed streams and plumes and streaks. Of something. Contrails? Water vapor? Ice crystals? Not a chance. These plumes and trails spread over huge swaths of land. But what are they? Dane Wigington of Geongineeringwatch.org joins me in what may very well be the most critical issue and problem that faces all of us. And all you have to do is look up. And don't call them chemtrails.
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The 60 Minutes Deception takes you behind the scenes of one of America's most popular and longest running news magazine shows and reveals a shocking web of deceit!
In The 60 Minutes Deception you will witness firsthand:
How a dedicated and courageous journalist was viciously smeared by "60 Minutes" at the request of the White House.
How Mike Wallace, the host of "60 Minutes," deliberately omitted crucial evidence and distorted interview responses through manipulative editing.
Why the major news media refuses to report the truth about certain political scandals and the abuse of power.
The 60 Minutes Deception is one of the most important and damaging expose's ever produced, clearly showing the dishonest tactics used by the mainstream press in providing misinformation to the American people. Must viewing for all concerned Americans!
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See elsewhere on this page and my main Chemtrails page (http://distance-healer.com/Chemtrails.html) about how the elites use vaccinations, msg, chemtrails, fluoridated water, "adhd" drugs, continuous propaganda and indoctrination to ensure that we don't think "outside of the box" by schools, media and government, and many other ways in order to control us and keep us from questioning what they are doing to us. Lung cancer has increased from the #8 killer to the #3 killer in the last 5 years in non-smokers from Chemtrails. Also look up Morgellon's Disease on my main Chemtrails page.]

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LEARN THE CONNECTIONS BETWEEN CLIMATE CHANGE, WORLD POLLUTION, GMO FOODS, WEATHER MANIPULATION, AND THE GLOBAL ECONOMY!! Deborah Tavaresis a 3rd generation land developer of residential construction and has been self-employed in a family operated business for over 30 years. She specialized in land feasibility studies, acquisitions and building permit processes, including required Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), along with furnishing Department of Real Estate (DRE) subdivision requirements and the entire construction build-out to completion. It was during this process that the restrictions of property rights became evident under the creeping constraints of the United Nation's AGENDA 21, through land use limitations, restrictions, regulations, fees and increased liability exposures. Deborah is spreading the word, exposing the connections between mysterious global trends of man-made and corporate/military controlled technologies, weaponized frequencies, the falsified science of the "global warming" movement, and other major programs intended to cause damage to health and reduce the population and to eliminate freedom for all people for all time. A primary example of this is the multi-national program to install electromagnetic- radiation-emitting electric meters (Smart Meters) and programs that will create scarcity of electricity, gas and water. Deborah's highly visible opposition to Smart Meters has been heard on national and international radio shows, digital media, magazine and newspaper coverage, a discussion with Ted Turner -- Depopulation 95%/Cannibalism (on YouTube -- Ted The Terrible Turner), Russia TV (RT) television coverage at Bohemian Grove/2011, smart meter protests, community awareness campaigns and countless city, county and public utility meetings. For more information on her research, she has a variety of websites, including http://www.refusesmartmeters.com/

Deborah Tavares - US Was Dissolved In 1933, & What The US Will Look Like In 2030

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There is considerable evidence that LED lighting poses some potential health detriments, especially to eye health and the prevention of macular degeneration.
Incandescent bulbs give off light near the infrared end of the spectrum and this aids in repair and recovery of tissues, while the LED bulbs give off blue light which as been found to cause degradation and ROS of the tissues.
Avoiding LED lights is less of an issue in a sun filled room but much more important after sunset as blue light before bed decreases melatonin production. [which increases cancer and also causes problems sleeping]
Watch the full interview of Dr. Wunsch here:

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In Japan, young women and girls suffering from severe chronic generalized pain following vaccination with Merck's Gardasil® or GSK's Cervarix®, have organized and are speaking out. The issues are being debated at public hearings, at which scientific presentations have been made by independent medical experts who validated the women's suffering with documented evidence of the severe nature of the pain related to the HPV vaccine. Such public debates do not take place where vaccine stakeholders are in full control of vaccine safety information. (Like in the U.S., for example.) Following a public hearing (February 2014), at which scientific evidence was presented by independent scientists, the Japanese government, not only rescinded its recommendation that girls receive the HPV vaccine, but established guidelines and special clinics for evaluating and treating illnesses caused by the vaccine. It is a scenario that Merck, GSK, and vaccine stakeholders globally are extremely anxious to suppress.

Two Major Legal Victories in Federal Court Case to End Water Fluoridation
May 23, 2018 6:59 pm
Our Daily Dose: The Lunacy of Water Fluoridation
In November 2016, the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) together with a coalition of organizations and private citizens, including Food & Water Watch, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, and Moms Against Fluoridation, presented a petition1 to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calling on the agency to exercise its authority to prohibit the addition of fluoridation chemicals to the public's drinking water supplies under Section 21 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). FAN's petition was made on the grounds that a large body of animal, cellular and human research shows that fluoride is neurotoxic at doses within the range now seen in fluoridated communities, and included over 2,500 pages of scientific documentation detailing these health risks. The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) allows individuals to petition the EPA to regulate and prohibit the 'particular use' of a chemical if the petitioner can show that it presents an unreasonable risk to the general public or susceptible subpopulations. TSCA specifically gives the EPA the authority to prohibit drinking water additives. However, in an attempt to put up an unreasonable roadblock the EPA dismissed our petition based on a questionable interpretation of Congress's recent amendments to TSCA. In response, FAN and our coalition partners filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California legally challenging the EPA's denial of our petition. It also prompted the Natural Resources Defense Council to file an amicus brief challenging EPA's strained interpretation of the law. Since challenging the EPA in court, a lot has happened to move us closer to a successful outcome. We have won our first two battles in federal court, new government-funded research has been published which strengthens our case, and our day in court has been scheduled.

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Greater cervical cancer risk linked to HPV vaccination, well-regarded medical journal removes new study
Posted by: Lori Alton, staff writer in Food News June 30, 2018 0

cervical-cancer-news(Naturalhealth365) Human papillomavirus, the most common sexually transmitted disease, usually resolves on its own. In rare cases, however, HPV leads to cervical cancer. HPV vaccines, such as Gardasil, are touted by many mainstream medical authorities as a way to prevent cervical cancer. But, could the vaccination actually be having the opposite effect?

A new study raising just this possibility was recently published in a well-regarded medical journal. Soon after, it was officially retracted by the journal's editors -- because the author, fearing repercussions from those opposed to any questioning of vaccines, used a pseudonym.
Age-standardized incidence of cervical cancer in Sweden increased by 20 percent during 2014 and 2015

In an article published April 30, 2018 in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics (IJME), the author (who identified himself as Lars Andersson, of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Sweden) pointed out that the Centre for Cervical Cancer Prevention in Sweden had noted in its annual report that there had been a substantial increase in incidence of invasive cervical cancer -- especially during 2014 and 2015.

The increase was shown to be most prominent among women aged 20 to 49 years, who were of an age to have received the HPV vaccinations.

HPV vaccines were approved in Sweden in 2006 and 2007. Andersson notes that about 80 percent of the 12-year-old girls in Sweden were vaccinated in 2010, while 59 percent of 13- to 18-year-old girls were vaccinated through a "catch-up" program.

In addition to suggesting that increased HPV vaccination rates were associated with an increase in cervical cancer, Andersson maintained that a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) analysis of Gardasil in 2006 showed a higher risk of "premalignant cell changes" from the vaccine in certain groups that had been exposed to some HPV strains.

After the article's publication, however, there followed a somewhat whiplash-inducing chain of events.
Journal editors confirm: Author faced possible repercussions

A week after publication, the IJME editors removed any mention of the Karolinska Institute from Andersson's article.

In a published comment, the editors stated that they had made the deletion after being informed by the Institute that no one by the name of "Lars Andersson" worked there.

At this point, the author had proceeded to make his real name known to the editors -- under the premise of confidentiality.

The editors stated that they had confirmed that the author had the "necessary qualifications, expertise and research experience" required for the article. They also confirmed that the author did, indeed, face a "credible threat of harm."

In addition, they reconfirmed the article's conclusion -- that there was "a possible association of the HPV vaccine with increased incidence of carcinoma cervix." They also agreed with the author that more research is needed.

The editors decided to retain the article.

At this point, the entire editorial board -- and other interested parties -- began to second-guess the decision and questioned the wisdom of allowing the article to stand.

Ultimately, the editors decided against tolerating the authorial deception -- although they still assess the article as correct. On May 8, 2018, the IJME retracted the article, while continuing to call for more exploration on the article's subject.
Undeniable truth: Cervical cancer prevention vaccines are linked to harm

Natural health experts say that human papillomavirus vaccines such as Gardasil and Gardasil 9 have been linked with a variety of adverse and potentially devastating effects, including premature menopause, severe ulcers, infertility, chronic pain and paralysis.

Even the manufacturers acknowledge that Gardasil can cause redness, swelling and pain at the injection site, along with nausea and vomiting.

Moreover, Gardasil and Gardasil 9 both contain aluminum as an adjuvant, or additional ingredient intended to make the vaccine more effective. Aluminum is a proven neurotoxin, with more than 1,600 peer-reviewed scientific documents attesting to its hazards.

As if this weren't alarming enough, HPV vaccines also contain polysorbate 80 -- which is known to cause encephalitis, anaphylactic reactions and multiple sclerosis.

Vaccine proponents say that there is 'solid evidence' that the HPV vaccine reduces the risk of precancerous and cancerous lesions in women. On the other side of the debate, critics point to adverse effects and possible increased cancer risk.

So, while the controversy continues to rage, educating yourself as to the possible risks and benefits of vaccination clearly remains the best policy. In addition, no doubt, a trusted and knowledgeable integrative doctor can help you make an informed decision.

Sources for this article include:

RETRACTED Increased incidence of cervical cancer in Sweden Possible link with HPV vaccination  Indian Journal of Medical Ethics
Lars Andersson ([email protected])
Medical scientist
Under the current circumstances where publication of any information critical of vaccines can have serious personal repercussions, the author has chosen to publish under this pseudonym.



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Breaking NEWS: Vaccine rights attorney attacked by State Bar agency in classic 'witch hunt'

Doctor Punished for Giving Vaccine Exemptions to Children with High Risk of Vaccine Brain Damage
A doctor is being punished because he signed off on vaccine exemptions for young children who have a high risk of injury from mandatory vaccines.
Rachel Blevins  --  June 30, 2018

Orange County, CA -- In an alarming decision that could be used to set the standard for doctors who choose not to follow the state's strict vaccine schedules for infants and toddlers, the Medical Board of California has suspended a pediatrician who claims that he approved a 2-year-old's vaccine exemption, after the child showed a severe adverse reaction.

Dr. Robert Sears has been the subject of controversy ever since the board threatened to revoke his medical license altogether when he was accused of "wrongfully writing" a doctor's note for a 2-year-old boy that exempted him from required vaccinations, after the boy's mother told him that previous immunizations made the boy's body limp, and caused him to lose urinary functions.

Because he took the mother's word and believed her testimony of her son's condition, Dr. Sears is now under probation for the next 35 months, which means that every decision he makes as a pediatric doctor will be strictly scrutinized by other medical professionals, he must notify all hospital and medical facilities where he practices that he is on probation, and he is not allowed to supervise physician assistants or nurse practitioners.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Dr. Sears responded to the decision and revealed that he accepted the probation as part of a settlement in an attempt to avoid going to court -- which could have still resulted in probation if he won, or much more serious consequences from the board if he lost.

Sears said the ordeal began after he chose to write "a court opinion letter for a child who had an adverse reaction to vaccines" in 2015, and he believes that the backlash stemmed from a conflict with a California Legislator who has been "very vocal about openly working with the medical board to prosecute doctors who excuse patients from their vaccines, regardless of the merits of a case."

While Sears admitted that he "signed up for this," he also noted that he believes that the treatment he has been subjected to as a result of his decision to consent to the child being exempt from vaccines, should concern every American:

  "A child and his mother came to me for help. The mom described how her baby had suffered a moderate to severe neurologic reaction to vaccines almost three years prior, and she was afraid a judge in her upcoming hearing was going to force her to resume vaccines now. Medical records of the reaction were not available yet, and I gave the patient a letter of opinion to show the judge that the reaction was severe enough to justify not doing any more vaccines. The board accusation against me states that such a judgment should not be made without medical records. But this patient needed a letter right away. Getting the patient's medical records ended up taking over a year."

Dr. Sears argued that he acted in what he believed was the best interest of his patient, given the urgency of the matter, writing, "Isn't it my job to listen to my patients and believe what a parent says happened to her baby? Isn't that what ALL doctors do with their patients? A patient's word is often the only evidence we have -- as doctors we must trust our patients, the same way our patients trust us to look out for their best interest."

Even after three years of threats from the medical board that his license may be revoked, Sears still argued that he would have accepted the mother's testimony about her baby because the last thing he wanted was to approve a medical treatment that would do more harm to the child.

The state of California recently cracked down on mandatory vaccines by enacting Senate Bill 277, which outlaws the practice of allowing vaccine exemptions because parents cite religious views or personal beliefs. Now, all requested exemptions must be approved by the State Department of Public Health.

Dr. Sears said he believes the increasingly strict laws will mean that his career decisions continue to stay under intense scrutiny. In fact, he noted that the medical board is currently lining up four more cases against him, regarding vaccine exemptions, which he believes will be used as "an attempt to keep me on probation for the rest of my medical career."

"Case number two involves siblings who got vaccine medical exemptions from me because one of the children has a severe medical condition that research has shown can get worse with ongoing vaccination," Sears wrote. "The other child doesn't have the condition, yet, but dad does. Exemption for reasons in a family's medical history is an amendment guaranteed under SB277. We'll see if the medical board agrees -- probably about two years from now. These things take a long time."

Other cases involved a child with a family member who had a severe permanent neurological injury after being vaccinated, and a teenager who had a severe reaction to an infant vaccine, was given an exemption from her own doctor, and was then given an exemption from Dr. Sears for a teen booster.

While Sears' case has been widely publicized because the mainstream media has seen it as an opportunity to paint him as "anti-vaccine" -- even though he is not -- he is not the only doctor whose career has been targeted by the state, and as the Los Angeles Times reported, the Medical Board of California has revoked 57 licenses and put 197 doctors on probation in the last year.

If doctors cannot do their jobs because they fear the backlash they will face from the state, it puts them in jeopardy of being able to provide adequate care for their patients, and while such circumstances may be happening in California right now, the state's increased scrutiny of its medical professionals could easily be used as a blueprint for the rest of the country to follow.

"It alarms me to see any medical board questioning exemptions that are given to families who have suffered severe vaccine reactions. It should alarm everybody. More doctors need to stand up for their patients, especially the ones who are the most vulnerable. I'm going to continue to stand for these children," Dr. Sears wrote.

Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project

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Santa Fe Senior Shuts Up Nancy Pelosi LIVE On CNN Town Hall Her Face Says It All(VIDEO)!!!
Santa Fe s-u-r-v-i-v-o-r shuts up Nancy Pelosi LIVE on CNN Town hall her face says it all. Nancy Pelosi was made to look like a fool when she was confronted by a teenager Alexis Wilson, who showed up logic and common sense.

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Altering human genetics through vaccination
By Jon Rappoport
You can find this article and more at NoMoreFakeNews.com

Next generation vaccines built to alter human genetics

(To read about Jon's mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here: http://marketplace.mybigcommerce.com/the-matrix-revealed/)

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has launched efforts to create a vaccine that would protect people from most flu strains, all at once, with a single shot.

Over the years, I've written many articles refuting claims that vaccines are safe and effective, but we'll put all that aside for the moment and follow the bouncing ball.

Massachusetts Senator and big spender, Ed Markey, has introduced a bill that would shovel no less than a billion dollars toward the universal flu-vaccine project.

Here is a sentence from an NIAID press release that mentions one of several research approaches:

"NIAID Vaccine Research Center scientists have initiated Phase 1/2 studies of a universal flu vaccine strategy that includes an investigational DNA-based vaccine (called a DNA 'prime')..."

This is quite troubling, if you know what the phrase "DNA vaccine" means. It refers to what the experts are touting as the next generation of immunizations.

Instead of injecting a piece of a virus into a person, in order to stimulate the immune system, synthesized genes would be shot into the body. This isn't traditional vaccination anymore. It's gene therapy.

In any such method, where genes are edited, deleted, added, no matter what the pros say, there are always "unintended consequences," to use their polite phrase. The ripple effects scramble the genetic structure in numerous unknown ways.

Here is the inconvenient truth about DNA vaccines---

They will permanently alter your DNA

The reference is the New York Times, 3/15/15, "Protection Without a Vaccine." It describes the frontier of research---the use of synthetic genes to "protect against disease," while changing the genetic makeup of humans. This is not science fiction:

"By delivering synthetic genes into the muscles of the [experimental] monkeys, the scientists are essentially re-engineering the animals to resist disease."

"'The sky's the limit,' said Michael Farzan, an immunologist at Scripps and lead author of the new study."

"The first human trial based on this strategy - called immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer, or I.G.T. - is underway, and several new ones are planned." [That was three years ago.]

"I.G.T. is altogether different from traditional vaccination. It is instead a form of gene therapy. Scientists isolate the genes that produce powerful antibodies against certain diseases and then synthesize artificial versions. The genes are placed into viruses and injected into human tissue, usually muscle."

Here is the punchline: "The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient's own DNA. If all goes well, the new genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies."

Read that again: "the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient's own DNA."

Alteration of the human genetic makeup.

Not just a "visit." Permanent residence. And once a person's DNA is changed, he will live with that change---and all the ripple effects in his genetic makeup---for the rest of his life.

The Times article taps Dr. David Baltimore for an opinion:

"Still, Dr. Baltimore says that he envisions that some people might be leery of a vaccination strategy that means altering their own DNA, even if it prevents a potentially fatal disease."

Yes, some people might be leery. If they have two or three working brain cells.

This is genetic roulette with a loaded gun. Anyone and everyone on Earth injected with a DNA vaccine will undergo permanent and unknown genetic changes...

And the further implications are clear. Vaccines can be used as a cover for the injections of any and all genes, whose actual purpose is re-engineering humans in far-reaching ways.

The emergence of this Frankenstein technology is paralleled by a shrill push to mandate vaccines, across the board, for both children and adults. The pressure and propaganda are planet-wide.

The freedom and the right to refuse vaccines has always been vital. It is more vital than ever now.

It means the right to preserve your inherent DNA.


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Autism News

  Breaking NEWS: Vaccine rights attorney attacked by State Bar agency in classic 'witch hunt'

  EXPOSED: Insurance company offers medical doctor payouts of $400 per child, if fully vaccinated by age 2

  Higher rates of autism found in areas where vaccination rates are higher, Canadian data reveals

Food News

  Healthy diet lowers risk of cancer patient death up to 65 percent, new research finally figures it out

(UPDATE) Higher vitamin D levels needed to reduce the risk of breast cancer, new study confirms

Greater cervical cancer risk linked to HPV vaccination, well-regarded medical journal removes new study



49 toxic pesticides found on popular fruit, sample testing reveals
Testing by the U.S. Department of Agriculture has confirmed levels of pesticides and toxic chemicals on non-organic food such as pears have increased at an alarming rate in recent years. This has put pears on to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) "Dirty Dozen" of the types of produce that are the most contaminated with toxic chemicals and pesticide residue.

The evidence is clear: Pears were most recently tested in 2016, as 678 samples indicated that pesticide residue had more than doubled since the year 2010 -- rising up to 1.4 parts per million from 0.6 parts per million six years earlier.

Pesticides and other toxic chemicals on non-organic produce are much HIGHER

Of the 678 samples, nearly half had residue from at least five pesticides, as compared with only 3 percent in the year 2010. A total of 49 different pesticide types were found on the samples, compared with 9 in the year 2010.

The pesticides include fungicides as well as insecticides. This is especially troubling as there has been very little research on what happens in the human body when multiple pesticides are ingested.

What makes the results even more disturbing is that the pears had been thoroughly washed and cleaned before the testing took place. Clearly, these chemicals are becoming embedded in the skin and cellular structure of non-organic pears.

The majority of the pear samples came from U.S.-grown pears; very few had been imported. And, the highest concentrations of pesticides were fungicides -- often applied late in the growing season, or after harvest to prevent spoilage.
Other foods in the supermarket contain high levels of pesticides

The concentration of pesticides found on pears was in higher amounts than for other tree fruit crops such as apples, nectarines, peaches and cherries, which are also on the EWG "Dirty Dozen" list.

Some of the pesticides detected included carbendazim, which is a suspected hormone disruptor that is toxic to the male reproductive system, and diphenylamine, which is banned in Europe for cancer concerns. By the way, bee-killing insecticides like, imidacloprid and acetamiprid were also found.

On a positive note: some pesticide use has been restricted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The highly toxic carbamate and organophosphate as well as formetanate hydrochloride and azinphos-methyl are now no longer used.

That said, there is still a highly disturbing amount of pesticides and toxic chemicals showing up on produce. And, keep in mind, these unwanted chemicals can easily end up in processed foods on store shelves, including baby food.
Buy (or grow your own) organic food -- especially fruits and vegetables -- whenever possible

Many baby food purees, including over one-third containing pears, have too high of pesticide residues to allow them to be sold in Europe. European Union laws prohibit processed foods from having over 10 parts per billion of pesticides. However, they are still making it onto the shelves in other countries.

Results like these continue to underscore the importance and value of selecting unprocessed, organic food whenever possible. At the very least, always avoid non-organic versions of the foods on the Dirty Dozen List -- which can be accessed here.

Sources for this article include:


Pesticides in fruit and vegetables reduce fertility and live birth outcomes
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EWG's 2018 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce

EWG's 2018 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce™
Get a downloadable version of the Clean Fifteen™ and Dirty Dozen™ lists to help you make better choices for yourself and your family, and reduce exposures to toxic pesticides. You'll also receive EWG's exclusive email updates, tips, action alerts and promotions to support our work. You can opt-out at any time.

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These results are absolutely not supportive of the proposition that vegetarianism protects against either heart disease or all-cause mortalities. In fact, they indicate that vegetarianism is more dangerous for women than for men.
The claim that vegetarians have lower rates of cancer compared to nonvegetarians has been squarely contradicted by a 1994 study comparing vegetarians with the general population.7 Researchers found that although vegetarian Seventh Day Adventists have the same or slightly lower cancer rates for some sites, for example 91 percent instead of 100 percent for breast cancer, the rates for numerous other cancers are much higher than the general US population standard, especially cancers of the reproductive tract. SDA females had more Hodgkins disease (131 percent), more brain cancer (118 percent), more malignant melanoma (171 percent), more uterine cancer (191 percent), more cervical cancer (180 percent) and more ovarian cancer (129 percent) on average.
In a review of some 3,000 articles in the scientific literature, Smith found only two that compared mortality data for vegetarians and nonvegetarians. [They almost always focus on just one aspect that they want to highlight and don't mention death from all causes; a perfect example is low fat diets which harm or would kill over 40% of people (if they don't cheat on them and eat fat) because we're all individuals and are different and they cherry-pick the data for whatever they want the results to be. Another example is statin drugs, which lower inflammation to slightly reduce heart disease but greatly increase death from all causes (cancer, etc.)

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Ways the NWO & Agenda 21 Are Targeting Old Vulnerable People

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Lavoy Finicum, The Man They Killed in Oregon, Was My Husband
G. Edward Griffin
Jeanette Finicum is the widow of Lavoy Finicum, the man who was killed by government snipers in Oregon in 2016 while protesting federal-government violation of citizens' property rights. She will speak at the Red Pill Expo scheduled for June 21 - 23 in Spokane, Washington, and explain what really happened on that fatal day and how the media demonized her husband in the minds of the public by falsely labeling him as a racist and a potential terrorist. The world premiere of the film, Lavoy; Dead Man Talking, will take place at the beginning of the Expo. We asked Jeanette to summarize her presentation into 3 minutes or less. This is her response. (Expo information at redpillexpo.net )

Fake News CNN Goes Completely Into Fabrication Mode Again - Blames Trump For Capital Gazette Shooting [Never let a good crisis go to waste -- using it to push their gun control agenda that applies to everyone else but not them and their armed bodyguards]
The entire anti-American press and anti-Constitutionalists in America are completely coming unhinged because they are not in complete control as they have been for the past eight years, and the reality is that they are the ones who are causing the trouble in our country.

FBI Won't Provide Congress Documents Alleging Loretta Lynch Interfered In Clinton Email Investigation
Pick up the Hillary investigation and let's get a grand jury on it to indict her and bring her to justice. We already know she broke the law. The FBI has admitted that.

Obama Attempts To Focus Dems While Billionaire Liberal Consistently Yells Impeachment
It would only take a few prosecutions, convictions and death by hanging for treason before these corrupt politicians straightened up to fly right.

Is Barack Obama Organizing the Resistance?
While the media claims he's vanished from politics, there is evidence of Barack Obama organizing Democrats for 2018. Barack Obama organizing protests and campaigning for the Democrats would make sense, given his resume as a community organizer. Only now he may be working as the national organizer for the DNC. Though he originally claimed he was staying in Washington, DC, until his daughter graduated, recent news of him buying and building on property make it clear that he is making the nation's capital his new home...

The myth of Obama's 'disappearance'

Politico: Barack Obama Has Met Secretly With 2020 Contenders

More Leftwing Violence -- Teenager Battered by Crazed Adult
Contrary to what you might believe about Jimenez... he is/was NOT a Democrat!
No, he is further to the Left and was an active member of the Green Party. However, upon learning of his behavior the local Green Party told the media that Jimenez had been cut off from the party for his uncalled for attack on a child.
  "We all have different opinions of our president, but we don't take it out on innocent kids who just happen to have a hat on," Gavino Zarate, secretary of the Harris County Green Party told Heavy. "You may not like the hat or you may not like the president, but you don't show that kind of aggression toward teenagers. It goes against everything the Green Party stands for. We are not violent. We do not take our aggression out on innocent young people."...

The Warnings About A "Civil War In America" Are Becoming Much Louder
America is a very deeply divided nation, and it is getting worse with each passing day. The left has already shown that they are willing to become very violent when push comes to shove, and what we have seen so far is just the small tip of a very large iceberg.

School board bans fact: 'Biological sex' is no more
Instead, orders students to be taught sex is 'fluid spectrum'

Catholic Bishops Lobby for Open Borders as If They Are Christian Doctrine
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops claims dogmatically that Christian citizens must support globalism. Catholic bishops have the job of teaching Catholic doctrine. That will have political implication but one can tell the difference between traditional ethical teachings that have political consequences and contrived statements to approve of Leftist globalist causes like open borders and the theory of man-made climate change. It is simply ridiculous to claim that Christians must support any aspect of an unsustainable welfare state system, including unsustainable welfare-induced immigration policies...

Singularly important video exposing the nature of mosques
by Eeyore

I had planned to post this video with an essay on how muslims historically place mosques as a form of the triumphalism of conquest, much like the football player with zero schooling in sportsmanship might spike the ball after a touchdown.

The examples without trying are:

The 911 victory mosque in NYC.

Many might not believe that is what it was, but you may change your mind after seeing this.

The Al Aqsa mosque, which is all three of a victory mosque from past conquest, a beachhead for future conquest and a toehold for the extent to which they control Jewish homeland now.

And the famous Cordoba mosque which signals the triumph over the Spanish as it was built over or near the remains of the great Cathedral of Cordoba.

Now of course we can see, thanks to this video, that the construction of the mega mosque is no less than the triumphalism of reversing the defeat the muslims suffered at the hands of Charles Martel at the battle of Tours.

I will continue to look for the reference material on this. I know it exists as I have read it myself. But I cannot make any of you wait any longer for this. its extraordinary.

Thank you all involved, from tipster, translator, (Ava Lon) and editor.

By the way, thanks to our new Dutch speaking reader, we have an equally important mosque related video coming tonight.

Please click over to Youtube to read the comments. They are a blast.

Absolutely No Co-Existence With Islam
Fellow travelers, there is no "coexistence" in Islam, there is only subjugation or elimination of infidels. Islam believes in the rule of Islam, Caliphate to the Sunnis and Imamate to the Shiites. Hence, to Muslims, all other forms of government represent the handiwork of Satan and infidels. Therefore, one and all non-Islamic systems of government must be purified by Islamic fire. This is a fact.........
by Amil Imani.

Trump's Promise: ICE Releases Annual Report On Criminal Alien Captures
As thousands of illegal immigrants, their advocates and Democratic Party leaders take to the streets to demand the abolishment of the Homeland Security Department's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) directorate, that law enforcement agency and the White House released the first annual report as promised by President Donald Trump.........
By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri

Overcoming Evil
Patriots, especially nationalists, share the overwhelming feeling that America is becoming unhinged, unrecognizable, and potentially ungovernable. When you access alternative and even mass media, you begin to think and feel that the US is becoming a hollowed out shell of its former self. It is easy to succumb to inertia and hopelessness. However, being aware of our predicament should lead us in the opposite direction.........
by Sidney Secular

Paul Weston: How to Destroy a Country - YouTube
Paul Weston Arrested for Quoting Churchill - YouTube

Holocaust Survivor Has Message for Americans Calling Detention Centers 'Concentration Camps'
By Benjamin Arie
June 30, 2018 at 2:10pm

Donald Trump is Hitler, conservatives are Nazis, and temporary housing centers on America's southern border are modern concentration camps.

That's the extremist rhetoric being spread by the left over the last several weeks at least.

It used to be that anyone who compared a president to the infamous Austrian dictator was ignored or laughed out of town. Today, that appalling comparison is being thrown around with reckless abandon ... but a Polish-American Holocaust survivor has had enough of the dangerous discourse.

"Listen to me. I went through it. Please," Polish-born David Tuck looked into the camera during a sobering interview with The Daily Caller.

"This is not a concentration camp," he stated bluntly about the HHS and ICE refugee centers that have drawn so much uninformed ire from the left-leaning media.

TRENDING: Maxine Spins Further Out of Control as Video of Her 'Crying' on Air Goes Viral

Tuck knows a few things about actual concentration camps in tragic, first-hand detail. He witnessed true horrors as a Jew who was thrown into camps by Nazis, and barely survived hellish conditions in places such as Posen and Auschwitz.

The Holocaust survivor is adamant about one thing: There is absolutely nothing in common between U.S. border refugee centers and real concentration camps.

"I looked up there (at the border centers) and I said to myself, all the mattresses, everything ... food. I said, at that time I'd think it was a country club," Tuck explained to Daily Caller.
Do you think the left has gone too far with its "concentration camp" rhetoric?

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That matches the true image of border centers that have come out since the immigration issue reached a fever pitch over the last few weeks. Contrary to the staged and deceptive images of "kids in cages," the actual centers are safe and comfortable shelters where social workers work to help children and everyone is well fed.

The conditions that the elderly survivor remembers have much more in common with socialist regimes like North Korea or Venezuela than America.

"First, the Nazis gave us the yellow arm bands. Then they gave us the Star of David, one on the front and one on the back," he recalled from growing up in the late 1930s and early 1940s. "If you walked on the street on the same sidewalk that the SS man walked, if you didn't step down, they would kill you."

Even scraps of food were fought over in those times.

"If I had any piece of bread at night with me, if somebody knew about it they would steal it from me. Everybody was for themself. Survival," he said. "There were more dead people in the camp in the barracks than living ones."

RELATED: Leftist Columnist: Trump Isn't Hero But Hitler Was

When asked by the Daily Caller journalist if he had a message for media talking heads and radical leftists who think America runs concentration camps on the border, Tuck said two blunt words: "Grow up."

"You know how to spell. You know how to read. How to listen. Do it," he urged viewers. "You can't compare ... anytime I hear it, it's sickening."

His point was clear: Pretending that two wildly different things are the same in order to make a political point is dishonest and unintelligent.

"It's sickening. It's just plain sickening," he said about people calling the president or their political opponents Nazis. "I thought we're smarter than that."

"This politics, it's unbelievable. You don't like the president, in four years, you can kick him out. I listen to those politicians sometimes, I said I wonder ... They think we're naive and stupid. That's all," he declared.

Tuck noted that the crowds risking everything to come to the United States actually disprove the liberal claims of modern fascism.

"Everybody wants to come to America," he said. "I remember when I was a little boy, the first thing I said to the American, I want to go to America. I want to get out. I want to live here."

It's a good point: If America is the new Nazi Germany, why are people around the world doing everything they can to come to it, even crossing the border illegally just for a chance to stay? People are fleeing to America, not from it. The liberal accusation defies all logic.

Even though he acknowledged that countless people long to enter America, the Holocaust survivor stated that doing it the proper way is important.

"Nothing is perfect in life. I came here I had to go to work, I had a family ... I'm not complaining or nothing. But I'm free," he said. "If you want to come to America: I did it. I waited. That's life."

For the people who seem to have nothing better to do than protest, complain and bash America, the survivor had an important message.

"So, live the best you can. It's still America. It's still the best country. If you don't believe it, then leave the country."

Facebook has greatly reduced the distribution of our stories in our readers' newsfeeds and is instead promoting mainstream media sources. [https://www.westernjournal.com/confirmed-facebooks-recent-algorithm-change-is-crushing-conservative-voices-boosting-liberals/] When you share to your friends, however, you greatly help distribute our content. Please take a moment and consider sharing this article with your friends and family. Thank you.

Confirmed: Facebook's Recent Algorithm Change Is Crushing Conservative Sites, Boosting Liberals

Mainstream Media Blame Donald Trump for Maryland Newspaper Shooter

The Liberty Daily - The Conservative Alternative to the Drudge Report
The Conservative Alternative to Drudge

Breitbart News Network

Chris Matthews Urges Communist Revolution to Stop Supreme Court

Socialist Country That Doesn't Believe in Inflation, Hits 40.000% Inflation [Venezuela]

Leftist Indoctrination in our K-12 Schools

SJP: Neo-Nazis On Campus

The Southern Poverty Law Center: A Hate Machine

How Progressives Use Race as a Weapon Against Our Country [syn: class warfare; Saul Alinsky; divide and conquer; Karl Marx; ]

Philadelphia now wants Catholics to change beliefs
Fight over religious ministry providing foster homes for children

Christian Death Toll Rises to 200 in 4-Day Muslim 'Killing Spree' in Nigeria [murders by the "Religion of Peace"]

Mother Lost Her Husband, Two Children to an Illegal Alien -- No One Fights for Us

Commie Susan Sarandon Arrested -- Don't Be a Useful Idiot, It's Staged

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Exposed: Working "Girl from the Bronx" Grew Up in Wealthy Neighborhood
Ocasio-Cortez's "Struggle" as a "Working Girl" Was in USA's 8th Wealthiest Town

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Defender of Child Rapist Can't Sleep At Night Over Migrant Minors
July 1, 2018
Daniel Greenfield

Hillary Clinton loved all the children. And all the children loved her right back. Except when she deported them at gunpoint to Cuba or defended the man who raped and beat them into a coma.

The Hillary Clinton Tapes

  A child rape victim says she cannot forgive Hillary Clinton for defending her rapist in court 40 years ago, saying the Democratic presidential candidate attacked her credibility despite knowing that her assailant was guilty -- and later laughed about it in a taped interview.

  Kathy Shelton was just 12 years old when a 41-year-old drifter raped her on the side of a desolate Arkansas road in 1975.

  "It was a fascinating case, it was a very interesting case," Clinton says in the recording. "This guy was accused of raping a 12-year-old. Course he claimed that he didn't, and all this stuff."

  "I had him take a polygraph, which he passed -- which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs," she added with a laugh.

  Clinton can also be heard laughing at several points when discussing the crime lab's accidental destruction of DNA evidence that tied Taylor to the crime.

  In a July 28, 1975, court affidavit, Clinton wrote that she had been informed the young girl was "emotionally unstable" and had a "tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing.

But even soulless monsters sometimes love children so much that they can't sleep at night.

  "The question of how we reunite the children who were taken from the parents is the one that's keeping me up at night." Does she worry some may never be reunited? She looks stricken. "Yes, I do. Absolutely I worry about that. I'm worried that some children will not be reunited."

Elian Gonzalez and the children of the men murdered in Benghazi while Hillary plotted her presidential campaign could not be reached for comment

How many nights did Hillary have trouble sleeping back when illegal migrant criminals were being separated from the minors they were trafficking into this country? About as many nights as she had trouble sleeping over the dead of Benghazi or Kathy Shelton. Or the women her husband [and the young girls that she] sexually assaulted.


Don't Fall for the Civil War Rhetoric: Let the Left Own the Violence
Violence breaking out on a large scale would drive the public to demand a solution from the government to foster in a sense of safety and normalcy. This is what the desired outcome is, so before you let the violent rhetoric of the left push you to achieve their ends, realize that your reaction is what they need to control you.
David Risselada  --  June 30, 2018

Is America really on the verge of another civil war? [https://freedomoutpost.com/there-is-talk-of-civil-war-in-the-land-of-more-guns-than-people-are-you-ready-to-start-shooting/] Has the political divide become so deep that conservatives and liberals can find no other alternative to settle their differences that they must be settled through violence? Some people would have you believe this to be the case, people with an agenda that is. Allowing ourselves to fall for this propaganda gives the elites all the excuse they need to put the final nail in the coffin and institute a full-blown, technocratic police state. The infrastructure is all in place, all they need now is the consent of a scared public, and a barbaric civil war would do the trick.

The goal of the left is to rip the nations morality apart and create conditions where people see their solutions as the only alternative to the tumultuous events unfolding around them. In Brainwashing: A Synthesis on the Russian Manual of Psychopolitics [https://israelect.com/reference/JackMohr/jm024a.htm] Lavrentiy Beria, chief of the Soviet secret police, explains this by saying the following-

By Psychopolitics our chief goals are effectively carried forward. To produce a maximum of chaos in the culture of the enemy is our first most important step. Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression, and scientific turmoil. At last a weary populace can seek peace only in our offered Communist State, at last only Communism can resolve the problems of the masses.

For years now, we have listened to the hysterics of the left claim that the right represents an ideology of violence and intolerance despite the overwhelming fact that it is the left who organizes unruly mobs in protest of whatever outrage is motivating them into action. Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter all epitomize the idea that violence against an imperialistic nation such as the United States, where white supremacism allegedly permeates the institutions, is justified. The communist left is operating from a list of declared forty-five goals they established to bring this country down, [http://restoring-america.com/Documents/THE%20NAKED%20COMMUNIST%20GOALS%20WITH%20NOTES.pdf] violent protests were among these established objectives. This list of goals was not only published in the book The Naked Communist, they were made part of the congressional record in 1963. In other words, congress is aware of what is happening in our country.

Goal #19 Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations that are under Communist attack.

Goal #42 Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special interest groups should rise up and make a "united force" to solve economic, political or social problems.

The latest display of emotional virtue in which the left is displaying orchestrated indignation is the immigration debate. Massive protests [https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/30/us/june-30-immigration-protests/index.html] are once again being utilized to feint moral umbrage towards the Trump administration, even though he is merely enforcing current immigration law. The end goal of course is the elimination of America's lawful borders and an unending flow of immigrants who have no interest in sustaining our culture of liberty.

These issues which cause conflict among Americans are deliberately being thrust into the public exclusively for that purpose, to cause conflict. The Hegelian Dialectic [http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/dialectic.htm] is used to cause problems, get the public to demand a solution, then implement the one that's been waiting in the shadows. Americans were supposed to see the reasonableness in liberalism and accept it as an alternative to conservatism, which is always presented as selfish and aristocratic. American's have rejected it outright with the election of Donald Trump and in desperation, the left is working to cause as much chaos as they can to bring us to our knees. Make no mistake, the left is using everything they can, the Russian investigation, immigration, gun control and other contentious issues to keep us divided. They invent labels while insisting that their positions are morally superior, and that opposing viewpoints to collectivism should be shouted down. Leftwing politicians like Pelosi and Waters have been instigating violence by suggesting people form groups and become disruptors or surround people from the opposite political party and publicly shame them.

If there were to be another civil war in this country it would be because the left wants one. They have become so intolerant of anything other than their mystical, fabled delusions of utopia that they are enthusiastic about the prospects of staging violent protests [https://www.thestranger.com/slog/2018/06/26/28257361/protesters-surround-ice-headquarters-in-portland-and-new-york] and even setting off bombs to get their way. [https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/lib-journalist-conservatives-get-ready-were-sending-bombs-soon/] They have been pushing for decades to transform America into a socialist paradise and they have largely failed to bring it to fruition. They are desperate, delusional and angry, and they are operating from an ends justify the means mentality [http://indefenseofournation.blogspot.com/2018/05/means-and-ends-morality.html] that makes it all the more dangerous.

Violence breaking out on a large scale would drive the public to demand a solution from the government to foster in a sense of safety and normalcy. This is what the desired outcome is, so before you let the violent rhetoric of the left push you to achieve their ends, realize that your reaction is what they need to control you.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

Identity Politics Is Another Name for Divide and Conquer
G. Edward Griffin
Cynthia McKinney, who spent 12 years as a Representative in the US Congress, says that most of the problems facing America today are caused by what is called The Deep State, an unelected bureaucracy that has become the hidden government. She also speaks out against Identity Politics in which classes, races, and cultures are encouraged by the Deep State to clash against each other, a strategy of divide and conquer. She will expand on these themes at the Red Pill Expo scheduled for June 21--23 in Spokane, Washington. Cynthia is one of thirty-five presenters at the Red Pill Expo who are prepared to challenge our worldview on many issues that profoundly affect our lives. We asked her to summarize her message in three minutes or less. She did it in two. (Expo information at redpillexpo.net)
[Avoid being tricked into class warfare (blacks and whites fighting each other; old vs young; one religion vs another; one gender vs another; etc.) They encourage this so we won't notice what they are doing to further enslave us. Know the real enemy that you should be resisting: see "13 Families Rule Our Planet Earth" (without the quotes). Also see "United Nations/NWO plan to Depopulate the Earth".]

Divide and Conquer: Don't Play into the War on the Electorate
Divide and conquer. That is the strategy of our political leaders, and it is the reason why our elections never seem to change much in Washington. Nobody likes corruption, most of us are still bitter about the bailouts for crony-capitalists while individuals face foreclosure, we all want to be safe, and most of us don't want to be spied on. So you might think that we would regularly clean out the House, which the electorate has the power to do every 2 years. We could also be firing 1/3 of the Senate every 2 years. We don't do this because we are conquered by these political elite who have effectively divided us. Even though "both sides" agree that our government is just terrible, proven by congressional approval ratings in the single digits for the Republican House and Democratic Senate, people still generally think all the problems stem from the other side of the aisle...
[Avoid being tricked into class warfare (blacks and whites fighting each other; old vs young; one religion vs another; one gender vs another; etc.) They encourage this so we won't notice what they are doing to further enslave us. Know the real enemy that you should be resisting: see "13 Families Rule Our Planet Earth" (without the quotes). Also see "United Nations/NWO plan to Depopulate the Earth".]

13 Families Rule Our Planet Earth
"Know your enemy"
[Avoid being tricked into class warfare (blacks and whites fighting each other; old vs young; one religion vs another; one gender vs another; etc.) They encourage this so we won't notice what they are doing to further enslave us. Know the real enemy that you should be resisting: see "13 Families Rule Our Planet Earth" (without the quotes). Also see "United Nations/NWO plan to Depopulate the Earth".]

Has Religion Become A Tool of Collectivism?
G. Edward Griffin
Carl Teichrib says that religion increasingly is becoming a tool of global collectivism - and he will back up that claim at the Red Pill Expo scheduled for June 21--23 in Spokane, Washington. For 22 years he has attended international meetings of religious organizations and has their official documents to prove his point. Carl is one of thirty-five presenters at the Red Pill Expo who are prepared to challenge our worldview on many issues that profoundly affect our lives. We asked him to summarize his message in three minutes or less. This is his response. (Expo information at redpillexpo.net)

Why Communists Think They Are the Good Guys
G. Edward Griffin
This address by G. Edward Griffin was delivered to a group of Chinese anti-Communists most of whom fled from China to the US for freedom and personal security. They are part of a movement that has convinced more than a million Chinese in China to leave the Communist Party. The conference was held in Washington, DC, on 2018 May 9.

Short Course on Communist Takeover of U.S.
G. Edward Griffin
This is a recently discovered excerpt from G. Edward Griffin's 1984 interview with KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, who explains the four stages of communist strategy for taking over the U.S. from within.
It is sobering to realize that stage three is almost complete. Stage Four is martial law from which there is no escape. Americans are running out of time to take the Red Pill.
To order a DVD of the complete interview, "Deception Was My Job," visit realityzone.com/product/deception-was-my-job/

An Idea Whose Time Has Come
G. Edward Griffin
There have been many proposals to reverse the tide of collectivism but, after decades of effort, none of them have worked. In this address, G. Edward Griffin explains why, and the answer is so simple it will astound you. Once we clear away that single barrier, the plan for a pro-active counter-force falls quickly into place. This is the missing piece of the puzzle, the ultimate solution we have been seeking.

If You Think "Rights Don't Exist," You are Contributing to the Collapse of Civilization


The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America
by Charlotte Iserbyt

This book will change forever the way you look at your child's education. Iserbyt has directed her flashlight into the darkest, secret, elitist corners of academe, flushing out and exposing to the light of day the termites who have been eating away at the foundations of traditional academic education.

Charlotte Iserbyt is to be greatly commended for having put together the most formidable and practical compilation of documentation describing the "deliberate dumbing down" of American children by their education system.

Anyone interested in the truth will be shocked by the way American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists.....

Buy Now - $54.95 (+$6 s/h)

This book is out of print. It's sold on Amazon between $65.00 and $600.00. Supply is limited.

This is one of the best books written on the corrupt public education system. Charlotte served in the Department of Education under Ronald Reagan and had first hand knowledge of how the whole corrupt and rotten system works and how your children are deliberately brainwashed into globalism and socialism.The book is over 600 pages. This timely book is out of print and supply is limited.

This book should be in every parent's hands who's considering surrendering their precious child to the public education system.

"Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed."
-- Joseph Stalin in an interview with H.G. Wells, 1934


Exclusive: Charlotte Iserbyt Reveals Skull & Bones and the Destruction of America
Aaron Dykes
Infowars.com - January 6, 2012

"Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed."
-- Joseph Stalin in an interview with H.G. Wells, 1934


DOWNLOAD PDF TRANSCRIPT: Charlotte Iserbyt: America's Road to Ruin

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt served as the head of policy at the Department of Education during the first administration of President Reagan, and has since become a treasure trove for a wealth of information on the secret agendas working against America-- not the least of which is the secret society Skull and Bones-- as well as a coordinated plan to undermine education, eradicate individualism and brainwash the masses to create a subservient population ruled by the super-elite.

Last year, Infowars researchers conducted many hours of exclusive interviews with Charlotte Iserbyt at her home in Maine, including a thorough examination of many archive documents never before seen by the public, forgotten books with important hidden history and other relics, and even the official membership lists from Yale's Skull & Bones rosters- which Iserbyt herself leaked to the public through author Antony Sutton. Infowars then released two video presentations, both of which have been among the most detailed, researched and significant that this website has released-- the first on the Secret History of Western Education, and the second, Secrets of Skull & Bones Revealed.

Secret History of Western Education

Secrets of Skull & Bones Revealed

Charlotte Iserbyt: Secrets Of Skull & Bones Blown Wide Open

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Video production by Alex Jones (PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com) October 2011, Length 58:01
Daughter of Bonesman Charlotte Iserbyt lifts the veil on the mysterious secret society Paul Joseph Watson http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/ http://www.infowars.com/ http://www.prisonplanet.com/ Tuesday, November 15, 2011 In an exclusive Prison Planet.tv interview, Charlotte Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education under Ronald Reagan, blows wide open the mystique behind the enigmatic Skull and Bones secret society, drawing on her father and grandfather's first hand knowledge of the Yale fraternity as Bonesmen themselves to provide a revealing insight into the history of the organization. As a former high-level education official, Iserbyt exposes how Skull and Bones was instrumental in changing education into a form of operant condition that more closely resembled animal training than real intellectual advancement, by implementing experimental psychology techniques brought over from Germany. The aim was to abolish free thinking and free will, molding each person into a "valueless cog of the state". She also lifts the lid on how "sensitivity training" is used to impose collectivist, Communist-style thought control, ensuring that people can be easily manipulated into forming their opinions based on group-think and that any shred of individuality or thinking that contradicts the status quo is frowned upon. Iserbyt reveals the secret Skull and Bones member list that was supposed to remain private, and how it was connected to the effort by elites in America to build up the Soviet Union during the cold war. Iserbyt touches upon the research of Anthony Sutton to reveal how Bonesmen protected each other when they were faced with questions from the House Committee on Un-American Activities concerning their support for Communists. Iserbyt relates how she and Sutton came to the conclusion that the men contained on the secret membership list were almost completely responsible for American foreign policy as well as education policy during the time they were in power. Iserbyt also talks about her Skull and Bones grandfather clock which her father always ordered be set five minutes ahead of time to symbolize the fact that Bonesmen were always one step ahead of the rest of society. Prison Planet.tv subscribers can watch the full interview with Charlotte Iserbyt in high quality right now. If you are not a member, we encourage you to take advantage of our free 15-day trial, during which you can sample the plethora of exclusive content on offer at no charge.http://prisonplanet.tv/news/index.php http://www.infowars.com/secrets-of-skull-and-bones-blown-wide-open

Charlotte & her team took the time and effort to release of a full transcript of the first of those interviews, here re-titled America's Road to Ruin and available for free download via PDF (Download PDF). Together, with the exclusive PrisonPlanet.tv interview, it is the ultimate research companion to share with friends, family, colleagues and contacts so they can understand the truth about our world.

Now, Charlotte Iserbyt has re-issued and revised her seminal work, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, [http://www.infowarsshop.com/The-Deliberate-Dumbing-Down-of-America-Revised-and-Abridged_p_548.html#] a book replete with a lifetime of study aimed at behind the scenes manipulation of America's schools-- aimed at re-engineering the future of the United States. With the hope of putting that information in the hands of all patriotic Americans, Iserbyt has worked long hours from retirement to condense that information and re-print this essential work in a presentable format that anyone can read. Psychological techniques of domination. Secret mergers with the Soviet Union. A plan to dumb down the people and destroy the U.S. economy It's all documented, but it's something you were never told in the classroom, on television, or in the political arena.




Get Your Copy at Infowars.com

The revised and abridged edition of the deliberate dumbing down of america is the updated and smaller version of Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt's original, now out of print, masterpiece about the American education system. This revised and abridged edition is Internet interactive and allows you to access the abridged material online. Most importantly, it includes a new "Update" chapter which covers the long-planned institutionalization of three new activities that have occurred since the publication of the original book in 1999.

Author Charlotte Iserbyt is the ultimate whistle blower. As former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education, she blew the whistle in the '80s on government activities withheld from the public. Her inside knowledge will help you protect your children from controversial educational methods and programs.

This book is organized as a chronological history of the past 100+ years of education reform. Each chapter takes a period of history and recounts the significant events, including important geopolitical and societal contextual information. Citations from government plans, policy documents, and key writings by leading reformers record the rise of the modern education reform movement. Americans of all ages will welcome this riveting expose of what really happened to what was once the finest education system in the world.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America: Revised and Abridged Edition exposes how American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists. [http://www.infowarsshop.com/The-Deliberate-Dumbing-Down-of-America-Revised-and-Abridged_p_548.html#] It documents the gradual decline of our once academically successful education system into one devoted to training compliant children to be used by government and industry. The successful implementation of this fascist-socialist philosophy of education will spell the end of the American dream of individual freedom and opportunity.

This powerful book will change forever the way you look at your child's education.

The Secret History of Western Education: The Scientific Destruction of Minds

America's Road to Ruin (Download PDF)
Transcript of Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt speaking on the Secret History of Western Education: the Scientific Destruction of Minds



IN PARTS ON THEALEXJONESCHANNEL: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Video production by Alex Jones (PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com)
May 2011; Length 1:14:50.
Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt served as the head of policy at the Department of Education during the first administration of Ronald Reagan. While working there she discovered a long term strategic plan by the tax exempt foundations to transform America from a nation of rugged individualists and problem solvers to a country of servile, brainwashed minions who simply regurgitate whatever they're told. Part one of our exclusive interview with Iserbyt breaks down how conditioning/training under a corporate agenda has replaced traditional education, leading to a deliberate dumbing down of Americans. Iserbyt further explains how Reagan signed agreements merging the U.S. and Soviet systems under the United Nations banner, turning over education and many other areas of public policy to global control. This 74 minute exposé is a must see for anyone who wants to truly know why the education system is deliberately crafted to produce human drones with no critical thinking whose only skills are to be subservient, trust authority and follow orders. Visit Iserbyt's website at http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/

Charlotte Iserbyt  --  Full Interview  --  The Secret History Of Western Education

Charlotte Iserbyt Interview  --  The Secret History Of Western Education (Full Length)

Transcript of Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt speaking on the Secret History of Western Education: the Scientific Destruction of Minds
Download PDF

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt served as the head of policy at the Department of Education during the first administration of [President] Ronald Reagan. While working there she discovered a long-term strategic plan by the tax-free foundations to transform America from a nation of rugged individualists and problem solvers to a country of servile, brainwashed minions who simply regurgitate what- ever they are told. We now present to you the Secret History of Western Education: the Scientific Destruction of Minds.

Onscreen text: On November 25, 1910, Andrew Carnegie established a 10 million dollar endowment to "hasten the abolition of international war, the foulest blot upon our civilization,".

He selected a board of 28 trustees and directed them to use, "the widest discretion as to measures and policies they shall from time to time adopt," in carrying out the purpose of the fund.

In the early 1950s, the Reece Commission led by Norman Dodd, uncovered minutes from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace dated 1910.
Charlotte Iserbyt [reading from Lines of Credit: Ropes of Bondage by Robert H. Goldsborough (Washington Dateline Publishers, Baltimore, Maryland, 1989)]:
The minutes reveal that in 1910 the Carnegie trustees asked themselves this question:

  "Is there any way known to man more effective than war to so alter the life of an entire people?"

For a year the trustees sought an effective "peace- ful" method to "alter the life of an entire people"; but ultimately, they concluded that war was the most effective way to change people.


Iserbyt: World War I  --  horrible [15 million deaths and 20 million wounded]  --  made every other war look like nothing!... They sent a confidential message to President Wilson insisting that the war not be ended too quickly. After the war the Carnegie Endowment trustees reasoned if they could get control of education in the United States, they would be able to prevent a return to the way of life as it had been prior to the war; and they recruited the Rockefeller Foundation to assist in such a monumental task.

Iserbyt: [reading quote from Bertrand Russell's The Impact of Science on Society (Columbia U. Press, 1951)]:
"Education should aim at destroying free will so that pupils thus schooled, will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. . . . Influences of the home are obstructive; and in order to condition students, verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. . . . It is for a future scientist to make these maxims precise and to discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen."

Onscreen clip of a 1930s era instructor lecturing teachers:
"Young people cannot be trusted to form their own opinion. It's our job to tell them!"

I had never intended to become involved in the battle that all of us are involved in. I had no idea anything was wrong with the way the country was going as I was growing up. Even during my foreign service experience [I was basically unaware of the strange direction in which our nation was being directed] I found myself mysteriously  --  (I would say the good Lord works in wondrous ways)  --  being put in spots, around the world or in my country, where extraordinary things were taking place under the guise of "change." We've all heard that so much; from the Obama administration, Bill Clinton  --  he was the first one to mention "change agents," etc. For some reason I was plucked out. I found myself being sort of pushed.

My name is Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. My maiden name is Thomson. My husband, who I want to give great credit to at this point, was Belgian, from the Flemish part of Belgium. I met him  --  I'll explain that later  --  in Europe when I was working at the Embassy in Brussels. Without my late husband's help throughout the last [40] years, certainly when we came back to Maine [in 1970], my work never would have happened . . . He had been highly educated in Europe and he understood the whole plan! In fact, about five years after we had come back to the United States someone gave me Gary Allen's book None Dare Call It Conspiracy. I was on the school board [in Camden, Maine] and this lady called me. She loved the work I was doing on the school board




The Globalist Agenda - Education.htm
Education & History
Research for Yourself...
    The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt (PDF)
Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education, blew the whistle in the '80s on government activities withheld from the public. Her inside knowledge will help you protect your children from controversial methods and programs. Visit author's website and buy a hardcopy of the book.     
    Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto
As John Taylor Gatto explains the secret of American schooling is that it doesn't teach the way children learn and it isn't supposed to. It took seven years of reading and reflection to finally figure out that mass schooling of the young by force was a creation of the four great coal powers of the nineteenth century. Nearly one hundred years later, on April 11, 1933, Max Mason, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, announced to insiders that a comprehensive national program was underway to allow, in Mason's words, "the control of human behavior."          
    Who Controls Our Children?
While parents, schools, provinces and states across North America bicker about the democratic process of running public schools, forces are manipulating education from behind the scenes. Major international players are reshaping public education to suit their own self-serving agendas, without regard for the wants of parents and the welfare of their children. This video lecture by Peg Luksik documents how today's educational system dumb down kids deliberately, making zombie-like people who don't ask any questions but just follow orders. Also see her book "Outcome Based Education: The State's Assault on Our Children's Values".          
    America BC by Barry Fell
Barry Fell's book on ancient settlers in the new world prior to Columbus.          
    Forbidden Archealogy by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson
Over the past two centuries researchers have found bones and artifacts showing that people like ourselves existed on earth millions of years ago. But the scientific establishment has ignored these remarkable facts because they contradict the dominant views of human origins and antiquity. Cremo and Thompson challenge us to rethink our understanding of human origins, identity, and destiny. Forbidden Archeology takes on one of the most fundamental components of the modern scientific world view, and invites us to take a courageous first step towards a new perspective.          
    Brain Washing 101
Brainwashing 101 is a provocative short documentary (46 minutes) showing how university faculty and administrators use tools such as "speech codes" to force their political views upon students. In this cutting expose, documentary filmmakers Maloney, Browning and Greenberg shine a light on political correctness, academic bias, student censorship--even administrative cover-ups of death threats--at three schools: Bucknell University, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly).

Elite Belief System / Values
Social Darwinism / Elitism
The elite believe they are a more advanced form of human. In order to justify their belief they grafted Darwin's theories of biological evolution onto social organization to create Social Darwinism. Over the centuries they have referred to the public variously as cattle, sheep and "its" (as Plato did in The Republic) and Social Darwinism is merely the modern expression of this attitude and their elitist belief system. Under this belief system only those that have proven their worth over many generations of dominance and control are worthy of entrance into high elite circles.
Eugenics / Selective Breeding
The elite throughout history in support of belief in their own superiority over the common person have practiced interbreeding among themselves. They do this to preserve intelligence, love of power and above all the ruthlessness and willingness to kill as required. They still practice this today. Also, along similar lines they believe in and practice of eugenics on the public to control the population and to make them more docile, controlled, stupid and compliant. Having been exposed by Hitler's atrocities the elite went underground - for example by renaming Eugenics Quarterly to Social Biology in 1969.
Psychopathy Among Elites
This is not a belief but more of an sobering fact that must be considered when evaluating the values and actions of the elite. It has been well established, as shown by Andrew Lobaczewski in his book "Political Ponerology" & cell phone spy, that the elite and those that are most capable of rising to the top of a system based on money are psychopathic. This includes leaders in all centers of power including business and politics. As psychopaths they have no conscience, lust for power and control and are literally capable of anything.
The Ends Justify the Means
Because the elite truly believe that the ends justifies the means and the fact that they are for the most part psychopathic, they have absolutely no problem lying to the public. This is also known as the ethics of war where the only morally abhorrant act is losing.
Mystery Religions / Occult
As hard as it is to imagine, the elite practice a form of pagan religion based on the mystery school religions of Sumer and Babylon under which they seek to achieve godhood. Equally important is the use of religion to control the masses and to that end they create exoteric (visible) religions for the masses while embedding in those religions esoteric (hidden) meanings that only those that and enlighted, or illumined as they call it, are able to understand. Consequently, the ancient symbols used thousands of years ago can still be seen in religion, business and the media today.
Collectivism as Social Control
After experimenting for hundreds of years with different forms of social organization, the elite have concluded that collectivism is the best form of social control. For this reason, and according to the United Nations, totalitarian China is considered the model state for the future.
The elite have long viewed a rising population as a threat to their dominance. They realized that eventually a large number of people will inevitably overthrow and remove them from power. They are particularly concerned with the middle class whose intelligence and capacity to organize makes them the biggest threat. Consequently, the elite plan to destroy the middle class and make all the of public equally poor and thus incapable of rebelling. As written on the Georgia Guidestones, they want a global population of just 500 million. This means 6+ billion people must die over the coming century.
Multi-generational Planning
The evolution of society is not something the elite can leave to chance since society could evolve in thousands of different and unpredictable ways. If they were ever to allow this they might lose their control and dominance over us. In order to continue their position as the dominant minority, they plan decades and even centuries in advance.
Revelation of the Method
The elite's do tell us through their books and publications, movies and news releases what they are doing - this is called Revelation of the Method. If you are too stupid to recognize it for what it is that is your problem from their point of view. It is a form of ritual mocking of the victim.

Who Are The Globalists?
Simply put, the globalist movement is an alliance based on self-interest of the private international financiers and the royal, dynastic and hereditary land owning families of Britain, Europe and America which over the years have intermarried to create a self regenerating power structure that through lies and deception seeks to control everything and everyone on earth. Through their control of the ability to create money, they are able to exercise control over all the power centers of society including the corporations, the media, culture creation, the educational system, the historical societies, the political system, the military, religion, foundations and other NGOs, medicine, and law. Over time they have extended their network of control to include elites from countries all over the world working towards the same end.
Their structure has been illustrated in a variety of different ways by different researchers.
But of course it's never a simple matter. Many of those involved are not privy to the inner workings and aims of the core group, rather they think they have power but in reality only play their part as unwitting dupes to enact the real aims of the elites at the heart of the movement. Think of it as rings within rings within rings with only those at the very center understandings its true aims and intent.
Long time researcher into the globalists, their roots and agenda, is G. Edward Griffin. His presentation given at the University of Texas on April 29, 2008 titled "The Quigley Formula - A Conspiratorial View of History as Explained by the Conspirators Themselves" provides a valuable insight into the elite's plan for continued domination. This discussion is by no means the end all be all in understanding the elite but is a necessary and vital primer on the history and goals of the elite.     
Of course, it is important to recognize that this conspiracy of the elite at war with the public is nothing new. In fact, it is thousands of years old. The elite have always sought to advance themselves and enslave the people whom they rule. Sadly, today is no different in that respect.
There are, however, a number of very important distinctions between now and then. First, they are much better organized today than they have been in the past as you shall discover. Second, they have and are using advanced psychological/propaganda techniques which they are applying through the mass media (culture creation - TV, radio, video games, music, fashion) and the educational system. Third, the elite now have an arsenal of technology far more advanced than they tell the general public that they are using covertly and will use more overtly in the future to attempt to ensure their dominance. And fourth and finally, given the psychological and technological means and methods at their disposal as they now seek their utopia which, if we don't stop them, will result in the complete enslavement of humanity over the coming decades once and for all (at least for those of us who unlike them have a conscience). If they are successful, there will be no turning back as they will eliminate those who do not serve them and the state and replace us with new improved genetically engineered servants.
To fully recognize who they are and what their goals are requires an extensive study of history and everyone is encourage to read their books and do your own research on all topics discussed. On this website we seek to expose them by referencing their own works and those of tireless researchers over the past several decades so that you might come to understand more fully the world in which you live and that you might come to break the conditioning provided by these social engineers and envision for yourself a very different possible world.


How False Flags Are Used To Distract The American People

Shapiro: Media outlets acting as propaganda arm for Hamas

Mainstream Media Admits FBI Groomed Terrorist for 4th of July Attack, Gave Him Supplies
Cleveland, Ohio -- An innocent man is now facing terrorism charges after he was caught plotting a bombing at a Fourth of July celebration and then arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The only problem is that the plot was created by undercover FBI agents, who convinced the man to agree to a role in the plan, and then provided him with supplies...

Secret US 2006 Gov't Document Reveals Plan To Destabilize Syria By Using Extremists, Muslim Brotherhood, Elections

sca payne
1 month ago
Like anybody with a brain actually believes Assad would crudely gas attack his own people when they have all but wiped out ISIS? And especially knowing that this would only prompt more "retaliation" air strikes from the "Allies"Was there even a gas attack? Or just more fake news.  What immediately proceeded this affair ?  Oh yeah,  Trump saying he wanted to pull the troops out of Syria.  Cant have that.  At the end of the day the whole Syria conflict is easy to understand.  They want to build a pipeline from the middle east through Syria and Assad said no..  So they want regime change to depose and replace him with a yes man they control.?

Chris Henson
1 month ago
Fox reporting it now when we knew years ago obama/mcain and many others funded and armed terrorists.?
Blaming Conservatives For Capital Gazette Shooting Is The Latest Democrat False Narrative
To the liberal media, no tragedy is too recent, heartbreaking, or close to home to exploit  --  even before all the facts are known.
Yesterday's tragic shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, MD horrified the country. Such senseless violence and loss of life is always devastating and has no place in a civilized society.
To the liberal media, however, this tragedy seemed to be the perfect time to push their leftist agenda and cast President Trump  --  rather than the shooter  --  as the villain. Once the facts were revealed, it became clear that their assumptions were completely wrong.
Almost immediately after the shooting was reported, liberal commentators blamed the President due to his previous critiques of the press.
Rob Cox, a global editor for Reuters, tweeted after the shooting, "This is what happens when @realDonaldTrump calls journalists the enemy of the people. Blood is on your hands, Mr. President. Save your thoughts and prayers for your empty soul."
CNN Legal Analyst Asha Rangappa also blamed President Trump's comments on the press for the deranged gunman's actions. She stated, "I think it's worth pointing out that we've had a constant rhetoric coming even from the President that the press is the enemy of the people, that's been repeated constantly, and I think it's worth noting if there is a link here that the publication was being targeted that that kind of rhetoric can be very dangerous in these times."
It was eventually revealed that the shooter had long been at odds with the Capital Gazette following a defamation suit in 2011 and had been harassing the paper's staff for years. The horror in Annapolis had nothing to do with the President or his contentious relationship with the press.
The liberal media's attempts to exploit such a tragedy are contemptible and, ultimately, only expose their own radical agenda.
We must continue to call out the media for liberal bias and hold them accountable.
For now, we must try to honor the dead and see that justice is served. We hope that as this story continues to develop, the media will choose to report with dignity and honesty.
 --  The MRC Action Team

Mainely Unspoken "Dumbing Down of Schools" with Charlotte Iserbyt

5) The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto (Hour 5 + Closing and Credits)

Jeff & Jon Rappoport - The Psychiatric Destruction Of America
Jeff Rense

Jon Rappoport: Number One Mind Control Program At US Colleges

James Corbett Interview : Anatomy of the New World Order

Alex Jones Breaks Down The Elite's War Against Humanity

How to Defeat the New World Order by Jon Rappoport

Who Runs The World and What Can We Do About It  --  Jon Rappaport

Mind Control | Jon Rappoport

MK-Ultra Documentary: Techniques, Celebrities & more!

History... Interview w/ Jon Rappoport "How to Analyze News from Watergate to Benghazi"
Jon Rappoport is an investigative journalist, author and publisher of the web site http://www.nomorefakenews.com/ He has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health. Although his main focus over these years has been the power of the imagination and creativity, he is most often cited and interviewed on conspiracies and global elites. In this interview, we discuss illusions within the matrix and the manufacturing of "reality" by the priest class, politicians and kings. Jon says the formulas of control are old, but underneath is the replacement of the imagination. Then, we focus on the power of the individual, creative artist who taps into something beyond the matrix. The artist opposes the trend of the collective. Jon discusses the absurd idea of a rainbow philosophy that pretends to include everyone but the artist knows that all such harmonies wear out and are eventually co-opted to produce mass hypnosis. We'll discuss the collective in its various guises and how it seeks to swallow up people and sweep away resistance. Later, Jon speaks about family programming and anti-self messages coming out of Hollywood. The path of the self is one that is viewed as a dangerous path; it is one to be fixed with drugs and psychiatry. Jon addresses the real power of the one apart from the group, free of mind control but operating within his/her own reality. It is the artist who destroys the matrix over and over. From this perspective, Jon gives his vision of the future, despite the collective and manufactured realities by matrix insiders. Red Ice Creations presents Radio 3Fourteen, a bi-weekly audio program hosted by Lana Lokteff, featuring wide ranging conversations from music to metaphysics.

Part 1: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government
Part 2: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer, Exposes Shadow Government

You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth

Why Interracial Relationships Are Pushed On White Women

Do White Lives Matter?

Boil the Frog Slowly with Jon Rappoport

Ben Shapiro: Follow These 10 Rules When Debating Leftists

Why Blacks Riot

The Plot to Flood Europe with 200 Million Africans [who are not coming from the US-created and sponsored war in "Syria", and put them on welfare so we have to support them for multiple generations]

Mainstream Media Admits FBI Groomed Terrorist for 4th of July Attack, Gave Him Supplies
Cleveland, Ohio -- An innocent man is now facing terrorism charges after he was caught plotting a bombing at a Fourth of July celebration and then arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The only problem is that the plot was created by undercover FBI agents, who convinced the man to agree to a role in the plan, and then provided him with supplies...

Secret US 2006 Gov't Document Reveals Plan To Destabilize Syria By Using Extremists, Muslim Brotherhood, Elections

White Genocide Explained

Outlawing White Neighborhoods & Freedom of Association

No Whites Allowed: Evergreen College's Anti-White Policy
Mark Collett
Last year when Evergreen State College held a 'day of presence' -- essentially a day that banned white students from the college -- the campus descended into anarchy. White students were physically held hostage as gangs roamed the campus chanting 'black power' and anti-white racial slurs. But a year on, what have been the repercussions from this 'day of presence'?
White Genocide Explained
My book, The Fall of Western Man is now available. It is available as a FREE eBook and also in hardback and paperback editions.
The Official Website:
FREE eBook download:
Hardback Edition:
Paperback Edition:

South Africa's Farm Murders: Jeanine's Story

Smart Congresswoman EDUCATES Mark Zuckerberg Like A Child When He Can't Answer A Basic Questions
Democratic representative Kathy Castor of Florida pushed Zuck hard on the various ways that Facebook collects data on both users and non-users.

The Suicide of Europe

Stealth Invasion
Learn about Islam's plan to Conquer America and the West
MUSLIMS WIDELY SUPPORT ISIS - Shocking Numbers from several global studies:
*  Pew Poll: Between 63 Million and 287 Million ISIS Supporters in Just 11 Countries
*  81% Of Al Jazeera Arabic Poll Respondents Support Islamic State
*  80% of London Muslims Support ISIS
*  Poll of U.S. Muslims Reveals Ominous Levels Of Support For Shariah, Jihad
*  Western Muslims Express Solidarity with Islamic State Caliphate (ISIS)

Facing Islam Blog: Islam's Conflict With Western Values & Human Rights

Facing Islam Blog FBI now investigating 1,000 Islamic State-related jihad threats in all 50 states
Some recent arrests and news stories underscore how serious and widespread the Muslim jihad terror threat is, including from so-called 'refugees'.
Most recent news stories at top.  --  And this list only dates back two weeks!...

The Muslim Refugee Rape Epidemic: Coming to America? | Michelle Malkin Investigates
Watch more Michelle Malkin Investigates now with a FREE trial of CRTV: https://get.crtv.com/malkin/
Witness the disturbing trend of rape gangs ruling the streets of Germany. This is Germany's experience with immigrants who refuse to assimilate, and it's spreading throughout Europe, thanks to the policies of leftists who are more concerned about their image than the safety of their citizens. And Europe's problems are coming to America.

Smart Guest Had Enough Of Whoopi Goldberg's RACE-BAITING, SHUTS her DOWN Completely

UK Lord Asks If Mosques Will Be Monitored For "Hate Speech" - Gets Threatened With "Hate Speech" Prosecution For Asking
So the question of whether the government will monitor the mosques for "hate speech" is thrust aside, and Pearson is threatened for his "Islamophobia."

A chronicle of a society in its death throes: Lord Pearson asks if "Her Majesty's Government whether, in pursuit of their anti-terrorism strategy," will "require preaching in mosques and teaching in madrassas in England and Wales to be monitored for hate speech against non-Muslims."

In response, the Muslim Baroness Warsi issues a warning: "I shall be really careful how I phrase this with reference to the original Question. Could I ask Her Majesty's Government whether, in pursuit of their antiterrorism strategy, they will require preaching in the form of Oral Questions and debate in your Lordships' House to be monitored for hate speech and Islamophobia against Muslims?"

So the question of whether the government will monitor the mosques for "hate speech" is thrust aside, and Pearson is threatened for his "Islamophobia." Everyone present except for Lord Pearson appears to assume that all the mosques in the UK teach peace and brotherhood, and that this should not be questioned. It would be "indiscreet" to question it, as Lord Bourne says: "I agree with [Baroness Warsi] about the importance of people in this House exercising discretion -- of course, within the bounds of free speech -- about what they say."

Within the bounds of free speech? Free speech properly understood has no bounds except actual incitement to violence and approval of criminal activity. If questions cannot even be asked about actual and serious national security issues, then there is no freedom of speech in Britain, and as a free society, it is finished.

"Anti-terrorism: Hate Speech," Parliament.uk, June 27, 2018 (thanks to O.):

  3.06 pm
  Asked by
  Lord Pearson of Rannoch

  To ask Her Majesty's Government whether, in pursuit of their anti-terrorism strategy, they will require preaching in mosques and teaching in madrassas in England and Wales to be monitored for hate speech against non-Muslims.

  The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and Wales Office (Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth) (Con)

  My Lords, it is just a year since the Finsbury Park terror attack on the mosque, and I am reminded how the Muslim community acted then -- with dignity, determination and compassion -- as no doubt the noble Lord is also so reminded. Our Government are clear on our strong objective to tackle hate crime. Free speech and freedom of belief are fundamental principles of our society. The Government have no plans to require monitoring of preaching in mosques or in any other faith institution.

  Lord Pearson of Rannoch (UKIP)

  My Lords, I am grateful to the noble Lord for that reply, but I fear that it underestimates the problem because the Government must know that hatred of us kuffar is central to radical Islam, that it is being taught in our mosques and madrassas, and that their own Behavioural Insights Team has said that their present policies are failing. Should not the Government get real by requiring all such teaching to be in English, as soon as possible, and by insisting on far greater collaboration from our peaceful Muslim friends in the meantime? After all, they know what is going on. And will the Government please stop using the word "Islamophobia", because it is surely reasonable and not at all phobic to fear the world's most violent ideology, from which indeed most hate speech now comes?

  Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth

  My Lords, first, the Government are committed to tackling Islamophobia. Secondly, perhaps I could tell the noble Lord of two recent visits I have made in relation to faith institutions. One was to a mosque in Manchester: an excellent mosque in Gorton, where Jews and Christians were welcomed for a great iftar. It was a true expression of British Muslim activity. Similarly, the previous day I visited the Manchester Islamic High School for Girls, where the opening words from the headmistress were on how proud she was to be British -- but she was also proud to be Muslim.

  Baroness Warsi (Con)

  My Lords, I do not like to read, but I shall be really careful how I phrase this with reference to the original Question. Could I ask Her Majesty's Government whether, in pursuit of their ?antiterrorism strategy, they will require preaching in the form of Oral Questions and debate in your Lordships' House to be monitored for hate speech and Islamophobia against Muslims? Does the Minister agree that Tommy Robinson, who has, to much disgust, been hosted in your Lordships' House for tea and lunch but is now serving time in, I believe, Her Majesty's Prison Hull, is now in a more appropriate place for someone who thinks, speaks, preaches and conducts himself as he does?

  Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth

  My Lords, my noble friend makes some powerful points, and I pay tribute to what she does in this regard. First, I agree with her about the importance of people in this House exercising discretion -- of course, within the bounds of free speech -- about what they say. Secondly, I am aware that Tommy Robinson is in Her Majesty's Prison Hull, and I was aware that he was hosted here recently. I was recently in Hull myself, not on prison visits but on faith visits....

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

Mainstream Media Admits FBI Groomed Terrorist for 4th of July Attack, Gave Him Supplies
Cleveland, Ohio -- An innocent man is now facing terrorism charges after he was caught plotting a bombing at a Fourth of July celebration and then arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The only problem is that the plot was created by undercover FBI agents, who convinced the man to agree to a role in the plan, and then provided him with supplies...

Secret US 2006 Gov't Document Reveals Plan To Destabilize Syria By Using Extremists, Muslim Brotherhood, Elections

Subject: Block Support of Jihadists in Syria

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition strongly urges you to do all in your power to counter the reckless calls for sending aid -- either military or humanitarian -- to the jihadists "rebels" who are being paid by the Saudi and Qatar governments to overthrow the secular government of Syria. There is solid evidence that many of these jihadists have previously fought against American forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many of the jihad fighters in Syria are from Libya, Jordan, Egypt and even Chechnya. These are criminals and murderers, not revolutionaries. One American jihadist in Syria is wanted as a felon in Florida.

Horrid atrocities are being committed by these "rebel" jihadist forces supported by President Barack Obama and by European leaders. Their actions include mass murder of captured Syrian soldiers, beheading of civilians and beatings of women. Christians, who represent more than 10% of the Syria population, have been directly targeted by the "rebel" forces. Christian areas of cities have been looted, Christian men murdered and Christian women raped, all in the name of jihad. This is not a democratic revolution and will create a more dangerous version of Afghanistan.

There is no grand purpose served in training and equipping jihadist fighters anywhere in the world at any time. When this was done in the past under the Carter and Reagan Administrations to fight our then "main enemy," the Soviet Union, in Afghanistan the result led to two jihadist attacks on the World Trade Center. With our nation deeply in debt we should not be supplying aid to jihadist fighters who will in time use the weapons and training to attack "infidel" Americans. Please stop the madness of supporting jihadist fighters anywhere in the world for any cause with American tax dollars.

International Community Ignores Genocide of Christians in Nigeria
by Raymond Ibrahim *  July 8, 2018 at 5:00 am
July 8, 2018 at 5:00 am

  This brings the death toll of Christians to more than 6,000 since the start of 2018.

  "The Islamists of northern Nigeria seem determined to turn Nigeria into an Islamic Sultanate and replace Liberal Democracy with Sharia as the National Ideology. The object of course, is to supplant the Constitution with Sharia as the source of legislation."  --  National Christian Elders Forum, a wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria.

  The Nigerian government and the international community, however, have from the start done little to address the situation. This lack of participation is not surprising: they cannot even acknowledge its roots, namely, the intolerant ideology of jihad.

In what the Christian Association of Nigeria is calling a "pure genocide," 238 more Christians were killed and churches desecrated by Muslims last week in the west African nation. This brings the death toll of Christians to more than 6,000 since the start of 2018.

According to a joint statement by the Christian Association, an umbrella group of various Christian denominations, "There is no doubt that the sole purpose of these attacks is aimed at ethnic cleansing, land grabbing and forceful ejection of the Christian natives from their ancestral land and heritage."

The statement condemned the recent attacks, "where over 200 persons were brutally killed and our churches destroyed without any intervention from security agencies in spite of several distress calls made to them."

The statement adds that the majority of those 6,000 Christians massacred this year were "mostly children, women and the aged... What is happening in ... Nigeria is pure genocide and must be stopped immediately."

The details of the murder of these thousands, though seldom reported, are often grisly; many were either hacked to death or beheaded with machetes; others were burned alive (including inside locked churches or homes); and women are often sexually assaulted or raped before being slaughtered.

Both the Nigerian government and the U.S. government have long sought to present this protracted jihad as territorial clashes between the haves (apparently always Christians) and haves-not (apparently always Muslims).

In 2012, for instance, President Bill Clinton said [https://newsone.com/1872805/bill-clinton-says-poverty-is-fueling-violence-in-nigeria/] that "inequality" and "poverty" are "what's fueling all this stuff" (the "stuff" being a reference to the ongoing Muslim slaughter of Christians in Nigeria). Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Johnnie Carson, said [http://cnsnews.com/news/article/religion-not-driving-extremist-violence-nigeria-says-obama-official-after-church] after an Easter Day bombing in 2012 of a Nigerian church left 39 worshippers dead, "I want to take this opportunity to stress one key point and that is that religion is not driving extremist violence". The Obama administration reportedly agreed [http://www.wnd.com/2012/05/obama-slaughter-of-christians-a-misunderstanding/] to spend $600 million in a USAID initiative launched to ascertain the "true causes" of unrest and violence in Nigeria -- which naturally lay in the socio-economic, supposedly never the religious, realm.

In its recent statement, [https://viewpointnigeria.com/stop-this-senseless-and-bloodshedding-in-the-middlebelt-can-tells-buhari/] however, the Christian Association of Nigeria denied these claims. After saying that those responsible for slaughtering Christians are always allowed to "go scot free" by the Nigerian government -- which further portrays the attacks as "farmers/herdsmen clashes" -- it inquired:

  "How can it be a clash when one group [Muslims] is persistently attacking, killing, maiming, [and] destroying, and the other group [Christians] is persistently being killed, maimed and their places of worship destroyed? How can it be a clash when the herdsmen are hunting farmers in their own villages/communities and farmers are running for their lives?"

On May 2, the National Christian Elders Forum -- a wing of the Christian Association, the members of which average the age of 75 and come from Nigeria's six geopolitical zones -- met with the British High Commission in an effort to receive support. (Days before the meeting, around 30 Muslim herdsmen had stormed a church during early morning Mass and murdered [https://www.yahoo.com/news/eighteen-killed-nigerian-church-suspected-herdsmen-183041526.html] nearly 20 parishioners and two clergymen.) The group's executive summary of issues [http://canng.org/news-and-events/news/174-jihad-in-nigeria-ncef-meets-british-government] included:

  It is clear to the Christian Elders that JIHAD has been launched in Nigeria by the Islamists of northern Nigeria led by the Fulani ethnic group [the "herdsmen"]. This Jihad is based on the Doctrine of Hate taught in Mosques and Islamic Madrasas in northern Nigeria as well as the supremacist ideology of the Fulani. Using both conventional (violent) Jihad, and stealth (civilization) Jihad, the Islamists of northern Nigeria seem determined to turn Nigeria into an Islamic Sultanate and replace Liberal Democracy with Sharia as the National Ideology. The object of course, is to supplant the Constitution with Sharia as the source of legislation. The current 1999 Constitution is plagued with dual conflicting ideology of Democracy and Sharia. There are certain values which are non-negotiable in a pluralistic society and it seems the advocates of the Caliphate do not respect this. A dual-ideology-driven Nigeria cannot be the Nigeria of our dream. We want a Nigeria, where citizens are treated equally before the law at all levels.... Bearing in mind that Christians constitute over 50% of the Nigerian population, the goal of the Islamists is bound to create serious conflicts which if not checked is capable of escalating into another civil war. Already, the Islamists are murdering Christians with impunity and destroying vulnerable Christian places of worship and communities at an alarming and inhuman rate.

That 6,000 Christians, "mostly children, women and the aged," have been butchered in just the first six months of this year is a reminder of how violence only escalates when left unchecked. That is the story of the Muslim persecution of Christians in Nigeria.

It took three times as long (a year-and-a-half, between December 2013 to July 2015), for example, for the same Muslim herdsmen to slaughter a total of 1,484 Christians (532 men, 507 women, and 445 children), critically wound 2,388 Christians (1,069 men, 817 women, and 502 children), and burn or destroy 171 churches.

The Nigerian government and the international community, however, have from the start done little to address the situation. This lack of participation is not surprising: they cannot even acknowledge its roots, namely, the intolerant ideology of jihad. As a result, the death toll of Christians has only risen -- and will likely continue to grow exponentially -- until such time that this reality is not only acknowledged but addressed.

The governor of Nigeria's Anambra State, Willie Obiano (center), visits a wounded survivor of a deadly attack on St. Philip Catholic Church in Ozubulu, August 11, 2017. (Image source: Channels TV video screenshot)

  Raymond Ibrahim is the author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam's New War on Christians (published by Regnery with Gatestone Institute, April 2013).
Forget what the history textbooks told you about martyrdom being a thing of the past. Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered today.

Raymond Ibrahim unveils the shocking truth about Christians in the Muslim world. Believers in Jesus Christ suffer oppression and are massacred at the hands of radicals for worshipping and spreading the gospel of the Lord.

Discover the true-life stories that the media won't report in Ibrahim's Crucified Again: Exposing Islam's New War on Christians.


Ethnic cleansing of Christians in central Nigeria too?

The aftermath of a suicide bombing in Kano State, northern Nigeria.

World Watch Monitor

Everyone has heard of the violent atrocities committed by Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria, but Taraba State, in what's called the Middle Belt of the country, is also the scene of severe violence: Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen regularly commit atrocities against indigenous Christian farmers.

An in-depth report suggests that these atrocities against Christians can be described as "ethnic/religious cleansing", with features of "genocide".

The Nigeria Conflict Security Analysis Network (NCSAN) report on this violent conflict (2013 -- 2015) refutes the claim that the conflict is being caused mainly by environmental degradation and migration, and instead points strongly to an Islamist agenda of domination.

The report produces data on different categories of atrocities committed against Christians, and places those data in a historical framework. It reveals that Christians in Taraba State are often confronted with severe violence caused by Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen.

Between Dec. 2013 and July 2015, research showed:

*  1,484 Christians were killed (532 men, 507 women and 445 children).
*  2,388 Christians were injured (1,069 men, 817 women and 502 children).

Besides those killed or displaced, statistics show destruction of 171 churches, 314 houses (including 15 complete family compounds with many houses and other properties), 39 shops and businesses of Christians, as well as many fields, goods and other possessions.

The atrocities have led to many -- mainly Christians -- becoming internalIy displaced (known officially as IDPs).

Taraba State is part of Nigeria's 'Middle Belt', an indeterminate area from Kwara to Adamawa states.

Bunmisimple's Blog

In Taraba State there are 10 IDP camps with an estimated 11,898 IDPs; neighbouring Benue State has six IDP camps hosting about 12,664 Christian IDPs from Taraba State. These IDP camps are provided for by church organisations, cultural associations and civil society groups, in Taraba and Benue states.

Another estimated 10,000 IDPs have settled in villages and towns around the Nigeria-Cameroon border. This adds up to at least 30,000 IDPs. NCSAN reports that while the conflict against Boko Haram continued, "there were no designated camps by the Taraba State government for the displaced Christians". Some argue that "the government's refusal to provide camps was a tactic to conceal from the attention of the world the huge population that had been displaced in the state".

NCSAN clearly states that the data on different categories of violence against Christians by Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen is not complete. The researchers estimate that the information gathered only covers 50% of the total violence committed. The data is incomplete because security reasons limited the areas within Taraba State the researchers could visit, and not everybody they met dared to talk. The report gives no data on violence against Muslims. NCSAN asserts that as far as violence against Muslims is concerned, the researchers have "diligently searched for data, but no one was willing to talk or to share documented information".

  The atrocities committed by the Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen can be, at best, described as ethnic cleansing, and at worst, as genocide.

NCSAN sees four reasons why Christians are being targeted in Taraba State:

*  Promotion of Islam by the further unfolding of the Dan Fodio [an early nineteenth century Islamic teacher] jihad.
*  Islamist domination through traditional institutions.
*  Islamist domination through political control.
*  Islamist domination through attacks by Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen.

NCSAN concludes: "In fact, for many people the atrocities committed by the Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen can be, at best, described as ethnic cleansing, and at worst, as genocide. This is because, from the evidence presented, there is a deliberate and calculated infliction of physical destruction, targeted at particular religious and ethnic groups. Such destruction is supported and driven by a religious supremacist ideology to ensure Islam dominates all aspects of life in Taraba State."

NCSAN concludes that the world is silent, and the killings and other atrocities committed by Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen are being relegated to the background of national and international attention.

An earlier fact-finding mission of NCSAN (completed March 2015) had investigated the non-Boko Haram violence against Christians in the Middle Belt (Benue, Kaduna, Nasarawa and Taraba States), and concluded that a jihad perspective plays a dominant role in the dynamics of the conflict. The March report also highlighted the need to delve deeper into the situation in Taraba State, which is what this report does.

An additional report by Yonas Dembele (August 2015), a World Watch List researcher for Open Doors International, classified the conflict in the Middle Belt as ethnic/religious cleansing. One of Dembele's recommendations was to "urge the UN Human Rights Council to send a Commission of Inquiry to the Middle Belt region".

According to Dembele, "if proof can be given of ethnic cleansing as defined under the international criminal law, appropriate action should be taken, including bringing the perpetrators to justice". This is what this report sets out to do in more detail.

Frans Veerman is the Director of World Watch Research for Open Doors International.

The Abuse of Egypt's Coptic Christians

Germany: 'Decapitating' Freedom of the Press?

Palestinians Beat Female Journalists; World "Sees No Evil"

Is Tariq Ramadan a Victim of French Justice?

Germany: Migration Deal Keeps Merkel in Power, For Now

Europe: "The Vision is an Islamic State"

Iran: The Ayatollah's Promised Paradise
by Amir Taheri *  July 8, 2018 at 4:00 am

  At the time no one could imagine that the dreams we all had for our beloved Khuzestan would become a nightmare. But it has, thanks to four decades of misrule, incompetence, corruption and sheer brutality by the Khomeinist regime.

  When he seized power, [because of the CFR clique sponsored coup of Iran: https://www.thenewamerican.com/culture/history/item/4690-iran-and-the-shah-what-really-happened] Khomeini said in a notorious speech that the Shah had offered Iranians paradise in this world to deprive them of paradise in the next world, boasting that his Islamic Republic will provide both.

  Naturally, we don't know about the next world; but in this world the ayatollah turned a corner of paradise that was Khuzestan into a veritable hell.

In the late 1960s when the concept of "development" and "economic take-off" was all the rage in academic and media circles, [https://www.unicef.org/sowc96/1960s.htm] many experts insisted that the so-called "developing nations" needed to showcase at least part of their territory as a model for progress and an inspiration for modernization.

Being one of those so-called "developing nations" Iran, under the Shah, chose its southwestern province Khuzestan as that showcase.

The choice wasn't difficult. For, Khuzestan was a resource-rich province and already dotted with some of the modern infrastructures that other provinces had to wait a decade or more to acquire. Thanks to the oil industry, Khuzestan was the first province to have a modern electricity generating system and piped water in most of its cities, at least 20 years before the capital Tehran did. The province was also the hub of Iran's sole railway network, the famous Trans-Iranian which connected it to the Caspian Sea via Tehran.

Because the oil industry offered a large number of comparatively well-paid jobs, the province attracted migrants from all over Iran; in fact, apart from Tehran, it was the only part of Iran that served as magnet for young rural Iranians looking for a better life in urban centers.

Thanks to its abundant water resources and fertile plains, Khuzestan was also something of a breadbasket for the rest of the country.

The province was the home of Iran's only navigable river, the mighty Karun, but also embraced other rivers: Karkeh, Jarrahi, Dez, Shush, Ramhormoz, Godar-Lander, Bahmanshir and Khersan among others. No other part of Iran had so many rivers and so much water.

At the time, the world's largest oil refinery, that of Abadan, was located in Khuzestan, which for decades remained the biggest single regional producer of oil in the world.

Before Iran's Islamic Revolution, the world's largest oil refinery, that of Abadan (pictured), was located in Khuzestan, which for decades remained the biggest single regional producer of oil in the world. (Image source: National Iranian Oil Company/Wikimedia Commons)

The 1953 Iranian coup d'état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup d'état, was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favour of strengthening the monarchical rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the United Kingdom and the United States...

August 19, 1953: CIA-assisted coup overthrows government of Iran

CIA admits role in 1953 Iranian coup
Declassified documents describe in detail how US -- with British help -- engineered coup against Mohammad Mosaddeq

Iran and the Shah: What Really Happened

The province also boosted one of the biggest ports of the greater Indian ocean region, at Khorramshahr, an ancient city that had once been the capital of the Khorramites, or Red-Shirt nationalist rebels led by Babak Khorrami. (Because of the red-Shirts, the port city was later known as Muhammarah in Islamic era.)

Khuzestan also had a special status as far as history and culture were concerned. The most important archaeological digs in Western Asia were located there with relics of Chogha-Zanbil, a reminder of the glory that the Elamite Empire been in its time, and of Shusha, the first capital of the Achaemenid Empire, the bas-relief of the Sassanid king Shahpour in Dezful and the remains of 2000-year-old churches in Izeh.

In the 1960s a campaign using the slogan "Go South, Young Man!" encouraged young Iranians to seek their future in Khuzestan, which faced an acute shortage of labor. Their mass arrival transformed the province's traditional agriculture and by the mid-1970s Khuzestan boasted some of the most modern farms in the Middle East.

By the late 1960s Khuzestan was also chosen as the nation's future hub for water and energy. David E Lilienthal, the man who had led the largest public sector enterprise in the United States, the Tennessee Valley Authority, was hired to prepare a report. As a cub reporter for the English-language daily Kayhan International, I was assigned to cover his trip and report on his recommendations. In part of the trip we also had as companion of travel The Washington Post's Alfred Friendly, who worked on a series about the developing world's most promising regions from Punjab in India to Porto-Allegre in Brazil and passing by our own Khuzestan.

The idea was to transform Khuzestan into the center of a grand nuclear energy industry that the Shah had launched initially on a modest scale.

Thanks to abundant energy and water resources, Khuzestan quickly attracted other industries besides oil, including iron and steel, petrochemicals, and food processing. The province was also Iran's number-one destination for stay-at-home tourists, especially in winter.

The trip was a delight for me, as Khuzestan was my home province and its capital Ahvaz my place of birth. It was a joy to travel in a province full of optimism and geared to a better future thanks to a population that was younger than the average in Iran and certainly as diverse as imaginable then. Even in smaller towns one could run into people who had come from all over Iran, recognizable thanks to their accents, providing a sharp contrast with other parts of the country where parochialism was the norm.

If I say that for me, in those days, Khuzestan was something of a paradise on earth, you might regard me as a case of affliction by intense nostalgia. You may be right. But that's how many Iranians at the time felt about a province that they regarded as the jewel in the crown of their nationhood.

At the time no one could imagine that the dreams we all had for our beloved Khuzestan would become a nightmare. But it has, thanks to four decades of misrule, incompetence, corruption and sheer brutality by the Khomeinist regime.

Because of lack of investment and a breakdown in maintenance services, many of Khuzestan's oilfields are either producing below capacity or have been phased out of production altogether. Some fields, once among the biggest in the world, are now scripted into total production as minor players. Today, Khuzestan produces less than 20 per cent of the oil it did in 1977. Most of the province's rivers, including the might Karun, are already dead or in the process of dying, as victims of ill-thought hydroelectric projects and rampant pollution.

Khorramshahr is now a ghost town with just 60 per cent of the population it had 40 years ago.

Khuzestan has become a net importer of food and a massive exporter of population to other parts of Iran. By some estimates, the province also has the lowest birthrate and in the country.

Last week, the government declared the province to be in "total crisis" with large numbers of people facing death caused by pollution, lack of water and power, and epidemics caused by lack of public hygiene structures.

Unable to cope with the "emergency situation," the committee charged with managing "the crisis declared the province closed for three days a week as temperatures rose to 50 Celsius.

"Khuzestan is shut down," said Kiyamarth Haji-Zadeh, the man in charge of "the crisis" in Ahvaz. "To ration electricity, reduce water consumption, to avoid unfortunate incidents, all economic units, offices, schools, banks and other institutions except fire brigades, police and emergency wards of hospitals will be closed on Wednesdays."

This means a four-day working week for those Khuzestanis who still have a job.

When he seized power, Khomeini said in a notorious speech that the Shah had offered Iranians paradise in this world to deprive them of paradise in the next world, boasting that his Islamic Republic will provide both.

Naturally, we don't know about the next world; but in this world the ayatollah turned a corner of paradise that was Khuzestan into a veritable hell.

  Amir Taheri was the executive editor-in-chief of the daily Kayhan in Iran from 1972 to 1979. He has worked at or written for innumerable publications, published eleven books, and has been a columnist for Asharq Al-Awsat since 1987.

  This article was originally published by Asharq al-Awsat and is reprinted by kind permission of the author.


Iran and the Shah: What Really Happened
Written by James Perloff
Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Americans have been hearing for several years about potential war with Iran. For instance, on September 17, 2006, Time magazine reported, "The U.S. would have to consider military action long before Iran had an actual bomb." On October 10, under the heading "A Chilling Preview of War," Time warned: "As Iran continues to enrich uranium, the U.S. military has issued a 'Prepare to Deploy' order."

In September 2007, US News & World Report stated: "Amid deepening frustration with Iran, calls for shifting Bush administration policy toward military strikes or other stronger actions are intensifying." And in June 2008, President-to-be Barack Obama declared: "The danger from Iran is grave, it is real, and my goal will be to eliminate this threat."

However, suppose a progressive, pro-Western regime ruled Iran, representing no threat? War discussions would be unnecessary. Yet many forget that, until 30 years ago, exactly such a regime led Iran, until it was toppled with the help of the same U.S. foreign policy establishment recently beating war drums.

Meet the Shah

From 1941 until 1979, Iran was ruled by a constitutional monarchy under Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Iran's Shah (king).

Although Iran, also called Persia, was the world's oldest empire, dating back 2,500 years, by 1900 it was floundering. Bandits dominated the land; literacy was one percent; and women, under archaic Islamic dictates, had no rights.

The Shah changed all this. Primarily by using oil-generated wealth, he modernized the nation. He built rural roads, postal services, libraries, and electrical installations. He constructed dams to irrigate Iran's arid land, making the country 90-percent self-sufficient in food production. He established colleges and universities, and at his own expense, set up an educational foundation to train students for Iran's future.

To encourage independent cultivation, the Shah donated 500,000 Crown acres to 25,000 farmers. In 1978, his last full year in power, the average Iranian earned $2,540, compared to $160 25 years earlier. Iran had full employment, requiring foreign workers. The national currency was stable for 15 years, inspiring French economist André Piettre to call Iran a country of "growth without inflation." Although Iran was the world's second largest oil exporter, the Shah planned construction of 18 nuclear power plants. He built an Olympic sports complex and applied to host the 1988 Olympics (an honor eventually assigned Seoul), an achievement unthinkable for other Middle East nations.

Long regarded as a U.S. ally, the Shah was pro-Western and anti-communist, and he was aware that he posed the main barrier to Soviet ambitions in the Middle East. As distinguished foreign-affairs analyst Hilaire du Berrier noted: "He determined to make Iran ... capable of blocking a Russian advance until the West should realize to what extent her own interests were threatened and come to his aid.... It necessitated an army of 250,000 men." The Shah's air force ranked among the world's five best. A voice for stability within the Middle East itself, he favored peace with Israel and supplied the beleaguered state with oil.

On the home front, the Shah protected minorities and permitted non-Muslims to practice their faiths. "All faith," he wrote, "imposes respect upon the beholder." The Shah also brought Iran into the 20th century by granting women equal rights. This was not to accommodate feminism, but to end archaic brutalization.

Yet, at the height of Iran's prosperity, the Shah suddenly became the target of an ignoble campaign led by U.S. and British foreign policy makers. Bolstered by slander in the Western press, these forces, along with Soviet-inspired communist insurgents, and mullahs opposing the Shah's progressiveness, combined to face him with overwhelming opposition. In three years he went from vibrant monarch to exile (on January 16, 1979), and ultimately death, while Iran fell to Ayatollah Khomeini's terror.

Houchang Nahavandi, one of the Shah's ministers and closest advisers, reveals in his book The Last Shah of Iran: "We now know that the idea of deposing the Shah was broached continually, from the mid-seventies on, in the National Security Council in Washington, by Henry Kissinger, whom the Shah thought of as a firm friend."

Kissinger virtually epitomized the American establishment: before acting as Secretary of State under Republicans Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, he had been chief foreign-affairs adviser to Nelson Rockefeller, whom he called "the single most influential person in my life." Jimmy Carter defeated Ford in the 1976 presidential election, but the switch to a Democratic administration did not change the new foreign policy tilt against the Shah. Every presidential administration since Franklin D. Roosevelt's has been dominated by members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the most visible manifestation of the establishment that dictates U.S. foreign policy along internationalist lines. The Carter administration was no exception.

Nahavandi writes:

The alternation of parties does not change the diplomatic orientation of the United States that much. The process of toppling the Shah had been envisaged and initiated in 1974, under a certain Republican administration.... Numerous, published documents and studies bear witness to the fact, even if it was not until the beginning of the Carter administration that the decision was made to take concerted action by evoking problems related to human rights.

The Shah's destruction required assembling a team of diplomatic "hit men." Du Berrier commented:

When the situation was deemed ripe, U.S. Ambassador William Sullivan  --  the man reputed to have toppled the pro-American government of General Phoumi Nosavan in Laos  --  was sent to urge the Shah to get out. In December Mr. George Ball, an instant "authority on Iran," was sent as a follow-up with the same message.

Sullivan (CFR), a career diplomat with no Middle East experience, became our ambassador to Iran in 1977. The Shah recalled:

Whenever I met Sullivan and asked him to confirm these official statements [of American support], he promised he would. But a day or two later he would return, gravely shake his head, and say that he had received "no instructions" and therefore could not comment.... His answer was always the same: I have received no instructions.... This rote answer had been given me since early September [1978] and I would continue to hear it until the day I left the country.

The other key player du Berrier named, George Ball, was a quintessential establishment man: CFR member, Bilderberger, and banker with Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb. The Shah commented: "What was I to make, for example, of the Administration's sudden decision to call former Under Secretary of State George Ball to the White House as an advisor on Iran? I knew that Ball was no friend."

Writes Nahavandi:

George Ball  --  that guru of American diplomacy and prominento of certain think-tanks and pressure groups  --  once paid a long visit to Teheran, where, interestingly, the National Broadcasting Authority placed an office at his disposal. Once installed there, he played host to all the best-known dissidents and gave them encouragement. After he returned to Washington, he made public statements, hostile and insulting to the Sovereign.

Joining the smear was U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, whose role Nahavandi recalled in a 1981 interview:

But we must not forget the venom with which Teddy Kennedy ranted against the Shah, nor that on December 7, 1977, the Kennedy family financed a so-called committee for the defense of liberties and rights of man in Teheran, which was nothing but a headquarters for revolution.
Suddenly, the Shah noted, the U.S. media found him "a despot, an oppressor, a tyrant." Kennedy denounced him for running "one of the most violent regimes in the history of mankind."

At the center of the "human rights" complaints was the Shah's security force, SAVAK. Comparable in its mission to America's FBI, SAVAK was engaged in a deadly struggle against terrorism, most of which was fueled by the bordering USSR, which linked to Iran's internal communist party, the Tudeh. SAVAK, which had only 4,000 employees in 1978, saved many lives by averting several bombing attempts. Its prisons were open for Red Cross inspections, and though unsuccessful attempts were made on the Shah's life, he always pardoned the would-be assassins. Nevertheless, a massive campaign was deployed against him. Within Iran, Islamic fundamentalists, who resented the Shah's progressive pro-Western views, combined with Soviet-sponsored communists to overthrow the Shah. This tandem was "odd" because communism is committed to destroying all religion, which Marx called "the opiate of the masses." The Shah understood that "Islamic Marxism" was an oxymoron, commenting: "Of course the two concepts are irreconcilable  --  unless those who profess Islam do not understand their own religion or pervert it for their own political ends."

For Western TV cameras, protestors in Teheran carried empty coffins, or coffins seized from genuine funerals, proclaiming these were "victims of SAVAK." This deception  --  later admitted by the revolutionaries  --  was necessary because they had no actual martyrs to parade. Another tactic: demonstrators splashed themselves with mercurochrome, claiming SAVAK had bloodied them.

The Western media cooperated. When Carter visited Iran at the end of 1977, the press reported that his departure to Teheran International Airport had been through empty streets, because the city was "all locked up and emptied of people, by order of the SAVAK." What the media didn't mention: Carter chose to depart at 6 a.m., when the streets were naturally empty.

An equally vicious campaign occurred when the Shah and his wife, Empress Farah, came for a state visit to America in November 1977. While touring Williamsburg, Virginia, about 500 Iranian students showed up, enthusiastically applauding. However, about 50 protestors waved hammer-and-sickle red flags. These unlikely Iranians were masked, unable to speak Persian, and some were blonde. The U.S. media focused exclusively on the protesters. Wrote the Shah: "Imagine my amazement the next day when I saw the press had reversed the numbers and wrote that the fifty Shah supporters were lost in a hostile crowd."

On November 16, the Shah and Empress were due to visit Carter. Several thousand Iranian patriots surrounded the White House bearing a huge banner saying "Welcome Shah." However, as Nahavandi reports:

The police kept them as far away as possible, but allowed a small number of opponents [again, masked] to approach the railings ... close to where the Sovereign's helicopter was going to land for the official welcome. At the exact moment, when courtesies were being exchanged on the White House lawn, these people produced sticks and bicycle chains and set upon the others.... Thus, the whole world was allowed to see riotous scenes, on television, as an accompaniment to the arrival of the Imperial Couple.

Terror at Home

Two major events propelled the revolution in Iran. On the afternoon of August 19, 1978, a deliberate fire gutted the Rex Cinema in Abadan, killing 477 people, including many children with their mothers. Blocked exits prevented escape. The police learned that the fire was caused by Ruhollah Khomeini supporters, who fled to Iraq, where the ayatollah was in exile. But the international press blamed the fire on the Shah and his "dreaded SAVAK." Furthermore, the mass murder had been timed to coincide with the Shah's planned celebration of his mother's birthday; it could thus be reported that the royal family danced while Iran wept. Communist-inspired rioting swept Iran.

Foreigners, including Palestinians, appeared in the crowds. Although the media depicted demonstrations as "spontaneous uprisings," professional revolutionaries organized them. Some Iranian students were caught up in it. Here the Shah's generosity backfired. As du Berrier pointed out:

In his desperate need of men capable of handling the sophisticated equipment he was bringing in, the Shah had sent over a hundred thousand students abroad.... Those educated in France and America return indoctrinated by leftist professors and eager to serve as links between comrades abroad and the Communist Party at home.

When the demonstrations turned violent, the government reluctantly invoked martial law. The second dark day was September 8. Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Teheran were ordered to disperse by an army unit. Gunmen  --  many on rooftops  --  fired on the soldiers. The Shah's army fired back. The rooftop snipers then sprayed the crowd. When the tragedy was over, 121 demonstrators and 70 soldiers and police lay dead. Autopsies revealed that most in the crowd had been killed by ammo non-regulation for the army. Nevertheless, the Western press claimed the Shah had massacred his own people.

The Shah, extremely grieved by this incident, and wanting no further bloodshed, gave orders tightly restricting the military. This proved a mistake. Until now, the sight of his elite troops had quieted mobs. The new restraints emboldened revolutionaries, who brazenly insulted soldiers, knowing they could fire only as a last resort.

Khomeini and the Media Cabal

Meanwhile, internationalist forces rallied around a new figure they had chosen to lead Iran: Ruhollah Khomeini. A minor cleric of Indian extraction, Khomeini had denounced the Shah's reforms during the 1960s  --  especially women's rights and land reform for Muslim clerics, many of whom were large landholders. Because his incendiary remarks had contributed to violence and rioting then, he was exiled, living mostly in Iraq, where Iranians largely forgot him until 1978.

A shadowy past followed Khomeini. The 1960s rioting linked to him was financed, in part, by Eastern Bloc intelligence services. He was in the circle of the cleric Kachani Sayed Abolghassem, who had ties to East German intelligence. Furthermore, in 1960, Colonel Michael Goliniewski, second-in-command of Soviet counter-intelligence in Poland, defected to the West. His debriefings exposed so many communist agents that he was honored by a resolution of the U.S. House of Representatives. One report, declassified in 2000, revealed, "Ayatollah Khomeini was one of Moscow's five sources of intelligence at the heart of the Shiite hierarchy."

Nevertheless, as French journalist Dominique Lorenz reported, the Americans, "having picked Khomeini to overthrow the Shah, had to get him out of Iraq, clothe him with respectability and set him up in Paris, a succession of events, which could not have occurred, if the leadership in France had been against it."

In 1978, Khomeini, in Iraq since 1965, was permitted to reside at Neauphle-le-Chteau in France. Two French police squads, along with Algerians and Palestinians, protected him. Nahavandi notes:

Around the small villa occupied by Khomeini, the agents of many of the world's secret services were gathered as thickly as the autumn leaves. The CIA, the MI6, the KGB and the SDECE were all there. The CIA had even rented the house next door. According to most of the published witness-statements, the East Germans were in charge of most of the radio-transmissions; and, on at least one occasion, eight thousand cassettes of the Ayatollah's speeches were sent, directly to Teheran, by diplomatic bag.

Foreign-affairs analyst du Berrier reported:

French services quickly verified that Libya, Iraq and Russia were providing money. Young Iranians, members of the Tudeh (communist) Party, made up Khomeini's secretariat in France. Working in cooperation with the French Communist Party they provided couriers to pass his orders and tapes into Iran. Their sympathizers in Britain turned the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) into a propaganda organ.

Journalists descended in droves on Neauphle-le-Chteau; Khomeini gave 132 interviews in 112 days, receiving easy questions as their media organs became his sounding board. Nahavandi affirms that, within Iran "the Voice of America, the Voice of Israel and, especially, the BBC virtually became the voice of the revolution, moving from criticism, to overt incitement of revolt, and from biased reporting, to outright disinformation."

Khomeini's inflammatory speeches were broadcast; revolutionary songs aired on Iranian radio. One journalist, however, stunned Khomeini by bucking the trend: intelligence expert Pierre de Villemarest, hero of the French Resistance in World War II, anti-communist, and critic of the CFR. Interviewing Khomeini, de Villemarest asked:

How are you going to solve the economic crisis into which you have plunged the country through your agitation of these past few weeks?... And aren't you afraid that when the present regime is destroyed you will be outpaced by a party as tightly-knit and well organized as the [communist] Tudeh?

Khomeini didn't reply. The interpreter stood, saying, "The Ayatollah is tired." De Villemarest registered his concern with the French Ministry of the Interior, but reported, "They told me to occupy myself with something else."

Ending the Shah's Rule

Iran's situation deteriorated. As Western media spurred revolutionaries, riots and strikes paralyzed Iran. The Shah wrote:

At about this time, a new CIA chief was stationed in Teheran. He had been transferred to Iran from a post in Tokyo with no previous experience in Iranian affairs. Why did the U.S. install a man totally ignorant of my country in the midst of such a crisis? I was astonished by the insignificance of the reports he gave me. At one point we spoke of liberalization and I saw a smile spread across his face.

The Carter administration's continuous demand upon the Shah: liberalize. On October 26, 1978, he freed 1,500 prisoners, but increased rioting followed. The Shah commented that "the more I liberalized, the worse the situation in Iran became. Every initiative I took was seen as proof of my own weakness and that of my government." Revolutionaries equated liberalization with appeasement. "My greatest mistake," the Shah recalled, "was in listening to the Americans on matters concerning the internal affairs of my kingdom."

Iran's last hope: its well-trained military could still restore order. The Carter administration realized this. Du Berrier noted: "Air Force General Robert Huyser, deputy commander of U.S. forces in Europe, was sent to pressure Iran's generals into giving in without a fight." "Huyser directly threatened the military with a break in diplomatic relations and a cutoff of arms if they moved to support their monarch."

"It was therefore necessary," the Shah wrote, "to neutralize the Iranian army. It was clearly for this reason that General Huyser had come to Teheran."

Huyser only paid the Shah a cursory visit, but had three meetings with Iran's revolutionary leaders  --  one lasting 10 hours. Huyser, of course, had no authority to interfere with a foreign nation's sovereign affairs.

Prior to execution later by Khomeini, General Amir Hossein Rabbi, commander-in-chief of the Iranian Air Force, stated: "General Huyser threw the Shah out of the country like a dead mouse."

U.S. officials pressed the Shah to leave Iran. He reflected:

You cannot imagine the pressure the Americans were putting on me, and in the end it became an order.... How could I stay when the Americans had sent a general, Huyser, to force me out? How could I stand alone against Henry Precht [the State Department Director for Iran] and the entire State Department?

He finally accepted exile, clinging to the belief that America was still Iran's ally, and that leaving would avert greater bloodshed. These hopes proved illusions.

A factor in the Shah's decision to depart was that  --  unknown to most people  --  he had cancer. U.S. Ambassador William Sullivan (CFR) assured the Shah that, if he exited Iran, America would welcome him. Despite the pleadings of myriad Iranians to stay, he reluctantly left. However, shortly after reaching Cairo, the U.S. ambassador to Egypt effectively informed him that "the government of the United States regrets that it cannot welcome the Shah to American territory."

The betrayed ruler now became "a man without a country."

Iran's Chaotic Descent

On February 1, 1979, with U.S. officials joining the welcoming committee, Ayatollah Khomeini arrived in Iran amid media fanfare. Although counter-demonstrations, some numbering up to 300,000 people, erupted in Iran, the Western press barely mentioned them.

Khomeini had taken power, not by a constitutional process, but violent revolution that ultimately claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Numerous of his opponents were executed, usually without due process, and often after brutal torture. Teheran's police officers  --  loyal to the Shah  --  were slaughtered. At least 1,200 Imperial Army officers, who had been instructed by General Huyser not to resist the revolution, were put to death. Before dying, many exclaimed, "God save the King!" "On February 17," reported du Berrier, "General Huyser faced the first photos of the murdered leaders whose hands he had tied and read the descriptions of their mutilations." At the year's end, the military emasculated and no longer a threat, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. More Iranians were killed during Khomeini's first month in power than in the Shah's 37-year reign. Yet Carter, Ted Kennedy, and the Western media, who had brayed so long about the Shah's alleged "human rights" violations, said nothing. Mass executions and torture elicited no protests. Seeing his country thus destroyed, the exiled Shah raged to an adviser: "Where are the defenders of human rights and democracy now?" Later, the Shah wrote that there was

not a word of protest from American human rights advocates who had been so vocal in denouncing my "tyrannical" regime! It was a sad commentary, I reflected, that the United States, and indeed most Western countries, had adopted a double standard for international morality: anything Marxist, no matter how bloody and base, is acceptable.


The Shah's personal tragedy wasn't over. He stayed briefly in Egypt and Morocco, but did not wish to impose risks on his hosts from Muslim extremists. Eventually he welcomed Mexican President Lopes Portillo's hospitality.

However, in Mexico the Shah received an invitation from CFR Chairman David Rockefeller, who used influence to secure permission for the Shah to come to America for medical treatment. Rockefeller sent a trendy Park Avenue MD to examine the Shah, who agreed  --  against his better judgment  --  to abandon his personal physicians and fly to New York for treatment. In October 1979, he was received at the Rockefeller-founded Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital for cancer treatment. Here the Shah experienced a fateful delay in spleen surgery that some believe accelerated his death.

The Shah's admission to the United States had another outcome. Partly in retribution, on November 4, 1979, Iranians took 52 hostages from the U.S. embassy in Teheran. (According to Nahavandi, Soviet special services assisted them.) This embarrassed Jimmy Carter, who had done so much to destroy the Shah and support Khomeini. The seizure made the Shah a pawn.

While in New York, Mexico inexplicably reversed its welcome, informing the Shah that his return would contravene Mexico's "vital interests." One can only guess at the hidden hands possibly influencing this decision.

Carter faced a dilemma. Iran wanted the Shah's return  --  for a degrading execution  --  in exchange for the American hostages. However, a direct trade might humiliate the United States.

Therefore, Panama was selected as intermediary. Following treatment in New York, the Shah was informed he could no longer remain in America, but Panama would welcome him. In Panama, however, the Shah and Empress were under virtual house arrest; it was apparent that it would only be a matter of time before the Shah would be sent to Iran in exchange for the hostages. A special cage was erected in Teheran. Khomeini's followers envisioned parading him in the streets before final torture and bloody execution.

However, Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian president and the Shah's friend, discerned the scheme, and sent a jet to Panama, which escorted the Shah and Empress safely to Egypt.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi died on July 27, 1980. His last words: "I wait upon Fate, never ceasing to pray for Iran, and for my people. I think only of their suffering." In Cairo, a grand funeral honored him. Three million Egyptians followed the procession.

Anwar Sadat who, like the Shah, advocated a peaceful Middle East, and defied the American establishment by saving the Shah from infamous death, did not survive much longer himself. The following year, Muslim extremists assassinated him under circumstances remaining controversial.

The Issues

Why did the American establishment, defying logic and morality, betray our ally the Shah? Only the perpetrators can answer the question, but a few possibilities should be considered.

Iran ranks second in the world in oil and natural-gas reserves. Energy is critical to world domination, and major oil companies, such as Exxon and British Petroleum, have long exerted behind-the-scenes influence on national policies.

The major oil companies had for years dictated Iranian oil commerce, but the Shah explained:

In 1973 we succeeded in putting a stop, irrevocably, to sixty years of foreign exploitation of Iranian oil-resources.... In 1974, Iran at last took over the management of the entire oil-industry, including the refineries at Abadan and so on.... I am quite convinced that it was from this moment that some very powerful, international interests identified, within Iran, the collusive elements, which they could use to encompass my downfall.

Does this explain the sudden attitude change toward Iran expressed by Henry Kissinger, beginning in the mid-seventies? Kissinger's links to the Rockefellers, whose fortune derived primarily from oil, bolsters the Shah's view on the situation. However, other factors should be considered.

Although the Shah maintained a neutral stance toward Israel, during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, he allowed critical supplies to reach Egypt, enabling it to achieve a balance of success, and earning Sadat's undying gratitude, but wrath from influential Zionists. Did this impact the West's attitude change in the mid-seventies?

We should not overlook that the Shah opposed the powerful opium trade, now flourishing in the Middle East.

Finally, the Shah was a nationalist who brought his country to the brink of greatness and encouraged Middle East peace. These qualities are anathema to those seeking global governance, for strong nations resist membership in world bodies, and war has long been a destabilizing catalyst essential to what globalists call "the new world order."

What is the solution to modern Iran? Before listening to war drums, let us remember:

It was the CFR clique  --  the same establishment entrenched in the Bush and Obama administrations  --  that ousted the Shah, resulting in today's Iran. That establishment also chanted for the six-year-old Iraq War over alleged weapons of mass destruction never found. Therefore, instead of contemplating war with Iran, a nation four times Iraq's size, let us demand that America shed its CFR hierarchy and their interventionist policy that has wrought decades of misery, and adopt a policy of avoiding foreign entanglements, and of minding our own business in international affairs.

Adjective test -- Islamophobia vs. gang rape: Links 1, June 30, 2018
by Eeyore

1. Top 10: from The Rebel

2. France arrests a bunch of people it accuses of being "far right" for planned attacks on "radical mosques and prison converts" Check out who they arrested. These people shjould be given medals and assistance. Not a criminal record.

3. Sick sex attackers grin on CCTV after gang raping sobbing teenage girl in car park before dumping her in city centre

SICK sex attackers were caught grinning on CCTV after they gang-raped a sobbing teenage girl in a car park.

Salih Altun, Sali Amet and Omer Engin submitted their 19-year-old victim to a horrific hour-long ordeal before dumping her on a street in Canterbury, Kent.
Sick sex attackers grin after raping a teenage girl in Canterbury, Kent

  After an hour of raping their victim, the three men left her by a Carluccio's restaurant in Canterbury.

  The girl had been on a night out with her friends when she was targeted by the gang and managed to pick herself up and find them back near the club.

  Altun, Amet and Engin were caught after cops reviewed CCTV in the area and carried out forensic analysis.

  Altun, from Faversham in Kent, admitted two charges of rape and Amet and Engin, one each, at Canterbury Crown Court on May 21. He was sentenced to nine years and nine months.

Let us do a comparative adjective check:

This gang of muslim rapists get called "sick" twice. Once in the headline, and once in teh sub headline.

Now lets look at this story about someone who hung a pigs foot on a mosque somewhere in the UK. Story from the Scottish Sun, so possibly the same company as the story above:


Sick thugs hang pig's trotter from door in racist protest at plans for a Muslim community centre

(So far, arguably racist, sick and thugs for sure)


  Sussex police say they are investigating the incident as a hate crime after it was reported to them.

  A spokesman for the force said: "This was an unpleasant and offensive incident and local enquiries are being carried out."

  They appealed for anyone with information to contact them.

(Hoowee! Anyone would think that hanging a pig's foot on a mosque door was by far the worse crime. It will be interesting to see who gets the bigger jail term, so we know for sure which is.)

Ran out of time... fleshing out tomorrow.

"The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America: Charlotte Iserbyt" (Tragedy & Hope interview)
Don't Fear The Truth
Links to downloadable PDF files of Charlotte Iserbyt's books
1. "The deliberate dumbing down of America"
2. Back to Basics Reform
3. Exposing the Global Road to Ruin (through Education)

Ever wondered why SJW's are everywhere? Do you think its actually something that happened organically? Why is far left propaganda infecting the education system with the goal of breeding brainwashed communist infantalized children?

While serving as the head of policy at the Department of Education during the first administration of Ronald Reagan, Charlotte Iserbyt discovered a long term strategic plan by the tax exempt foundations to transform America from a nation of rugged individualists and problem solvers to a country of servile, brainwashed minions.  --  Full Length Documentary

"Fitche laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. . ." - Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society [1953]

"Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed."
-- Joseph Stalin in an interview with H.G. Wells, 1934

"Education in a scientific society may, I think, be best conceived after the analogy of the education provided by the Jesuits. The Jesuits provided one sort of education for the boys who were to become ordinary men of the world, and another for those who were to become members of the Society of Jesus. In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented. Of these qualities probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play." - Bertrand Russell [part 3, XIV, Education in a Scientific Society p.251]

"...The task before UNESCO... is to help the emergence of a single world culture with its own philosophy and background of ideas and with its own broad purpose. This is opportune, since this the first time in history that the scaffolding and the mechanisms for world unification have become available and also the first time that man has had the means... of laying a world-wide foundation for the minimum physical welfare of the entire human species. And it is necessary, for at the moment, two opposing philosophies of life confront each other from the West and from the East....You may categorize the two philosophies as two super-nationalisms, or as individualism versus collectivism; or as the American versus the Russian way of life, or as capitalism versus communism, or as Christianity versus Marxism." - Julian Huxley, First Director-General of UNESCO, in "UNESCO: Its purpose and Its Philosophy" [pg 62]

13 Families Rule Our Planet Earth
"Know your enemy" [avoid being tricked into class warfare (blacks and whites fighting each other; old vs young; one religion vs another; one gender vs another; etc.) They encourage this so we won't notice what they are doing to further enslave us.]

United Nations/NWO plan to Depopulate the Earth.

Bill Gates says Reduce Population 4 TIMES!! (MUST WATCH)

bill gates,vaccines to kill us to protect the 1%

Bill Gates, " Vaccinate to Depopulate": His Logic Explained
TrutherGirls T-Shirts: http://thetruthergirls.spreadshirt.com/
Bill Gates recently went on record at a TED conference declaring that his foundation's vaccine programs' goals were to reduce the poulation. This has led a lot of people to jump to the conclusion that he was saying his vaccines affect fertility. However, if you look at previous interviews on teh subject, you will see that it's not tat simple and that there is a lot of twisted logic involved. Bottom line: Gates is an admitted depopulationist. Would you trust his intentions when it comes to people's health?
Prison Planet article on Gates, vaccines and depopulation with TED video embedded
"The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent!" [About 1 Billion People!]- Bill Gates
"But I thought about the incidents from the 1990s where the World Health Organization was providing a "tetanus vaccine" to poor girls and women (and just poor girls and women) that contained human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). For those who don't want to delve into that, in short, it was a World Health Organization experiment; a test of a vaccine against pregnancy [given to women to intentionally sterilize them while telling them that it is just a vaccine against to keep them from getting tetanus]."

5 BILLION HUMAN BEINGS TO BE MURDERED -- New World Order :: The Plan Is In Progress RIGHT NOW !!

The NWO will use a virus to depopulate the world!

Bill Gates calls for New World Order, gives finger
In a recent interview in a German magazine, Bill Gates admits he believes the world would be better off with one world government, to the delight of New World Order conspiracy theorists everywhere. Also, Microsoft just released a new middle-finger emoji, ahead of Apple and Android.

BILL GATES WARNS: MILLIONS COULD DIE IN UNDER A YEAR (Does he know something we don't?)

Bill Gates has a warning about deadly [most likely Bioengineered] epidemics

If You Think Your Kid's Vaccines are Safe, DON'T Watch This!

Anti-vaccine doctor under investigation

Anti-Vaccine Doctor Faces Disciplinary Action For Excusing Toddler From Immunization

Former Congressman: Vaccines linked to autism

Doctor behind film that links autism to vaccines speaks out

The Truth About Vaccines Docu-series - Episode 1 | Robert F. Kennedy Jr Interview | Smallpox Vaccine

Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed: "Children Who Are Unvaccinated Are Extremely Healthy"

Autism: 'Absolutely Vaccine Induced'

The Real Reason Aluminum is in Vaccines!
Vaccine Injury Payouts: Taxpayers on the Hook for over $3.8 Billion as Vaccine Makers Rake in Profits

How to Protect Yourself if You are Force-Vaccinated | Holistic Health to Go

Breakthrough in explosive lawsuit against Monsanto
Monsanto under the gun -- Cancer
For decades, the corporate giant concealed what it did and knew. In 1966, Monsanto managers discovered that fish submerged in that creek turned belly-up within 10 seconds, spurting blood and shedding skin as if dunked into boiling water. They told no one: Monsanto: explosive lawsuit breakthrough

This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I've Ever Heard!

Police raid scientists who discovered new vaccine dangers

Government witch hunt to eliminate Monsanto critics

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Information - Diseases and Vaccines - NVIC

Colton Berrett Dies After Being Unable To Cope With His Gardasil HPV Vaccine Injuries -- Collective Evolution

American College of Pediatricians Links HPV Vaccine (Gardasil) To "Very Rare But Serious Condition." -- Collective Evolution

18 More Girls Claim Adverse Reactions To HPV Vaccine: Important Info On Gardasil Parents Don't Hear About -- Collective Evolution

This Mother Wants You To See What An HPV Vaccine Looks Like

Researchers Show Where The Aluminum Travels To In The Body & Stays After Vaccination -- Collective Evolution

New Study Finds A "Wide Range of Devastating Risks" Associated With The HPV Vaccine -- Collective Evolution

Concordia professor condemns HPV vaccine after winning $270K federal grant to study it | National Post

Another Teen Dies After HPV Vaccine -- The Science Speaks For Itself -- Collective Evolution

Effects of Vaccine Adjuvants on Your Brain

Aluminum in Vaccines | A Pediatricians Warning To All Parents - YouTube

The Real Reason Aluminum is in Vaccines! - YouTube

This World Leading Toxicologist CLAIMS Aluminum Found in Vaccinations Killed Millions of Humans - YouTube

Pediatric Murderers Outraged by Billboard -- Do You Know What's in a Vaccine?
A new billboard placed in Perth, Australia has sparked controversy and outraged doctors. A woman is pictured holding texts books with a question next to her asking - Do you know what's in a vaccine? It then provides a link to a radical American anti-vaccination group called "Learn The Risk".
The Australian Medical Association is now calling for the billboard to be pulled down immediately.
It says not only is it a public health risk but it is also misleading and conspiracy theory garbage.
Read more: https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/06/15/14/20/perth-doctors-outraged-over-anti-vaccination-billboard

HPV Vaccine Used as Population Control? - YouTube

Aluminum Used in Vaccines: Dr. Mercola's Interview with Dr. David Ayoub (Part 1 of 5) - YouTube

Adjuvant Opens Blood-Brain Barrier: Is In Our Kids' Vaccine - YouTube

Autism vaccines and infant immunity - YouTube

Vitamin K to newborns - YouTube

Vaccines and autoimmunity - YouTube

Vaccine Additives Linked to Alzheimer's, ADHD, and Autism

Ask 8 Questions Before You Vaccinate -- NVIC

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Unedited footage of CDC admission that vaccines can cause autism - YouTube

CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism - YouTube

What the CDC Won't Tell You About SV40, Polio Vaccines and Cancer - YouTube

Independent journalism investigation reveals the CDC to be hopelessly corrupt when it comes to vaccine safety research

Secret bunker video from CDC captures moments after MMR vaccine confession - YouTube

CDC scandal linked to chickenpox vaccine | NaturalHealth365

Rhode Island Urges Congress to Repeal Law Protecting Big Pharma from Vaccine Injuries and Deaths: Subpoena CDC Whistleblower

Why is the CDC Ignoring Explosion of Recorded HPV Vaccine Injuries, as Other Countries Move to Take Protective Action?

Former CDC Director that Approved Gardasil Vaccine and Became Head of Merck's Vaccine Division Named "Woman of the Year"

CDC director resigns after being caught buying vaccine maker stock

CDC Head Forced to Resign After She's Caught Buying Shares in Vaccine & Big Tobacco Companies

CDC Head Forced to Resign After She's Caught Buying Shares in Vaccine & Big Tobacco Companies

Using Tobacco to Make New Flu Vaccines: Was this Why the CDC Director Resigned?

Gardasil: The Decision We Will Always Regret -- 7 Years Later -- Finding A Long and Never-ending Path to Healing

Science vs. CDC: Is the Flu Vaccine More Dangerous than the Flu?

18 More Girls Claim Adverse Reactions To HPV Vaccine: Important Info On Gardasil Parents Don't Hear About -- Collective Evolution

Aluminium adjuvants and conflict of interest in vaccine matters - YouTube

Vaccines, Adjuvants and Autoimmunity - YouTube



Mushroom Extract Might Eradicate HPV Infection

Effects of Vaccine Adjuvants on Your Brain

Frontiers | Biopersistence and Brain Translocation of Aluminum Adjuvants of Vaccines | Neurology

Exposure to Mercury and Aluminum in Early Life: Developmental Vulnerability as a Modifying Factor in Neurologic and Immunologic Effects

Neurodevelopment of Amazonian children exposed to ethylmercury (from Thimerosal in vaccines) and methylmercury (from fish). - PubMed - NCBI

Abating Mercury Exposure in Young Children Should Include Thimerosal-Free Vaccines. - PubMed - NCBI

Adjuvants and autoimmunity. - PubMed - NCBI

In vivo absorption of aluminium-containing vaccine adjuvants using 26Al. - PubMed - NCBI

A role for the body burden of aluminium in vaccine-associated macrophagic myofasciitis and chronic fatigue syndrome. - PubMed - NCBI

Death and Disability Following HPV Vaccination - Vaccine-injury

Gardasil has been linked to serious side effects including ...

Vaccine Side Effects and Adverse Events | History of Vaccines

Gardasil Lawsuits | Gardasil Paralysis, Seizures

HPV Vaccine - Learn The Risk
Gardasil has been linked to serious side effects including blood clotting, stroke, cardiac arrest and death.... Serious adverse side effects have been reported including Guilliane Barre, lupus, seizures, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis, among others.
HPV vaccines: research now shows that the vaccines have far more risks than benefits
Around the world, people are waking up to the fact that HPV vaccines (brand names: Gardasil or Cervarix) have numerous side effects without real proven benefits. Yet, in the US, some states are now making it mandatory. Doctors and the media, reading off of pharmaceutical press releases, claim this vaccine prevents cancer.
But, in reality, the vaccine has NEVER been proven to prevent one case of cancer. And whether HPV is the true cause of cervical cancer is still up for debate. The risk of getting cervical cancer is 1 in 40,000... [most of which the body clears up on its own, so the actual risk of getting cancer that the body can't clear on its own is much lower than that] yet severe reactions are estimated in 1 in 500 girls...
The World Health Organization (WHO) says the risk of getting cervical cancer is 1 in 40,000 [], with more than 80% of all cases occurring in developing countries without regular PAP smear programs. Yet, during clinical trials in Denmark, it was estimated by the lead trial doctor that Gardasil causes severe, life-altering reactions in 1 in 500 girls (Dr. Mehlsen who heads an independent investigation into the HPV vaccine https://webarchive.oireachtas.ie/parliament/media/committees/healthandchildren/health2015/opening-statement-by-ms.-anna-cannon,-regret.pdf). These girls have ended up with life-debilitating side effects, most ending up in wheelchairs, bed-ridden, with seizures or fainting spells, visual impairment and/or with extreme recurring pain and nerve damage.
The WHO also states the median age of those that come down with cervical cancer is 50 years, while researchers say that the average lifespan of the HPV antibodies produced by the vaccine are 5-8 years. So why is this vaccine being given to teenagers?
Antibodies do not equal immunity...
Research shows the vaccine only creates antibodies, only a partial immune reaction not full immunity. It is well documented that the production of antibodies is, in fact, only a small part of the immune system. Many case reports show those with high antibody levels still getting a virus or illness, while others without antibodies towards a specific illness, do not get it when exposed.
More than 55,000 serious reactions have been reported in the US alone...

Worst vaccine ever? Disease risk soars 44.6 percent
HPV Vaccine Linked to Serious Side Effects, Including Death. ... of Cardiology that also found that there is a link between HPV vaccine and life ...

Oncology Dietitian Exposes Fraud in CDC's HPV Vaccine Effectiveness Study
HPV Vaccine Is Associated with Serious Health Risks - Mercola.com
Only 49 of the 200 claims filed have been compensated for injury or death caused from the (HPV) vaccine. ... to link HPV vaccination to serious ... side effects.
Story at-a-glance
  An oncology dietitian has pointed out significant discrepancies in a new HPV vaccine effectiveness study that claims the vaccine's effectiveness is "high"
  Recent reductions in HPV infection prevalence among young women in the US cannot be said to be due to introduction of Gardasil vaccine in 2006 and use of HPV vaccines by pre-teen and teenage girls since then; the data clearly shows that unvaccinated girls had the best outcome
  In 2007-2010, HPV prevalence dropped 27.3 percent in the unvaccinated girls, but only declined by 5.8 percent in the vaccinated group. In four out of five different measures, the unvaccinated girls had a lower incidence of HPV
  According to Merck's own research before Gardasil was licensed, if you've been exposed to HPV strains 16 or 18 prior to receiving Gardasil vaccine, you could increase your risk of precancerous lesions by 44.6 percent.
  Judicial Watch has received previously withheld documents from the DDHS, which reveal that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has awarded $5,877,710 to 49 victims for harm resulting from the HPV vaccine
Read ...

What's Really Behind Mandatory Vaccines
Brandy Vaughan, former Merck representative and Learn The Risk founder gives the real reason this vaccine is pushed heavily and explains how the risks of this vaccine outweigh any benefits...
Learn The Risk founder, Brandy Vaughan, joins the Alex Jones show to discuss what's really behind the push for mandatory vaccinations. The pharmaceutical industry is set to make billions off of mandatory childhood vaccinations, and now both boys and girls will be pressured to take the highly controversial gardasil shot.

The Overt and Covert Intimidation of Brandy Vaughan

The Shocking Truth About Mandatory Vaccines Revealed

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Andrew Wakefield: Berkeley,Ca. VAXXED: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe Q&A

The Healist & Brandy Vaughan: Speaking Out On Vaccine Safety

Ex-Merck rep Brandy Vaughan exposes the dark side of pHARMa -- WAVE 2016
Learn the Risk
Ex-Merck rep Brandy Vaughan, founder of LearnTheRisk.org, exposes the dark side of pHARMa at LifeWest's annual WAVE conference 2016. Just 25 minutes that might just save your life! WATCH NOW "What is being passed off as "health"care these days is really "sick"care because pharmaceutical companies -- and even doctors to some extent -- don't make money off healthy people. the pharmaceutical industry wants to keep you sick. They will even pass mandatory medical laws to ensure you are a lifelong customer." -- Brandy Vaughan, Pharma Whistleblower

"I'm in the medical field" Vaxxed: Q&A Sacramento,Ca.
Andrew Liebich

New proof vaccines for Pharma profit, not health
Brandy Vaughan used to be a sales rep for Big Pharma company, Merck, when it came out that the pharmaceutical company had falsified safety data. That lead her to question the industry she worked in and do some investigation on her own, which lead her to some startling conclusions and findings. The Resident discusses. Follow The Resident at http://www.twitter.com/TheResident Find RT America in your area: http://rt.com/where-to-watch/ Or watch us online: http://rt.com/on-air/rt-america-air/ Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTAmerica Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_America

Scandal at Merck, former(old) one executive, Brandy Vaughan, admits everything

Shingles Vaccine
Dr. John Bergman

This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection

Questionable Tactics Used in Vaccine Safety Testing

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Thimerosal - Let The Science Speak, Parts 1-2
Growing numbers of Americans are refusing to vaccinate their children because they think vaccines are causing autism. But it's not the vaccines that appear to be one cause of neurological disorders, it's something else. Now, a senior CDC vaccine safety scientist has invoked the protection of the Federal Whistleblower Statute, and is claiming that the CDC knew that thimerosal was unsafe, but pressured him to publish studies claiming otherwise.[Aluminum, DNA from aborted fetuses, and other vaccine adjuvants are even more deadly by causing even more autoimmune reaction and disease, and too often, death.]

Robert F Kennedy Jr in Vermont: "Big Pharma's game plan is to remove parental informed consent"


HPV Vaccine Linked To Neurological Problems And Death
HPV Vaccine Linked to Serious Side Effects, Including Death
Reported side effects of Gardasil vaccination include immune-based inflammatory neurodegenerative disorders, suggesting something is causing the immune system to overreact in a detrimental way, sometimes fatally.3,4 The dangers of high immunogenicity was addressed in my 2015 interview with Lucija Tomljenovic, Ph.D., a research scientist at the University of British Columbia. In it, she explains that by triggering an exaggerated inflammatory immune response, vaccine adjuvants end up affecting brain function...
 In December 2017, Slate magazine published an astonishing article about the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil, revealing how the safety trials for this controversial vaccine actually "weren't designed to properly assess safety."1 Gardasil is supposed to prevent infection by certain strains of HPV virus, which in rare cases may cause cervical cancer if left untreated.

However, trial data from Merck shows that Gardasil vaccinations may actually increase your risk of cervical cancer by 44.6 percent if you have been exposed to HPV strains 16 or 18 prior to vaccination.2 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has made this document inaccessible, but we've saved a copy of it. (http://mercola.fileburst.com/PDF/References/HPV-vaccine-clinical-trials.pdf) In his Slate article, investigative journalist Frederik Joelving recounts the story of Kesia Lyng, a 30-year-old Danish woman who, at the age of 19, participated in a clinical trial for Merck's Gardasil vaccine...

FDA.gov Gardasil HPV Quadrivalent Vaccine May 18, 2006 VRBPAC Meeting (PDF, page 13, "Concerns Regarding Primary Endpoint An

Questionable Tactics Used in Vaccine 'Safety' Testing
Story at-a-glance
  An eight-month investigation revealed shocking flaws in Merck's clinical trial design, which effectively prevented assessment of safety. Serious adverse events arising outside of a two-week period post-vaccination were simply marked down as "medical history"
  A systematic review of pre- and post-licensure trials of the HPV vaccine concluded its effectiveness is both overstated and unproven. Merck's own research reveals you increase your risk of precancerous lesions if you've been exposed to HPV strains 16 or 18 prior to vaccination
  Reported side effects of Gardasil vaccination include immune-based inflammatory neurodegenerative disorders, suggesting something is causing the immune system to overreact in a detrimental way, sometimes fatally
  One Gardasil 9 trial reported nearly 10 percent of subjects experienced "severe systemic adverse events" affecting multiple system organ classes, and over 3 percent suffered "severe vaccine-related adverse events [including death]"
  HPV infection is spread through sexual contact and research has demonstrated that using condoms can reduce risk of HPV infection by 70 percent, which is far more effective than the HPV vaccine...

 In December 2017, Slate magazine published an astonishing article about the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil, revealing how the safety trials for this controversial vaccine actually "weren't designed to properly assess safety."1 Gardasil is supposed to prevent infection by certain strains of HPV virus, which in rare cases may cause cervical cancer if left untreated.

However, trial data from Merck shows that Gardasil vaccinations may actually increase your risk of cervical cancer by 44.6 percent if you have been exposed to HPV strains 16 or 18 prior to vaccination.2 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has made this document inaccessible, but we've saved a copy of it. In his Slate article, investigative journalist Frederik Joelving recounts the story of Kesia Lyng, a 30-year-old Danish woman who, at the age of 19, participated in a clinical trial for Merck's Gardasil vaccine

  "Lyng's grandmother had died of cervical cancer the year before, so when a letter arrived offering her $500 to take part in a crucial international test of Gardasil, the decision was easy," Joelving writes. "She got her first shot of the vaccine at Hvidovre Hospital in Copenhagen on September 19, 2002. The symptoms snuck up on her shortly after her second shot on November 14.

  They never abated. It wasn't until 2016 that she received her diagnosis  --  chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) ... In recent years, Lyng has become suspicious that there is a connection between her disease and her Gardasil immunization. Her ailments evoke descriptions found in hundreds of news stories from women who also received the vaccine, as well as several medical case reports from around the world."

HPV Vaccine Linked to Serious Side Effects, Including Death

Reported side effects of Gardasil vaccination include immune-based inflammatory neurodegenerative disorders, suggesting something is causing the immune system to overreact in a detrimental way, sometimes fatally.3,4 The dangers of high immunogenicity was addressed in my 2015 interview with Lucija Tomljenovic, Ph.D., a research scientist at the University of British Columbia. In it, she explains that by triggering an exaggerated inflammatory immune response, vaccine adjuvants end up affecting brain function.

In collaboration with a team led by professor Yehuda Shoenfeld, a world expert in autoimmune diseases who heads the Zabludowicz Autoimmunity Research Centre at the Sheba Hospital in Israel, Tomljenovic has demonstrated how the HPV vaccine can cause brain autoimmune disorders. It was these findings that prompted the Japanese government to remove the HPV vaccine from its list of recommended vaccines.5 The vaccine injury law firm Sadaka Associates also claims that:6

  "Medical researchers have accused drug regulators and manufacturers of concealing the real dangers of the HPV vaccine. Many girls have suffered life-threatening injuries as the result of the vaccine. The HPV vaccine has also caused death ... The drug regulators have also been accused of adding aluminum to the placebo in order to manipulate scientific data. Even though aluminum was used in the placebo, scientists have confirmed that the HPV vaccine has been linked to death.

  There was a study done that involved 2,881 girls who receive the vaccine. Fourteen of the girls who received the vaccine died. Three of the girls who received the placebo died. There was a team of researchers at the National Institute of Cardiology that also found that there is a link between HPV vaccine and life-threatening reactions.

  They looked at 28 studies that involved girls who had been given the HPV vaccine. They also looked at 16 randomized trials. They found that girls were given a placebo with aluminum in 14 of the randomized trials.

  If aluminum is placed in a placebo, then a person is more likely to have an adverse reaction. Spanish researchers found that girls who receive the HPV vaccine are 10 times more likely to react to it. Canadian scientists found that 10 percent of the girls who were vaccinated had to be hospitalized due to a reaction. These girls had to be hospitalized within 42 days of receiving the vaccination."

Overstated and Unproven Effectiveness

A 2012 systematic review7 of pre- and post-licensure trials of the HPV vaccine also concluded that the vaccine's effectiveness is both overstated and unproven. According to the authors, the review revealed:

  "... evidence of selective reporting of results from clinical trials (i.e., exclusion of vaccine efficacy figures related to study subgroups in which efficacy might be lower or even negative from peer-reviewed publications). Given this, the widespread optimism regarding HPV vaccines long-term benefits appears to rest on a number of unproven assumptions (or such which are at odd with factual evidence) and significant misinterpretation of available data.

  For example, the claim that HPV vaccination will result in approximately 70 percent reduction of cervical cancers is made despite the fact that the clinical trials data have not demonstrated to date that the vaccines have actually prevented a single case of cervical cancer (let alone cervical cancer death), nor that the current overly optimistic surrogate marker-based extrapolations are justified.

  Likewise, the notion that HPV vaccines have an impressive safety profile is only supported by highly flawed design of safety trials and is contrary to accumulating evidence from vaccine safety surveillance databases and case reports which continue to link HPV vaccination to serious adverse outcomes (including death and permanent disabilities)."

Gardasil Safety Trials Were Not Designed to Detect Safety Problems

It's precisely these kinds of design flaws that are highlighted in the December 17, 2017, Slate article.8 Joelving reports that Merck has repeatedly "issued reassurances about the thorough randomized trials the vaccines were subjected to before approval."

The public was told that the three HPV vaccines marketed in the U.S. were tested on tens of thousands of individuals around the world, without any compelling evidence of serious side effects having emerged. While that reads well on paper, the shocking truth appears to be that these trials were never designed to detect and evaluate serious side effects in the first place. According to Joelving:

  "An eight-month investigation by Slate found the major Gardasil trials were flawed from the outset ... and that regulators allowed unreliable methods to be used to test the vaccine's safety. Drug regulators tend to look much more seriously at potential side effects that surface during a pre-licensure study, which is what Lyng participated in, rather than after a product has already been found to be safe and been put on the market.

  But regulators never learned of Lyng's plight. In fact, her repeated complaints of debilitating symptoms were not even registered in the study as potential side effects ... Lyng's experience was not unique. Interviews with five study participants and more than 2,300 pages of documents obtained through freedom-of-information requests from hospitals and health authorities suggest inadequacies built into Merck's major clinical tests of Gardasil."

Joelving describes these inadequacies in great detail, showing how Merck made the vaccine appear far safer than it actually is by using "a convoluted method that made objective evaluation and reporting of potential side effects impossible during all but a few weeks of its yearslong trials." Serious adverse events were only recorded during a two-week period post-vaccination.

Moreover, during this narrow window of time, trial investigators "used their personal judgment to decide whether or not to report any medical problem as an adverse event."
Side Effects Simply Marked Down as Medical History

Importantly, and shockingly, most of the health problems that arose after vaccination were simply marked down as "medical history" rather than potential side effects  --  a tactic that basically ensured that most side effects would be overlooked. No record was made of symptom severity, duration or outcome.

Even with this gross reporting flaw, at least one Gardasil trial of the new nine-valent vaccine reported nearly 10 percent of subjects experienced "severe systemic adverse events" affecting multiple system organ classes, and over 3 percent suffered "severe vaccine-related adverse events."9 The 2012 systematic review10 of Gardasil pre- and post-licensure trials mentioned earlier isn't the only report out there that has offered up severe criticism of Merck's trial tactics. Joelving writes:

  "In an internal 2014 EMA report11 about Gardasil 9 obtained through a freedom-of-information request, senior experts called the company's approach 'unconventional and suboptimal' and said it left some 'uncertainty' about the safety results. EMA trial inspectors made similar observations in another report, noting that Merck's procedure was 'not an optimal method of collecting safety data, especially not systemic side effects that could appear long after the vaccinations were given.'"

Study Subjects Betrayed

In other words, when Merck says Gardasil has been extensively studied for safety, it's referring to studies set up in such a way that data on potential side effects were actually excluded. If side effects are not included in the data collection, how can you rightfully claim that no significant problems exist? Sadly, shoddy and incomplete documentation of adverse events, and follow-up periods that are too short to detect problems, can have tragic ramifications, and this is what appears to have happened with the release of Gardasil.

Joelving's investigation reveals at least five other Danish women went on to develop debilitating health problems during the Gardasil trial. One developed severe fatigue, persistent flu-like symptoms, and had to be admitted to the hospital for a serious infection shortly after one of her vaccinations. All of her symptoms were marked down as "medical history" and were not processed as adverse events.

A year after her vaccination, she developed such debilitating pain she had to use a wheelchair. To this day, she still sometimes has to use crutches, and has been given a tentative diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. Another young woman also developed severe fatigue and headaches. She told Joelving she reported it to study personnel, yet there's no mention of these problems anywhere in her file. Joelving writes:

  "'If I were a research subject, I would feel betrayed,' Trudo Lemmens, a bioethicist and professor of health law and policy at the University of Toronto, told me. 'If the purpose of a clinical trial is to establish the safety and efficacy of a new product, whether it's a vaccine or something else, I would expect that they gathered all relevant data, including whether it had side effects or not.'"

Imprecision Medicine

Vaccines are often riskier than oral drugs, since they're injected into your body and contain a number of toxic adjuvants [that the body cannot just expel by making you vomit or have diarhhea because the toxins are then right in the blood stream]. When there's risk, you'd expect the benefit to be worth it, but research shows many drugs provide shockingly little benefit for a majority of people, and one wonders whether the same does not hold true for vaccines as well.

The following graphic is from a Nature article published April 29, 2015.12 It shows the effectiveness of the top 10 highest-grossing drugs in the U.S. Nexium, for example, commonly prescribed for heartburn, is beneficial for just 1 out of every 25 patients.

Advair, prescribed for asthma, helps 1 in 20; Cymbalta eases symptoms of depression in 1 out of 9 patients; Crestor, prescribed for high cholesterol, benefits 1 in 20. While not included in the graphic below, the article13 also cites research14 suggesting statins may benefit as few as 1 in 50 [but increase death from all causes, greatly weaken the immune system and greatly increase infections and cancer, along with other side effects].

Truly, when you're talking about a benefit rate of 5 percent or less, can you really say that the drug in question is an effective one? Yet they're certainly marketed as such. Meanwhile, all of these drugs have side effects, which means all those who gain no benefit from the drug are risking their health for no good reason whatsoever.

As noted in Nature, a wide variety of factors play into how you might respond to any given medication, including your gender, age, ethnicity and genetics giving rise to differences in absorption, metabolism, excretion and more.

  "The drug vemurafenib, for instance, was approved in the United States to treat late-stage melanoma in people whose tumors carry the BRAF(V600E) mutation. But some tumor cells develop other anomalies that make them resistant to the drug. Thus clinicians considering whether to prescribe vemurafenib may need to take into account a whole slew of biomarkers," the article states.

Imprecision Medicine

Vaccines are often riskier than oral drugs, since they're injected into your body and contain a number of toxic adjuvants. When there's risk, you'd expect the benefit to be worth it, but research shows many drugs provide shockingly little benefit for a majority of people, and one wonders whether the same does not hold true for vaccines as well.

The following graphic is from a Nature article published April 29, 2015.12 It shows the effectiveness of the top 10 highest-grossing drugs in the U.S. Nexium, for example, commonly prescribed for heartburn, is beneficial for just 1 out of every 25 patients.

Advair, prescribed for asthma, helps 1 in 20; Cymbalta eases symptoms of depression in 1 out of 9 patients; Crestor, prescribed for high cholesterol, benefits 1 in 20. While not included in the graphic below, the article13 also cites research14 suggesting statins may benefit as few as 1 in 50.

Truly, when you're talking about a benefit rate of 5 percent or less, can you really say that the drug in question is an effective one? Yet they're certainly marketed as such. Meanwhile, all of these drugs have side effects, which means all those who gain no benefit from the drug are risking their health for no good reason whatsoever.

As noted in Nature, a wide variety of factors play into how you might respond to any given medication, including your gender, age, ethnicity and genetics giving rise to differences in absorption, metabolism, excretion and more.

  "The drug vemurafenib, for instance, was approved in the United States to treat late-stage melanoma in people whose tumors carry the BRAF(V600E) mutation. But some tumor cells develop other anomalies that make them resistant to the drug. Thus clinicians considering whether to prescribe vemurafenib may need to take into account a whole slew of biomarkers," the article states.
(JPG Picture -- see at full article link)

Pregnant Women To Be Included in Experimental Drug Trials

Historically, pregnant women have been discouraged from taking drugs and vaccines during pregnancy, as there's very little data on their safety for the growing fetus. Pregnant women have thus far not been included in clinical drug and vaccine trials. The reason for this should be obvious.

A pregnant woman is not only putting her own health on the line, but also that of her unborn child. Now, that's all about to change. In April 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued draft guidance15 for industry on when and how they may include pregnant women in clinical trials for drugs and therapies. As reported by Science News:16

  "It addresses considerations such as the effect pregnancy has on the absorption of drugs, nonclinical studies that should be conducted, and appropriate data collection and safety monitoring. The key concern with pregnant women participating in clinical trials is safety of the fetus.

  The terrible birth defects that resulted from the wide use of the sedative thalidomide in the 1950s and '60s weighed heavily on the eventual decision to largely exclude pregnant women from trials that test drugs. But that tragedy didn't happen because pregnant women were studied, [obstetrician Anne] Lyerly says  --  it was because they weren't studied.

  'If you don't study a drug in a highly-controlled research setting,' Lyerly says, 'it's not like the risk that would be imposed on those individuals goes away.' Instead, the risk gets shifted to women who need the drug or women who get pregnant while on the drug.'"

According to research17 published in 2011, 94 percent of pregnant women in the study had taken one or more over-the-counter or prescription medications during their pregnancy; 70 percent used at least one prescription drug. The average number of drugs used during pregnancy has also nearly doubled in recent decades, from 2.5 in 1976/1978 to 4.2 in 2006/2008. The researchers also concluded there was insufficient data to determine the risks to the baby for 98 percent of these drugs.

While the inclusion of pregnant women in drug trials may be justifiable, as Lyerly tries to claim above, what guarantee do we have that drug companies will design studies to actually FIND side effects, opposed to doctoring studies in such a way that side effects are simply obscured?

The fact is, there are no guarantees whatsoever, as these studies will be a) done by the same companies mass-marketing drugs that are effective for 5 percent of patients or less, and b) regulated by the same government agencies that let drug companies get away with doing safety studies that don't actually record side effects.
Safety Is a Hindrance to Profits

Getting back to the HPV vaccine, research18 shows Merck played a distinct role in state HPV vaccination policy, promoting school-entry mandates19,20,21 "by serving as an information resource, lobbying legislators, drafting legislation, mobilizing female legislators and physician organizations, conducting consumer marketing campaigns and filling gaps in access to the vaccine."

It also found that most stakeholders thought the company "had acted too aggressively and nontransparently" to achieve their aim. Again, Merck designed their safety studies so as not to find side effects, and then aggressively lobbied to maximize vaccine uptake. So, in essence, children and teens were sacrificed in these studies just to allow the company to say they had studied the vaccine and found it safe and effective (even though it has NEVER been proven to have prevented a single case of HPV and/or cervical cancer).

And now we're going to allow Merck and others to include pregnant women in their studies as well? What could possibly go wrong? Again and again, we see a pattern suggesting safety is not allowed to get in the way of profits and policy. History also reveals a pattern of marketing drugs and vaccines by playing on people's fears. Most recently, Bill Gates stated he believes a global pandemic that could kill 30 million in six months is on its way, and we're completely unprepared for it.22,23

His comments were made during an "Epidemics Going Viral, Innovation Vs. Nature" speaker series on April 27, 2018, sponsored by Massachusetts Medical Society and The New England Journal of Medicine. According to Gates, the next pandemic killer might well be a disease we've never encountered before.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a history of supporting questionable vaccination agendas with their millions, so it makes sense, I guess, that Gates would be anxious to create a need for some costly remedy by amping up the fear factor. In the past decade, there's been a string of attempts to rile up the masses and increase demand for pandemic vaccines.

The predicted pandemics all fell flat, and no mass casualties ever occurred, yet the fearmongering strategy is not easily abandoned. In the case of the HPV vaccine, it's promoted as an anticancer vaccine, even though no proof exists that it actually prevents cancer. As mentioned earlier, Merck's own research revealed an increased risk of cervical cancer with the vaccine under certain circumstances.
The Dangers of HPV Are Overhyped  --  Understand What You're Vaccinating Against and What the Alternatives Are

It may be worth remembering the basics when pondering the decision of whether or not to vaccinate your child against HPV:

*  There are over 200 viral strains of HPV. Gardasil 9, licensed in 2015, contains the original Gardasil HPV types 16, 18, 6 and 11, plus types 31, 33, 45, 52 and 58, which are associated with cervical, vulvar, vaginal and anal cancers. Cervical cancer accounts for less than 1 percent of all cancer deaths in the U.S. and anal cancer kills approximately 300 Americans each year. So, HPV vaccine is not targeting a major public health threat, no matter which way you look at it.

*  Most HPV cases are in fact harmless, and your immune system is typically able to fight and clear out the infection naturally, even without treatment. In 90 percent of cases, HPV resolves within two years or less; 70 percent clear within one year. In a small percentage of individuals, HPV can persist for years, and may cause symptoms to appear, particularly when the immune system weakens. High-risk HPV strains may also cause lesions that sometimes can evolve into cervical cancer if left untreated.

*  To avoid contracting HPV, use condoms during sexual activity. Research24 has demonstrated that using condoms can reduce the risk of HPV infection by 70 percent, which is far more effective than the HPV vaccine. If you have children nearing sexual maturation, teach them about the importance of safe sex  --  not just for the avoidance of HPV, but also to avoid other sexually transmitted diseases, many of which are now resistant to antibiotics and exceptionally difficult to treat.

*  Get regular Pap smears once sexually active, and get treatment if testing positive for HPV infection. Remember, it's the long-term, untreated infections [if the body doesn't kill itself] that can trigger cancer. According to research published in 2014, shiitake mushroom extract can speed up the elimination of HPV infection in women by boosting immune function.

Routine Pap smear testing is a far more rational, less expensive, and less dangerous strategy for cervical cancer prevention, as it can identify chronic HPV infection and may provide greater protection against development of cervical cancer than blind faith in an unproven HPV vaccine.

Protect Your Right to Informed Consent and Defend Vaccine Exemptions

With all the uncertainty surrounding the safety and efficacy of vaccines, it's critical to protect your right to make independent health choices and exercise voluntary informed consent to vaccination. It is urgent that everyone in America stand up and fight to protect and expand vaccine informed consent protections in state public health and employment laws. The best way to do this is to get personally involved with your state legislators and educating the leaders in your community.

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Everything You Need to Know About HPV

Ghost in the Machine 5: Vaccines Manipulative "Research"

Questionable Tactics Used in Vaccine Safety Testing

Please see the following and do whatever you can to help these poor families by writing to your legislators and the President:

Arizona Child Removed from Loving Family and Placed into Foster Care Where She was Repeatedly Raped -- then 80% of Body Burnhttp://medicalkidnap.com/2017/07/31/arizona-child-removed-from-loving-family-and-placed-into-foster-care-where-she-was-repeatedly-raped-then-80-of-body-burned/ed

Arizona Places 2 Year Old Child in Foster Pornographic Pedophile Ring -- Foster Mom Burns 80% of Her Body

Arizona Girl Raped and Burned in Foster Care Still Represented by Same Attorney -- Kept Away from Family

Massachusetts Senior Citizen and Attorney Medically Kidnapped -- Estate Plundered -- Represents National Epidemic

Mary Frank -- Public Warning: Boston is a Cesspool of Adult Medical Kidnappings

Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Family in America Today
Isn't it time to stop this? Turn off the federal funding and kill it, NOW! There is no other solution.

Map showing rates of medical kidnapping in different states:

Kidnappers: The Tyranny of Child Protective Services Across the Nation
By Joe Jarvis - July 04, 2018

242 years ago American colonists declared independence from England, in the name of personal liberty.

What would it take for Americans to once again declare independence from an oppressive government?

For the colonists, it was excessive taxation without representation. It was also that English soldiers were quartered in their homes, as an occupying army. The English attempted to disarm them and shot into a crowd killing five in the lead up to the American Revolution.

Well, entire volumes could be written about the abuses Americans suffer at the hands of the government today.

But one especially egregious violation of rights is the state kidnapping children without due process.

I am talking about Child Protective Services.

Has there ever been a more justifiable cause for revolution, than the state kidnapping your children?

Continue Reading...

Massachusetts Attorney Exposing Medical Kidnapping Threatened with Being Disbarred
July 4, 2018 3:41 pm

Lisa Belanger says that she was always "Daddy's girl." She is the youngest daughter of Marvin Siegel of Boxford, Massachusetts, and she and her father have always been very close. It has now been more than a year and a half since she has seen her father, not by her choice or the choice of her father. A court, guardians, and lawyers have medically kidnapped her father, essentially imprisoning him in his own home, and they have forbidden his baby girl from having any contact with him. Lisa Belanger is an attorney who followed in her father's footsteps, and she is not taking this cruel twist of life lying down. She has been fighting to get him back since he was taken under state guardianship in mid December 2011. Now, in what she sees as retaliation for exposing the corruption in the guardianship system in and around the Boston area, an attorney, who has been fighting alongside the guardians against the family of Marvin Siegel, is attempting to have Lisa Belanger disbarred. This attorney, Marsha Kazarosian, was hired by Mr. Siegel at one time, but just before he was medically kidnapped, he attempted to fire her. In a handwritten statement, he wrote: "I want to terminate your services for going against my wishes." Kazarosian refused to be dismissed. Now, almost 7 years later, Lisa Belanger is still fighting the attorney for one of the most basic of human rights - the right to have a relationship with her father. She says that the complaint against her essentially boils down to this: They're saying, "We're going after you because you dare to expose us."

"Justina's Law" Seeks to End Experimental Medical Research on Children Seized by Child Protection Services

Adults Medically Kidnapped: 3X More than Children in Foster Care -- $50 BILLION in Assets Seized

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Arizona Foster Care System Revealed as Pedophile Ring: Former Foster Child Tortured for Years Sues for $15 Million

10 and 12 Year Old Sisters Seized from Family by Hospital in Phoenix

Some Medical Kidnapping stories involving Vanderbilt Hospital (Kentucky):


Baby Found with Broken Bones -- Parents Assumed Guilty of Abuse and Lose Custody [16]

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Actionable ways to live an independent life outside the reaches of Washington and Wall Street

Why America is Rotting From the Inside
"For decades," David Hathaway, author of The EMP Hoax writes, "a gallon of gas was set at a nickel in Venezuela.
"The real gas price was out there to be discovered by the market, if it had been allowed to do so."
And, to this day, the Venezuelan central planners are still on the case. Still trying to hunt down that mythical "Goldilocks" price. Except now, no price... food, gas, water, wind... will go unset.
In the meantime, of course, its citizens (who were dependent on the government managing such things) are, in a much more expedient fashion, hunting down dumpsters, animal shelters and cattle farms because the food supply chain has been blown to bits...

The Truth About America's "Resistance" Movement
Bucky Fuller said it best: "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change things, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."...

America's "Ministry of Truth" Opens its Jaws in June
In George Orwell's 1984, Oceania has the Ministries of Love, Peace, Plenty and Truth.
The Ministry of Love spreads fear and inflicts suffering and misery on those who do not express undying love for the State.
The Ministry of Peace keeps the world in a perpetual state of war in order to keep the people confused, afraid and ignorant.
The Ministry of Plenty oversees the rationing of everything leftover which isn't used for war. The population is tasked by the Ministry of Plenty with creating useless objects for war so to perpetuate scarcity and are, in return, gifted with garbage for food.
The Ministry of Truth is the propaganda arm for the State. On the outside wall of the Ministry's building, you'll find its slogan: "War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength."
On June 21, due in large part to the death of the mainstream media, America will receive her own Ministry of Truth.
Since our minds are starting to reject and even retch at the exposure of Fake News (AKA propaganda), the goal, it seems, is to plug our noses and force it down our throats.
This time, though, the plan appears to be to infiltrate the alt-media.
This monumental (and ultimately futile) task will be attempted through the establishment of a brand new government agency (yay!) called the "Global Engagement Center."
But, of course, we prefer to call it what it really is... the Ministry of Truth.
The Ministry of Truth is part of this year's National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA, as you likely know, outlines the new wasteful and liberty-crushing projects which litter the above-ground military budget for the year.
Obama, as he is wont to do, signed this year's steaming pile of excrement while nobody was looking  --  on Christmas Day. In six months, on June 21, the Ministry of Truth will go live.
The Ministry of Truth will be on the frontlines of the government's War on Fake News. It will fund and train "independent" journalists of its own choosing in the art of propaganda. We will not know who these journalists are, as the Ministry of Truth will (obviously) not be transparent.
Many of these shills will be obvious. Some of them will not be.
They will try to teach us that 2+2=5. They will likely do their best to spread seeds of confusion, separation, division and discontent.
Such a drastic pushback from the Powers That Were reeks of desperation.
The Ministry of Truth will spend at least $80 million dollars to spread propaganda to a public that's largely rejected its propaganda machine...

This Short Essay is What the World Needs
If you are inspired by this essay to be a better example to those around you, or if you can put it to use to inspire others to self-improvement, you will totally make my day.
Here it is:
The world needs more men and women who do not have a price at which they can be bought; who do not borrow from integrity to pay for expediency; who have their priorities straight and in proper order; whose handshake is an ironclad contract; who are not afraid of taking risks to advance what is right; who stand for what's true and not simply what they think others will fall for; and who are honest in all matters, large and small.
The world needs more men and women whose ambitions are big enough to include others; who know how to win with grace and lose with dignity; who do not believe that shrewdness and cunning and ruthlessness are the three keys to success; who still have friends they made twenty or thirty years ago; who put principle and consistency above politics or personal advancement; and who are not afraid to go against the grain of popular opinion.
The world needs more men and women who are humble enough to realize that planning their own lives is a full-time challenge and are therefore not foolish enough to think they can plan the lives or the economy of millions of others. They don't regard the central government as the highest authority. The world needs more men and women unafraid to take responsibility, adult enough to accept accountability, courageous enough to speak truth to power, and smart enough to express gratitude to others when they deserve it.
The world needs more men and women who are tolerant of the differences that make people the unique individuals they are; who don't feel threatened by opinions or lifestyles or faiths of others who are otherwise peaceful and respectful in their conduct; who are patient enough to win over others through persuasion, not force; who don't demand that politicians improve their lot in life by diminishing that of another; who understand that adding value through production, innovation and service is a far higher calling than redistributing the property of others at gunpoint.
The world needs more men and women who do not forsake what is right just to get consensus because it makes them look good; who know how important it is to lead by example, not by barking orders; who would not have you do something they would not do themselves; who work to turn even the most adverse circumstances into opportunities to learn and improve; who muster the integrity to work for a living instead of voting for one, and who love even those who have done some injustice or unfairness to them.
The world, in other words, needs more men and women who possess those traits honored by time, experience and good sense and that we collectively call personal character...

Woman's Gun vs. Two Kidnappers: Three Concealed Carry Tips You Should Know

Protect Yourself From All Sides

Five Reasons to Kick the TPP's Teeth In

How to Prevent (and Survive) a Bear Attack

Don't Blame the Bureaucrat
Our Tentative Economic Freedoms
By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, The Economics of Liberty

Despite the vast U.S. government intervention into our economy, which Ludwig von Mises called "a method of bringing about socialism by successive measures," we are still relatively free. But this sort of system, as Mises also noted, is inherently unstable.

It must always be moving either towards or away from omnipotent government. And the bipartisan ease with which U.S. government spending and regulating keep growing demonstrates where we're moving, and why our remaining freedoms have an uncertain future.

As the Founders of our country knew, freedom can only be securely grounded on inalienable rights. At the very least, a free economy means the right to liberty and property  --  not as contingent or subject to government defined duties or responsibilities  --  but as absolute. But since these rights are no longer secure in America, our economic freedom is tentative, subject to revocation at government caprice.

The institution of private property has been most subverted, beginning with the income-tax amendment of 1913, which contains no legal barrier to the government's confiscating all American income. Only public opinion stands in the way.

The great libertarian Frank Chodorov called the income-tax amendment the "Revolution of 1913" that undid the "Revolution of 1789."

Said Chodorov: "No measure in the history of our country has caused a comparable disregard of principle in public affairs." And indeed the amendment undermines our property rights, as does the power of local governments to seize homes, businesses, and farms for non-payment of property taxes.

Another culprit is the Federal Reserve System and its legal monopoly on counterfeiting. The Fed is empowered to inflate without limit, since the courts ignore the monetary clauses of the Constitution. When the Fed uses its inflationary power, it engages in mass thievery, which weakens private property and economic freedom. As Henry Hazlitt notes, "Inflation is an immoral act on the part of the government."

Yet despite its immorality, the Fed enjoys prestige and economic legitimacy. Thanks to decades of disinformation, most people believe that central banking is a barrier to inflation. Of course, as Hazlitt says, despite government's attempt to portray inflation as "some evil visitation from without," it is "the result of deliberate government policy."

With the income tax and the Federal Reserve, the president and the Congress can seize enough of our money to finance socialized medicine, socialized daycare, environmentalism, the drug war, or any other interventionist project.

So much for private property. But what about economic liberty?

In America, no private enterprise is free from bureaucratic coercion. To a shocking extent, our regulatory masters exercise unchecked and autonomous power. Under existing law, no industry is safe from nationalization by presidential edict. No piece of land is immune from the government's power of eminent domain. The drug war and RICO have institutionalized the government's power to seize any property it deems ill-gotten, not only before conviction in a court of law but even before an indictment. Our right to work is merely contingent, subject to revocation by the legislature and the courts.

Under this system, said Albert Jay Nock, the "Individual has no rights that the State is bound to respect: no rights at all, in fact, except those which the State may choose to give him, subject to revocation at its own pleasure, with or without notice. There is no such thing as natural rights; the fundamental doctrine of the American Declaration of Independence, the doctrine underlying the Bill of Rights, is all moonshine."

Moreover, the government immunizes itself from responsibility for its failures. For example, the Great Society  --  and its counterparts in the Nixon, Carter, Reagan, and Kinder-Gentler administrations  --  have created and sustained an urban underclass.

In the name of helping that underclass, the government has destroyed the core values, families, and communities of two generations. The result, after piles of money spent on government and its friends to "fight poverty," is a holocaust of no-go zones where drugs, child abuse, prostitution, and illegitimacy are the norm; government schools promote immorality: entrepreneurship is outlawed; and brute criminals run free.

But no one blames the bureaucrats. "Since the State creates all rights," said Nock, "and since the only valid and authoritative ethics are State ethics, then by obvious inference, the State can do no wrong."

Despite the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, let alone the traditions of Western civilization, the state does indeed view itself as the source of rights, only to be dribbled out if its subjects fulfill their alleged duties or responsibilities to society (by which is almost always meant the government). We have all been indoctrinated to accept this view, at least since Woodrow Wilson and the "Progressive" Era.

The correct view was stated by the great conservative libertarian Frank S. Meyer, co-founder of National Review: the rights of human beings "are not the gift of some Leviathan" and the duties of human beings are not "tribute owed to Leviathan."

Only when the absolute rights of liberty and property are again recognized will our economic freedom be secure.

That is why our energies must be focused not only on teaching economic truth, but also on fighting what Meyer called "the great enemy of our time, the Leviathan state."

The Greatest State of the Union Ever?
My 'CHOOSE YOURSELF' State of the Union
By James Altucher

Yes, I once considered running for Congress (after watching Season One of House of Cards).

Yes, I went through the process of looking into hiring people to help me. I sought out advice from professionals (the advice I got is a story by itself) and even began the process of looking for endorsements from national-level people.

Yes, I was disenchanted by the immediate emphasis on money and the idea that I had to be willing to cave in to most of my principles if I wanted any help at all along the way. And I had to pay if I wanted someone to endorse me.

Authenticity and logic behind my principles plays no role at all.

This is politics 101.

Once you are elected, you have already graduated to Politics 501 and any pure and sincere beliefs you ever had have long since been abandoned. This I saw.

So now I just write and BS about it.

Much more fun. Better to invest in things that will help humanity then deal with the nuances of things that won't change.

Every month I put my efforts behind new charities or projects or businesses that actually help people.

Clean your room before you save the world.

BUT...here are a few ideas that I think can easily be fixed to make the world an enormously better place on every level .

People aren't getting drugs they need.

How come? Because it costs $2 billion, 5+ years, and a lot of lobbyists to get a drug approved by the FDA.

And because it costs so much, drugs are super expensive. Soliris, which cures "paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria" costs $700,000 a year so they can recoup their approval costs.

It would cost $70 a year otherwise.

And bad drugs are getting approved. More drugs are being recalled every year than the year before.

So what good does the FDA do anyway?

Let's move to a Yelp-style system and let people take control over their own medical lives with the help of both doctors and data.

Result: life-saving drugs will be 1/1000 the price. Treatments will be easier to access and cheaper. And people will become more informed about their own bodies.

Needless to say, all drugs should be legal. This would reduce the burden on the legal system, the prison systerm, and focus our efforts on the mentally ill and addiction issues (since addicts will get their drugs no matter what the laws are).

Summary: Lives saved, less people in jail, more money for people who need it.

I get it. Get everyone "educated".

I won't even argue my education points here. Just the economics of backing student loans.

The government backs student loans, thinking that this will cause more students to be educated.


what happens is that college presidents are increasing tuitions at a rate 10x faster than infaltion, knowing that they will get paid, even if the student gets screwed.

Student loan debt is higher than a trillion dollars and it's the only debt you can't get rid of in a bankruptcy.

So graduates now get crappy jobs to pay down the loans instead of participating in the innovation economy, the part of the economy that produces all of our advances in technology, biotechnology, alternative energy, etc.

In other words, the part of our technology that creates true wealth for young people and saves the planet at the same time.

Instead, we are raising a generation of slaves to the banks and the government.

This is not a rant against college. If the government stops backing student loans, tuitions will go down, less debt will be created, and young people from lower class backgrounds will have more opportunity to be wealth entrepreneurs.

What a waste of time.

We had an election in November 2016.

Guess how many bills the President of the United States has proposed and had passed by Congress since then:


I'll repeat that.


There's been millions of tweets. Brother and sister hate brother and sister. Riots in the streets. He's passed one goddamn bill. What a joke.

No more President.

The President actually has very few powers mandated by the Constitution. He can't declare war (the last "official" war was 1941). He can't pass laws (he can recommend). He can negotiate treaties but not pass them.

He can entertain foreign leaders (and I'm sure we can find better entertainment). He can pardon people. He runs the military (poorly, if history is any judge). He creates new cabinet-level departments (poorly, if history is any judge). He appoints Supreme Court Justices (a power that can just be outsourced to the people: if we elect the President, who appoints the Justices, why not just go direct to elect the Justices?).

I was going to say the same thing about Congress but then realized I was wrong.

Here's the last bill passed by Congress:

"H.R. 3942: Housing for Survivors of Sex Trafficking Act".

It amended some other bill providing housing for victims of abuse to include victims of sexual trafficking.

Good for them!

The role of government is to help those who, for whatever reason, cannot properly help themselves at the moment.

In some cases, we need a Federal agency to do this. In most cases, state and local governments should do this.

Quite frankly, wealthy entrepreneurs should do this.

Within the next day I'm going to figure out how to donate to housing for victims of sexual trafficking so I can put my money where my mouth is.

If anyone has any suggestions (I think there should be more crowd sourcing of charity) then I am open to it.

The one bill passed by Congress (and approved by Trump) has been tax reform

But frankly, I'd like to know if it's better for me to spend my money or for the government to spend my money?

For instance, 16% of my taxes go to support "defense" (really: offense) and wars the US pursues.

1357 children will killed in Afghanistan last year as a result of the war. Another 2500+ were injured as a result of war.

So some of my hard-earned money, that I could have used to hire people or invest in people or help create new and great things were used to kill little kids.


Again: the role of government should be to help those who cannot help themselves. The role of government is not to kill little kids.

I once wrote this and someone responded back, "If I saw you in the street I'd bash your head in you little jew. I'm a patriot!"


Bash my head in. Just don't kill little kids anymore.

51% of my taxes are used for social security and medicare. This is a good use. EXCEPT, drugs are too expensive because of A) the FDA, and B) doctors know they can raise prices and the government would pay.

Ban the FDA is a good start. And then let's see what happens with doctors raising prices when generics are completely legal from the beginning.

And here's a quick way to raise a lot of money in the United States, paying off the entire national debt, while still lowering my hard-earned taxes:

US corporations are keeping $2.6 trillion overseas doing NOTHING but generating income for foreign banks.


Because they are afraid to bring it back here and get it taxed.

Solution: let them bring it back with a one time bare minimum tax. For every dollar they bring back they have to reinvest (i.e. not put in a bank savings account) 10% of it per year distribute as dividends.

Does this let corporations off the hook?

No. They still have to pay a tax (as opposed to the zero tax they are doing right now) and they have to reinvest in jobs or other opportunities or return to shareholders.

Does this help the common taxpayer?

Yes. There is something called the "money multiplier" . For every dollar spent, it goes through the economy , on average, ten times.

What does that mean?

It means when you buy a donut, the donut guy buys a newspaper, the newspaper guy buys a new chair for his house, the chair guy buys a new car, the car salesman buys a new house, and so on.

A single dollar is passed around per year many times.

So $2.6 trillion abroad could equal an additional $26 trillion spent on the US economy.

What is the US debt?

$18 trillion.


Is this trickle-down economics?

No, it has nothing to do with that. It's just simple: the more money in the US economy, the better the economy will be.

Is this overly simplistic?

Sure. But let's start somewhere. "Complicated" never seems to work.

Industries like Pharna, Insurance, and Defense spend billions on lobbying in Washington DC.

Why do they need to spend so much money? If they are really educating people on facts, what is costing so much?

Here's my solution: congressmen have to vote FROM HOME in their districts.


-- elected representatives get to spend more time with the people who elect them and the issues of those people.

-- make it more difficult for lobbyists to use money to influence votes

It's important to always understand the history of why decisions were made.

The reason our "Founding Fathers" thought it wise to have a Congress that meets in one place is because...there were no phones then. No Internet. No way to communicate over vast distances.

The improves in communication should be reflected in a modern day government instead of a centralized location with tons of bureaucracy and extra weight on spending our hard-earned money...

I Failed To Prevent My Kid From Going to College

I failed.

I dropped off my kid at college the other day. I didn't want her to go to college.

In 2005 or 2006 I wrote a column in The Financial Times that nobody should go to college anymore. I then wrote a book, "40 Alternatives to College".

For a long time that book was the #1 seller on Amazon in the category of..."College".

A lot of people were upset at me about this. Everyone had an argument why college was a good thing and that kids should go.

Then people said to me, "Well you went to college so now you are trying to keep people beneath you by not having them go to college."

And one person threatened to kill me. When I tracked him down it turned out he was a senior at Brown University. HIgher education.

And other people who had spent a lot of money on college stopped returning my calls because I was calling into question the decisions they had made for themselves their entire life.

One friend, who got a really great job at a top magazine wrote me, "I never would have gotten this job if I didn't go to college" and that was the last I heard from her even though we had been good friends.

I don't know why I feel strongly about this. Maybe I feel it's an important four years. Why spend it doing homework and learning nothing and getting in debt?

I was the worst student in college. And began the first of many bad relationships. And got into debt. Ugh.

A few weeks before she left, I told Josie, "I will just GIVE you the money I would have spent on your college.

"All you have to do is watch one movie a day with me and then we can talk about it and then you can do whatever you want for the rest of the day.

"Work a job, go on auditions, hang out with friends, heck, I'll even hire you to help me with my podcast."

She said no.

So last week we dropped her off.

I'm a little sad about this. Why wouldn't she want to watch a movie with me every day?

I will try to summarize all the reasons people give me for going to college and what my response is:

"You have four years to learn the liberal arts: literature, history, soft sciences, etc."

My response: Reading is free. It doesn't have to cost money.

I didn't fall in love with reading until I was about 22. After college. I read and I wrote every day and I haven't stopped since.

Because I wanted to be a better writer, I'd read books by great writers and then usually go to the library and try to find the literary criticism on each book. I didn't take a class.

I read what I wanted, when I wanted. And I still love it.

"Well, what if someone never likes to read. College is the last chance for them to learn these things."

Answer: No. If you don't like something, you will NEVER learn simply from reading about it.

Maybe it's just me. But I have never learned about anything I wasn't interested in. I can only learn when I am passionately interested in something.

Even now, when I read a book, I only remember about 1-2% of it a month or so afterwards. Imagine if I wasn't interested in the book. I'd remember 0%. Or worse, I'd start to hate the topic.

"But isn't college a way to learn what you are interested in?"

I'm not sure why this would be the case. You're forced to take 4-5 classes a semester for 8 semesters (at least). Then you are overwhelmed with homework.

There's no real time to say, "Oh my god! I'm so interested in this."

I majored in Computer Science. But I didn't get interested from class. I got interested because while a Freshman at college I started a business on the side that forced me to learn how to program.

By DOING something that it turned out I was good at and I saw the immediate results how it helped people...only then did I figure out what I was interested in.

Am I still interested in programming a computer every day like I was then?

Heck no!

My passionate interests have changed 30 times since I graduated college.

I went from programming to interviewing prostitutes in the streets to building a business to poker to investing and on and on and on.

Maybe I've been too much of a dilettante. Some people do the same thing for 30 years and still love it and become great at it. I am envious of that. But I wasn't one of those people.

"I want to have a safety net so I can get a job."

This is what my daughter said to me. Where did she learn the phrase "Safety net"?

Fewer companies are asking for a degree.

If you spend those four years starting a company, or obsessively learning a craft, or working with a charity that helps people, etc, this is far more important for most jobs that are meaningful.

Heck, spend it painting in a garage. Spend it as a waitress. You will still learn more discipline and more about life than college.

Sometimes I hire people to help me. I have never once asked for a degree. Or a GPA.

I want to know what SKILLS someone had that could help me. And then what real experience do they have that proves they can use those skills.

"Doesn't College teach those skills?"

I majored in Computer Science at college. I programmed every day. I went to graduate school for computer science. I programmed every day.

My first job: I was a computer programmer at HBO.

I was so bad that they had to send me to REMEDIAL school for two months to learn enough about computer programming to be as good as their WORST programmer.

Why didn't college, after all that money spent, teach me how to be program correctly? I'll never know.

"People who go to college get higher incomes over their lifetimes."

This statistic is true if you went to college in the 1970s. When tuitions were much lower and debt was much lower.

Now employers know you are desperate. Trust me on this. I worked with a billion revenue staffing company. They know that college graduates are desperate to pay debt.

Incomes for people age 18-35 have gone down since 1992 at the same time inflation has gone up.

And the situation is worse than ever. Incomes are at a low for that age group, while student loan debt is at an all time high.

In fact, student loan debt has gone up every year since 1977 faster than inflation has gone up. It's gone up at a rate 10 times faster than inflation.

The only other major expense that comes close is healthcare. Another side effect of a scam industry. Healthcare has gone up 3 times faster than inflation in the past 40 years.

We're graduating a generation of little children that have more debt than any generation before them.

Because it has never happened before we can only guess if the outcome is good or bad.

They will have to take jobs rather than be innovators or artists.

The government has made student loan debt the only debt you can't escape without confiscation.

Our children will become puppets of the machine rather than the future creators of the machines to come.

I don't know. I really don't. I told Josie: spend four years figuring out what you want to do before you spend this kind of money.

It's not mandatory to spend this money to determine what you want to do. And your interests will change anyway.

"I'll think about it," she said.

She said that because she loves me. Or because she didn't want to argue about it. Too much already, Daddy. Too much!

I wanted to see her her first day of college.

My parents didn't go with me on my first day. I just took a plane, unpacked my bags and walked around by myself and watched all the kids with parents.

I felt lonely and I missed home.

Josie told me, "I'm scared I won't make friends. I'm scared I won't get good grades."

I told her, "Don't worry about grades. Not a single person ever will ask you about your grades. Just learn to be a kind person. And make friends with good people."

"What if I don't?" she said.

After her room was unpacked we walked around the campus. We had a coffee. And then there was a meeting for parents.

"How to make the most out of college for your child."

It was titled something like that. Maybe my memory is bad since that seems oddly worded.

I didn't want to go to the seminar. So I told Josie it was time for me to go.

We hugged. I love her. And I miss her. She kept hugging me. Like it was the last time I would hug her while she was still, in my eyes, a child.

Maybe the thing about college is that a child is not yet ready to be an adult.

It's the last time they will ever hang out with people their own age. My closest friends are not my age. In college though, they were.

It's scary to be an adult. To survive. It's a jungle. College is still a walled safe city for kids just like you.

I would pay a lot to be a child again. To not make the mistakes of adulthood. To not have those fears.

So maybe that's what the college tuition is. The cost to extend childhood.

And the cost of childhood is going up.

One time I was getting home from work. It was 2003. I got off the train and there's a long path to walk down.

She was all the way at the end of the path and she saw me. She was five years old.

She ran. She started yelling, "Daddy!"

She ran and ran and other people who got off the train kept looking because they didn't know what she was running towards.


She was running towards me.

I lifted her up and hugged her and kissed her. She was my little five year old.

No more.

ICE: The Truth About Child Kidnappers in America
July 5, 2018

--"Law enforcement just cleared this area," Neda Iranpour, a CBS news anchor reported on the scene in Oakland this week, "but there is a growing group of people who are upset about what they've been seeing outside since about 6:30 this morning...

"They were upset thinking this was an immigration investigation," says Iranpour, "because Homeland Security was out here. But we just got word from Oakland Police that this was in fact a federal criminal search warrant executed in connection with human sex trafficking of juveniles."

News segment

"ICE is not welcome in this country," one protestor told the reporter, "HSI is not welcome. I don't support what they do. I think they're blasphemy."

This push to abolish ICE, as you may know, is growing legs.

And, I would suggest, this protest in Oakland accidentally revealed something about the "Abolish ICE" movement even some of the protestors are not aware of -- that it's not really about the kids.

If it's really about stopping the kidnapping of children, as has been the official narrative paraded around by the mainstream media...

Why not also go after Child Protective Services (CPS) with an even greater feverish anger and moral outrage?

If the Outrage Industrial Complex (OIC) were out to save kids, CPS would've long been in its fickle crosshairs.

The CPS has been ripping kids from their parents' arms for years, often for wildly arbitrary reasons. And, worse, foster kids placed by the CPS are an incredible six times more likely to die in foster care than had they simply stayed with their parents.

The media isn't entirely oblivious to the incredible incompetence and blatant corruption within the CPS, either.

The outspoken Carlos Morales, a former Child Protective Services investigator and author of Legally Kidnapped, [http://carlosmorales.me/book/#%21book-bibliography/c1ulf] has been interviewed on several mainstream outlets. He's among a few lone (and largely ignored) voices who have been calling for the abolition of the CPS for years.

In an essay on his website, Morales wrote this back in 2015:

"There are over 400,000 children in Child Protective Services care in America. Eighty percent of those cases are not for physical or sexual abuse, but rather parental negligence. Negligence can mean the child is playing outside, is too fat, doesn't like school, or  --  as in forty percent of cases  --  is for the parent using marijuana.

"Foster kids are seven to eight times more likely to be abused than normal children, and nearly half will end up homeless when they age out of the system at eighteen. They are three times more likely to be put on psychotropic drugs, and they are seven times more likely to develop an eating disorder. They are more likely to have PTSD than veterans of war, and less likely to recover from that PTSD. They are more likely to become pregnant as a teenager. They are also twenty percent more likely to be arrested. And tragically, they are six times more likely to die than if they stayed in an abusive family household. These citations, and many other like them can be found on my website, Legally Kidnapped."

But, of course, we cannot ignore the idea of abolishing ICE -- as is the flavor of this week.

NBC tells us so:

"'Abolish ICE' is not just a slogan," an op-ed on its website reads. "It's a plan to return to America's constitutional principles."

To be clear, I'm not against the idea of ICE being phased out.

ICE was created after 9/11 -- when the domestic surveillor/intimidator/militarizing arm of the State apparatus was beginning to allow its fangs to truly gleam.

A recent Intercept investigation found 1,224 documented complaints of sexual assault in ICE detention centers between 2010 and 2017, half of them by ICE agents.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Its incentive structure and lack of oversight leaves it wide open for unfettered systematic corruption.

Under Obama, for example, Congress mandated the maintenance of 34,000 detention beds daily. ICE interpreted that as a quota -- as if it were required to hold that many immigrants at all times.

ICE quietly created a complex of over 200 detention warehouses (solving the "paranoid," "conspiracy theorist-driven" mystery of Wal-Mart's mysterious and sudden nationwide plumbing issues a few years back), and contractually guaranteed operators of these detention centers a minimum lockup quota payment.

But, still, I suggest, this particular "Abolish ICE for the children" movement is a farce.

Dig a little deeper and it's really open border activism (See: "No Human is Illegal"), which is another issue entirely and, disingenuous, as it does little to help get kids out of harm's way. (As Mother Jones reported back in 2014: 70,000 kids will show up ALONE at the border this year.)

Want to save kids from being ripped from their parents' arms?

Sick the hounds on the CPS and fix the hopelessly broken foster care system.

To explore fully the insanity of how far the State has gone in the past in its overreach of parental rights, we invite Joe Jarvis of The Daily Bell to the show.

Kidnappers: The Tyranny of Child Protective Services Across the Nation
By Joe Jarvis

242 years ago American colonists declared independence from England, in the name of personal liberty.

What would it take for Americans to once again declare independence from an oppressive government?

For the colonists, it was excessive taxation without representation. It was also that English soldiers were quartered in their homes, as an occupying army. The English attempted to disarm them and shot into a crowd killing five in the lead up to the American Revolution.

Well, entire volumes could be written about the abuses Americans suffer at the hands of the government today.

But one especially egregious violation of rights is the state kidnapping children without due process.

No, I am not talking about immigrant children at the border.

(That is another whole topic, though I will weigh in briefly to say every human being who sets foot on American soil should have the right to due process and the rights of the accused.)

I am talking about Child Protective Services.

Has there ever been a more justifiable cause for revolution, than the state kidnapping your children?

Growing Abuse of Parents' Rights

When a serious crime is committed against a child by his or her parents, of course it is right to remove that parent's access to the child. The way society is currently organized, that responsibility falls to the government.

But in the United States, you are innocent until proven guilty. If you have committed a crime, you are afforded due process.

If the crime is serious enough, yes, you can be held in prison pending trial. Obviously, this removes your access to the victim. But accused criminals still have rights. Due process means going through various channels to make sure the government has a legitimate reason to search your home, arrest you, charge you, and sentence you if you are convicted.

Yet a father was told by Child Protective Services in Mississippi that they did not need a warrant to search his home.

His nightmare began when a Mississippi social worker, Kyra Reed (who also goes by Kyra Carson), knocked on his door demanding entrance without a warrant. Chambers was never told what the charges were. "She didn't tell me what I was accused of and demanded to interview my 6-year-old daughter without my presence," Chambers told PJM. "I told her that was unacceptable, but she was more than welcome to talk to her with me there without me interfering. She seemed perturbed, but accepted that. She then told me she wanted to search my house," said Chambers. "I told her I had no problem with that, but wanted her to get a court order or a warrant as I am a bit of a constitutionalist and would just feel better having that respected. She was immediately angry. She hopped in her car without another word and drove off."

The CPS agent then showed up with two sheriff's deputies who were apparently meant to intimidate Michael Chambers into abandoning his rights. However he once again politely asked to see the warrant, which did not exist. The Sheriffs said they would not illegally search the home and the three left.

For this, the state retaliated.

According to Chambers, "She [Kyra Reed] told me that if I made her get a warrant, she would take my child instead." Reed left again, unable to obtain illegal entry. But she didn't stay away. "She returned with another sheriff's deputy," said Chambers. "I answered the door thinking that surely she would have [the warrant] this time and hopefully, we could just get this done and over with. I was instead handed a subpoena to appear in court in the morning and was told that they had taken my child from school."

No warrant was ever obtained.

PJM reached out to the sheriff of Warren County and was told that no warrant is necessary for CPS to take a child, but they would need a warrant to search a private home.

No warrant needed to take a child from a parent!

No charges. All the state had were calls from his apparently crazy ex who used their child as a thumb screw. He was not even told what crime he was suspected of until his child had already been taken.

The state appears to have invented an incident as justification for the kidnapping. They said Chambers went to his daughter's school and caused a scene yelling, "I love Hitler!"

The school could produce no evidence of this, however--no videos, no recording, no witnesses. The school also gave false information when freedom of information requests were filed about the alleged incident.

The Sheriff wrote and signed a letter that he found no reports where Michael Chambers was ever named as a suspect, witness, or complainant at the elementary school. CPS appears to have made the incident up.

However, even in the unlikely event that the incident happened, this is still not just cause to take a child without due process.

[Judge] John Price, dismissed all charges of abuse and neglect against Michael Chambers in a subsequent hearing but placed Bell with her mother, whom she has not seen in four years, with no explanation or investigation into her suitability as a parent. Lawyers involved in the case said they had never seen any action like it and that the judge's order might even be illegal.

Even worse is that Chambers daughter told him she was abused by other children while in foster care. And as you will see below, this too is unfortunately not uncommon.

Widespread Abuse

It might be tempting to write this off as some crazy rogue agent from the backwaters of the deep south.

But unfortunately, this is happening all over the country.

Sovereignman reports about a particularly tyrannical family court Judge, Lyris Younge of Pennsylvania.

First, she removed a baby from her parents in an attempt to force a confession.

There was no evidence of abuse. But when neither parent would "cop to it," as Judge Younge phrased it, she removed the baby from their custody. She refused to place the baby with a willing and fit grandmother, and eventually terminated parental rights altogether.

This went on for two years until last month, a higher court reversed all her decisions. The court issued a scathing rebuke of Judge Younge noting that she violated due process, failed to remain impartial, and had intentionally caused alienation of the family members in an attempt to force a confession.

Still, the Judge escaped punishment for her crimes. The appeals court simply suggested she recuse herself from the case.

But this was far from an isolated event.

On June 8th, a Judge reversed yet another of Younge's cases. Again, the court found that Younge violated the due process rights of the children and parents, while failing to act in the best interests of the children. The Judge said there was no risk to the health or wellbeing of the children if they stayed in the home, and therefore grounds for removal were unfounded.

This time, Younge seemed motivated to take the children from their mother because the hearing lasted until six o'clock in the evening.

Younge interrupted the counsel multiple times to remark about the late hour, apparently less concerned for the children and more concerned that she was working late.

Reading the case, the mother in question certainly doesn't seem like mother of the year. But the main reasons she found herself in family court with the custody of her children at stake was because her children missed too many days of school, and because she tested positive for marijuana.

Yet at the hearing in which custody was removed, evidence showed clean drug tests except for one marijuana "relapse." The mother had also reduced the number of unexcused absences for her children from 72 the previous year, to merely 6 missed days of school.

So just like that, one woman's decision tore another family apart.

What this means:

Forget the question, why is she still in court? Why is Judge Lyris Younge not in prison?!

The state Conduct Board began an investigation in May, and protesters amassed outside the courthouse to call for Judge Younge's removal.

Another Judge took over Judge Younge's cases. Yet the explanation was simply that Younge was taking an "extended chambers week" to write rulings. Taking time out of court to write rulings is normal, but having another Judge take over ongoing cases is not...

Judge Younge is still however employed--and continues to be paid--by the court.

Everyday in her court was a nightmare for parents. She decided the fate of families based entirely on her biases and whims. Some hadn't even broken the law, but that did not stop Younge from taking their rights, and taking their children.

In another case Younge denied grandparents of two boys the right to foster the children. She did this without bothering to look at the evidence or allowing the grandparents to speak in court. Her excuse was that the grandparents lived across state lines. Yet they had already received state and federal clearance to foster the children, and nothing in the law prevented transfer of custody across state lines. The brothers were split up, and the older boy was later sexually abused in one of the foster homes.

Young also refused to reinstate custody to a mother the state accused of opioid abuse, despite the mother testing negative and accomplishing all other court ordered goals.

In another case, a woman's daughters were removed over abuse allegations made against the woman's boyfriend by her daughter. The allegations were later recanted, and the daughters told the court they wanted to go home to their mother. Younge refused. Last month Fernandes also reversed that decision, putting the family on track to be reunited.

We found at least three other desperate pleas from parents who claimed to have had their children and grandchildren removed from their custody by Judge Younge without reason. With no other recourse, victims of Younge are commenting on similar stories online, attempting to organize and make sense of the abuse they have suffered at her hands. (Note that we have not verified the claims of the commenters.)

Here is a Judge who expects not only that the parents in her court know the law. They are expected to behave in a subjective way in which Younge approves, depending on her tumultuous emotions--and how late into the evening she has worked.

Meanwhile, Younge herself blatantly runs roughshod over the very law, the Bill of Rights, which forms the foundation of the individual rights supposedly guaranteed to all Americans.

Why does one person have so much unconstitutional power? And at what point will she actually be removed or punished?

Any "justice system" that allows a psychopathic tyrant like this to go on destroying families in the name of the law is no system of justice at all.

Luckily Younge has now been reassigned out of family court, so at least she cannot victimize any more families. But what about punishment? Surely Younge's behavior is as egregious as the British officials who administered the abuses of the colonists before the revolution.

But even if Younge was tarred and feathered--or better yet drawn and quartered--this does not address the underlying problem. The state has far too much power, and regularly abuses it.

Federal Incentive for Kidnapping

A Clinton era federal law called the Adoption of Safe Families Act hands out federal funds to states based on the number of children the state takes from parents. So abusive Child Protective Service agencies can be a nice source of revenue for states. They receive about $6,000 per child per month, while foster parents get about $600.

The law also gives states more power to split up families, take children permanently, and put them up for adoption. Some even see the sinister underpinnings of the law enabling child trafficking. This certainly wouldn't be the first time the Clintons were associated with such horrors.

So we are left with runaway state agencies, protected and funded by the federal government.

They have the power to take your children, without due process, without a warrant, without charging you with a crime.


Abolish Child Protective Services [PART TWO]
Upon writing, 400,000 kids are being churned through the federal "child welfare" system.
But this isn't because these kids need it. Most of them did not need intervention at all. From the State or anyone else.
But, by golly, the Child Protective Services (CPS) has a quota to meet!
Point blank: The horrible truth about the CPS is that it's a catastrophic scam that churns kids through the system like animals on a conveyor belt.
And, it turns out, herding children like cattle to be corralled in and out of foster homes isn't just a bad idea  --  it also has pretty monumental consequences.
Former CPS investigator Carlos Morales, who you'll hear from tomorrow, says this:
Foster kids are seven to eight times more likely to be abused than normal children, and nearly half will end up homeless when they age out of the system at eighteen.
They are three times more likely to be put on psychotropic drugs, and they are seven times more likely to develop an eating disorder. They are more likely to have PTSD than veterans of war, and less likely to recover from that PTSD.
They are more likely to become pregnant as a teenager. They are also twenty percent more likely to be arrested.
And tragically, they are six times more likely to die than if they stayed in an abusive family household. These citations, and many other like them can be found on my website, Legally Kidnapped.
The worst part is that foster kids are dropping like flies and not a dribble of it makes it into the mainstream news...

Ex-CPS agent reveals why Child Protective Services should be shut down

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Legally Kidnapped (Book -- Carlos Morales)

Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services

"Carlos Morales' expose on Child Protective Services is absolutely essential information for parents and activists to understand. We need more people liken him in the world. "

We Are Change Founder, Luke Rudkowski

"Carlos Morales is a God-send to parents in need of help. His work saved my family in court, and his analysis of Child Protective Services is revelatory. His work inspires rebellion and hope, and is necessaryfor every American to understand."

Lin Jacobs, former Child Protective Services victim

Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services
egally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services exposes the dangerous tactics and overt corruption that was witnessed by a CPS investigator www.legallykidnapped.net Through keen insight, analysis, war stories, and interviews with attorneys & judges, Carlos Morales speaks truth to power in this shocking book. Unlike anything every published, he breaks down exactly what families should do to protect themselves from this monolithic agency that has destroyed the lives of children & parents. Parents across the country have already used his legal recommendations and saved not only thousands of dollars on lawyer fees, but also protected the future of their family. It is imperative that people understand Child Protective Services in order to save their families, and this book accomplishes this in a gripping and thought provoking manner.

carlos morales
www.legallykidnapped.net A CPS Whisteblower exposes every evil aspect of Child Protective Services in just 10 minutes. on The Truth Over Comfort Network. Click Like and Subscribe to keep up to date with content.

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The Suspicious Death of Nancy Schaefer. Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer
Published on Nov 13, 2016
Anonymous - The Suspicious Death of Nancy Schaefer. Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer Helped Many Families and Children. She Fought Against Government Corruption and CPS.
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CPS in Court Cases, CPS want to know if they can Can Lie to Take Your Children from You. How can you defend yourself when they lie? ( Please Share ) This must stop in every State. Search: ((( 400,000 Children go missing in the USA. ))) every year and 70% are from CPS and Foster Care... This should be the protest of the people in the Streets and the Cops should be looking for these missing Children and not playing crowed control.. Page 5.... See for yourself.. https://www.fbi.gov/file-repository/2016-ncic-missing-person-and-unidentified-person-statistics.pdf/view (https://www.fbi.gov/file-repository/2016-ncic-missing-person-and-unidentified-person-statistics.pdf) The Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA, Public Law 105-89) signed into law by President Bill Clinton on November 19, 1997 Research the Evil of Adoption and Safe Families Act. Should CPS Case workers be allowed to lie in Court to remove your Parental Rights? This has been going on for a long time to low income family's. How would you like it if a government funded institution lied in Court to take your children away then put them in foster care and gave them drugs and let them live with strangers. This evil System need to be investigated fully and completely. Year of Saving Children Please watch and share.. https://youtu.be/Et1PV6OyZCI 15 55563 Preslie Hardwick v. Marcia Vreeken Full Video: https://youtu.be/D0-M5hsyLjQ I hope you will take the time to watch this video to help you understand why there is so much evil in this world. https://youtu.be/PMk18R_n5aM?t=1m51s http://A1st.us please visit http://TruthAboutGod.net

Child Protective Services Whistleblower, Carlos Morales, exposes the dangerous tactics and overt corruption that he witnessed as a CPS investigator. Through keen insight, analysis, war stories, and interviews with attorneys & judges, Carlos Morales speaks truth to power in this shocking book. Unlike anything ever published, he breaks down exactly what families should do to protect themselves from this monolithic agency that has destroyed the lives of children & parents. Parents across the country have already used his legal recommendations and saved not only thousands of dollars on lawyer fees, but also protected the future of their family. It is imperative that people understand Child Protective Services in order to save their families, and this book accomplishes that in a gripping and thought provoking manner.

Citations and references for the book can be found for free here

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Time to Get Frosty
By Jim ONeill

"When you're violent and cursing and screaming and blocking me from walking into a movie, there's something wrong. The next people are going to come with guns. That's what's going to happen." -- Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General "The Left Loses Its Cool"

Recently most Americans have been shocked by open calls for, not just resistance to the Trump agenda, but increasing calls for violence and even outright revolution. ...It is going to get ugly violent. Yes, this is sedition, and it is time to call the behavior out. ...Freedom isn't free, there is no resting. -- Bill Still "Is Soros Funded Border War Coming?

Now that a United States Congresswoman has called for harassment against Republicans and the inevitable violence that will come of it, I urge all of you to a) get armed, and b) vote. Your life literally depends on it. -- James Woods

Sedition is defined as conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. The "Resist" movement is by its very nature seditious -- preaching anti-American hate and intolerance...and it is by innuendo and subtle (and not-so-subtle) means advocating the violent overthrow of President Trump's administration. There are laws against that sort of stuff you know. For example:

  Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof --

  Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction. -- U.S. Code 2385

But America has an Attorney General who is MIA, and a DOJ and FBI that are...how to put this...less than trustworthy? So, I for one am not holding my breath waiting for the hammer to fall on those calling for violent insurrection. Large portions of the US government appear to be hell bent on destroying America as a free republic, and encourage, through their silence if nothing else, those who wish America ill.

All of this brought to mind an article I wrote in July of 2011 titled "Time to Reboot America." I reread it yesterday and was surprised at how relevant it is to the situation we find ourselves in today. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I edited, updated, and otherwise revised "Time to Reboot America"in order to address today's concerns. The result immediately follows.

It is time for We the People to remind ourselves of the instructions left to us by America's Founders:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. -- That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, -- That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government....

  ...when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

There you have it; there it is, those are our marching orders. It is not only our right; it is our duty to fight a tyrannical, despotic government that holds sway over us, no matter under what label it hides -- even when that government is wearing the garb of the United States of America. That we are indeed suffering under "a long train of abuses and usurpations" is no longer in doubt; no longer to be denied; no longer to be endured.

So, the question becomes "What to do?" How best to affect the overthrow of a blatantly anti-American political/social cabal -- as large, powerful, and entrenched as the so-called Deep State? I include the various anti-American NGOs and well-funded social "movements"as well.

As the Declaration of Independence notes, such an important and monumental task is not to be undertaken for "light and transient causes," nor should We the People commit ourselves to a foolish or impatient course of action.

America has been so thoroughly infiltrated and infested with traitorous elements that it has become difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, the patriot from the traitor. Nonetheless we must move to save America (and with it, freedom), and we must move with some alacrity.

When your house is on fire because of arson, finding out who the arsonist is and why they lit the fire should not top your "To Do" list. Putting out the d -- n fire should be your number one priority. Nevertheless, "putting out the fire" in this case will involve jailing some of the lead "arsonists" as part of the process.
Continued below...

I am talking about pointing fingers and naming names. I am talking about jail time -- serious jail time. I am talking about mass movements to unseat treasonous Americans across the country. I am talking about a "house cleaning" from top to bottom; side to side, inside and out. I am talking about some serious stuff, folks. Things you would not dream of doing for "light and transient causes."

Freedom itself is at stake here. Future generations will live in freedom and light or darkness and shackles depending on what We the People do today. We did not want this fight, but it has fallen to us to be the torch-bearers, the Minute Men, the American patriots who once more take the fight to the enemy and make them rue the day they messed with America. Most of you already know the score, so I will not bother going over the long list of "abuses and usurpations" -- which go back for decades, even though they are coming to a head just now.

It is once again up to We the People to put out the fire ("Once more unto the breech, dear friends, once more"). By the term We the People I mean that strong backbone of America that the country has always called upon in time of dire need, and who have always responded. It includes blue and white-collar workers, high school dropouts and the highly educated, farmers and businessmen, soldiers and sailors...patriots all.

Our country needs us -- once again. The stakes involved are as big and the outcome as uncertain as in any situation we have ever faced -- including the Civil War, and the Revolutionary War. God willing, this revolution will not be as painful and bloody as those in our past. But if it is -- what of it? It is our watch, our duty, and our time to stand tall on the battlements of freedom -- come hell or high water.

The time has come to reboot America. The time for talk is done. We should be about the business of forming patriotic cadres, groups and movements -- from the national level down to splinter cells. We should do this now. Some of you have no doubt been involved in such activities for some time. Now is the time to go into full battle mode -- this is no drill.

We should keep on sending emails and letters, placing phone calls, knocking on doors, saying prayers, et al. -- but there needs to be a new sense of urgency about it all. We need to ratchet things up -- kick out the jams, pull out the stops, throw back the throttle. We need to broaden our scope, deepen our commitment, and fire up our righteous indignation.

If America can keep the lid on things till then, the elections this coming fall will be every bit as important as the 2016 presidential election. We simply must come out fearlessly and in force -- a tsunami of patriotism and sanity. But, at the same time, we must be prepared to deal with anti-American violence should it erupt beforehand.

I understand and respect the need for secrecy some of you must work under, but there is strength in numbers, and we should be about the business of openly organizing national as well as local NGOs to fight the enemy tooth and nail. Unseat them, impeach them, disgrace them, and otherwise use every legal means at our disposal to get rid of these anti-American parasitic leeches that have infested our country. Make sure that they understand just how much they are despised and how unwelcome their traitorous, arrogant, anti-American agendas are.

It is not a major concern that a sizeable portion of Americans are still largely clueless about what is going on. It is to be expected after decades of intentional dumbing down and a steady diet of disinformation, propaganda, and frivolous distractions via America's various venues for "news" and entertainment. We do not need their participation. They are dead weight -- but they are not the enemy.

If someone is an NWO one-world-government globalist then they are the enemy -- you know their catch phrases and lingo by now. If someone is advocating the overthrow of American rule of law then they are the enemy. If someone is a Muslim Islamist bent on world conquest through blatant or stealth jihad then they are our enemy. I won't go through the whole list -- most of you know it by now anyway.

They are the enemies of liberty and "unalienable rights." They are the enemies of freedom and choice. They are the enemies of tradition and values. They are the enemies of family and marriage. They are the enemies of truth and honor. They are the enemies of the United States of America. They are the enemies of civilization itself. They are my enemy and they are your enemy.

It may appear that the enemy is vast and formidable, and I would certainly never underestimate them, but in fact they are only a relative handful. The sheeple who swell their ranks will be the last ones to awaken to how they have been played -- but awaken they will. Many of them are simply greedy, arrogant, self-centered twits, who wouldn't know common-sense if it came up and bit them on the butt. Their mind-sets are largely dysfunctional and self-absorbed (arrogance, angst, and ennui, oh my).

The dyed-in-the-wool fanatics are much fewer in number than We the People, and they are much less impressive when stripped of their media propaganda "megaphones," and their political clout. That is, after all, why they went to such pains to subvert our media and government. It is the puppet-masters behind the fanatics, behind the sheeple, behind our corrupt politicians, who are most dangerous -- very dangerous indeed. [but the sheeple are very dangerous, too, because they can just as easily be led by another psychopath to kill and maim others when told to do so, just like in Nazi Germany, and then disavow any responsiblity for what they've done by saying, "I was just doing what I was told to do" by either their peers or their politicians]

Patriotic organizations such as we currently have need to step things up a notch -- make that several notches. At the same time, we need to take as a given that any openly patriotic movement will attract enemy infiltrators like a magnet. Also, there are bound to be enemy sources of discord and disinformation masquerading as patriotic NGOs. These should be lumped together with other elements of controlled opposition and dealt with as time and opportunity allow.

There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity in which we have the luxury of doing things legally and non-violently. After that window closes all bets are off. Aprés cette, le déluge.

Although We the People no doubt have numerous patriots in our midst who would make eco-terrorists look like bumbling amateurs, if the situation deteriorates to guerrilla warfare and sabotage, then we have lost America as a country, and it will devolve into a Balkanized network of splinter factions, regions, and enclaves. If that scenario should become a reality, then we will be well and truly screwed. That eventuality must be prepared for as well. May God grant we avoid it.

Lest you think that the views expressed in this article are extreme, I suggest that you find and read some far-left and far-right blogs and websites. By comparison, I am the voice of prudent moderation itself. My point here is that while the liberal propaganda outlets no doubt consider the views I express here to be extreme; the truth of the matter is that they are the ones who are extreme -- extremely to the left. What is essentially a rather moderate view becomes skewed through their warped perception into something radically far-right.

At worst, they can accuse us of being what -- anti-globalists? We the People are certainly not anti-American. America is what we are fighting for. We are not the ones leading our country into dark ruination through arrogant stupidity, avarice, and design. We are not the one's lauding one-world-government over America -- disdaining America, reviling America, destroying America. That is their job, and they excel at it.

As I close, let me say that America needs to bring God back into our national fabric. This, more than anything else is what our country sorely needs. We have lost our moral anchor, our guiding star, and only acceptance of God and His natural law can return us to our intended course. God either exists or He does not. If He does not exist then nothing ultimately matters, and we are left with naught but the ash heap of atheistic nihilism. Such an attitude is a soul sickness, and sadly America is sick in her soul.

It is time to reboot America. May God guide, bless, and protect us in our endeavors to keep the torch of freedom lit. We the People did not ask for or want this fight, but with God's grace we will d -- n sure win this fight -- for ourselves, for our children, for humanity, and for freedom.

Laus Deo.
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Crocodiles crying for babies in virtue signalling
Do The Prog-Left Care -- "Really Care" About Children?

Hillary Clinton Wanted To Build A Mexican Wall In 2006

Democrats' Civil War On America and Americans
By Katy Grimes
In a collective national temper tantrum, leftist-Democrats across the country continue to openly reject the election of President Donald Trump in 2016...

CBC Writer Threatens Trump's 4-Year-Old Granddaughter
Patrick Dussault took to Twitter and directed his threats to Chloe, Donald Trump Jr.'s four-year-old daughter.
By Arthur Weinreb  --Canadian News, Politics, Opinion
Patrick Dussault took to Twitter and directed his threats to Chloe, Donald Trump Jr.'s four-year-old daughter...

Obama Smells Blood in Trump Reversal on Immigration
The only way to bring down a modern capitalist state like America is by orchestrating conflict and the disintegration of society. That's accomplished through invasion and/or subversion
By Cliff Kincaid  --American Politics, News, Opinion
The only way to bring down a modern capitalist state like America is by orchestrating conflict and the disintegration of society. That's accomplished through invasion and/or subversion... [and by class warfare]

Restaurant owner orders Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave because . . . she's Sarah Huckabee Sanders
By Dan Calabrese  --American Politics, News, Opinion
Seething Liberal Rage Made Personal...

It's well past time that the masses started taking the prog-left at their word!
Peter Fonda Visible Proof Of What Obama's Resistance Movement Is Really Up To
Peter Henry Fonda, (the name with which he signed his threatening Tweet saying Americans upset with the White House's separation of illegal-immigrant families should "rip Barron Trump from his mother's arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles," went directly into hiding after his so-called 'apology' to the Trump family.
In his Hollywood-style apology, Fonda said he was sorry for tweeting "something highly inappropriate and vulgar" about the president and his family:
Related: CBC Writer Threatens Trump's 4-Year-Old Granddaughter
Try brutal and downright deadly!
"I went way too far. It was wrong and I should not have done it. I immediately regretted it and sincerely apologize to the family."
"Highly inappropriate (the prog-left's favourite adjective) and vulgar"?
Try brutal and downright deadly!
It was the kind of 'apology' tried on for size by all anti-Trump haters, one that went all the way down to the gooey muck at the very bottom of the swamp that lives to take down America.
All but lost in the on running drama, that is now real life minus the silver screen, is that the has-been actor also called for addresses of ICE agents to be hacked and released, declaring "we should find out what schools their children go to and surround them", adding "We need to scare the f*** out of (border agents)! "Need to make their children worry now".
Who is Peter Fonda to make the innocent children of border agents "WORRY"?
A member of Barack Hussein Obama's Resistance Movement. That's who!...

Sincere Liberal Ignorance and Conscientious Stupidity
By Jim ONeill  --American Politics, News, Opinion

The Left's obstructionism, financial irresponsibility, vulgarity, sincere ignorance, and conscientious stupidity...

Trump Set-up by Barack Obama Plant Justin Trudeau at G-7 Summit
Timid Trudeau Turns on Trump the Minute He Leaves G-7 Summit

Obama's 'wholesale destruction' of tens of thousands of National Archive Records

McCain's Subcommittee Staff Director Urged IRS to Target Conservative Groups
*  Smoking Gun Docs Show McCain Staffer Suggested Financially-Ruinous IRS Audits
*  JW Sues for Texts of Anti-Trump Mueller Deputy
*  The Latest on the Illegal Alien Crisis
 By Judicial Watch  --American Politics, News, Opinion
Little is as unnerving as trouble with the IRS, especially if you haven't done anything wrong. That happened repeatedly during the Obama administration, as his IRS enthusiastically targeted conservative groups.
We're now understanding why the Congress didn't do much of anything about it...

Climate Alarm: Failed Prognostications [syn: global warming; chemtrails; ]
By Institute for Energy Research  --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
"Right thing" in terms of economic and environmental policy? That's a fallacy to explode on another day.
It has been 30 years since the alarm bell was sounded for manmade global warming caused by modern industrial society. And predictions made on that day -- and ever since -- continue to be falsified in the real world...

When Do We Get To The Last Straw?
By Dave Merrick
But, one of these days, I swear that big, good-natured fella, the ARMY of conservatives here in America, will have had enough and finally reach his last straw. Then, surely he will turn and fight...

Divide and rule, the goal of Liberals [syn: class warfare; divide and conquer; ]
[avoid being tricked into class warfare (blacks and whites fighting each other; old vs young; one religion vs another; one gender vs another; etc.) They encourage this so we won't notice what they are doing to further enslave us.]
By Charles Wills

The recent attacks on Republicans in public places and the threats to President Trump's children and grand children are examples of how spoiled brats react when they don't get their way. They don't care about the children of illegal immigrants anymore than they care about the President's children. That's just the current excuse they use to justify their vile, vicious actions. It's not about children or immigration; it's about undermining the President and destroying this nation. It's about creating discord, dissent and rivalries. It's about regaining power over the masses.

Moreover, many people believe that Democrats want illegal immigration to bring in new Democrat voters. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's more to the illegal immigration strategy than just bringing in more Democrat voters. The same strategy was outlined in the Protocols of Zion, and even the Marxist Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt, knew they couldn't take over and control a nation that is bound together by a common culture, language and religion.

In order to gain control, marxists must first divide the people into factions and create animosity between them to keep them fighting with one another. The end goal of the strategy is to break up the existing power structure, and prevent smaller groups of people from joining together to oppose them by creating rivalries and fomenting discord between the various groups. Racial, cultural and political discord makes it easier for the narcissist to manipulate certain groups and eventually dominate all of them. It's a strategy that dates back to ancient times, and it's called divide and rule.

Divide and rule, from the Latin divide et impera, is a social and political strategy for gaining and maintaining power. The strategy uses any means available, including political association, national origin, race, gender, religion, language, social status, and culture to divide people into smaller opposing groups that are more easily manipulated and controlled. Illegal immigration is nothing more than a way to bring in diverse populations in order to create division. That's why they want more diversity. Once the population has been divided into small diverse factions, they lose their power, and narcissists like Schumer, Waters and Pelosi gain the upper hand.

In addition, the left's Marxist doctrine also calls for draining the wealth of a nation to weaken it and foment dissatisfaction and discord among the people. Providing an endless sea of poor illegal immigrants and giving them free healthcare, food, housing and money is a way to drain the wealth of this nation. Liberals use social programs for immigrants to drain the nation's wealth. They don't really care about illegal immigrants or anyone else. The proof of this is that older Americans struggle to survive on less than subsistent Social Security. Money that could be used to help older Americans is diverted to illegal immigrants. That keeps older Americans, who actually paid into the system, struggling along with the illegal immigrants.

If liberals really cared about anyone, older Americans would not be living like paupers. That proves that liberals do not care about people, and it also proves that socialism is nothing more than a means to an end. They want to keep the population struggling, and that's why they want to keep people unemployed. We can see the result of their policies in socialist Europe. European countries that took masses of immigrants in are either financially bankrupt or very near it. On top of that, crime has increased dramatically all across socialist Europe.

Furthermore, the invasion of illegal immigrants serves to not only divide the culture but the language as well. It wasn't that many years ago that every form of media in America was in English only. There were no Spanish language networks or newspapers, nor any form of media that catered to a specific race or ethnicity. In and of itself, pandering to an audience isn't bad unless it's used to create animosity and divide people by language, culture or race. In America, these organizations are used for that purpose - to divide or separate. On top of that, there's no incentive for illegal immigrants to learn the language or adapt the American culture. They just bring the language and culture they fled from with them.

It doesn't stop there though. Diversity to Liberals means bringing in religions that oppose the prevalent religion of this nation. I don't propose shutting people out based on their religion, but I do propose shutting them out when they come here illegally, or if they come here to undermine our culture and identity. If they don't want to become Americans, adopt the culture and learn the language, then they don't belong here. They are not Americans.

By the way, when we see Mexican flags flying over buildings and people celebrating Cinco de Mayo, we know that they didn't come here to become Americans. It's obvious that they brought their national identity, culture and language with them. That's like Americans moving to Mexico, flying Old Glory, celebrating the 4th of July and demanding to be provided with English language media sources and entertainment. If we did it, we would be called disrespectful and arrogant outsiders.

Finally, divide and rule is being played out all over America. The divide and rule strategy started with Open Immigration Law Of 1965 when Jacob Javits, a Democrat, gleefully exclaimed, "open the flood gates." That was the beginning of the deunification of America, and its goal was to divide the nation and bring it down. Unfortunately, they will succeed if we allow them to continue to keep us divided.

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Barack Obama's 'Maxine The Knife'
By Judi McLeod
Now loudly leading the Battle Front for the Barack Obama 'Resistance' Team -- 'Maxine The Knife'.
California Congresswoman Maxine Waters has ordered "MORE public harassment of Trump aides in public spaces"...

Democrats call out Maxine Waters for encouraging incivility

"This is not immigration but invasion"

Almost 1,000 People Injured, Killed in Terrorist Attacks By Refugees
One-in-three chance Germany will be target country in future plots

Rumours that Tommy Robinson has been moved to MAX security, with 76% muslims

Maryland Sanctuary City: Illegal Alien Charged With Raping & Impregnating 13-Year-Old Special Needs Girl

Muslim Migrant Confesses To Murder Of "Refugees Welcome" Activist Sophia Lösche

France Opens Borders To All Christians Persecuted by Islamists In Iraq » Sons of Liberty Media

Just Over The U.S. Border, A Once Mighty Nation Is In The Process Of A Complete And Total Societal Meltdown » Sons of Liberty Media

Mexico's Next President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: Immigration To The US [to live on welfare off other workers] Is A "Human Right" » Sons of Liberty Media

A Border Wall Would Solve the Separation of Families Issue » Sons of Liberty Media

New York Times: "There Is No Immigration Crisis" » Sons of Liberty Media

Parents, only YOU can set your children free from classroom indoctrination
The Wholesale Indoctrination of School Children by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
By Judi McLeod  --  --  Bio and Archives--June 6, 2018

When little school kids talk about what they are learning in class, it's no longer about anything to do concerning the 'Three Rs', it's about the Politics of Inclusion, which they learn through indoctrination.

Self-acclaimed Patron Saint of Tolerance and Diversity Jessi Cruickshank leads children in this CBC video in a "rah!" "rah!" for Happy Pride Month, which according to Cruickshank, viewers "loved".

"Almost 1 million people watched this video on the weekend. Most people loved it, others are angry and/or "praying for me", she posted on her Facebook page yesterday.

"I believe in education and tolerance and celebration of diversity."

It's easy to see that the children in the video have been indoctrinated, rather than educated and that they can spout gay talking points as well, or better than, any adult gay activist.

Do school kids of the current day really sit around talking about gay marriage being normal? Do they really aspire to "grow up and be gay icons"?

Whatever happened to wanting to grow up to be astronauts, scientists, or even Dads or Moms?

Cruickshank, who touted Jodi Foster as her growing up role model told the kids, "She made me question my sexuality as a child because I liked her so much."

"She was nude in the film, 'Nell', not that I remember watching several times."

'Nell' was released in 1994, Cruickshank born in 1982.

While Foster was Cruickshank's growing up model, she told the children in the CBC Gay Pride video "everybody should aspire to grow up and be a gay icon".

Because CBC is a state-owned television network, taxpayer-subsidized to the tune of $1 billion a year, parents paid for the Cruickshank video.

  Jessica Shaia "Jessi" Cruickshank (born July 17, 1982) is a Canadian television personality. She is the former co-host of MTV Canada's program The After Show and its various incarnations including The Hills: The After Show and The City: Live After Show with co-host Dan Levy. She is currently the host of Canada's Smartest Person and The Goods on CBC. (Wikipedia)

  "Cruickshank was part of a school's all-male improv comedy group alongside actor Seth Rogen right before becoming a television personality, putting her comedic skills in use while reporting or interviewing celebrities.

  "Cruickshank is now living in Los Angeles, where she filmed a show called Hollywood Survival Guide, which aired on MTV. In L.A., Cruickshank was a producer at The Oprah Winfrey Network. Cruickshank is the Los Angeles correspondent for the Canadian entertainment show etalk, she also has joined the etalk TIFF coverage team for the past few years. Cruickshank also co-hosts The CW show Oh Sit!, which airs on MuchMusic in Canada.

Ironically, Cruickshank is still actively involved with the organization Free The Children, where she has filmed multiple MTV specials. She is currently an ambassador for them speaking and hosting multiple We Days and Free The Children events. Cruickshank is also a public speaker, where she can regularly be found all across the country speaking on her experiences, while inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves.
Continued below...

  "WE Charity, formerly known as Free The Children, is a worldwide development charity and youth empowerment movement founded in 1995 by human rights advocates Marc and Craig Kielburger.

  "The organization focuses on young people, with programs in Canada, the U.S. and U.K. for service learning and active citizenship, and international development projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America focused on children and education. The organization runs programs in approximately 10,000 schools in Canada, the U.S. and U.K. for service learning and active citizenship, with the aim of empowering youth to become socially engaged." (Wikipedia)

If there's anything from which the children of the day need to be set free, it's from flagrant indoctrinators like phoney tolerance and diversity activist Jessi Cruickshank, who seems not to want to let children be children.

Parents, only YOU can set your children free from classroom indoctrination.
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First Round Victory Against Islam Course in School
By Clarion Project Thursday, June 21, 2018

(Illustrative photo: Flickr/SalFalko/https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/legalcode)

A New Jersey mother who is suing officials and teachers in her son's middle school for subjecting them to Islamist propaganda and explicit calls to convert to Islam won her first round in court.

The school district sought to have the charges dismissed, however, U.S. District Court Judge Kevin McNulty ruled that the case, which claims the school violates the Constitution's Establishment Clause, should be heard.

The suit was filed by the Thomas Moore Law Center on behalf of Mrs. Libby Hilsenrath. It charges that seventh-grade students at the Chatham Middle School were forced to watch a disturbing set of videos in their World Cultures and Geography class which seeks to convert its viewers to Islam.

Watch one of the videos in the curriculum:

Moreover, no other religion was being taught to their children except for Islam in the school.

The suit claims the students' First Amendment rights (freedom of religion and separation of religion and state) were violated by the curriculum used in the class.

Hilsenrath and Nancy Gayer, another mother whose son was exposed to the course material, originally brought their concerns to the attention of the school board. Instead of an investigation, Hilsenrath said that those concerns were disregarded.

After the school board meeting meeting, and particularly after an appearance on the Tucker Carlson Show, the mothers were denounced in the community and on social media as racist, xenophobic, hateful and Islamophobic.

Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas Moore Law Center, remarked, "What would people say if our public schools taught Christianity as the true faith? After watching this video [in the curriculum], I can't imagine any reasonable person saying this is not Islamic indoctrination."

One of the videos in the curriculum ends with the prayer, "May God help us all find the true faith, Islam. Ameen." The video presents statements about Islam as facts, such as:

  "Allah is the one God who created the heavens and the earth, who has no equal and is all powerful."
  "Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the last & final Messenger of God."
  "What is the Noble Quran? Divine Revelation sent to Muhammad (S) last Prophet of Allah. A Perfect guide for Humanity."
  "Islam: A shining beacon against the darkness of repression, segregation, intolerance and racism..."

The video also contains excerpts from the Quran stating that Islam is the "perfected" religion and the only religion for mankind.

Thompson says the background music includes the poem "Qaseedah Burdah" in Arabic. The poem describes Christians and Jews as "infidels" and praises Muhammad for slaughtering them.


Pro-Islam Indoctrination in Public Schools?

Boston Public Schools Expose Students to Islamist Lies

Here's Another NYC Public School 'Supporting Terrorism'

Fact Check: 80% of illegal "children" trying to enter the United States arrive without their parents... they aren't "separated" by ICE [some are balding, have beards, and turn out to be in their 30's and 40's; when they're put in elementary schools, they rape the girls.]

Shocking lack of GIRLS among immigrant refugees reveals horrifying truth: They're raped, murdered, kidnapped and trafficked BEFORE they reach our border

ALL FAKED! Fake photo, fake news, fake media and the engineering of fake outrage to push an open borders invasion of America

CAIR Official Loses Interfaith Award Due to History of Hate

CAIR Officials Linked to Liberal Smear List

At last, Western values fight back against a corrupt, leftist state in Canada
by Eeyore

In 2017, ACT for Canada booked the Ottawa Public Library to show Michael Hansen's excellent film, (now available for free on Youtube) Killing Europe.

A social justice warrior lawyer in Ottawa (names in the newspaper articles about this issue) along with a group of communist thugs called, "Ottawa Against Fascism" managed to get the Ottawa Public Library to shut the event down at the last minute.

Here at Vlad, we have done several posts on this issue. It is a grotesque abandonment of anything like democratic principles to designate any unfashionable data, and I do not mean opinion, I mean data that may lead to people forming an opinion that goes against current policies of the deconstruction of our nation states in favour of a new Islamic flavoured international socialism.

Now, ACT for Canada is fighting back and has filed against the Library for a breach of all of our rights. The right to show the film, and the right to see it.

Here are two newspaper articles that have appeared already:

The Ottawa Citizen:

The Edmonton Sun:

Here is the interview I did with Michael some time ago about aspects of these events:

The movie, Killing Europe. A must-watch for all. See it before Youtube does what it does.

Here is the actual press release on the procedures now being taken against the Ottawa Public Library by ACT for Canada. At last, someone is actually doing something.

The Court file document:

The Press Release by the law firm who served the library:

Let's watch this one. There is more at stake here than a mere win-lose for a single case. This is about whether or not, government institutions, and especially a public library, gets to decide what people can see or hear at an institution which is publicly funded, and must operate under constitutional guarantees.

Russ Cooper statement on the suit against the Ottawa Public Library for shutting down, Killing Europe
by Eeyore

This week it was announced that the group who had planned to put on Michael Hansen's film, Killing Europe, is taking the Ottawa Public Library to court for a violation of the charter rights of all who wished to see the film, and those who attempted to put it on.

We published an article with the documents here the other day.

Please see the whole film below:

The Rebel has a fund raiser on for the law firm that is doing the work pro bono, as their are still costs involved.

Ezra Levant also interviewed the lawyer who is acting for the group here, It is quite worth seeing as its one of the few things people are actually doing to preserve freedom of speech as guaranteed by the constitution here in Canada.

It's behind the Rebel Paywall, and its the last third of the show, although the whole show is very worth watching.

Eeyore | June 15, 2018 at 5:24 pm | Categories: Things Trudeau does to screw Canada | URL: https://wp.me/pfgJe-pyy    

by Eeyore

Michael has generously decided to make his film, Killing Europe, available to all for free.

Here is an interview with the film maker where he explains the logic, and also gives a hint about his upcoming project, "Killing Free Speech".

For those who wish to help Michael Hansen continue his very important work, please contribute via PayPal here.


Eeyore | May 22, 2018 at 12:15 am | Categories: Michael Hansen | URL: https://wp.me/pfgJe-pr4    

STOP Imposing Islamic Law on Yourself
by Eeyore
  STOP Imposing Islamic Law on Yourself!
  I want you to ask yourself a question:
  Have you ever thought of saying something about Islam, Jihad, or Sharia & cut yourself short because it would affect your personal relationships, career or business? #ShariaSlave#SaturdayMorning pic.twitter.com/HH4RXUMzaS
   --  Amy Mek (@AmyMek) June 16, 2018

Islamic Insanity & Muslim Madness In The Netherlands
Islamic terrorists have shown a real talent for gaming the system. And gaming the system, like terrorism, is just finding chinks in the armor to exploit. Welfare fraud and suicide bombing are different sides of the same coin. And in Europe, Jihadists have been known to finance their plots with dole money. Just don't call it crazy. When 40% of a population group is deemed loopy, that's not crazy, it's the new normal...

Anne Marie Waters Leaves The Side Of "Oppression" - Defends Freedom
When the political elites betray the people, the people find new leaders.
Robert Spencer  --  June 14, 2018

  "This is not a clash between equally moral positions; it is a battle between freedom and oppression, compassion and barbarism, civilised behaviour and violence. We need to decide what side we are on, and fight for that side to win."

Those stirring words are the conclusion of Anne Marie Waters' remarkable new book, Beyond Terror: Islam's Slow Erosion of Western Democracy. This is the account of Waters herself, who up until not very long ago was a reliably Leftist member of the UK's Labour Party, deciding what side she is on, and beginning to fight for that side to win. Realizing the threat that jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women, homosexuals and others poses to Britain and to the free world in general, Waters recounts how and why she left Labour and became an activist for human rights, and particularly for women's rights.

Waters calls herself "an anti-sharia campaigner," and forthrightly explains: "I'm fighting a battle against a religion which is new to Europe, and it's something that I feel frightened of, and I'm not ashamed to admit that is because of how it treats women. When you talk about women, you're talking about me; you're talking about my freedom and my autonomy and my right to live in a way that makes me happy."

Yet despite the clarity and obvious rightness of this, Beyond Terror is a book about betrayal. Above all, of course, there is the betrayal of the people of Western Europe and North America by their governments. One of the most remarkable and portentous developments of the last few years has been the increasing alienation of the political elites of Western Europe and North America from the people they are supposed to represent. It is now taken for granted by vast numbers of people that the broad mainstream of the political spectrum is dominated by individuals and groups who do not have their best interests at heart.

But there are other betrayals in this book as well. Exiting Labour, Waters joins UKIP, the UK Independence Party, whose leader, Nigel Farage, was one of the principal proponents of the Brexit initiative. Waters admired Farage: "his frankness was jaw-dropping. He inspired and energised, and that was, I felt, exactly what politics needed." But after Farage resigned the UKIP leadership, the increasingly prominent Waters became a candidate to replace him -- only to be denounced as "racist" and "Islamophobic," and even as a Nazi, by UKIP apparatchiks who lacked the courage to confront the greatest challenge Britain faced since Hitler.

After being denounced by Farage (an ugly act of cowardice on his part that Waters passes over in silence in the book), Waters finished second in the UKIP leadership race to the colorless Henry Bolton. "In hindsight," she states, "the UKIP leadership election could not have gone better. The primary reason was the exposure of UKIP's leaders for what they really are: professional politicians more concerned about negative press attention than telling the truth and standing up to the greatest threat to Britain since the Second World War. The public now knew for certain that UKIP did not have the courage or principles to defend the country against any and all enemies. It was an important lesson for them to learn."

The betrayers included Farage: "Following the result, even the messiah Farage made known his capitulation to the mainstream press. After years of being called a racist for wanting out of the European Union, Farage would then imply that others are racist for opposing an incredibly dangerous religion which, at that time, had prompted the murder of scores of Britons and the rape of thousands."

UKIP's loss, however, could be a gain for the free people of Britain. After the UKIP betrayal, Waters recounts how she founded her own party, For Britain. This couldn't come at a more propitious time. All over the West today, a new group of citizen leaders is arising -- people who are not professional politicians, and who are determined to defend their nations not least against those very political classes that have betrayed their own people. Donald Trump is, of course, the most successful, but there are many others. If Britain is to survive as a free nation, it will be because Anne Marie Waters and other citizen activists have taken it upon themselves to do what their government has failed to do: protect its own people from threats foreign and domestic.

Beyond Terror is one woman's story, but if Britain and any other nation is going to survive as a free society, this book should be taken as a template for what must be done, and for how everyone who values freedom must now become an activist -- before it's too late.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Demonic World Council Of Churches Joins With The Vatican To Promote Forced Global Illegal Migration Of Illegals
Watch And Listen As Billy Graham In His Own Words Shows Steady Slide Into Laodicean Apostasy
If Billy Graham would have been preaching the true gospel of the grace of God, Paul's gospel for the Church Age, he would not have doubted if Hell was a real place or not. He would have looked at his friend, Pope John Paul II, as a lost sinner in need of a Saviour, and pleaded with him to become born again. But there is no record of any kind that he ever spoke those words to the pope.

Facebook bans moderate 'imam of peace' for mocking terrorists
Muslim warns Zuckerberg he's 'allowing extremists to win'
Mark Zuckerberg has some splainin' to do.
His Facebook platform continues to host Islamic extremists, but one guy -- himself a Muslim imam who preaches peace and cooperation -- mocks terrorists who fired a missile into a kindergarten and he gets banned. .@facebook has blocked my profile and unpublished my Fan page because I spoke sarcastically of terrorist Hamas and called them a 'Global Charity Organisation' after launching a missile into a Jewish kindergarten. Judge for yourself. pic.twitter.com/6nE7XNuDmK
His crime, say the social-media censors, is he "posted things on Facebook that are not allowed."
Well, the imam is fighting back ...

Facebook bug set 14 million users' settings to public

Facebook torpedoes blogger for reporting he was threatened

Now Facebook confronted by overseas data-privacy fight

Conservatives unconvinced by Zuckerberg's visit to Congress
Facebook's censoring of the popular sisters Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, known as Diamond and Silk, made headlines at this week's testimony before Congress by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
He claimed his company committed an "enforcement error" when it censored the page of the hilarious Trump-loving duo, calling them "unsafe" for the community.
"In that specific case, our team made an enforcement error and we have already gotten in touch with them to reverse it," Zuckerberg told lawmakers Wednesday.
**********But it's more what Zuckerberg didn't say that is of concern to those who believe the evidence shows a clear anti-conservative bias in his company's attitude and actions.
For example, in an exchange with Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., Zuckerberg said Facebook is improving algorithms that can prevent hate speech from being posted.
However, he struggled to define hate speech.
"I think this is a really hard question," he admitted.
And the employees who inappropriately censored Diamond and Silk?
He said he had no idea whether or not they were being disciplined.
In a FoxNews.com commentary, Lauren DeBellis Appell wrote: "It's no secret that conservatives are targets. Hollywood mocks us, the mainstream media thinks we're enemy No. 1, and former candidates for office insult us because we didn't vote for them. That's just become a lot of noise at this point. Same players, same song, different day.
********** "However, what Facebook is doing is far more dangerous. When you censor speech and silence voices to fit a political narrative, freedoms get stripped away. If Facebook does it and gets away with it, others will follow."
In his testimony before Congress, Zuckerberg admitted the anti-conservative bias in his community.
"I understand where that concern is coming from, because Facebook and the tech industry are located in Silicon Valley, which is an extremely left-leaning place. This is actually a concern that I have and that I try to root out in the company, is making sure that we don't have any bias in the work that we do."
But an exchange he had with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was revealing.
Appell explained: "Referencing a Gizmodo report from 2016, Cruz ticked off a laundry list of examples in which conservatives have been censored on Facebook, including blocking a Chik-fil-A Appreciation Day page; suppressing posts from Catholic pages; blocking a Fox News reporter; and blocking posts relating to former Massachusetts Republican Gov. Mitt Romney, political commentator Glenn Beck, and the Conservative Political Action Conference.
"When asked if he knew of any posts by Planned Parenthood, MoveOn.org or Democrat candidates were removed, Zuckerberg wouldn't give a straight answer, saying he wasn't 'specifically aware.'
"Translation," wrote Appell, "No."...

Zuckerberg promises senators to 'police more speech'

Facebook pounces on news site, crushes debate on Europe's migrant crisis

Consumer groups want Facebook investigated by FTC

Bogus IG report: Now it's up to Freedom Watch
Exclusive: Larry Klayman has plan to try, convict, jail Clintons, Obama et al.

The hard left is all that's left
Exclusive: Craige McMillan warns, 'There is only 1 solution to Marxism in America'

Disregarding the need for dads: Just plain evil
Exclusive: Patrice Lewis notes psychotropic drugs rarely given to kids from intact homes

We have a friend who is a doctor. Bruce is a family practitioner who, because of the smallness of the town in which he works, has quite a number of maternity patients.

One day he was tired but elated after having been up most of the night delivering a baby. "A beautiful boy," he enthused, describing the birth.

Bruce's elation was unusual for a man who delivers a lot of kids. "Why are you so happy about this particular baby?" I asked him. "After all, you deliver a lot of them."

"Yes, but when I deliver a baby to an intact two-parent home, it's a double blessing," he said.

As a family-oriented Christian doctor, Bruce sometimes faces ethical conflicts in his practice. He also sees trends others outside the medical profession might miss. One such trend was exemplified several years ago when a single working mother and a caretaking grandmother came to him as a last resort, asking for Ritalin to control a young boy's ADHD.

Bruce described the boy in his office as a typical recipient for Ritalin: rowdy, defiant, cruel to animals, malicious, a bad student, impossible to reason with, wantonly destructive. In short, a monster.

This was not the request of a radical feminist mother intolerant of boyish mischief or high spirits. It was a desperate plea from two loving women who could no longer handle him. The mother was working full-time to support them. They had tried everything else, including counseling and parenting classes, controlling his diet, exercise, bedtime and television viewing ... nothing had worked. His teacher, no doubt exhausted from trying to handle the boy along with her other students, had suggested medication.

After taking a history and doing an exam, Bruce prescribed the Ritalin. Then he went to his office, buried his head in his hands and wished for a different line of work.

Through decades of practice, Bruce says he has never seen a request for Ritalin coming from an adult, intact, two-parent home in which the father is employed and the children are theirs by birth or adoption. Not once. The common factor in all these cases -- either Ritalin for boys or antidepressants for girls -- is the lack of a father.

I do not interact with large numbers of children on a daily basis. But teachers, doctors, counselors and other professionals do. Are they seeing the same trend?

Bruce thinks so. "When Dad is not there -- 'there' as in living there in the home --" Bruce wrote in a heart-tugging article that appeared in the May 2008 issue of Touchstone Magazine, "something deep in a child's psyche perceives a critical deficit, a desperate and frightening imbalance that preys on the child's particular vulnerabilities, causing him to careen off into unhealthy extremes."

Read that whole thing again. Desperate and frightening imbalance. A child's vulnerabilities. Unhealthy extremes. I find this terrifying.

At some point over the last few decades, many women decided they needed men with the same urgency fish needed bicycles. Sure, their involvement in motherhood was necessary at the point of conception, but after that the attitude became, "Hey, I'm strong, I'm tough, I don't need the dad to help raise my kid!"

Coupled with appalling welfare rules that encouraged fathers not to live with their own children, the results have been generations of children raised without dads. Everything from failing schools to soaring crime statistics have resulted from that societal lurch.

It's been demonstrated again and again that boys need fathers to teach them to be decent men. Girls need fathers to teach them to respect their bodies and find the right kind of man to marry.

To blatantly disregard the need for a father in a child's life despite all clinical, societal, medical, psychological, historical and common-sense evidence is at best stupid and at worst evil. But still, social scientists try to pervert the need for dads. An article in the Atlantic lauding research showing kids of various creative combinations (i.e. lesbian couples) do just fine concluded with: "The bad news for Dad is that despite common perception, there's nothing objectively essential about his contribution."

There's nothing objectively essential about his contribution. And what message does this give our sons? That they're expendable? Unnecessary? Is this the radical feminist rhetoric that will shape the future husbands of our daughters?

The contempt continues. "Insufferable feminist Lena Dunham unsurprisingly composed one of the most ridiculous Father's Day posts floating around the internet on Sunday," observed a 2017 Daily Wire article. "On the one day of the year meant to celebrate the men who do the incredibly important job of raising and supporting their children, Dunham saw fit to dismiss the need for a father entirely. 'You don't need a father -- so many families work so many ways -- but if you have one he better werk,' [sic] wrote the 'Girls' creator."

(Incidentally, Lena Dunham once used Mother's Day to promote abortion. Nice lady.)

Yes, there are bad fathers out there, men who are abusive, addicted to drugs or drink, or prone to multiple affairs. (Please, ladies, choose carefully.) But to deliberately exclude a decent father from a child's life will only result in another generation of males, not men. Like father, like son.

Of course children have succeeded in life despite not having a father, but that's a "despite" not "because of." There will always be a dad-shaped hole in the heart of any child who grows up without a father.

Remember, men: like father, like son. Don't abandon the sons (and daughters) who desperately need you -- unless you want them to abandon their sons and daughters.

Remember, women: Kids need dads. Don't force your child's father from the home for stupid feminist reasons. Treat him with respect and watch your family flourish.

Life is messy. Things happen. Spouses cheat. People die. Addictions cause ruin. Poor judgment causes pain. I cannot and will not condemn those families in which fatherlessness occurs through human weakness or accidents or death.

But please -- please -- don't do it on purpose.

And to all you dads who are doing the right thing and raising your kids, thank you, and Happy Father's Day.

Tommy Robinson In Fear For His Life After Being Transferred To High Muslim Populated Prison

LATEST UPDATE re: Tommy Robinson's transfer to the most dangerous Muslim wing of the new prison
Robinson spokesperson, Caolan Robertson via Skype, delivers a new message from Tommy Robinson who now sits in solitary confinement. The unprecedented decision to move him from a relatively safe prison to one loaded with violent Muslim inmates, allegedly came from the top (UK Home Office), not prison officials.

Maine: Man dies after Somali Muslim mob smashes head with a brick near Kennedy Park

Lewiston, ME: Man attacked by gang of Somali teens dies
by Ann Corcoran
We told you recently that roving gangs of Somali 'children' and teens were terrorizing park goers in the Somali capital of New England, see here. Now someone is dead. Donald Giusti (Facebook photo) Donald Giusti died after a Somali refugee 'youth' smashed in his head with a brick...
CHICAGO: 81-year-old-Muslim woman found beheaded

POLAND, allied with Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and now Italy, in their refusal to accept EU-mandated quotas for Muslim invaders, Poland threatens a vote on whether to stay in the EU

We Made It Through Another Ramadan Bombathon
by Steve Amundson
How can it be that so many Moslems are getting it all wrong? Isn't Islam the "Religion of Peace"? Why do members of groups like Al-Qaeda, Al Shabab, Boko Haram, ISIS all shout Allahu Akbar when they are slitting the throat of a non Moslem? Interesting how this supposedly peaceful month finds so much blood shed.

The most successful investor in modern history is selling... here's what it means for you | Sovereign Man

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How Roger Williams Started a Free Society

If you want more MS-13 gang members raping, stabbing and murdering your family members next year, vote Democrat this November

CFR admits all governments use propaganda to "control the narrative" to enslave their own populations

Almost 1 out of every 10 Americans have deleted their Facebook account since the #DeleteFacebook movement started

Banned gun buyers are getting past background checks but they aren't even prosecuted when they're caught

The radical Left is not simply a political movement, it is a malignant form of aberrant mental illness that must be pruned from society if we are to survive

Yes, America is descending into a civil war scenario because the radical Left refuses to participate in civil society

BOMBSHELL: "Consensus" theory of evolution of the species falls apart; new mitochondrial DNA study reveals NO animal species more than 200,000 years old

Pesticides making America STUPID: Agricultural chemicals found to lower the IQ of children

Zuckerberg busted for outright LYING to Congress about Facebook data privacy cover-up ... No wonder he refused to testify under oath

Observers: Top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett was HIGHLY involved in "Spygate" right alongside the president

Monsanto name to be wiped as BAYER consumes the evil corporation, creating the world's largest chemical giant with a history of crimes against humanity

Starbucks' "sensitivity training" actually just a forced "re-education camp" that subjected employees to police brutality videos [syn: police brutality; ]

Police Need to Tone it Down | Joe Jarvis [syn: police brutality; ]
Unfortunately the promise of feeling powerful and important as a police officer attracts a lot of bad characters to the profession. Some of these cops really seem to get a rise out of harassing innocent people walking down the street...

Wake-up Call from Ferguson: Stop the Police State | Joe Jarvis [syn: police brutality; ]
When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That is why police arrested two journalists the other day in Ferguson, MO before releasing them without charges...

The Rise and Danger of No-Knock Warrants and SWAT Raids [syn: police brutality; ]

Military Style Police Raids Increasing, Some Without Warrants, for Victimless Crime [syn: police brutality; ]

Papers Please: Police Are Out of Control [syn: police brutality; ]

'You're Not Going To F -- ing Film Us': Raging Illinois Cop Spits On, Arrests Innocent Woman For Filming
[syn: police brutality; ]

Juanita Broaddrick's Electronic Book Alleging Bill Clinton Raped Her Gets Pulled At Amazon

College Students Say Christians Should Be Forced To Bake Cakes For Sodomite "Weddings" - Change Their Tunes When Christians Aren't The Subject
Some of the students our universities are turning out seem to have no moral compass nor perception of what true freedom is. In 2013, students from George Mason University signed a petition to legalize the murder of children after they were born...

If The Politicians Want Un-Constitutional Wars, Then Let's Send Them! This is how the Wars will End!

George Soros Comes Out For Groper - Against #MeToo
The Soros position is none too surprising. When you're a monster who describes your role in the Holocaust as the most exciting time in your life, a mere round of groping is nothing.
If Soros were a GOPer, this would touch off a thousand stories. Since he's the moneyman behind the Dems, there won't be a conversation about the fact that top Dem donors are openly suppressing the #MeToo movement by threatening a female politician who spoke out against a serial groper.
The Soros position is none too surprising. When you're a monster who describes your role in the Holocaust as the most exciting time in your life, a mere round of groping is nothing. And Soros has had his own interesting relationships with women...

How Government Literally Makes People Go Insane
By Joe Jarvis - May 07, 2017

The most effective way to change the world if you have kids is to treat them right. Everything could change in one generation if there were a radical shift in parenting.

Unfortunately, some indicators suggest things are getting worse. For instance, there has been an increase in kids hospitalized for attempted suicide or suicidal indicators.

Now we can just hope that parents are becoming more alert to the warning signs and are therefore properly identifying them early in order to prevent suicide.

But the most concerning thing is that these incidents tend to be concentrated at certain times of the year. One of the most likely times for a kid to need a hospital visit because of suicidal tendencies or attempts is in the fall when school starts back up.

There are two probable reasons for this. One, being ridiculed and bullied by their peers makes kids feel like social outcasts, and transitioning to a new school year could increase that. Evolution has programmed the human mind to want acceptance of the group for survival reasons, so being ostracized can make you literally feel like you are going to die because if this was 10,000 years ago, you probably would. [Don't let a need for "Peer Acceptance" control your actions!]

And then there are the drugs. You know, the legalized forms of cocaine and heroine that we give to kids to make them alert, focused, or calm, and manageable. There are all sorts of side effects to the drugs, and based on the spiking and dropping levels of dopamine and other chemicals in the brain, this can cause erratic behavior.

But either way, the school system seems to be the root of the problem, whether it is exposing kids to negative people they don't need in their lives, drugs to help them function "normally" in an abnormal school environment, or just the unnatural environment itself where one is trapped, caged, and coerced in order to prepare them for an equally coercive society afterwards.

Coercion is Ruining Society

It turns out coercion is a serious problem that can lead to mental health issues. Coercion might even cause most of the ills we see in society today. The same thing that makes a teenager lash out and act erratically in opposition to strict rules is what makes people do crazy things in a society dominated by arbitrary and oppressive government edicts.

According to Bruce Levin, PhD, in his article, Societies With Little Coercion Have Little Mental Illness:

  Coercion -- the use of physical, legal, chemical, psychological, financial, and other forces to gain compliance -- is intrinsic to our society's employment, schooling, and parenting. However, coercion results in fear and resentment, which are fuels for miserable marriages, unhappy families, and what we today call mental illness.

It Starts With Your Kids

Most parents have their kids' best interests at heart when parenting, yes some still treat their child like a wild animal that must be broken. So many people in our society would have no idea what to do with freedom because all they have ever known is oppression. It starts in childhood, and evidence suggests that a more free child leads to a happier adult.

Levin points out that some cultures see very little mental illness, and he suggests it is because of the way the children are reared.

  For many indigenous peoples, even the majority rule that most Americans call democracy is problematically coercive, as it results in the minority feeling resentful. Roland Chrisjohn, member of the Oneida Nation of the Confederacy of the Haudenausaunee (Iroquois) and author of The Circle Game, points out that for his people, it is deemed valuable to spend whatever time necessary to achieve consensus so as to prevent such resentment. By the standards of Western civilization, this is highly inefficient. "Achieving consensus could take forever!" exclaimed an attendee of a talk that I heard given by Chrisjohn, who responded, "What else is there more important to do?"

  Among indigenous societies, there are many accounts of a lack of mental illness, a minimum of coercion, and wisdom that coercion creates resentment which fractures relationships.

How could we expect coercion to yield results as positive as agreement? All interaction should be voluntary; you cannot have positive ends if you do not use positive means to achieve those ends. I am not a parent, and I don't expect perfection from anyone, but parents should at least try to solve issues with their kids without being so forceful and coercive.

Let kids be who they want to be, with the steady hand of your guidance, not an iron fist. Clearly, a child cannot always get what they want, and I am not advocating giving in to any random whim. Just realize how important freedom is for children in order to grow and learn.

This is why the public school system is horribly damaging to a large percentage of children. That is not the only nor best way to learn, and in fact really just teaches obedience to authority. Public schooling sets children up to be mindless drones in the work world, where they will be used to the coercion, but not happy about it.

  [Jared] Diamond, in The World Until Yesterday (2012), reports how laissez-faire parenting is "not unusual by the standards of the world's hunter-gatherer societies, many of which consider young children to be autonomous individuals whose desires should not be thwarted." Diamond concludes that by our society's attempt to control children for what we believe is their own good, we discourage those traits we admire:

    "Other Westerners and I are struck by the emotional security, self-­confidence, curiosity, and autonomy of members of small-scale societies, not only as adults but already as children. We see that people in small-scale societies spend far more time talking to each other than we do, and they spend no time at all on passive entertainment supplied by outsiders, such as television, videogames, and books. We are struck by the precocious development of social skills in their children. These are qualities that most of us admire, and would like to see in our own children, but we discourage development of those qualities by ranking and grading our children and constantly ­telling them what to do."

Bravo to home-schoolers and free range parenting. They are ahead of the curve by going back to the basics.

Then It's Your Job...

I don't believe the reason so many hate going to work is not the work itself, but the fact that we cannot act like ourselves when at work. We feel coerced in one way or another into not being who we want to be. This is a mild form of coercion, one that often doesn't go beyond venting over a beer after work, or every once in a while both middle fingers and: "I quit!" screamed at the boss.

But is the quiet desperation of a 9-5 you hate--saving for retirement, but probably drinking yourself to death before you get to enjoy it--really the way to live? What if we couldn't afford cable, couldn't afford a new car, or a perfect house--but were happy?

  Critics of schooling -- from Henry David Thoreau, to Paul Goodman, to John Holt, to John Taylor Gatto -- have understood that coercive and unengaging schooling is necessary to ensure that young people more readily accept coercive and unengaging employment. And as I also reported in that same article, a June 2013 Gallup poll revealed that 70% of Americans hate their jobs or have checked out of them.

  Unengaging employment and schooling require all kinds of coercions for participation, and human beings pay a psychological price for this. In nearly three decades of clinical practice, I have found that coercion is often the source of suffering...

  In all societies, there are coercions to behave in culturally agreed-upon ways. For example, in many indigenous cultures, there is peer pressure to be courageous and honest. However, in modernity, we have institutional coercions that compel us to behave in ways that we do not respect or value. Parents, afraid their children will lack credentials necessary for employment, routinely coerce their children to comply with coercive schooling that was unpleasant for these parents as children. And though 70% of us hate or are disengaged from our jobs, we are coerced by the fear of poverty and homelessness to seek and maintain employment.

  In our society, we are taught that accepting institutional coercion is required for survival. We discover a variety of ways -- including drugs and alcohol -- to deny resentment.

And the government is perfectly happy with the arrangement because it is easier to control--and tax--"normal" people who just go to work every day[and who are addicted to drugs and alcohol to cope with it].

Government Enforces and Exacerbates the Problem

We cannot even live on a piece of land without being coerced by government to earn some money in order to pay the property taxes. (https://joejarvis.me/2014/10/09/we-are-all-slaves/) But we have to earn more than the amount owed in property taxes because we are taxed on our earnings as well. We are taxed on the vehicle and gas that gets us to work, which require more work to pay off--earnings, again, that must go above and beyond what we need because it will be taxed.

Could this be the overlooked factor that makes America more violent than some other developed nations? Has the American government piled so many laws, regulations, and statutes on top of each other that American citizens can't just go through life without being told perfectly normal, non-violent behavior is wrong?

I think this highlights the problem with mass shootings that many have been pointing out. Whoever the shooters feel they are being oppressed by, they are correctly identifying that they are being coerced. Of course, their response is insane, and probably related to the drugs they take (some of which we also give kids), but there would never be a need for drugs if a coercive society had not reared them.

The hopelessness felt when being forced to spend money, behave a certain way, or not do something you want to do, is one of those gut wrenching deep feelings of despair that grow inside some people until they burst.

But now imagine that the government has taken everything from you. Imagine if they took your car as a civil asset forfeiture? What if your tax burden is 50%? What if you give up on that business you want to start because of the pile of paperwork and extra costs required by the government?

What if they take your kids because they are home schooled, or shoot your dog for no reason whatsoever? All these things happen, unfortunately relatively regularly, in America.

Many of us are baffled by why someone would become a terrorist, especially a suicide bomber. Again, this is the coercion the Middle East is smothered in by the USA. Imagine losing your childhood because you could not go outside because of the American drones. Imagine family members having been murdered by laughing soldiers. Imagine all your hopes and dreams bombed away in the blink of an eye. Again, this is the unfortunate reality for many people today.

  In the 1970s, prior to the domination of the biopsychiatry-Big Pharma partnership, many mental health professionals took seriously the impact of coercion and resentful relationships on mental health. And in a cultural climate more favorable than our current one for critical reflection of society, authors such as Erich Fromm, who addressed the relationship between society and mental health, were taken seriously even within popular culture. But then psychiatry went to bed with Big Pharma and its Big Money, and their partnership has helped bury the commonsense reality that an extremely coercive society creates enormous fear and resentment, which results in miserable marriages, unhappy families, and severe emotional and behavioral problems.

You don't have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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We Are All Slaves.
Posted on October 9, 2014    

If you were born in America, you were born on the American plantation. It's not the worst plantation, and it is not the best. But we are slaves here, we have masters, and we cannot so easily escape... not without dire consequences.

Harriet Tubman said:

"I freed a thousand slaves, and I could have freed a thousand more, if only they knew they were slaves".

Let's start at birth, when the government gives us a social security number. This number will follow us throughout our lives. It is required to start a bank account, get a job, buy a house, get a loan, etcetera. If we work hard enough, we are told, and if we survive long enough, this number will be our key to a happy, prosperous retirement!

  At the beginning, when the laws of Animal Farm were first formulated, the retiring age had been fixed for horses and pigs at twelve, for cows at fourteen, for dogs at nine, for sheep at seven, and for hens and geese at five. Liberal old-age pensions had been agreed upon. As yet no animal had actually retired on pension, but of late the subject had been discussed more and more. Now that the small field beyond the orchard had been set aside for barley, it was rumoured that a corner of the large pasture was to be fenced off and turned into a grazing-ground for superannuated animals.

That is an excerpt from Animal Farm, and spoiler alert, the horse Boxer doesn't get to retire in the pasture, he gets turned into glue.

But anyway, suppose I make it through my slave training (public schooling) and decide the life of a slave isn't really for me -- suppose I think I don't really have to work for the government my whole life. What can I do?

Can I go get a piece of land, set up shop, and forget about the outside world? Well first I will need to labour enough to earn $200,000. That would take about 8 years on a $10/hour wage, but with taxes it will take at very least ten years, saving practically every cent that isn't taxed away. Ten years a slave, and I will be free! Now I am 28, and ready to start my life.

I got my land! I won't take anything from society or the government. I'm just going to stay on my property, grow my own food, build my own shelter, not use outside electricity, not use outside water, and fend for myself, okay? Nope, I must earn some money to pay the property taxes. Well fine, at least I can minimize my slave labor to the state, and be a 92% free man. I manage to get a $10/hour job, and work only 4 weeks a year to pay the $1,600 property tax on my modest home.

But wait, if I am going to earn $1,600 per year, the state and federal governments need a piece as well! Even if I get my withholding back, the social security and medicare is still taken. Fine, whatever, I only need to work another 3 days to pay for those taxes.

Oh wait, since I need to get a job to pay my taxes, I will need a way to get to and from the job. I'll just get a heap of a vehicle, spend only $2,000 which will take me 5 weeks to earn enough to buy. Just kidding, I will also be taxed on that income, so it will take me 6 weeks to earn enough. But actually, there is also a 5% sales tax, and a yearly excise tax of $50, so make that almost 7 weeks. If I am lucky, next year I won't have to work so much for my vehicle, but chances are it will need repairs.

Okay, okay, I can deal with working 11 weeks per year as a slave to the government, just so that I can live on my own piece of property. I forgot about gas, damn it! Alright another 3 weeks of work per year (almost one third of that labour going to pay the taxes on the gas). I am determined to only be a slave to the government 14 weeks per year! And every second of that labour, and every cent earned is only to get the government "their" money, simply because I was born on one of these 4 million square acres we call America. It is slave labour so that the other 38 weeks a year you can be left alone on your property to somehow figure out how to survive.

Except... you kind of need a shelter, and cannot build one without a permit, unless you want to risk a steep fine, subjecting you to further slave labour. Uhg! $100 for a building permit? Another $100 to get a permit to keep animals? Fine. That's another week when you figure in more taxes, gas, and taxes on the gas. So it looks like someone might conceivably be able to get away with being a part time slave to the government, only 29% of each year. The rest of the year will be that much more grueling to create enough to live on, since 1/3 of your time must be spent laboring for the plantation owners.

Isn't There an Alternative?

How about I just move into the mountains, hunt and gather, and leave society behind? What? A Runaway slave, you say?! You will be arrested and imprisoned for living on government land in the national, state, or local parks. Or else you will be kidnapped and caged for living on someone else's private property.

Well can I just choose a different plantation? Yeah, I guess... but my slave labor will not add up to much less, and possibly even more under the new slave owners. Oh right, it also costs $2,350 to denounce your U.S. citizenship. Work makes you free. Hmmm, where have I heard that before...

But I am sure I could find enough friends and strangers to lend me their land for hunting and gathering. Ha! Where's your health insurance? You need to buy health insurance (another 4 weeks of slave labor at least) or pay the fine; currently only less than a week of slave labor. But alas, I cannot simply earn this money and be done, I must earn enough extra to pay the taxes, and get me to and from my slave job.

Not minding being a slave does not mean you are not a slave. As Harriet Tubman expressed, many people are not even aware that they are slaves. The master gives us a shack to live in, and scraps to eat, as long as we keep laboring away day in and day out in order to fund the plantation owners and slave masters. And if we are so uppity as to question why we must be slaves while others are masters, we will get lashings,
or a cage,
or our family will be split up,
or we will be killed.

People stealing from you, and forcing you to labor for them is not okay just because they call themselves the government. I'm not claiming to be Harriet Tubman. I am simply a fellow slave trying to wake some of the other slaves up before she comes back around to lead more of us to freedom.
 This means you are 9 times more likely to die from a police officer than a terrorist. And don't fool yourself into thinking they all deserved it either. You are also four times as likely to be struck by lightening, twice as likely to be killed by a dog, and just as likely to be crushed by your furniture as to be killed by a terrorist.

How the Government Conditions Citizens to Obey

How You Can Distinguish Fake News from Real News, According to the Expert

Attkisson explains that when she followed the money, it led back to Google parent company Alphabet's CEO Eric Schmidt. He volunteered to advise Hillary Clinton's campaign and donated millions of dollars to her election bid.

They then got Media Matters involved, who reportedly convinced Facebook to support their "fake news" efforts. The idea was that if they could be the ones to label news fake, they would have ultimate control over the narrative. People would rely on Facebook and Google to curate real news and teach them what was fake news.

Attkisson said:

  I'm not the only one who thinks this whole thing smacked of the rollout of a propaganda campaign.

She gives two main ways to tell if powerful interests are trying to manipulate opinion.

  Number one, when the media seems to be trying to shape or censor facts and opinions rather than report them.

  Number two, when so many in the media are reporting the same stories, promulgating the same narratives, relying on the same sources  --  even using the same phrases... When everybody's on the same page, it might be the result of an organized campaign.

Attkisson's final warning is about efforts to teach "media literacy--as in: we'll tell you who to trust and who not to trust."...(excerpt)

"Teen Culture" is the New Imperialism, and it is Destroying the World
By Joe Jarvis - June 02, 2018
You know how missionaries used to run around the globe forcing everyone to be a Christian? And in the process, they destroyed native cultures and traditions?
Well, the same thing is happening today with Western "teen culture." It is being exported around the world with disastrous effects...

Why a Bar Can Boot Trump Supporters, But a Bakery Cannot Deny Gay Customers | The Daily Bell
Of Course Businesses Should Be Able To Discriminate | The Daily Bell

Victim Blame: Let the People Go Their Separate Ways | The Daily Bell

The Hitler of South Africa tells white people he won't kill them. . . yet

3 Concerning Prejudice Trends Toward White Americans

Cafe Brags That They Discriminate Against Men

We have discussed how the war on drugs was designed to empower the government to crack down on certain groups, black people included

Gay Guys That Like Guns: Jeff Bloovman Interview on Armed Gays

US Backed Coalition Bombed A Doctors Without Borders Cholera Treatment Center In Yemen

Doctors Without Borders airstrike: US alters story for fourth time in four days
Commander of war in Afghanistan tells Senate panel that US forces had called in airstrike at Afghan request -- 'an admission of a war crime' says MSF chief


Yemen: U.S.-Backed Saudi Coalition Bombs Doctors Without Borders Cholera Clinic | Democracy Now!

Bombing of Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Yemen Kills at Least 15

Doctors Without Borders says U.S. airstrike hit hospital in Afghanistan; at least 19 dead - The Washington Post



U.S. Airstrike Kills 19 at Doctors Without Borders Hospital
U.S. is investigating bombing that has prompted condemnation from U.N. and humanitarian groups

Bombing Hospitals: 22 People Killed by US Airstrike

One Day After Warning Russia of Civilian Casualties, the U.S. Bombs a Hospital in Afghanistan

It WAS the United States that bombed Doctors Without Borders hospital: Innocent civilians were 'accidentally struck' after Afghan forces called for air support
  The air strike in Kunduz on Saturday killed 12 medical staff and 10 patients
  General John Campbell, the commander of US forces in Afghanistan, said initial reports indicate the strike was called to protect US forces
  He said civilians were hit in the airstrike called to 'eliminate Taliban threat'
  Doctors Without Borders called the bombing a war crime and demanded a full and transparent investigation
  The charity's general director Christopher Stokes said the account of what happened in the attack 'keeps changing'

Note: the Taliban has tried to surrender many times but were refused. The Taliban wants to burn the opium crops that keep people addicted, but the US is guarding the crop with US troops at taxpayer expense because the profits from the drugs fund the Deep State/CIA.


Airstrike Hits Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan (Oct. 3, 2015)

EU Collapse: Germany To Close Its Border With Austria

Russian Defense Ministry: 'US Helps Plan Chemical Attacks To Provoke Response'

Marty Lobdell - Study Less Study Smart
Published on Jul 22, 2011
If you spend hours and hours of studying, without improving your grades, or information retention, then learn how to study smart by Marty Lobdell. Lobdell taught Psychology at Pierce College in Washington State for 40 years. During Lobdell's career, he has taught tens of thousands of students and he wants students to succeed. After watching students cram for eight hours or more for a test without any improvement, Lobdell has developed a studying technique that helps the brain retain the information that you are studying in this video "Study Less, Study Smart"

How to Learn Anything... Fast - Josh Kaufman
Published on Sep 11, 2013
Author and business adviser Josh Kaufman reveals a new approach for acquiring new skills quickly with just a small amount of practice each day.
To find out more about this talk, visit the event page on the RSA website: http://www.thersa.org/events/audio-and-past-events/2013/how-to-learn-anything-fast
Listen to the podcast of the full event including audience Q&A: (http://www.thersa.org/__data/assets/file/0004/1524154/20130604JoshKaufman.mp3)
Original link above doesn't seem to work; MP3 is available here:

The Most Successful People Explain Why a College Degree is USELESS

Study Less Study Smart: A 6-Minute Summary of Marty Lobdell's Lecture - College Info Geek
Dr. Marty Lobdell's "Study Less Study Smart" lecture is an excellent hour-long overview of how to study effectively.
If you're pressed for time, though, this summary video will give you a good portion of the most useful advice from the lecture.
Watch the original lecture here:

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"Learn, how to learn" - Tony Buzan
Wersja audio: https://soundcloud.com/swpspl/learn-how-to-learn-prof-tony-buzan?in=swpspl/sets/wyk-ady
Tony Buzan who has popularized the idea of mental literacy and a thinking technique known as Mind Mapping was a guest of the SWPS University. During his Learn how to Learn - on Effective Learning Techniques lecture, he will tell you: - how to make studying pleasant - how to develop your creativity and innovation - which studying techniques will enable you to read fast and memorize more

Marty Lobdell - Study Less Study Smart
If you spend hours and hours of studying, without improving your grades, or information retention, then learn how to study smart by Marty Lobdell. Lobdell taught Psychology at Pierce College in Washington State for 40 years. During Lobdell's career, he has taught tens of thousands of students and he wants students to succeed. After watching students cram for eight hours or more for a test without any improvement, Lobdell has developed a studying technique that helps the brain retain the information that you are studying in this video "Study Less, Study Smart"


How To Remember More of What You Read
FREE SPEED READING COURSE ? http://irisreading.com/fundamentals Learn how to improve your ability to remember more of what you read. This free class is taught by Paul Nowak, Founder of Iris Reading, the largest provider of speed reading courses. You'll learn simple strategies and techniques to help you remember more of what you read. Iris Reading is the largest provider of speed reading and memorization techniques for students and professionals. Training courses and classes have been taught at Fortune 500 companies as part of their executive and employee development programs. Iris professional development programs have been taught to employees at NASA, Google, Disney and many other large organizations. Iris speed reading and memory techniques have also been taught to students at universities around the world that include Harvard, Stanford and Columbia University.

How To Memorize the Contents of a Book
Iris Reading
FREE SPEED READING COURSE ? http://irisreading.com/fundamentals
This video will show you how to memorize the contents of a book. The memory technique you'll learn is the "Numeric Peg System" - a very powerful memorization strategy that can be used by students to improve memory of textbooks to business professionals that need to remember information for work.

How To Improve Your Comprehension
Iris Reading
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Learn how to improve your comprehension in this free class provided by Iris Reading. Iris Reading founder Paul Nowak discusses various reading techniques that can help you reading with better comprehension. You'll learn how to improve comprehension in magazines, newspapers, textbooks and other types of technical material.

How To Remember More of What You Read
Learn memory techniques and strategies that will help you remember more of what you read. This free class is provided by Paul Nowak, Founder of Iris Reading, the largest provider of speed reading training in North America.

How to triple your memory by using this trick | Ricardo Lieuw On | TEDxHaarlem
TEDx Talks
Do you recall studying for your exams? You probably do. But do you remember how you studied, how you memorized French words or the year of the American civil war? Now, that's probably harder. As a teenager, Ricardo Lieuw On was packing groceries when he knew what he wanted to study: he wanted to learn about learning. He picked up a study in psychology and learned how to reduce his learning time from 3 hours to 1 hour on the same piece of content. He gained the same knowledge in 200% less time. And specially for TEDxHaarlem, he shares the secret of his technique.

Memorization Technique: The Link System

Memory Tricks and Games

Remember Vocabulary: The Substitute Word System

How to Read Your Textbooks More Efficiently - College Info Geek
Thomas Frank
Don't be a textbook zombie.
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How To Prioritize Your Reading Assignments

How to Take Notes in Class: The 5 Best Methods - College Info Geek
Thomas Frank

How to Read Your Textbooks More Efficiently - College Info

How to Study Effectively: 8 Advanced Tips - College Info
These study strategies go beyond the basics - memorization techniques, methods of fighting procrastination by hacking akrasia, a way to win the respect of your professors, and more. My book "10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades" is now out and it's free! Get it here: http://collegeinfogeek.com/get-better-grades/
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Companion blog post with notes and resource links:

How to study efficiently: The Cornell Notes Method

How to take efficient and neat notes - 10 note taking tips | studytee

Improving Cornell Notes With Sketchnoting Techniques

The Most Powerful Way to Remember What You Study

Memory Improvement Techniques for Students

How To Improve Your Memory with Mnemonic Devices

Simple Memory Tricks to Remember What You Read